3:14 Made seem fair for humans is attraction to each other and desire for children and heaped up fortunes of gold and silver and branded horses and livestock and crops. That is the provision of the life of this world but With God is the Best Of Returns.

3:178 And do not let disbelievers think the indulgences We grant to them are good for them. We only indulge them that they might increase in sin! And then they will have a Humiliating Punishment.

8:28 And be cognizant that your wealth and your children are only tests and that With God Is the Tremendous Reward.

9:24 Say: If your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your wives and your kindred and the wealth you have acquired and trade wherein you fear a decline and dwellings with which you are pleased are dearer to you than God and His Messenger and striving in His Way then wait until God Brings His Command. God guides not the wantonly disobedient people.

9:85 Yea and do not let their wealth or children impress thee for God Only Uses such to distract them in this world so that they will die in lowly states as the fools they were.

9:88 But the messenger and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and their lives and these have the Good things. Yea these are the Successful!

9:111 But God Has Bought from the believers their lives and their wealth for that the Garden is theirs because they fight for the Cause Of God killing and being killed. This is a promise binding upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran and who fulfills a promise better than God? Rejoice then in your bargain that you have contracted with Him for in that is the Tremendous Achievement.

18:46 Wealth and children are an adornment of the life of this world but Righteous deeds which endure hold better Rewards and are greater in the Sight Of thy Lord and better for hope.

34:34-37 And We sent no Warner to any city where its opulent ones did not say: We are deniers of that wherewith you have been sent. And they said: We are greater in wealth and children and we are not among anyone to be punished. Say: My Lord Expands and Restricts His Provision for whom He Wills but most do not understand. And neither your wealth nor your children will bring you near to Us only the believers and workers of Righteousness. Yea they have the Double Reward for what they did they will be secure in High Places!

44:25-29 How many fine gardens and springs they left and great crops and noble stations and prosperity in which they found joy. But We gave it as inheritance to the Israelites. And the Heavens and the Earth did not weep for them nor will they be granted respite.

58:17 Their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God. These are companions of the Fire wherein they will abide Eternally.

60:11 And retaliate against disbelievers who take your wives! Run them down and take everything they have then give to the ones who lost their wives their amount due. And be in Wise Fear of God in Whom you are believers.

63:9 O you who believe do not let your wealth or your children divert you from the Remembrance of God because those who do that these are the losers.

64:15 Your wealth and your children are only Tests From God but with Him is the Immense Reward.

68:10-16 Neither obey a despised false swearer of oaths or a backbiter going about with slander nor the hinderer of Good nor the transgressor or one who deceives relentless and ignoble because they have wealth and authority and children. When Our verses are recited they say: These are but legends of former peoples. We will permanently brand them with darkened faces those who frown forever!

69:27-29 Yea if only the first death had been my end! Now my wealth does not avail me and gone from me is my security and authority!

89:17-23 No indeed! The Truth is you do not honor the orphan and do not encourage one another to feed the needy but consume the inheritance greedily and love wealth with immense cherishment. No indeed! When the Earth is leveled like sand is when thy Lord Comes with His Angels rank upon rank. Hell is brought about that Day the Day mankind will remember Our Warnings. But of what use will remembering then serve?

92:8-21 But as for the miserly and rich who refuse to do Good We will ease them towards the Fall and their wealth will not rescue them from it. Truly all Guidance is upon Us and to Us belong the first and the last. So I warn you of the Raging Fire in which the wicked burn those who denied and turned away. But the devout will be Led Straight. And one who gives of their wealth to purify themselves gives freely without seeking rewards nor thanks rather only seeking the Countenance Of their Lord, The Most High. Yea one who does that will be glad!

111:1-5 Ruined were the hands of Abu Lahab in his end. His wealth did not avail him nor what he earned. He will burn in the Fire of Flame and his wife as the bearer of firewood for it around her neck a rope of twisted strands.