3:133-34 And vie with one another for Forgiveness From your Lord seeking a Garden which depths are as the Heavens and the Earth prepared for those of Wise Fear. Be of those who spend for God both while in prosperity and in adversity those who control their wrath and are forgiving towards others. Yea God Loves the doers of Good.

3:157-59 And if you are killed or die for the Cause Of God know that ultimately Pardon From God and His Mercy are Far Better than what any can amass. And regardless if you die in battle or at home all will be gathered to God. And it is by the Mercy Of God thou are gentle to them had thou been coarse and stern they would have disbanded from round about thee. So pardon them and ask thou Forgiveness for them and take counsel with them in the affair. And when thou makes a decision place all thy trust in God. Yea God Loves those who place all their trust in Him.

4:86 And when you are greeted with a greeting greet with better than it or return it. God Takes Account of All Things.

5:45 We ordained Laws for all such as the life for the life the eye for the eye the nose for the nose the ear for the ear the tooth for the tooth yea for all damages just requital. But whoever forgives it by way of charity it is an atonement for them. And whoever does not judge by What God Sent Down those are the wrongdoers.

8:38 Say to those who are deceived: If they cease sinning what is past is forgiven them but if they return to it they will be like the former peoples gone forever.

9:7 And some ask: How can polytheists have pledges with God and with His Messenger like with believers who pledged at the temple?Say: It is a different pledge.So long as they are upright with you be upright with them for that is all that matters to you.God Loves those of Wise Fear.

42:36-41 Whatever you are given here is for the enjoyment of this present life but What is With God is Better and Everlasting for those who believe and place all their trust in their Lord. It is those who avoid the greater sins and immoralities and when angry they forgive. They respond to Words of their Lord and uphold the Prayer and run their affairs by mutual consultation. And of what We provide them they spend for God. And those who when injustice befalls them defend each other. And the Reward for evil is evil the like thereof but whoever pardons and does Right their Reward is Upon God He Who does not love the wrongdoers. And whoever helps themselves after injustice these there is no way against them.