The Real Psalms of David


For the Translator;
The REAL Psalms of David


We instruct thee as We instructed Noah and the

prophets after him.

Yea as We instructed Abraham and Ishmael and

Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons

and Yeshua and Job and Jonah and

Aaron and Solomon

and We gave David the Psalms.

The Holy Quran 4:163

Herein are the verses given to King David, YHWHs’ Priest-King and sweet psalmist of the 12 tribes of Jacob/Israel:

  • Born to Jesse in Bethlehem
  • Married to 8 wives
  • Had 18 (6+6+6) children including Solomon
  • Reigned over Israel until circa 970 BCE
  • Founder and Architect of Jerusalem and its’ 1st Temple
  • Originating party to Gods’ Davidic Covenant
  • Condemner of animal sacrifices/murders
  • Protector of and warrior for his flocks and brethren
  • As such singlehandedly overcame a lion, a bear and Goliath
  • Widely expected and prophesied to come again in end times
  • Including specifically by name in 7 Old Testament verses (Ezekiel 34:23-24 & 37:25, Jeremiah 30:9, Isaiah 11:1-3 & 9:6-7 & 55:3-4 and Hosea 3:5 VIEW HERE)

The following short collection of Psalms is limited to those passed along to us by David himself, not ones fraudulently added by others later. As with most bogus scriptures, the reasons for said fraud were mainly to hide YHWHs’ Holy Name, promote the breaking of His Commandments and popularize other satanic/luciferian narratives.

In this case for instance, the ideas that David was a poet and the Psalms are to be sung, are blatant deceptions. King David was a very serious, devoutly dedicated Servant of God and the Psalms were beautifully inspired prose meant to be respectfully articulated like the Quran and other scriptures in their native tongues.

Now, we know David brought more of the 150 Psalms found in the Bible than anyone else, at least 72 that we’re sure are his. It is commonly known and widely agreed those are as included herein: