2:112 Verily whoever submits to God and is a doer of Good their Reward is With their Lord and they need not fear nor will they regret.

2:153 O you who believe seek Help From God in patience and Prayer for God Is With the patient.

2:155-57 And We will try you all with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits of labor. So give Glad Tidings to the ones who remain steadfast. Those who when misfortune befalls say with thanks: We Belong To God and To Him we are returning. Upon these are duties that end with Mercy From their Lord. Yea these are the Rightly Guided.

2:160 Yet those who repent and do Right and make clear these are those towards whom I Turn In Forgiveness. For I Am The Receptive, The Merciful.

2:177 It is not virtuous that you turn your faces towards the east and the west. Virtuous is whoever believes in God and the Last Day and the angels and the Torah and the prophets. And gives wealth in spite of love for it to relatives and the fatherless and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask and to freed slaves and whomever upholds the Prayer and is conscious of Gods’ Presence and those who keep their pledge when they pledge and the patient in affliction or adversity and in battle. These are they who are sincere and these are those of Wise Fear.

2:218 But those who believe and emigrate and strive for the Cause Of God these have hope for the Mercy Of God and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:268 The degenerate snaking imposters promise you oppression and enjoin sexual immoralities upon you but God Promises you Forgiveness and His Bounty. And God Is All Encompassing, All Knowing.

2:277 Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness and uphold the Prayer and show consciousness of Gods’ Presence. These have their Reward With their Lord and they need not fear nor will they regret.

2:281 And be in Wise Fear of a Day in which you will be returned to God when every soul will be paid in full what it has earned and they will not be wronged.

2:286 God does not impose upon a soul beyond its capacity and it has what it earns and it answers for what it acquires. So Pray: Our Lord take us not to task if we forget or err. And: Our Lord lay Thou not upon us a burden as Thou did upon those before us! Yea our Lord impose Thou not upon us beyond what we are able and Excuse us and Forgive us and Have Thou Mercy upon us. For Thou Alone Are our Benefactor so Help us against the deniers and the fools.

3:133-34 And vie with one another for Forgiveness From your Lord seeking a Garden which depths are as the Heavens and the Earth prepared for those of Wise Fear. Be of those who spend for God both while in prosperity and in adversity those who control their wrath and are forgiving towards others. Yea God Loves the doers of Good.

3:157-59 And if you are killed or die for the Cause Of God know that ultimately Pardon From God and His Mercy are Far Better than what any can amass. And regardless if you die in battle or at home all will be gathered to God. And it is by the Mercy Of God thou are gentle to them had thou been coarse and stern they would have disbanded from round about thee. So pardon them and ask thou Forgiveness for them and take counsel with them in the affair. And when thou makes a decision place all thy trust in God. Yea God Loves those who place all their trust in Him.

3:186 You will be tried in your wealth and yourselves and you will hear much hindrance from the polytheists and those in possession of the Torah. But if you are patient and remain in Wise Fear then indeed those are among the matters of determination.

3:195 And their Lord Responds to them: I forget not the actions of any that works among you male or female. You are alike those who emigrate or are expelled from their homes or otherwise hindered in My Cause fighting or getting killed. I Will Absolve their evils from them and Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow as Reward from the Presence Of your God. And for certain about God the Best of Rewards are With Him.

3:200 O you who believe be patient yea vie in patience and be constant and be in Wise Fear of God so that you might succeed.

4:95 Not equal are those among the believers who sit without risk or injury and those who strive for the Cause Of God with their property and their lives. God Favors those who strive with their property and their lives to vast degrees over those who sit. Yea while God Promises Good to all believers He Will Favor those who strive over those who sit with a Greater Reward.

4:122-26 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness We will make them enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow and they will live Eternally therein. This Promise Of God is True and who is more reliable than God in promises? Yea it is not your wishes nor the promises of talmudic jews to be fulfilled whoever does evil will be recompensed and will not find any ally nor protector besides God. But whoever does deeds of Righteousness whether male or female and is a monotheist these enter the Garden and they are not wronged in the least. And who is better in doctrine than one who submits their face to God and is a doer of Good and follows the creed of Abraham a monotheist inclining to Truth? Yea God Took Abraham as a friend. And To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth and God Encompasses All Things.

9:41 So go forth light or heavy and strive with your wealth and your lives for the Cause Of God. That is best for you if you only knew.

9:126 Do they not see that they are subjected to tests once or twice every year? Yet still they do not turn in repentance nor do they take heed.

11:10-11 And if We cause them to taste grace after affliction has touched them they say: The hardship has left me! Then they are jubilant and proud. But those who are patient and do deeds of Righteousness they have Forgiveness and a Great Reward in surety.

13:20-22 Those who fulfill their pledge to God and do not break their agreement to do Good. And who join What God Commanded be joined and fear their Lord and dread the Dire Reckoning. And who endure patiently seeking the Countenance Of their Lord and uphold the Prayer and spend for God of what We have provided them secretly and openly and overcome evil by replacing it with Good. These have the Ultimate Abode.

13:28-29 Those who believe and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of God. Yea in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest. Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness they have blessedness and a Good Journeys’ End.

16:30-32 And it will be said to those who were in Wise Fear: What did your Lord Send Down? They will say: Good. Yea and for those who do Good in this world there is Good in the Home of the Hereafter which is far better! Excellent is the Home for those of Wise Fear. They will enter Gardens of Perpetual Abode beneath which rivers flow and for them therein is whatever they will thus Does God Reward those of Wise Fear. Those whom the angels take in states of Goodness they will say: Peace be unto you! Enter the Garden because of Everything you did.

16:41 And those who emigrate for the Cause Of God after they are wronged We will settle them nicely in this world and then the Reward of the Hereafter is greater if all only knew.

16:97 Yea whoever works Righteousness whether male or female and is a believer We will make live Good lives and We will Reward them according to the best of what they did.

17:60 And when We said to thee: Thy Lord Encompasses mankind and We made the vision which We showed thee and the accursed tree in the Quran a test for mankind. Yea and We warned them but it increased them not except in great defiance.

22:52-53 And We did not send any messenger or prophet before thee who when tempted by whispers of jinn the degenerate snaking imposter did not cast fuel into his temptations. But God Will Abolish what they cast. Hence God Makes His Proofs Clear for God Is Knowing, Wise. He Makes what the degenerate snaking imposter casts a call for those in whose hearts is disease and those whose hearts are hardened. Yea the wrongdoers are in extreme schism without aid.

25:71-76 And whoever does truly repent and work Righteousness it is these who submit to God completely. Those who do not bear witness to falsehood and when they hear idle talk pass by nobly. Those when they are reminded by the Word Of their Lord do not fall back unwilling to hear and see. They say: Our Lord please Give To us from our spouses and our progeny a delight to the eye and Make us models for those of Wise Fear. Such will be Rewarded with the High Places because they were patient and they will be met therein with greetings of peace. Then they will live therein Eternally and excellent is that Abode the Place of Rest.

29:10 And among you are those who say: I believe in God.Then when hindered concerning God they confuse the persecutions of mankind with the Punishment Of God. But if Help Comes From God they say: I am with you. Does God not Know Best what is in the hearts of all mankind?

29:26-27 And Lot believed Abraham and said: I will emigrate for my Lord! For He Is The Almighty, The Wise. And We gave Abraham Isaac and Jacob and We placed among his progeny prophethood and the Truth. And We gave him compensation in this world and in the Hereafter he is of the Righteous.

29:69 While those who strive for Us We guide them to Our path for God Is With the doers of Good.

31:17-19 O my dear son uphold the Prayer and command what is honorable and forbid what is wrong and be patient over what befalls thee. Truly that is among the determination of matters. And turn not thy cheek away from humanity and walk not in the Earth conceitedly for God loves not every conceited boaster. Yea be thou modest in thy walk and lower thy voice for the most loathsome of voices is of the donkey.

47:31 And We will test you until We know the diligent and the patient among you and We will test your assertions.

47:36-38 Yea the life of this world is but play and diversion but if you believe with Wise Fear He Will Support you and not ask for your wealth. But if He Does Ask it of you and Press you while you are a miser He Will Bring Out your rancor that can only harm you. So here you are called to spend in the Path Of God then among you is one who is miserly. And whoever is miserly is only miserly against themselves. For With God Are All Riches and you in the Earth are poor. And if you turn away He Will Simply Replace you with a people unlike the likes of you!

57:18-19 And the men who give in charity and the women who give in charity and lend to God a Goodly loan it is multiplied for them and they have a Noble Reward. And those who believe in God and His Messengers these are the Truthful. They are witnesses before their Lord having their Reward and their Light. But the ingrates and deniers of Our Word they are the companions of Hell.

67:2 He Who Gave Life and Death that He Might Try you to Find which of you are best in deeds. He Is The Almighty, The Forgiving.

76:2 Yea We Created humans from a drop of sperm so that We may test souls while being cognizant.