Chapter 96. The Fig Tree, at-Tin

96.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

96:1 Recite in The Name Of thy Lord Who Creates.

96:2 He Who Creates humans from a clinging thing.

96:3 Recite thou:

My Lord Is The Most Noble

96:4 He Who Taught by pen Created language and text

96:5 He Taught mankind all they could not know.

96:6 Yet indeed still they transgress!

96:7 They consider themselves rich yet do not share

96:8 while To thy Lord is thy greatest payment due!

96:9 Have you seen the ones

96:10 who try to stop servants from Prayer?

96:11 Have you considered if they are guided

96:12 or enjoin Righteousness?

96:13 Have you seen how they deny and turn away?

96:14 Not realizing that God Sees?

96:15 Yes indeed! And if they do not desist We will take them by the forelock

96:16 the lying erring forelock!

96:17 Then let them call their council

96:18 while We will call the nineteen guards of Hell.

96:19 Indeed! Obey them not!

Only submit to God

and seek nearness to Him.