Chapter 62. Friday Congregation, al-Jumau’ah

62.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

62:1 All in the Heavens and in the Earth give glory to God

The King

The Holy

The Almighty

The Wise.

62:2 He It Is Who Raised up Mohamet an unlettered messenger from among them

reciting to them His Word

and increasing them in God Consciousness

and teaching them the Truth and Wisdom

even though they were in obvious error prior

62:3 like others among them who did not join them.

He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

62:4 That is the Grace Of God He Gives to whom He Wills

and God Is The Possessor of Endless Grace.

62:5 And those entrusted with following the Torah

but did not are like asses given books.

Yea and wretched are people who deny Gods’ Proofs

so God guides not the wicked.

62:6 Say: O you who hold to talmudism if you think you are Favored By God above the rest of mankind

Pray for death today if you be Truthful!

62:7 But they never will because they know what they have been doing.

And God Knows Better Yet!

62:8 Say: The death which you constantly fear and flee from

it will meet you!

Then you will be sent back to The Knower of the unseen and the seen

and He Will Inform you of Everything you did.

62:9 O you who believe when the call is heard for the afternoon Prayer on the day of assembly Friday

hasten to the Remembrance of God and abandon

business. until sundown on Saturday when Sunday and the week begins

That is best for you if you only knew.

62:10 And when the Prayer is over

disperse in the land to seek the Bounty Of God.

But remember God much so that you might succeed.

62:11 Then when they see some sport or way to profit they rush towards it and leave thee standing

so say: That which God Has Is Better than sport or profits!

Yea and God Is The Best of providers.