Chapter 63. The Hypocrites, al-Munafiqun

63.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

63:1 When hypocrites come to thee they say:

We bear witness thou are the Messenger Of God.

But God Knows thou are His Messenger

and God Bears Witness that hypocrites are liars.

63:2 They intentionally took false kol nidre oaths as a cover

then forsook the Path Of God

yea evil is what they did.

63:3 So because they believed then denied

God Sealed their hearts

so they cannot understand.

63:4 Sometimes their physique impresses thee and you give ear to their smooth speech.

But when the Quran is recited while they sit leaning against the walls it is really as if they were propped up pieces of dry wood

who think every Warning is a flame directed at them.

Yea they are the enemy

so beware of them

for God Curses them

and O how they are deluded! Utter psychopaths actually!

63:5 So when it is said to them:

Repent and come here so the Messenger Of God can ask Forgiveness for you.

They look away

and thou sees them leave

drawn back full of arrogance.

63:6 And whether thou ask Forgiveness for them or not it is the same for them

God will not forgive them

for God guides not the wantonly disobedient people.

63:7 They are those who say:

Neither help nor profit those with the Messenger Of God until they disband. A unilateral boycott against believers!

All the while To God Belongs All the Treasuries of the Heavens and the Earth

but the hypocrites are fools who do not understand.

63:8 They say: If we return to Madinah our leaders will drive out these contemptible ones for us.

But Honor is Affixed To God and His Messenger and the believers

yet the fools do not know.

63:9 O you who believe do not let your wealth or your children divert you from the Remembrance of God

because those who do that

these are the losers.

63:10 Yea and spend for God of what We have provided you before death comes to you and you say:

My Lord if Thou delay me a little while I will give more of myself and of what You Gave me.

Yea I will be among the Righteous!

63:11 But God delays no soul when its term comes

and God Is Aware of Everything you choose to do.