Those who cannot see Gods’ Miracles are condemned by God.

2:99 We have sent Clear Proofs down to thee and only the wantonly disobedient fools deny them.

2:211 Ask the children of Israel how many a Clear Proof We gave them.And to whomever gives false witness of Gods’ Proofs God Will Be Severe In Retribution.

3:4 Each before as a Guidance for mankind yea He Sent Down the Criterion between Right and wrong. And those who deny the Word Of God they have a Severe Punishment and God Is Mighty, Able To Repay.

3:19 The Doctrine With God is Submission and many in possession of the Word differ only out of jealousy. Yea whoever belittles the Word or Proofs Of God God Is Swift In Reckoning.

3:21 Those who deny the Proofs Of God or seek to kill the prophets without cause or harm those who enjoin equity among others give them tidings of a Painful Punishment.

3:101 And how can you deny when the Proofs Of God are recited to you and His Messenger is in your midst? Whoever holds fast to God has been Guided to the Straight Path!

3:103 And hold fast to the Rope Of God altogether and be not divided. And remember the Grace Of God towards you when you were combatant with one another. He United your hearts so that by His Care you became brethren. Yea you were upon the edge of a pit of Fire and He Rescued you from it. Thus Does God Make His Proofs Clear to you that you might be Rightly Guided.

3:164 God Has Shown Grace to the believers in Raising Up a Messenger among themselves reciting to them His Proofs and increasing them in God Consciousness and teaching them what is written with Wisdom.These know they were in obvious error before.

4:140 And He Has Sent Down Upon you herein that when you hear the Proofs Of God rejected and mocked sit not with them unless they talk on a worthy subject or you will become like them. Then truly God Will Gather the hypocrites and such fools into Hell one and all.

6:4-11 Yet to some there is no Proof among the Proofs of their Lord that they do not turn away from! So they have denied the Truth when it came to them and there will come to them Clearer News of that whereat they mocked. Have they not considered how many a generation We culled before them? We established them in the Earth even greater than We established you and We sent the sky upon them with abundant rains and made the rivers flow beneath them. Then We destroyed them for their transgressions and brought into being other generations after them. And had We sent down upon thee the Decree on parchment so that they might touch it with their hands those who disbelieve would still have said: This is only obvious fantasy. And they would have said: Oh that an angel had only been sent down with him! But had We sent down an angel as We have done the matter would have been concluded right then and they would not have had a chance to repent. had We sent an angel as a messenger We would have made him appear as human which would have confounded them on top of their confusion. Yea messengers have been mocked before thee. And those who derided them were surrounded by what they had been ridiculing. Say: So travel in the lands to see the final outcome of the deniers.

6:109-110 And they swore by God their strongest oaths that if a Proof came to them they would believe in it. Say: The Proofs Of God are here and well known but how shall those who refused to believe ever know them since they now cannot perceive? Yea the great conundrum! Thus do We turn away their hearts and their sight as they did not believe to begin with to leave them wandering blindly in much disorder.