2:25 And bear thou Glad Tidings to those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness. They have Gardens beneath which rivers flow and when provided with the fruit thereof they say: This is what was given to us as provision before for they are given thereby a likeness fruits/veggies/grains and they have there purified friends and servants abiding therein Eternally.

2:35 And We said: O Adam dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden and eat thereof freely whatever you will. But do not approach this tree the tree of life animals for then you will be among the wrongdoers.

2:57-58 And We caused the cloud to overshadow you and sent down upon you manna and quail saying: Eat of the Good things the manna that We have provided you. And they wronged us not but they wronged their souls. by killing the quail And when We said: Enter this city and eat freely of it what you will and enter the gate in submission and say: Unburden us of our past sin!

2:168 O mankind eat of what is Lawful and Good in the Earth and do not follow the footsteps of the murderous degenerate snaking imposters. Killers of innocent animals. Yea they are open enemies to you.

2:172-74 And O you who believe eat of the Good Things We provided you foods that don’t require killing of innocent animals and be grateful to YHWH if it is Him you serve. He Has Only Made Unlawful to you murdered animals and blood and the flesh of swine even if starving because of trichinosis and that dedicated to other than God. blood sacrificed But whoever is forced due to necessity while facing starvation neither desiring nor transgressing no crime is against them. God Is Forgiving, Merciful. Those who conceal What God Revealed in the Torah i.e. the truth about “do not kill” and sell the Book for a cheap price these eat into their bellies only of the Fire. And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection nor will He increase them in God Consciousness now indeed they have a Painful Punishment.

3:93 All food was Lawful to the children of Israel except what Israel Jacob made unlawful upon himself before the Torah was sent down. So say: Bring the Torah and recite it if you be Truthful. OK, let’s “bring the Torah” . . . Genesis 25:34, the only verse about his diet says Jacob/Israel ate lentil soup thereby being either vegetarian or vegan.

5:1-5 O you who believe fulfill your agreements. Made Lawful for you was stewardship over flocks of animals and it is now recited to you: Hunting is not permitted to pilgrims in their lands and God Ordains What He Wishes. O you who believe profane not the Waymarks Of God nor the sacred month of Ramadan nor the sacrifices of selflessness nor the visitor bound to the Kaaba seeking the Favor and Pleasure Of their Lord. But when you are on a journey facing starvation then you may hunt. And let not hatred of a people who once kept you from the Kaaba move you to be unjust. And assist each other to virtue and God Consciousness not to falsehood and deep seated dislike. And be in Wise Fear of God for God Is Severe In Retribution. Forbidden to you are murdered animals and blood and the flesh of swine and that dedicated to other than God and the strangled and the beaten and the fallen and the gored and that eaten by the beast of prey except remains of what you slaughtered Lawfully. And that killed upon an altar and that sought with divining arrows for all of those are of wanton disobedience. This day those who disbelieve have gave up hope because of your way of life so do not fear them only fear Me. This day I Have Perfected your doctrine for you and Completed My Favor upon Protecting you at the Kaaba and I Am Well Pleased with you for submitting to Me. And let it comfort you that whoever is forced by hunger without inclination to kill in sin God Is Forgiving, Merciful to them. They ask thee what is made Lawful for them say: Made Lawful for you are Good things. And what you taught of dogs and swine to find as trainers teaching them of what God Taught you eat of what they find for you i.e. tubers, roots, bulbs, fungi etc. and remember the Name Of God over it. And always be in Wise Fear of God for God Is Swift In Reckoning. This day are Good things made Lawful for you like the food of the people of the Torah is Lawful for you see this revealing article for what food is Lawful in the Torah and your food is Lawful for them as are the chaste women among the believing women and the chaste women among those in possession of the Torah before you. When you give them their dowries being chaste and not lewd nor taking secret lovers. But whoever denies faith their work has been in vain and they will be among the losers in the Hereafter.

5:27 And recite thou to them the report of the sons of Adam Cain and Able in Truth when they offered their offerings to Me but only one Was Accepted By Me. Ables’ grain offering. Then the disgraced one said to the other: I will kill thee and he replied: God Accepts from those of Wise Fear.

5:42 Those eager listeners to lies and hearty consumers of illicit gain. If they come to thee troubled judge thou between them or turn thou away from them. For if thou turn away from them they will not harm thee at all. But if thou choose to judge do so between them with equity because God Loves the equitable.

5:62-63 And thou sees many of them as if competing with one another in falsehood and deep seated dislike while oppressing and killing to consume the forbidden. animals Lo. Pure evil is what they do. Oh that the rabbis and the religious scholars had only forbidden their speaking of falsehoods and their wanton cruelty to the innocent. animals and people Lo. Pure evil is what they wrought for themselves!

5:87-88 O you who believe do not forbid Good Things that God has not made unlawful for you. Yea do not transgress the Real Law for God loves not the transgressors. And eat only of Good Things God Has Provided you yea that which is Lawful.

5:94-96 O you who believe God Will Try you with something of the game that reaches your hands and your spears so that God Might Know who fears the unseen. Then whoever transgresses after that for them is a Painful Punishment. Many hunt/kill for awhile but then stop due to feeling guilty, this is a natural compulsion for the Godly. O you who believe kill no animals intentionally when unlawful and whoever of you kills unlawfully the payment is like the cause of the death of the innocent ones killed injury by arrow, knife, sword, stone, trap etc. let two just men from among you judge the level of sin. And beyond penalty is required atonement of feeding poor persons or the equivalent of that in fasting that they might taste the consequences of their deed. But God Pardons what is past if you choose to repent then whoever goes back God Will Take Vengeance upon them and God Is Mighty, Able To Repay. Yea Lawful for you are gilled fish and what washes up from the waters i.e. seaweeds as a provision for you and for those who travel. But generally forbidden you are animals of the land so be in Wise Fear of God to whom you will be gathered.

6:118 So eat only what is Good over which The Name of YHWH has been remembered if you believe in Him.

6:121 So do not eat that over which The Name Of God has not been remembered for it is wanton disobedience. And the degenerate snaking imposters invoke their jinn fathers to dispute with you from afar in your mind and if you obey them you are a polytheist listening.

6:137 And thus do jinn make seem fair to the talmudic jews the sacrifices of innocents that they might bring them to ruin and obfuscate the doctrine for them. But had God Willed they would not do it so leave them with what they commit.

6:142-45 And of the livestock for burden and for skin eat of What God Has Provided you and do not follow the footsteps of the degenerate snaking imposters for they are clear enemies to you. Eight pairs of sheep two and of goats two. Say: has He Forbidden the two males or the two females? Or what the wombs of the two females contain inform me with knowledge if you be Truthful. And of camels two and of oxen two say: Has He Forbidden the two males or the females? Or again what the wombs of the two females contain if you were witnesses when God Told you tell me now. If not who is denser than one who invents a lie about God thereby leading people astray without knowledge? Yea God does not guide those wrong doing people. Say: I do not find anything in what I am instructed unlawful to eat it unless it be murdered animals or blood poured forth or the flesh of swine or that which is abomination or wanton disobedience dedicated to other than God. However whoever desires not killing but is forced by extreme hunger thy Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.

6:151 Say: I will recite to you what your Lord Has Made unlawful for you: Do not serve nor ask from other than Him and towards parents Good conduct and kill not your children out of poverty for We will provide for you and for them. And approach not sexual immoralities whether open or concealed. And do not kill the soul animal that God Has Made unlawful except when legally necessary or out of pity. All that He Has Commanded you that you might use reason.

7:19-24 And O Adam thou and thy wife dwell in the Garden and eat in what manner you desire but approach not this tree the tree of life animals for you would be among the wrongdoers. But a degenerate snaking imposter came whispering lies to them and made them aware of their souls saying: Your Lord only forbade you taking of life so that you would not see that which you could become eternals like the angels. And he swore to them: I am a sincere counselor to you. And he led them by deception then when they ate of the tree of life sacrificed an animal their makeup was made known to them so they gathered leaves to hide their shame. And their Lord Called to them: Did I not Forbid you the tree of life? And did I not Say to you that the degenerate snaking imposter was an open enemy to you? They said: Our Lord we have wronged our souls if Thou does not Forgive us and Have Mercy we will be among the losers. He Said: Get you all down from the Garden enemies to one another for all of you the Earth is now home with provisions only for a short time.

7:160 And We divided them into twelve tribes as communities and We instructed Moses when his people asked him for water: Strike the cliffside with thy staff! And there gushed therefrom twelve springs each tribe knew its drinking place. And We caused the cloud a UFO to overshadow them and sent down upon them manna and quail saying: Eat of the Good that We provide you. Then in so eating badly by killing quail they wronged Us not but they wronged their own souls.

10:59 Say: Have you considered what God Has Sent Down for you of foods and you changed thereof what is Lawful and unlawful? Say: Did God Give you His Permission or is it lies you invent about God?

11:69-70 Our Messengers came to Abraham with Glad Tidings saying: Peace! He replied: Peace! And he came with a calf. And when he saw their hands not reaching to kill it he was curious about them and felt fearful of them but they said: Fear not We are sent to the people of Lot.

14:32 God Is He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and Sent Down pure water from the sky and He Brought Forth fruits as a provision for you. And He Made Subservient to you the ships to run upon the sea By His Command and He Made Subservient to you the rivers.

16:14 And He It Is Who Made the seas subservient that you might eat succulent fish therefrom and extract ornaments which you wear and thou sees the ships plowing therein. O that you might seek of His Bounty and that you might be grateful while doing so!

16:114-15 So eat of the Provision Of God that which is Lawful and Good and be grateful for the Grace Of YHWH if It Is Him you serve. He Has Only Made unlawful to you murdered animals and blood and swine and that hallowed to other than God. But whoever is forced neither desiring nor transgressing God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

20:81 Saying: Eat of the Good things We have provided you and do not transgress therein lest My Wrath Descend Upon you for those whom My Wrath Descends Upon have fallen.

22:28-30 That they might witness things that benefit them. And remember The Name Of God over the livestock you slaughter in mercy when He Delivers them to you after a life of service to you. And eat thereof feed therewith the unfortunate and the poor. Then let them finish their ritual washing and live up to their vows and circumambulate the ancient house. All of that and whoever magnifies the Inviolable Things Of God it is Good for them in the Sight Of their Lord. And the livestock are Lawful to serve you but shun the abomination of idols and abandon false speech.

22:36-37 Yea like the livestock! We appointed them for you among the Gifts Of God and much Good is in them for you. So remember The Name Of God over them when they are lined up for work or being driven. Then when they become aged laying on their sides mercifully slaughter them and let those in need eat thereof. Thus have We given them to you with great value that you might be grateful. God calls not to flesh and blood only to living souls so your Good stewardship of livestock Pleases Him. Thus have We made them serviceable to you that you might magnify God in His Guidance of you and give Glad Tidings to fellow doers of Good.

37:40-47 But the Pure Hearted Servants Of God they have a known provision of sweet fresh fruits and they will be honored in Gardens of Bliss upon couches facing one another. A cup from a running spring being passed about among them pure white and a pleasure to the drinkers from which comes no headache nor are they intoxicated by it.

40:79 God It Is Who Created livestock for you so you might ride some and obtain food with some.

67:15 He It Is Who Made the Earth for you so walk in His Paths and eat Of His Provisions thereof then to Him is the Resurrection.

80:24-32 So let all look at their food and how We pour water in floods as it often creates fresh tilled Earth sediment from floods and We cause grain to grow therein. And grapes and herbage and olives and date palms. Yea fertile Gardens dense with foliage of fruits and grass that benefit you and your livestock.