Chapter 10. Jonah, Yunas

10.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

10:1 These are the verses of the Divine Writ.

10:2 Is it really a wonder to any that We have instructed a man among them

to warn them?

Yea bear thou Glad Tidings to those who believe

that they have high standing in the Sight Of their Lord

while fools will say:

This is an obvious sorcerer.

10:3 But He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth in six days then Took His Place upon the Throne

It Is He Who Directs All Matters.

And there is no intercessor except by His Permission

that is God

your Lord

so serve Him.

Will you not take heed!

10:4 Unto Him is your Return one and all!

Yea the Promise Of God is True

He Begins Creation

then He Repeats it that He Might Reward those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness with equity.

But those who disbelieve have scalding liquids and Painful Punishments for what they denied.

10:5 He It Is Who Made the sun a shining light

and the moon

and Decreed phases for them so you might use them to reckon times.

God Created Everything in Perfect Usefulness

and He Sets Out and Details the Proofs for believers.

10:6 Yea in the alternation of night and day

and What God Created in the Heavens and the Earth

are Many Perfect Proofs for those of Wise Fear.

10:7 But those who do not look to meet Us while only desirous of the life of this world and resting therein

those are the ones who are heedless of Our Proofs.

10:8 And their habitation is Hell for what they earned.

10:9 While those who believe and do Righteous deeds

their Lord Guides them by their faith

and rivers will flow beneath them in Gardens of Bliss.

10:10 Their Prayer therein will be: Glory Be Unto Thee O God!

And their greeting therein will be: Peace!

And in each Prayer will be: All Praise Belongs To God

Lord of the Worlds!

Yea thank you YHWH!

10:11 And had God Quickened trials for mankind in this life as they would like they would fail from lack of education.

Hence those who spend their lives not looking to the Meeting with Us

We leave them wandering blindly in their disorder.

10:12 And when affliction touches humans they cry to Us whether on their side or sitting or standing.

Then when We remove the affliction they pass by as though they had not called to Us!

Thus what the committers of excess do is made to seem fair to them.

10:13 And We destroyed the generations before you

when they did wrong.

Yea their messengers also came to them with Clear Evidence.

But they were not to believe.

Thus do We penalize fools.

10:14 Then We appointed you as successors in the Earth

that We might see how you do.

10:15 And when Our Clear Proofs are recounted to those who do not look to the Meeting with Us they will say:

Bring thou a recitation other than this

or change it to something of ease that we may like.

Say: It is not for me to change it of my own accord

I follow only what I am instructed

for I fear the Punishment of an Onerous Day if I should disobey my Lord.

10:16 Had God Willed I would not have recited it to you

instead He does not allow fools to hear or see it.

Still I have dedicated my life to be of service to you

so will you then not use reason!

10:17 So who is denser than one who invents a lie about God or denies His Proofs?

These fools are not successful!

10:18 And some serve besides God what can neither harm nor benefit them

foolishly saying: These are our intercessors with God.

Say: Could you tell God what He does not know about the Heavens or the Earth?

Nay. Glory Be Unto Him!

Exalted Is He Far Above that which they serve!

10:19 And recall when mankind was one community

then they differed.

But had Words come forth From thy Lord it would have been concluded between them concerning that wherein they differ.

10:20 And they say: Oh that a Proof of our liking were only Sent Down Upon him By his Lord!

Say: The Mysteries of the unseen Belong Solely To God

so wait

I am with you waiting.

10:21 And when We cause mankind to taste mercy after affliction has touched them

then they deny Our involvement say:

God Is Swiftest In Thought

and Our Messengers write down what you deny.

10:22 He It Is Who Lets you travel on the land and sail the sea

when you have boarded ships and floated on them with a good breeze that brought gladness.

Then when a tempest wind came upon them

and the waves came to them from every side

they worried they might be drowned by them.

So they call to God as if sincere to Him pleading:

If Thou Deliver us From this pending doom we will be among the grateful!

10:23 Then when He Delivered them they went on to rebel in the Earth without cause.

O mankind your insolence is only against yourselves for the Doctrine is simple.

Some brief enjoyments of the life of this world

then to Us is your return

and We will inform you of Everything you did.

10:24 Yea the parable of the present life of this world is like the water We send down from the sky.

It mingles with the plants of the Earth from which mankind and animals eat.

Then when the Earth has taken her decoration of buildings and lights and is made fair

mankind thinks to have had mastery over it.

But then Our command comes by night or by day when We make it stubble as if it had not flourished the day before.

Thus do We set out the Evidence in detail for the wise.

10:25 And God Invites to the Abode of Peace

and Guides whom He Wills to the Straight Path.

10:26 For those who do Good is the best and true increase.

Yea those for whom neither gloom nor disgrace will overshadow their faces.

These are the companions of the Garden

wherein they abide Eternally.

10:27 But for those who do evil is a Reward the like thereof.

Yea their disgrace will cover them

and they have no defender against God.

They will look as if their faces were covered with pieces of darkening night

for these are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

10:28 On the Day We will gather them one and all

We will say to those who serve other than God:

Here are your places you and your jinn partners

and We will separate them

and their partners will say: It was not us you served!

10:29 God Suffices as The Witness between us and you that we were not seeking your worship.

10:30 And every soul will testify to what it did before

upon their return to God their Benefactor with the Truth

and strayed from them will be those they invented.

10:31 Say: Who Provides for you from the sky and the Earth?

Who Is He Who Owns the True Hearing and Sight

and Brings Forth the living from the dead

and Brings Forth the dead from the living?

Who Is He Who Directs All matters?

They will assuredly say: God.

Then say: Will you then not be in Wise Fear?

10:32 For That Is God your Lord in Truth

and what is there other than Truth except error?

How then are you diverted and gone astray?

10:33 Thus did the Word Of thy Lord become binding

upon those who are wantonly disobedient

those who chose to not believe.

10:34 Say: Is there among your partners of jinn one that begins Creation then repeats it?

Say: God Begins Creation then Repeats It

so how then are you deluded?

10:35 Say: Is there among your partners one that guides to the Truth?

Say: The One True God Guides to the Truth

so does He Who Guides to the Truth Have More Reason to be followed

or one who does not guide while they must be guided?

Yea so what ails you?

How do you figure it all?

10:36 Yea most fools follow only assumptions

but assumptions do not suffice whatsoever against the Truth

and God Knows what they do.

10:37 This Quran could not be invented by anyone other than God.

It is a confirmation of what is within its scope

and an exposition of the covenant

about which there is no doubt

is From The Lord of the Worlds.

10:38 So if they say: He invented it.

Say: Bring a chapter the like hereof

and call to any whom you can for help besides

God if you be Truthful.

10:39 The Truth is they reject what they do not have the ability to comprehend

and what they cannot interpret

thus those before them also rejected the Truth.

See how was the final outcome of those wrongdoers!

10:40 So among them are those who believe in it

and among them are those who do not believe in it

and thy Lord Knows Best those workers of corruption.

10:41 So if they reject thee say:

To me be my work and to you be your work

you are innocent of what I do

and I am innocent of what you do.

10:42 And among them are some who listen to thee.

But did thou make them listen without them having been made reasonable by God to begin with?

10:43 Yea among them are those who look towards thee

but has thou guided the blind who could not see?

10:44 Nay. And God does not wrong mankind in any way but

they wrong their own souls. And then get Condemned By God.

10:45 And the Day He Gathers them will be as though they had tarried only an hour of a day compared to Eternity

and they will recognize one another.

Fools will have lost

those who doubted the Meeting With God

for they were not Rightly Guided.

10:46 And whether We let thee see them being punished now or not

to Us is their return all the same

and God Is Witness Over Everything they do.

10:47 And for each populous is a messenger before its end then after their messenger comes it is all concluded between them in equity

and they will not be wronged.

10:48 And they say: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

10:49 Say: I have no power to harm nor benefit anything by myself unless God Should Will

but for every populous this time the entire world is a term.

When their term arrives

they will not defer an hour

nor will they advance it.

10:50 Say: Have you considered when His Punishment finally comes upon you by night or by day

what will fools seek to hasten then?

10:51 Only when it is too late is when you will believe?

When the End becomes the Now?

Recall when you had sought to get it over with then!

10:52 When it will be said to those who do wrong:

Taste the Punishment for Eternity!

For are you repaid for other than what you earned?

10:53 And they ask thee to inform them:

Is it True?

Say: Yea By my Lord it is True

and you cannot escape it.

10:54 And if each soul that did wrong possessed all that is in the Earth it would seek to ransom itself thereby.

And except for wailing they cannot express the remorse when they see the Punishment.

So it is concluded between them with equity

and in that they will not be wronged.

10:55 In Truth Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God.

And in Truth the Promise Of God is Real

but most of them do not know.

10:56 He Gives Life and He Gives Death

and you will be returned to Him.

10:57 O mankind there has come to you Good Advice From your Lord

a Healing for what is in the hearts

a Guidance and Mercy for the believers.

10:58 Say: For the Bounty Of God and for His Mercy

for that let them be glad

for it is far better than things they amass and cherish.

10:59 Say: Have you considered what God Has Sent Down for you of foods

and you changed thereof what is Lawful and unlawful?

Say: Did God Give you His Permission

or is it lies you invent about God?

10:60 And what will those who invent lies about God

think on the Day of Resurrection?

Yea God Is Bountiful Towards mankind

but most are not grateful.

10:61 And O messenger thou are not engaged in a matter

and thou does not recite any recitation

and thou does no deed

without Us for We are over you as witnesses when you press on.

And there does not escape from thy Lord the weight of an atom in the Earth or in the sky

or less than that or greater.

No not anything unless it is in a Clear Decree.

10:62 And in Truth the Believers Of God

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

10:63 Yea those who believe and are in Wise Fear.

10:64 For them are the Glad Tidings in the life of this world and in the Hereafter.

Gods’ Promises do not change

so the Tremendous Achievement is in believing.

10:65 And do not let their sayings grieve thee

for Greatness Still Belongs To God Altogether

He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

10:66 In Truth Whoever is in the Heavens and Whoever is in the Earth Belong To God

so those who serve other than God follow nothing.

They only follow imaginations

while telling lies.

10:67 He It Is Who Made the night for you wherein is rest and the sight giving day

in that is Evidence for people who listen.

10:68 They say: God Has Taken a son.

Utterly remote the thought that He Would Have a human son!

Nay! He Is Free From need

for To Him Alone Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth!

Say: You have no warrant for this.

How do you ascribe to God what you do not know?

10:69 Say: Those who invent lies about God will not succeed.

10:70 Yea some brief enjoyments in this world

then to Us is their final return

when We will make them taste a Severe Punishment because of what they invented.

10:71 And recite thou to them the report of Noah

when he said to his people:

O my people if my station and my reminding you of the Proofs Of God is troublesome to you

then in God Alone have I placed all my trust.

So plan your plan and gather your partners

and do not let anything stop you.

Then move decisively against me and grant me no respite to see the outcome. No one can harm Gods’ Messengers.

10:72 And if you turn away

recall I have asked you for no reward

yea my Reward is Only With God

and I am Commanded to be among the submitted.

10:73 But they rejected him

so We delivered him and those with him in the ship

and made them successors

after drowning the rest who denied Our Proofs.

See thou the final outcome of those who had been Warned?

10:74 Then after him We raised up more messengers to their peoples bringing them more Clear Evidence

but they being habitual were not to believe in what they had refused before. The epitome of bad habits!

Thus do We place a seal upon the hearts of the transgressors.

10:75 Then We raised up Moses and Aaron with Our Proofs against pharaoh and his eminent ones

but they were proud

an evildoing people.

10:76 And when the Truth from Our presence came to them

They said: This is obvious fantasy.

10:77 Moses said: Do you really say of the Truth when it has come to you:

This is fantasy?

For the sorcerers will not be successful.

10:78 They said: Has thou come to turn us away from the creed which we found with our fathers

and that there be majesty for you in the land?

Then we do not believe you.

10:79 And pharaoh said:

Bring every learned sorcerer to me.

10:80 And when the sorcerers came Moses said to them:

Cast what you will cast!

10:81 And after they had cast Moses said:

What you bring thereby is weak sorcery

and God Will Make it vain.

God does not allow success from the deeds of the workers of corruption.

10:82 God Establishes the Truth By His Words

though the fools be averse.

10:83 And none revealed belief in Moses except the youths

due to fear of pharaoh and his eminent ones

that they would subject them to persecution.

Yea pharaoh was exalted in the land

and he was of the committers of excess.

10:84 And Moses said:

O my people if you believe in God

place all your trust in Him Alone and submit.

10:85 And they said: Yea in God we will place all our trust.

And please Thou our Lord

do not make us a temptation for the wrong doing people.

10:86 And Deliver us By Thy Mercy from the fools.

10:87 And We instructed Moses and his brother

to go to Egypt

and settle their folk in houses

and to make their houses destinations

for upholding the Prayer

and bearing Glad Tidings to fellow believers.

10:88 And Moses said: Our Lord we see Thou Have Given pharaoh and his eminent ones Adornment and Wealth in the life of this world

so they might go astray from Thy Way.

But now our Lord please Evaporate their wealth and Harden their hearts

so they do not believe until the Day they see the Painful Punishment!

10:89 He Said: Your Supplication Has Been Heard

so keep to the Straight Path

and do not follow the ways of the ignorant.

10:90 Then We brought the children of Israel across the sea

when pharaoh followed them with his forces in great hatred and insolence.

But when the drowning was about to overtake him

he said: I believe there is no god but He in Whom the children of Israel believe

and I am of the submitted.

10:91 Now you submitted?

When thou had opposed God before and were of the workers of corruption? Nay!

10:92 But this day do We preserve embalm thy body

so that it will be a Proof of your death for those after thee

even though most are heedless of Our Proofs.

C:\Users\YasuMasih\Desktop\rameses_002273828.jpg The mummy of Ramses II, believed to be pharaoh herein;

10:93 And We settled the children of Israel in dignified homes and provided them with some Good things

then they became egotistical and began to differ.

Thy Lord Will Be Judge between them on the Day of

Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.

10:94 And if thou be in doubt concerning what We reveal to thee

then ask those who have read the Torah before thee.

Yea the Truth From thy Lord has come to thee Mohamet

so do not be of those who doubt.

10:95 And do not be of those who deny the Proofs Of God

for thou would be among the losers.

10:96 Those upon whom the Word Of thy Lord became binding

they did not believe.

10:97 Yea even if 1000 Proofs come to some

they do not believe until they see the Painful Punishment. On Judgement Day.

10:98 Oh that a city beyond just the people of Jonah had only believed and profited by its faith!

When they believed We removed the suffering of disgrace in the life of this world from them

and gave them enjoyment for a time.

10:99 And had thy Lord Willed whoever is in the Earth would have believed one and all.

But would thou compel those resistant to believe? FYI; the term “in the Earth” is used to describe everything under the firmament.

10:100 Yea it is for a soul to believe only by Gods’ Permission

and He Has Appointed Abomination for those who fail to reason.

10:101 Say: Look at Everything in the Heavens and the Earth!

But the Evidence and Proofs and Warnings avail not a people who choose to not believe.

10:102 Do they await the like of the end of days of those who came and went before them?

Then say: Wait

for I am with you waiting.

10:103 Then We rescue Our Messengers and those who believe

thus is it binding upon Us to rescue the believers.

10:104 Say: O humanity should you be in doubt about my doctrine?

For I do not serve those you serve besides God.

Nay. I serve God Who in the end Will Take you!

Yea I am Commanded to be of the believers.

10:105 So set thy purpose towards monotheism

inclining towards Truth

and be not of the polytheists or nontheists.

10:106 Do not call to other than God

that which can neither profit thee nor harm thee

for if thou does

thou are then of the wrongdoers.

10:107 And if God Should Touch thee with Affliction

there is none to remove it except He.

And if He Should Desire Good for thee

there is none to repel His Help.

He Causes It to fall upon who He Wills of His Servants

and He Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

10:108 Say: O humanity the Truth has come to you From your Lord

and whoever is Rightly Guided

they are only Rightly Guided for their own soul.

And whoever strays

only strays against their own soul

and I am not a guardian over you.

10:109 So follow what thou are instructed

and be patient until God Is Judge

for He Is The Best of judges.