Deut 1:4 (The 2nd Law) Moses spoke to the children of Israel all that The Lord had commanded him to say to them: After that he had slain Sehon king of the Amorrhites, (a degenerate snaking imposter) who dwelt in Hesebon: and Og king of Basan (a nephilim/giant) who abode in Astaroth, and in Edrai, And you answered me: We have sinned against The Lord: We will go up and fight, as The Lord our God hath commanded.

Deut 11:22 For if you keep the Commandments which I command you, and do them, to love The Lord your God, and walk in all His Ways, cleaving unto him, The Lord Will Destroy all these nations before your face, and you shall possess them, which are greater and stronger than you. Dislike fighting? Read all of Deuteronomy!

2:154 And do not say of those killed for the Cause Of God: They are dead. The Truth is they are living but you do not know.

2:190-194 And fight for the Cause Of God against those who fight you but do not transgress the limits for God loves not the transgressors. So kill them wherever you gain the ascendency over oppressors and persecutors and expel them in what manner they expelled you. And know persecution is worse than killing. But do not fight them in the Kaaba unless they fight you therein and if they do fight you therein kill them. Thus is the penalty for fools. But if they desist God Is Forgiving, Merciful. So fight them until there are no more means of oppression and the Doctrine for all is Gods’. And when those desist have no more hostility except for the wrongdoers. Yea the sacred moon is for the sacred month and for inviolable deeds is just reciprocation so whoever transgresses against you transgress against them just as they transgressed against you. But be in Wise Fear of God and know that God Is Always With those of Wise Fear.

2:216-17 And fighting is ordained for you though it be disliked by you. Yea it may be that you are averse to a thing and it is beneficial for you. And it may be that you love a thing and it is detrimental for you. God Knows and you do not. They ask thee about the sacred month whether there is fighting during it. Say: Fighting during it is grave but forsaking the Path Of God or disbelieving in Him or expelling people from the Kaaba is graver With God. Yea persecution is worse than killing. And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you from your belief if they are able. And whoever among you turns from their belief and dies as a fool their works in this world are in vain for the Hereafter. Those are the companions of the Fire wherein they will abide Eternally.

2:243-45 Has thou not considered those who left their houses in thousands to fight while fearing death? Then God Said: Die! And they did so then He Gave them Life for God Is Bountiful towards humanity but most are not grateful. Yea fight for the Cause Of God and know that God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing. Who is it who will lend a goodly loan to God that He Might Multiply it by many multiples to them? God Constricts and Expands and to Him you will be returned.

2:278-79 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and give up what remains of usury if you are believers. And if you do not give it up be informed of War From God and His Messenger. But if you repent to you are your principal sums so wrong not and you will not be wronged.

3:111 They will cause you harm by their hindrance but if they fight you they will turn their backs to you and they will not be helped.

3:121-27 And when thou went early from thy people to assign the believers their stations for battle. God Was The All Hearing, All Knowing. When two groups among you were about to lose heart God Was their Ally yea let the believers place all their trust in God. And God Gave you Victory at Badr while you were humiliated in spirit. So be in Wise Fear of God that you too might be grateful for it One Day. When thou did say to the believers: Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord Will Send three thousand angels to secure you? Yea! If you endure patiently in Wise Fear and enemies come upon you suddenly your Lord Will Reinforce you with five thousand angels sweeping on! And God Sent This only as Glad Tidings for you and that your hearts might be reassured thereby. Know there is no help other than God The Almighty, The Wise. That He Might Cut Off a part of the deceived or Suppress them so they turn back disappointed.

4:63 God Knows the evils in their hearts so turn away from them but do warn them with the Righteous warning and speak to them the Penetrating Word concerning their souls!

4:77 Has thou not considered those to whom it was said: Restrain your hands and uphold the Prayer and be conscious of Gods’ Presence. But when fighting is ordained some among them fear mankind as they should only fear God that being the strongest fear! Yea and they plead: Our Lord why has Thou Ordained fighting for us? Oh that Thou Would Only Delay all this for some time! Say: Little is the enjoyment of this world the Hereafter will be better for those of Wise Fear and none will be wronged in the least.

4:84 So fight thou for the Cause Of God and know thou are not responsible for other than thyself. But rouse the believers for it may be that God Will Restrain the might of those who disbelieve. And God Is Strongest In Might and Strongest In Staunch Punishment.

4:88-95 Why should you be divided concerning the hypocrites when God Turned them Back for what they earned? Do you seek to guide those whom God Sent Astray? Yea those whom God Sends Astray for them thou will not find a way. In hatred they wish you would deny as they deny so you might be equals. So take no protectors among them until they emigrate for the Cause Of God leaving comforts behind. Then if they revert to enmity take them and kill them wherever you find them. And take none among them as an ally or protector. The exceptions are for those with whom is an agreement with you or those who come to you from a group in between reluctant in their hearts from fighting you or fighting their people. And know had God Willed He Could Have Given them Power Over you then they would have fought you. So if they leave you alone and offer you peace then God makes no way for you against them. You will also find those uninvolved desiring safety from you and safety from their people. Generally whenever these kind are tempted to evils they succumb and fail. So if they do not withdraw from you nor propose to surrender while posing a threat overtake them and kill them wherever you can for against such We give you Clear Warrant. It is not for a believer to kill a believer except in error. For whoever killed a believer in error the freeing of a Good slave and blood money delivered to their family unless they forgive by way of charity. And if they were a believer of a people hostile to you only the freeing of a Good slave. And if they were of people with an agreement to you blood money delivered to their family and the freeing of a Good slave. And whoever has not the wherewithal a fast of two months consecutively as repentance to God and God Is Knowing, Wise. And whoever kills a believer intentionally their Reward is Hell abiding Eternally therein for God Is Wroth with them and Has Cursed them and Prepared a Horrifying Punishment for them. O you who believe when you go forth to fight for the Cause Of God verify. Say not to one who offers you peace: Thou are not a believer. For that justifies not spoils in life of this world for you. Only With God are Great Gains and remember thus you were a nonbeliever before but God Was Gracious to you. So verify. God Is Aware of Everything you do. Not equal are those among the believers who sit without risk or injury and those who strive for the Cause Of God with their property and their lives. God Favors those who strive with their property and their lives to vast degrees over those who sit. Yea while God Promises Good to all believers He Will Favor those who strive over those who sit with a Greater Reward.

5:33 Hence the penalty for those who oppose God and His Messenger and spread corruption in the Earth is that they be stoned to death or they be crucified or their hands and feet be cut off on alternate sides or they be banished from the land assuring they have degradation in this world. Then in the Hereafter is their Horrifying Punishment.

8:13-19 Because they opposed God and His Messenger and God Is Severe in Retribution to whoever opposes Him and His Messenger. So let them taste it! Yea lend them the reminder: For the fools is the Punishment of Fire! O you who believe when you meet those who disbelieve advancing upon you do not turn your backs to them. Whoever that day turns his back to them except as a clever maneuver for battle or to join another company they have incurred Wrath From God and their habitation is Hell how miserable is their Journeys’ End. And thou killed them not but God Killed them and thou threw not when thou thought to throw but God Threw. All so He Might Test believers in their faith in Him. God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing. Because God Breaks the plans of fools. And the fools Prayed for help against believers so now they have their answer. Still if they cease hostilities it will be better for them. But if they return We will return and their company will avail them nothing no matter how numerous because God Is With the believers.

8:38-44 Say to those who are deceived: If they cease sinning what is past is forgiven them but if they return to it they will be like the former peoples gone forever. And fight them until there is no persecution and the doctrine is entirely for God. Then if they cease God Sees what they do. But if they turn away know that God Is your Benefactor and Excellent Is He As your Benefactor and Excellent Is He As your Protector. And know that anything you take as spoils of war to God and the messenger belongs a fifth and to the kin and to the fatherless and to the poor and to the wayfarer. Do that if you believe in God and what We sent down upon Our servant on the day of criterion between Right and wrong the day the two armies met. And know God Is Powerful Over All Things. When you were on the near bank and they were on the far bank and the caravan was below you. And had you agreed to peace you would still have differed again later. Hence so that God Might Conclude a matter done and there would perish who perished with Clear Proof and there would live who lived with Clear Proof. God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing. Recall how God Showed them in thy vision as few for had He shown them as many you would have lost heart and quarreled with your soldiers over the matter but God Saved you. He Knows what is in the hearts. And while He Made you see them as few He Lessened your numbers in their eyes as well all that God Might Conclude a matter done. Yea unto God are all matters referred.

8:65-67 O prophet rouse thou the believers to fight! If there be of you twenty patient believers they will defeat two hundred! And if there be of you a hundred they will defeat a thousand of those ungrateful because they are a people who do not understand. Now God Has Unburdened you for He Knew there was weakness in you so if there be of you a hundred patient believers they shall defeat two hundred! And if there be of you a thousand they shall defeat two thousand all by Gods’ Permission! God Is With the steadfast. And it is not for a prophet to ransom captives until he has total mastery over the land for his followers. So do not be foolish desiring the goods of this world when God Desires the Hereafter for you. For God Is The Mighty, The Wise.

9:5-15 Yet later when the sacred months have passed kill the non repentant polytheists wherever found or seize them and restrain them for enslavement to the believers. Yea lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if found repentant and upholding the Prayer and rendering the purifying works let them go their way. Truly God Is Forgiving, Merciful. And if one of the polytheists seeks thy protection grant them protection until they know Gods’ Word. Then convey them to their place of security because they were of a folk who did not know. And some ask: How can polytheists have pledges with God and with His Messenger like with believers who pledged at the temple? Say: It is a different pledge. So long as they are upright with you be upright with them for that is all that matters to you. God Loves those of Wise Fear. But what if they get the better of you regarding neither pact nor humanitarian obligation? Yea they please you with their mouths but in their hearts they refuse. These are ones who disobey. Some also sell the Revelations Of God for a cheap price and bar others from His Way. Yea evil is what they do. They do not honor pacts nor obligations with believers these are the transgressors. But those who repent and uphold the Prayer and are conscious of Gods’ Presence then they are your brethren in the Doctrine. We set out and detail this for you who know. But those who renege on their oaths or deride your doctrine fight these ingrates! Truly their sworn oaths are nothing to them and will not cause them to desist. Will you not fight a people who broke their oaths and attempted to expel the messenger and began against you first? Do you fear them? God Has More Reason To Be Feared if you be believers! So fight them! God Will Punish them at your hands and Humiliate them and Help you Against them to heal the hearts of people who believe balancing the rage in their hearts with faith. And God Forgives whom He Wills because God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:29 Fight those who do not believe in God or the Last Day and who make Lawful what God and His Messenger have made unlawful. They do not adhere to the Doctrine of Truth held by those in possession of Gods’ Word. So fight them until they make reparation under your supervision when they are brought low.

9:73 O prophet strive against the deniers and hypocrites and be harsh with them tell them We have prepared their habitation in Hell and wretched is their Journeys’ End.

9:80-85 And ask Forgiveness for them or not it will not matter. Yea if thou ask Forgiveness for them seventy times God will not forgive them! It is because they denied God and His Messenger. God does not guide fools or the wantonly disobedient. Those who were left behind celebrated remaining left behind the Messenger Of God and disliked to strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause Of God. And they said: Do not go forth in the heat. Say: The Fire of Hell is the heat to avoid! If they only understood. So let them laugh a little then weep forever as fitting Reward for what they earned. And if God Brings thee back triumphant to a number of them and then they ask of thee permission to go forth say: You shall not go forth with me nor fight an enemy for God with me no not ever. You were pleased to sit at home the first time so sit with those who remain. And do not ever perform Prayers for any among them that die nor stand over their graves in remorse. They denied God and His Messenger then died while they were wantonly disbelieving. Yea and do not let their wealth or children impress thee for God Only Uses such to distract them in this world so that they will die in lowly states as the fools they were.

9:111 But God Has Bought from the believers their lives and their wealth for that the Garden is theirs because they fight for the Cause Of God killing and being killed. This is a promise binding upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran and who fulfills a promise better than God? Rejoice then in your bargain that you have contracted with Him for in that is the Tremendous Achievement.

9:123 But O you who believe always fight the disbelievers who are close to you and let them find harshness in you knowing that God Is With those of Wise Fear.

16:126 And if you retaliate retaliate with the like of that you were afflicted but if you are patient it is better so be patient.

17:33 And kill not any soul which God Has Made unlawful except when rightfully. And if an Adamite is killed wrongfully We have given warrant to their companions to retaliate. So long as they do not commit excess in killing they are supported.

22:39-40 But permission to kill enemies is given to those who fight because they were wronged yea and Almighty God Will Often Help them! Like those who are turned out of their homes for no cause other than saying: Our Lord Is YHWH! For were God not to Repel some people by means of others pious communities would be destroyed along with places of worship wherein The Name Of YHWH is remembered much. So God Helps those who help Him and God Is Strong, Omnipotent.

22:60 That is so! And whoever retaliates with the like whereof they are attacked then is wronged again God Will Help them for God Is Pardoning, Forgiving.

33:16 Say: It will not benefit you if you flee from fighting in the Way Of God while afraid of killing or being killed for then you will not ever be given ease for Eternity.

42:41 And whoever helps themselves after injustice these there is no way against them.

47:4-7 When you meet deceived ingrates who fight you smite their necks with a sound thrashing. Or for those who surrender tie them fast with restraints. Then if war begins then concludes either give them grace or ransom them to their defeated clansmen. Thus it is so! But know Had God Willed He Would Have Taken Revenge On them By Himself so it was only that He Might Try Some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the Path Of God He will never allow their deeds to be for naught. Yea He Will Guide them and Make Right their state of mind beforehand and then Make them enter the Garden which He Has Promised. O you who believe: If you help God He Will Help you and Plant your feet firm!

47:20 And those who believed say: Why was a chapter of the Quran about fighting not caused to descend? Then when an explicit chapter is sent down and killing is mentioned therein thou sees those with diseased hearts looking at thee with the look of one fainting at death. Woe to them!

47:35 So do not relent and only call for peace once you have the upper hand! And know God Is With you and will not deprive you from Rewards for your deeds.

48:10 Those who swear allegiance to thee only swear allegiance to God and the Hand Of God Works Over their hands. And whoever reneges the only renege against their own soul. And whoever fulfills what they have taken upon themselves as a pledge to God He Will Give these an Immense Reward.

60:9 God Only Forbids befriending those who fight you in doctrine or seek to expel you from your homes or assist thereto. Whoever befriends these they too then are the wrongdoers.

66:9 O prophet strive thou against the disbelievers and the waverers and be stern with them about their habitation in Hell for miserable is that Journeys’ End.