2:210 Do some only wait for God and the angels to come at them from the shadows of the clouds when the matter of their deeds will be decided? Unto God are all matters referred.

3:42-46 And when the angels said: O Mary God Has Chosen thee and Purified thee above women of all mankind. O Mary be thou devoutly dutiful to thy Lord and submit and bow down with those who bow down. That is among the advice of those in the unseen thus We instruct thee. And know thou were not with Us when We cast Our lots for Who should have charge of thee Mary. Yea know thou were not with Us when We were competing and disputing over you. When the angels said: O Mary God Gives thee Glad Tidings of a Word From Him! Your child Yeshua is the anointed one esteemed in this world and in the Hereafter to be among those brought near their Lord. He will speak to the people both in the cradle and in manhood and he is of the Righteous.

3:124-25 When thou did say to the believers: Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord Will Send three thousand angels to secure you? Yea! If you endure patiently in Wise Fear and enemies come upon you suddenly your Lord Will Reinforce you with five thousand angels sweeping on!

3:179 God will not leave believers to temptations which most incline hence He Refines the Good from the bad. And God will not Inform any of the unseen except one of His Messengers whom He Wills. So believe in God and His Messengers! Then if indeed you do believe and are in Wise Fear for you is an Immense Reward!

6:9 And had We sent an angel as a messenger We would have made him appear as human which would have confounded them on top of their confusion.

6:59 And with Him are the keys to the unseen none knows them except He. He Knows All in the land and the sea and the Heavens yea not a leaf falls without Him Knowing It. And there is not a grain in the darkness of the Earth and nothing moist or dry that is not in a Clear Decree From Him.

6:61 He Is The Omniscient Over His Servants and He Sends Guardians Over you. So when death has come to one of you Our Guardians take them and they do not fail no not ever.

8:9-10 Hence when you sought Help From your Lord and He Responded to you: I Will Assist you with a thousand angels following one after another. God Made it only as Glad Tidings and that your hearts might find rest and that you know there is no victory except From God The Almighty, The Wise.

9:26 Then God Sent His Tranquility upon His Messenger and the believers and Sent Down Forces you did not see and Punished those who disbelieve. That is the penalty for fools.

9:40 And if you did not help someone it had to be God Helped them. As when disbelievers expelled the second of two who were in the cave when they said: Grieve not for God Is With us. Then God Sent Down His Tranquility and Strength from His Forces not seen and Made the threats of those who disbelieve the least of their concerns. And the Word Of God It Is the Uppermost God Is Mighty, Wise.

12:110 When the messengers had despaired and thought that they had been rejectedOur help came to themhence We deliver whom We will.But Our wrath is not repelled from evil doing peoples.

13:9 The Knower of the unseen and the seen The Great, The Exalted.

13:23-24 Gardens of perpetual Eden which they enter with whoever does Right among their parents and their spouses and their progeny. And the angels enter upon them from every Gate saying: Peace be unto you for enduring patiently! How excellent is the Ultimate Abode!

16:32 Those whom the angels take in states of Goodness they will say: Peace be unto you! Enter the Garden because of Everything you did.

18:18-22 And thou thinks they are awake when they are asleep for We cause them to turn to the right and to the left and their dog was stretching out its two paws on the threshold. Had thou inspected them closely thou would have turned away from them in flight and been filled with terror of them. And thus did We raise them up that they might question one another among themselves as one of them said: How long have you lingered? They said: We have lingered a day or a part of a day. Said they: Your Lord Knows Best how long you have lingered. Send one of you with this money of yours to the town and let him see what food is purest there and bring you a provision therefrom and be cautious letting not anyone be aware of you. Truly if you become manifest to them they will stone you or turn you back to their creed and then you will never be successful. And thus did God Acquaint us with them that they might know the Promise Of God is True and that there is no doubt concerning the Hour. When humans contended with one another about jinn they said: Build over them a structure for The Lord Knows Best concerning them. And those who prevailed over their affair said: Yea we will take to ourselves a place of worship over them. They will say: Three the fourth of them their dog! And they will say: Five the sixth of them their dog! Guessing at the unseen. And they will say: Seven and the eighth of them their dog! Say: My Lord Knows Best their number yea none knows them except a few so do not argue concerning them unless with a sound argument and ask no opinion concerning them from anyone.

19:61 Their Gardens are a Perpetual Abode which The Almighty Has Promised His Servants in the unseen and His Promise will come to pass.

20:80 O children of Israel We delivered you from your enemy and We made an appointment with you on the right side of the mount and sent down manna and quail upon you.

21:8 And yes We gave them bodies that ate food for they were not immortals.

25:21-25 And those who do not look to a Meeting with Us say: Oh if only the angels were sent down upon us or we were Personally Visited By our Lord. These have been proud concerning themselves! Yea scornful with great pride. For the Day they see the angels that Day there will be no glad tidings for the evildoers and they will say: Here comes a banning without end! And We will proceed to determine what they did of deeds and then make them scattered dust. But the companions of the Garden that Day are best in habitation within the Fairest Resting Place on high. The Day the sky and the clouds are rent asunder and the angels are sent down in succession.

30:47 And We sent messengers before thee to their peoplethey brought them Clear Evidencethen We took retribution from the evildoers.Likewise helping the believers is binding upon Us.

33:9 O you who believe remember the Grace Of God towards you when enemies came to you then We sent upon you a wind of forces you did not see. And God Is Seeing of Everything you do.

33:48 Do not obey fools nor hypocrites and disregard their hindrances just place all thy trust in God for God Is Unparalleled as Guardian.

37:1-12 By those lined up in rows and those who urge forcefully those who recount the Remembrance that your God Is One. Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything between them The Lord of the Sunrise. We made the lower sky pleasing with the adornment of the stars and as protection from the jinn and their hybrid minion so they cannot listen in on the exalted assembly and are pelted from every side repelled. They have a Perpetual Punishment and those who snatch a fragment of what is said a piercing flame follows them. So ask them: Are they harder to Create or are the humans We Created? We Created them of clinging clay. And thou does marvel while they deride.

37:48-49 And with them maidens of modest eyed gaze as if they themselves were eggs closely guarded.

40:64-65 God It Is Who Made the Earth a fixed lodging for you and the sky a structure and Designed you and Made your forms Goodly and Provides Good Things for you. That Is God your Lord so Blessed Be God The Lord of the Worlds. He Is The Living there is no god but He so call to Him sincere in Doctrine for All Praise Belongs To God The Lord of the Worlds.

40:85 But their late coming faith did not avail them when they saw Our might. For that is the Practice Of God with His Servants which had been before hence all such fools are lost.

43:19 And still they say of the angels who are also Servants Of The Almighty are females. Did they witness their Creation? Their statements are recorded and they will be questioned!

44:16 So on the Day We strike with the greatest violence We will exact Irrevocable Retribution.

44:54 Thus it will be! And We will partner them with pure beautiful eyed ones.

48:4-10 It Is He Who Sent Down Tranquility Into the hearts of the believers so they could add belief to their belief. And in Truth all the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God. God Who Has Been Knowing, Wise. That He Might Make the believing men and the believing women enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow they then abiding Eternally therein. And that He Absolve each conscious of all guilt for that is a Wonderful Success With God. But He Will Punish the talmudic men and women and the polytheists and the idolaters all those who think an evil thought about God. Evil is turned against them for God Is Wroth with them and Has Cursed them and Is Now Preparing them for Hell. How miserable is that for their Journeys’ End. Yea To God Belongs All the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth. And God Is Mighty, Wise. We sent thee to witness and bear Glad Tidings and as a Warner. That some might believe in God and His Messenger and honor Him and revere Him and give glory to Him morning and evening. Those who swear allegiance to thee only swear allegiance to God and the Hand Of God Works Over their hands. And whoever reneges the only renege against their own soul. And whoever fulfills what they have taken upon themselves as a pledge to God He Will Give these an Immense Reward.

50:16-23 Yea We have Created mankind and We know what the soul whispers to them for We are nearer than their jugular veins. When We commit for life two watchers one seated on the right and one on the left none utters a word that a watcher is not ready to record. And with the stupor of death will come the Truth of what each should have toiled to avoid. Then the trumpet will be blown and that is the Day of the Eminent Threat! When every soul will come with it an angel as driver and one as a witness. Certainly most were heedless of this but Today We have removed your veil so keen is your sight on this Day! And the recording angel will say: This is what I have recorded and prepared.

52:19-20 It is said: Eat and drink with calm for the Good you did reclining upon couches arrayed. And We honor them with pure lovely eyed ones.

55:56-57 In the Gardens are kind and modest servants whom neither humans nor jinn have known. So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:70-74 In all Good and beautiful creatures. So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny? And fair ones kept in pavilions. So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny? Whom neither humans nor jinn have known.

56:17 Eternally youthful servants moving about them.

56:22-23 And kind servants of modesty with beautiful eyes as if were closely guarded pearls.

56:35-37 We have brought them into being anew and made them like virgins pure of speech and well matched

67:5 And We have adorned the firmament with lamps and armed them with missiles to be thrown at the degenerate snaking imposters. i.e. NASA For them is prepared the Punishment of the Inferno.

72:8-9 And that we reached for the sky but found it filled with stern guards who shoot stars. And that we once sat in good positions for hearing but whoever listens in now will find a shooting star lying in wait for them.

72:12 And that we know that we cannot escape God on the Earth nor can we escape Him through flight.

76:19 And serving them will be eternal youths who when one sees would think them to be as scattered pearls.