4:156-59 And because of their denials and speaking against Mary to harm her reputation and their claiming: We killed the anointed one Yeshua son of Mary yea the Messenger Of God we killed him! But they did not kill him nor even lash or crucify him rather only an illusion was presented for them and truly many are in doubt thereof. They have no real knowledge only conjecture but they did not kill him and in this all can have total certainty. The Truth is God Rescued Yeshua by Raising him towards Himself in Heaven and God Is Mighty, Wise. And there is no talmudist that will believe on Yeshua before they die but on the Day of Resurrection he himself will bear witness against them!

4:171 O christians do not exceed bounds in your doctrine nor ascribe to God other than the Truth. Say only that the anointed one Yeshua son of Mary was a Messenger Of God. He came with Gods’ Word which he first conveyed to Mary through His Spirit From Him. So believe in God and His Messengers and do not say: Trinity. Nay. Desist! That is best for you for God Is The One God and how utterly remote the thought that He Would Have a human son! Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To Him. God Is Unparalleled As Sole Guardian of the universe.

5:17 But denied have those who say:God is the anointed one son of Mary.Say: Who has power over God if He Should Wish to Eliminate Yeshuaand his motherand everyone on the Earth altogether?Yea To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earthand what is between themfor He Creates and Eliminates what He Wills.Know God Is Powerful Over All Things.

5:75 The anointed one son of Mary was only a messenger like the messengers come and gone before him and his mother was a woman of Truth both of whom ate food.

18:82 And as for the wall it belongs to two fatherless lads in the town and beneath it there is a treasure for them. And their father was Righteous and thy Lord Willed that they should reach maturity and bring forth their treasure as a Mercy From thy Lord and I did not do it by my own command. Thus is the interpretation of what thou has not been patient in.

19:29-34 Then when she pointed to him they said: You wish we speak to a child in cradle? Then he spoke: I am a prophet of the Great God! He Has Given me the Truth and Made me a prophet and Blessed me wherever I be Forever and Enjoined Upon me the Prayer and God Consciousness as long as I live. And He Made me dutiful to my mother and has not made me a miserable tyrant. And peace be unto me the day I was born and the day I die and the day I am raised alive! That is Yeshua son of Mary a statement of Truth concerning what they wondered.

43:61-64 And with Yeshua We will have knowledge of the Hour leaving no doubts concerning it. So follow me this is a Straight Path. And do not let degenerate snaking imposters divert you for they are definite enemies to you. And when Yeshua first came with Blatant Signs he said: I have come to you with Wisdom and to clear up that wherein you differ of Gods’ Word. So be in Wise Fear of your God and obey me. Truly God He Is your Lord and my Lord so serve Him. This is the Straight Path.