17:7 If you do Good you do Good for your souls and if you do evil that is for them too. Then when the second promise came it was that enemies should disgrace your countenances and occupy your place of worship as they did before laying waste to all they overcome by laying waste.

17:15 Whoever was Rightly Guided was only Rightly Guided for their soul. And whoever strayed only strayed against it. There does not bear any bearer the burden of another and We do not punish until a messenger has come.

27:92 And whoever is Rightly Guided they are only Rightly Guided for themselves. And whoever strays truly I am among the ones who warn them.

29:6 And whoever strives they strive only for themselves for God Is Free From need of anything.

31:12 And We gave Luqman wisdom to be grateful to God.For whoever is grateful is only grateful to the benefit of their own soul and whoever denies God Is Completely Free From need, Praiseworthy.

35:18 No one bears the burden of another and if one burdened seeks help with his burden nothing will be lifted even if they are relatives. And thou really only warns those who already fear their Lord in the unseen and uphold the Prayer. Those who purify themselves only to purify their own souls then unto God is the Journeys’ End.

39:41 We sent this Book to thee for mankind in Truth and whoever is Rightly Guided it is for their soul. And whoever strays they only stray against it but thou are not a guardian over them.

41:46 Whoever works Righteousness it is for their soul. And whoever does evil it is against their soul for it is not thy Lord who is unjust to His Servants.

47:38 So here you are called to spend in the Path Of God then among you is one who is miserly. And whoever is miserly is only miserly against themselves. For With God Are All Riches and you in the Earth are poor. And if you turn away He Will Simply Replace you with a people unlike the likes of you!

48:10 Those who swear allegiance to thee only swear allegiance to God and the Hand Of God Works Over their hands. And whoever reneges the only renege against their own soul. And whoever fulfills what they have taken upon themselves as a pledge to God He Will Give these an Immense Reward.