3:185 Yea every soul will taste deathand your dues will be paid in full on the Day of Resurrection.And whoever is averted from the Fire and made to enter the Gardenthese have attained Triumph!For the life of this world is only the enjoyment of a massive illusion.

6:32 For the life of this world is only play and diversion while the Abode of the Hereafter is immensely better for those of Wise Fear. So will you not use reason?

6:70 Do not accompany those who live their lives in play and diversion for the short life of this world has fully deceived them. So remind them of Truth lest their souls be taken for what they have earned on a Day when they have no ally or intercessor besides God and no ransom however so great will be accepted. These earn destruction with a scalding liquid and Sore Punishment because they denied.

7:50-51 And the companions of the Fire will call to the companions of the Garden: Pour some water upon us or some other of what God Has Provided for you. They will say: God Has Made both unlawful for fools. Those who took their doctrine as play and diversion and whom the life of this world deceived. Yea this Day We forget them as they forgot the Meeting of this their Day and as they rejected Our Miracles as Proof.

8:43-44 Recall how God Showed them in thy vision as few for had He shown them as many you would have lost heart and quarreled with your soldiers over the matter but God Saved you. He Knows what is in the hearts. And while He Made you see them as few He Lessened your numbers in their eyes as well all that God Might Conclude a matter done. Yea unto God are all matters referred.

17:60 And when We said to thee: Thy Lord Encompasses mankindand We made the vision which We showed thee and the accursed tree in the Quran a test for mankind.Yea and We warned thembut it increased them not except in great defiance.

29:64 For the life of this world is only diversion and games while the Abode of the Hereafter that is Real Life if they only knew.

47:36-38 Yea the life of this world is but play and diversion but if you believe with Wise Fear He Will Support you and not ask for your wealth. But if He Does Ask it of you and Press you while you are a miser He Will Bring Out your rancor that can only harm you. So here you are called to spend in the Path Of God then among you is one who is miserly. And whoever is miserly is only miserly against themselves. For With God Are All Riches and you in the Earth are poor. And if you turn away He Will Simply Replace you with a people unlike the likes of you!

57:20 Know that the life of this world is but play and diversion and adornment and mutual boasting among you and competition for increase in wealth and children. Like the example of a rain it pleases tenders of gardens with its growth then it withers turning to yellow becoming debris. In the Hereafter is both Severe Punishment and Forgiveness with Good Pleasure From God. But life of this world is only sporadic delusion of joy.