Chapter 82. The Cleaving, al-Infitar

82.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

82:1 When the sky cracks

82:2 and the stars scatter

82:3 and the seas gush forth

82:4 and the dead are strewn

82:5 every soul will know what it sent ahead and left behind.

82:6 O mankind! Who has deceived thee concerning God thy Noble Lord?

82:7 He Who Created thee

then Made you grow and come to be.

82:8 Yea He Alone Is Who Has Made you who you are.

82:9 And then indeed fools refuse His Ways!

82:10 But there are custodians over you

82:11 Gods’ Dedicated Recorders

82:12 Who know Everything you do.

82:13 And the virtuous will be in bliss

82:14 but the licentious will burn in Hell.

82:15 Yea they will begin to roast on the Day of Judgement

82:16 and they will not be absent from this Appointment!

82:17 And what is the Day of Judgement?

82:18 Yea how will you know what the Day of Judgement is?

82:19 You will know!

It is the Day a soul will not protect another soul

because All Commands Belong Solely To God.