16. JINN

6:100 And some think the jinn are gods? Was it not He Who Created them? Then they ascribe to Him sons and daughters without knowledge while utterly remote is the thought that He would have jinn or human children. Yea Exalted Is He Far Above what they claim and serve!

6:128-129 And the Day He Gathers one and all it will be said: O congregation of jinn with your degenerate snaking imposters you have taken many among humanity. And their partners among humans will say: Our Lord we benefited one another but we reached our term which Thou Deferred for us. Then He Will Say: The Fire is your dwelling you abiding Eternally therein except that I Should Will. Thy Lord Is Wise, Knowing. And thus We make the wrongdoers partners of one another by what they have earned.

7:179 And We have sown for Hell many among the jinn and humans. They now have hearts that do not understand and eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear. These are like the livestock. Nay. They aren’t that wise they are far astray! Yea these are the heedless fools.

17:88 Say: If all humans and jinn set out to bring the like of this Quran they would not bring the like even if they were banded in solemn dedication at risk of death.

27:17-18 And there gathered unto Solomon his forces of jinn and humans and birds soldiering in ranks. When they had reached the valley of the ants the queen said: O ants enter your safe dwellings so that Solomon and his forces do not crush you while unprepared.

27:39-40 A dutiful one among the jinn said: I will bring it to thee before thou can rise from thy station for I am strong and trustworthy. Then one with knowledge of the Way said: Nay. I will bring it to thee before thy glance returns to thee! And when he saw it set before him he said: This Miracle is of the Bounty of my Lord that He Might Try me whether I be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful is only grateful for their own soul. And whoever is ungrateful my Lord Is Free From need of thanks.

32:13 And had We willed We would have given every soul guidance but the Word From Me is binding and I Will Fill Hell with jinn and humans one and all.

33:12-14 And when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was disease said: God and His Messenger Promised us only deception. And when a number of cowards said: O people of Madinah there is no way to win here so go back home! So some sought permission from the prophet saying: Our households are exposed when they were not exposed yea the unfaithful sought only flight in cowardice. And had the enemies entered their borders demanding submission to them instead of God they would have given in hesitating only briefly.

41:25 And We assigned intimate companions to them who made what was before and what was to come seem fair to them. And hence upon the former and latter communities of jinn and humans is how the Word became binding thereby they become the losers forever.

51:56-57 And I Created the jinn and humans only that they might serve Me. I desire no provision from them nor do I want what they offer to feed Me.