2:98 Verily whoever is an enemy to God and His Angels and His Messengers and His Archangels Gabriel and Michael then God Becomes The Enemy to such fools.

2:120 And the degenerate snaking imposters will not be pleased with thee nor the christians unless thou follows their false creeds. Say: The Guidance Of God that is the Guidance! But if thou follows their vain desires after the Knowledge has come to thee thou will have neither ally nor protector from God.

2:135 And they ask: Those who hold to talmudism or are christians are these Rightly Guided?Say: Nay. Only the creed of Abrahammonotheism inclines one to Truthand he was not of the polytheists.

2:140 If you say that Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons were those holding to talmudism or christianity. Do you know best or Does God?And who is denser than one who confuses Clear Truth From God?God is not unmindful of anything you do.

3:69-78 A number of the talmudic jews would love to lead you astray but they only lead themselves astray while they perceive not. O talmudic jews why do you deny the Proofs Of God which you yourselves bear witness? O talmudic jews why do you mix the Truth with falsehood and conceal the Whole Truth when you know? And you know. And a number of the talmudic jews say: Believe only in that sent down earlier and deny that sent later. Those fools thinking it be how they might return. Yea so be not of those who follow talmudism. Say to them: True Guidance is Good Guidance Of God! Do you not believe we have been given better than that which you invented for yourselves? And they will argue against you before your Lord so say: Grace is in the Hand Of God He Gives It to whom He Wills and God Encompasses us, He Knows. He Chooses His Mercy for whom He Wills and God Is The One Possessor of Unending Bounty. And among the talmudic jews are those who if thou entrusts them with a fortune will deliver it unto thee. And among them are who if thou entrusts with a crumb will not return it to thee unless thou remains standing hard over them because they say: We owe nothing to those below us. But they ascribe a lie to God while deep inside they know. Verily whoever fulfills his pledge is nearer to Wise Fear and God Loves those of Wise Fear! But those who abandon their covenant With God and their oaths with others for a cheap price for these there is no portion in the Hereafter. And God will not speak to them nor so much as look at them on the Day of Resurrection. Yea and He will not allow them to increase in God Consciousness in the meantime for they have a Painful Punishment in store. And some of them distort what is written with their tongues to make you think it is from the Book when it is not from the Book. Yea they say: It is from God! But it is not from God and they ascribe such lies to God while they know.

3:118-120 O you who believe take not close friends other than your own believing brethren! Others will stop at nothing to ruin you for they love that you should suffer. Their hatred is clearly illustrated from their mouths and what their hearts hide is even greater. We have made the verses clear if you use reason. Lo and behold! You Adamites are Imbued With Love for all From God but degenerate snaking imposters love you not. And you can see and believe in all Gods’ Revelations while when they meet you they must lie to say: We believe. Then when they are alone they bite their fingertips in rage against you. So say: Die in your rage! Truly God Knows what is in all hearts. And when Good touches you it vexes them while if hardship befalls you they are glad. But if you are patient with Wise Fear their plans will never harm you. For God Encompasses All, He Knows what they do.

4:44-46 Has thou seen those adhering only to portions of Our Revelations of their choosing? O how they purchase error and seek that you stray from the Way. And God Knows Best your enemies for Quite Sufficient Is God As your Ally and Quite Sufficient Is God As your Protector. Some talmudists twist words from their places saying: We hear and we oppose. And: Hear thou other than what is said. And: Comply thou with us! Twisting their tongues and slandering Gods’ Way while it would be better had they simply said: We hear and we obey! And: Come thou and examine us! Yea it would have been best for them to be upright. But God Cursed them for their denial so they do not believe except a few.

4:160-61 So because of injustice among those who hold to Talmudism We made unlawful to them Good things which before had been Lawful to them and because of their forsaking the Path Of God much. And for their taking of usury when they had been forbidden it yea their consuming the wealth of others in vanity. We have prepared a Painful Punishment for such fools.

5:33 Hence the penalty for those who oppose God and His Messenger and spread corruption in the Earth is that they be stoned to death or they be crucified or their hands and feet be cut off on alternate sides or they be banished from the land assuring they have degradation in this world. Then in the Hereafter is their Horrifying Punishment.

5:51 O you who believe do not take thetalmudic jews nor the judeo christians as protectorsfor they are partners of one anotherand whoever takes them as protectors among youthey become of them.And God does not guide the wrong doing people.

6:91 And they measure not The Power Of God with the measure due Him when they say: God cannot send anything down upon a mortal.Ask them why then the Torah to Mosesas a Light and Guidance for mankind?You yourselves have the parchments some of which you showwhile you hide muchand therein you are taught what you knew notyou nor your fathers.That Is Godand I now leave you to play with your falsehoods.

6:112 And thus have We made for thee enemies of the degenerate snaking imposters and some jinn who instruct one another in speech by deception. Had thy Lord Willed they would not do it. So leave them alone with their fabrications.

6:137-38 And thus do jinn make seem fair to the talmudic jews the sacrifices of innocents that they might bring them to ruin and obfuscate the doctrine for them. But had God Willed they would not do it so leave them with what they commit. And they say: These livestock and crops are taboo none are to eat them except whom we will. And livestock who are made unlawful for burden and over which Gods’ Name is not remembered all as inventions against Him. So He Will Repay them for what they invented.

6:146 And unto those jews who hold to talmudism We made unlawful every animal with a claw and of ox and sheep the fat thereof is unlawful except what their backs carry or the entrails or what is mixed with bone. That is how We rewarded them for their rebellion and We shall repay them for any deviations therefrom.

8:13 Because they opposed God and His Messenger and God Is Severe in Retribution to whoever opposes Him and His Messenger.

8:20-30 O you who believe obey God and His Messenger and do not turn away from him when he calls you to do whatever he is told. And be not like those who say: We heard. While they did not listen. The worst of beasts in the Sight Of God are those unwilling to listen to the Truth and unwilling to communicate the Truth these do not use reason. And had God Known any Good in them He Would Have Made them listen. But Had He Made them listen they still would have turned away for they are not guided. O you who believe respond to Gods’ Messenger when he calls you to what gives you Life. And know that God Stands Between minds and hearts and that to Him you will be gathered. And be in Wise Fear of tests not to befall only those who do wrong. And know that God Is Severe in Retribution. And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land fearing the enemy would sweep you away. He Gave you Refuge and Strengthened you with His Help and Provided you Some Good Things that you might be grateful. O you who believe do not betray God or His Messenger nor betray your trusts yea you know. And be cognizant that your wealth and your children are only tests and that With God Is the Tremendous Reward. O you who believe if you are in Wise Fear of God He Will Make the difference between Good and evil clear to you and Remove your evil from you thereby and Forgive you. God Is The One Possessor of Unending Bounty. And when those who disbelieve scheme against thee to restrain thee or to kill thee or to drive thee out certainly they scheme but God Schemes and God Is The Best of schemers.

8:48 And when the degenerate snaking imposter makes their deeds seem fair to them they say: None among humanity can defeat you this day when I am at your side! Then when the companies come within sight of one another they turn on their heels and say: I am innocent of you I see what you see not and I now fear God for God Is Severe in Retribution!

9:7-15 And some ask: How can polytheists have pledges with God and with His Messenger like with believers who pledged at the temple? Say: It is a different pledge. So long as they are upright with you be upright with them for that is all that matters to you. God Loves those of Wise Fear. But what if they get the better of you regarding neither pact nor humanitarian obligation? Yea they please you with their mouths but in their hearts they refuse. These are ones who disobey. Some also sell the Revelations Of God for a cheap price and bar others from His Way. Yea evil is what they do. They do not honor pacts nor obligations with believers these are the transgressors. But those who repent and uphold the Prayer and are conscious of Gods’ Presence then they are your brethren in the Doctrine. We set out and detail this for you who know. But those who renege on their oaths or deride your doctrine fight these ingrates! Truly their sworn oaths are nothing to them and will not cause them to desist. Will you not fight a people who broke their oaths and attempted to expel the messenger and began against you first? Do you fear them? God Has More Reason To Be Feared if you be believers! So fight them! God Will Punish them at your hands and Humiliate them and Help you Against them to heal the hearts of people who believe balancing the rage in their hearts with faith. And God Forgives whom He Wills because God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:61-65 And among them are those who malign the prophet saying: He is unquestioning without thought. Say: He is unquestioning of what is Good for you! He believes in God and he believes in believers yea he is a mercy for those who believe. So there is a Painful Punishment for those who malign the Messenger Of God. They swear by their mouths only to please God and His Messenger while it is more Right that they should actually please God if they be believers! Do they not know that whoever works against God and His Messenger for them is the Fire of Hell wherein they abide forever? That is the Humiliating Abasement. The degenerate snaking imposters fear this Quran might expose them for who they are showing their hatred of humanity and the evil that has forever been in their hearts. So say: Keep hating and mocking God Will Bring Forth what you fear. And if thou asks some jews they will say: We only jested and made fun. Say: Nay! You dared to mock God His Proofs His Messenger and those who believe!

9:73 O prophet strive against the deniers and hypocrites and be harsh with them tell them We have prepared their habitation in Hell and wretched is their Journeys’ End.

33:57 Truly those who disrespect God and His Messengers God Will Curse them in this world and the Hereafter. He Has Prepared a Humiliating Punishment for them.

43:36 And whoever fails the Remembrance of The Almighty We assign to them degenerate snaking imposters who seem to be intimate friends to them.

47:32 Those who disbelieve and abandon the Path Of God or are hostile towards His messengers after the Guidance is made clear to them they do not harm God at all. And He Will Cause their hostilities to end in disaster!

48:13 Whoever does not believe in God and His MessengerWe have prepared the Inferno for those fools.

50:16-29 Yea We have Created mankind and We know what the soul whispers to them for We are nearer than their jugular veins. When We commit for life two watchers one seated on the right and one on the left none utters a word that a watcher is not ready to record. And with the stupor of death will come the Truth of what each should have toiled to avoid. Then the trumpet will be blown and that is the Day of the Eminent Threat! When every soul will come with it an angel as driver and one as a witness. Certainly most were heedless of this but Today We have removed your veil so keen is your sight on this Day! And the recording angel will say: This is what I have recorded and prepared. Then cast into Hell is every stubborn ingrate! Hinderers of Good! Skeptical transgressors! Those who set up false gods with God! Yea cast these into the Severe Punishment! And their jewish comrades will say: Our Lord I did not cause them to transgress but they had been going far astray. He Will Say: Contend not in My Presence when I Had Sent My Warnings ahead to you. And the Word With Me does not change nor Am I unjust to My Servants.

58:14-22 Has thou considered those who partner with people whom God Is Wroth With? They are not of you and you are not of them and they swear oaths in falsehood while they know it. God Has Prepared a Severe Punishment for them for evil is what they do. They took their oaths as a cover and forsook the Path Of God. So a Humiliating Punishment comes for them. Their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God. These are companions of the Fire wherein they will abide Eternally. The Day God Raises them one and all then they will swear to Him as they swore before. And they will think that they still stand upon something but they are liars who stand upon nothing. Their lies overcame them and caused them to forget the Remembrance of God. These are of the synagogue of satan and they are the definite losers. Those who work against God and His Messenger they will be among the lowest and most miserable. God Has Decreed: I Will Conquer I and My Messengers for God Is Strong, Mighty. Thou will not find any folk who believe in God and the Last Day who stay friends with whoever opposes God and His Messengers. Even if they are their parents or their children or their brethren or their kindred. For these believers He Has Decreed Faith in their hearts and Strengthened them with His Spirit to Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow and they will live Eternally therein. For God Is Well Pleased with them and they are well pleased with God! These are the Party Of God and no doubt the Party Of God they are the Successful.

60:2 If they gain the ascendency over you they will be hard enemies to you and will stretch out their hands and their tongues against you with evil for as long as they can. And they long to deceive you into disbelief and disobedience.

63:1-8 When hypocrites come to thee they say: We bear witness thou are the Messenger Of God. But God Knows thou are His Messenger and God Bears Witness that hypocrites are liars. They intentionally took false oaths as a cover then forsook the Path Of God yea evil is what they did. So because they believed then denied God Sealed their hearts so they cannot understand. Sometimes their physique impresses thee and you give ear to their smooth speech. But when the Quran is recited while they sit leaning against the walls it is really as if they were propped up pieces of dry wood who think every Warning is a flame directed at them. Yea they are the enemy so beware of them for God Curses them and O how they are deluded! So when it is said to them: Repent and come here so the Messenger Of God can ask Forgiveness for you. They look away and thou sees them leave drawn back full of arrogance. And whether thou ask Forgiveness for them or not it is the same for them God will not forgive them for God guides not the wantonly disobedient people. They are those who say: Neither help nor profit those with the Messenger Of God until they disband. All the while To God Belongs All the Treasuries of the Heavens and the Earth but the hypocrites are fools who do not understand. They say: If we return to Madinah our leaders will drive out these contemptible ones for us. But Honor is Affixed To God and His Messenger and the believers yet the fools do not know.

64:14 O you who believe among your spouses and your children are enemies to youso beware of them.But when you overlook or forgive a disbeliever know that God Too Was Forgiving, Merciful to you.