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13:41 Do they not consider how We approach the Earth Circle from its outlying parts?Or how when God Judges there is no critic of His Judgement?Yea and He Is Swift In Reckoning!

21:44 Yet We give many enjoyment and make life seem long to them. But have they not considered how We appear on Earth from out of nowhere then disappear the same way? How can any be victors against that?

21:95-96 When a prohibition is upon a city We have destroyed none will return until Gog and Magog have been loosed issuing forth in every direction.

29:56-59 O My Servants who believe wide is My Earth and Me Alone must thou serve. For every soul will taste death then to Us you will be returned. And those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness We will settle them in the high places of the Gardens beneath which rivers flow and they will live Eternally therein. Yea excellent is the Reward for those of Good deeds! Those who are patient and who place all their trust in their Lord.

36:40 The sun behooves itself not to reach the moon nor the night to outrun the day while each is in circles swimming.

40:39 O my people the life of this world is only brief but the Hereafter that is the Enduring Abode.

40:64 God It Is Who Made the Earth a fixed lodging for you and the sky a structure and Designed you and Made your forms Goodly and Provides Good Things for you.That Is God your Lord so Blessed Be God The Lord of the Worlds.

51:47-48 And the Heaven We built with great might and truly We are Ones Who still expand it. the universe Then We spread out the Earth and how excellent are Those Who spread!

53:14-15 . . . by the lote tree of the utmost boundary near it is the Garden of Abode. Gods’ Kingdom begins on the other side of the firmament which surrounds us. We’re in the Earth circle on top of a very large globe which is Gods’ Actual Kingdom or “Heaven”. To eliminate all doubts about this lie, watch this short video.


For the Translator; Heavenly Kingdom of YHWH!

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This verse is speaking of the Pleiades viewed from where the firmament meets the Earth at the artic circle or Antarctica. Note the artic circle is the biblical “Earth circle”.


56:75 For I swear by the orbit of the stars

57:21 So compete for Forgiveness From your Lord for a Garden the breadth whereof is as the breadth of the sky and the Earth is prepared for believers in God and His Messengers. That is the Bounty Of God which He Gives to whom He Wills. And God Is The One Possessing Endless Bounty.

67:5 And We have adorned the firmament with lamps and armed them with missiles to be thrown at the degenerate snaking imposters. For them is prepared the Punishment of the Inferno.

75:7-11 Then when the sight is dazzled and the sun is darkened and gathered with the moon that Day they will say: Where can I escape to? No indeed! There is no escape.