Chapter 83. The Defrauders, Al-Mutaffifeen

83.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

83:1 Woe to the unfair traders!

83:2 Those who when they take from others take in full

83:3 but when paying back cut short and cause loss.

83:4 Do these not consider that they will be raised

83:5 on a Day that is certain

83:6 the Day all will stand before The Lord of the Worlds?

83:7 No indeed!

The book of the licentious companions of the left is in Sijjin.

83:8 And how will you know what Sijjin is?

83:9 It is a written book.

83:10 And woe that Day to the ones who deny

83:11 those who denied the Day of Judgement!

83:12 And none deny it but every false transgressor

83:13 who when Our verses are recited say:

Fables of the ancient ones!

83:14 No indeed!

Their habits have overcome them.

83:15 No indeed!

That Day they will be alienated from their Lord in hopelessness.

83:16 Truly then they will burn in Hell.

83:17 And it will be said: This is what you denied.

83:18 No indeed!

The Book of the virtuous the vangaurd is in Illiyyun.

83:19 And how will you know what Illyyun is?

83:20 It too is a Written Book

83:21 which only those brought nearest to God will see.

83:22 Those virtuous who will be blissful

83:23 upon raised benches looking on.

83:24 Thou will recognize in their faces the radiance of bliss.

83:25 They are given an exquisite elixir to drink

83:26 sealed with musk

and for that let those who strive strive.

83:27 Another mixture for companions on the right is from Tasnim

83:28 a spring those brought near to God will drink from.

83:29 Yea and the evildoers laughed at these who heeded Warning

83:30 winking at one and other when they passed by them

83:31 then returning to their people in frivolity.

83:32 And when they saw these believers they said: Those are not Right Minded.

83:33 But the believers are not custodians over them

83:34 and this Day the believers will laugh at the fools.

83:35 Yea upon raised benches looking on

83:36 for should criminals not be Rewarded for their crimes?