Chapter 11. Hud

11.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

11:1 alif lām rā

The Book wherein the Proofs are fortified then set out and detailed

from One Wise, Entirely Aware.

11:2 That you serve not except God

I am Sent to you From Him as Warner and Bearer of Glad Tidings.

11:3 And that you seek Forgiveness Of your Lord

then turn to Him in repentance

so He Causes you to enjoy a Fair Provision for a term

as He Gives every graceful one of His Grace.

But if you turn away

I fear the Punishment of a Great Day for you.

11:4 When Unto God is your return

He Who Is Powerful Over All His Things.

11:5 And if they fold over their hearts that they might hide from Him

it is not like when they cover themselves with garments so as not to be seen by others

for He Knows what they keep secret and what they make known.

Yea He Knows what is in the hearts.

11:6 And for creatures in the Earth sustenance thereof is only upon God

and He Knows their place and their repository

all is in His Clear Decree.

11:7 He It Is Who Created the Heavens and the Earth in six days

and His Throne upon the water

all so He Might Try you to See which are best in deeds.

And if thou say: You will be raised up after death.

Those who disbelieve will say:

That is only obvious fantasy.

11:8 And if We delay the Punishment until a Reckoned Time they will say: What detains it?

In Truth the Day it comes unwelcomely there will be no averting it from them.

Yea surrounding them then will be all of that which they mocked!

11:9 And if We cause humans to taste mercy from Us then remove it from them

they are without hope and ungrateful.

11:10 And if We cause them to taste grace after affliction has touched them they say:

The hardship has left me!

Then they are jubilant and proud.

11:11 But those who are patient and do deeds of Righteousness

they have Forgiveness and a Great Reward in surety.

11:12 And it may be that thou forgets some of what thou are instructed

and thy heart be strained when they say:

Oh that a treasure had only been sent down upon him

or an angel had come with him!

Truly thou are only a Warner

and God Is Guardian Over All His Creation.

11:13 If they say: He has invented it.

Say: Then bring ten chapters the like hereof

and call for help to whom you can besides God if you be Truthful.

11:14 Then when those who try do not achieve it

they will know that it is Sent Down By the Mind Of God

and that there is no god but YHWH

then they will be fully submitted.

11:15 Whoever desires only the life of this world and its adornment

We will repay them for their deeds therein

and they will not be deprived payment.

11:16 These are they for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but Fire.

So fruitless is what they wrought here

yea what they practice is in vain.

11:17 Is one who proclaims Clear Evidence From God vain

when they tell others as a witness for Him?

As Moses did with the Torah is that not

an example and a mercy like the other messengers?

Those who believe.

Hence whoever denies among the parties

their looming appointment is with Eternal Fire.

So be thou not in doubt concerning it

it is the Truth From thy Lord

but most do not believe.

11:18 And who is denser than one who invents a lie about God?

These will be brought before their Lord and the witnesses will say:

These are they who lied against their Lord

yea in truth the Curse Of God is upon the wrongdoers!

11:19 Those who abandoned the Path Of God

and further would make it crooked

and are deniers of the Hereafter.

11:20 These have not escaped from the Earth

and they have no protection without God no not any.

So the Punishment is doubled for them

for by their own choosing it has become that they cannot hear nor see in this life.

11:21 These are those who lost their souls

and the gods they invented have strayed from them.

11:22 Beyond doubt they are the losers in the Hereafter.

11:23 While those who believe doing deeds of Righteousness and humbling themselves before their Lord

these are the companions of the Garden

wherein they abide Eternally.

11:24 The parable of the two factions is as those who came unwilling to see and hear at first of their own accord

while the other was willing then saw and heard.

Are they equal in levels?

Will you then not take heed!

11:25 And We sent Noah to his people saying: I am a Clear Warner to you!

11:26 That you serve none except God

for I fear the Punishment of a Painful Day for you!

11:27 Then the eminent ones who were indifferent to

the Warning among his people said:

We see thee only as a mortal like us

and we do not see any that follow thee except those who are lowest and poorest and wretched among us.

And we do not see any merit over us in you

yea the truth is we consider you a liar.

11:28 He said: O my people have you considered

that I am here with Clear Evidence From my Lord

and hence Mercy From His Presence has come to me

but He Has Made it invisible to you?

Then how should I compel you to accept it

when you were averse to it from the start?

11:29 And O my people see I ask no payment from you for it

for my Reward is only with God.

And I am not to repel those who believe

yea they are going to meet their Lord.

But I see you are a people in ignorance.

11:30 And O my people who will rescue me from God if I repel them?

Will you then not take heed!

11:31 And I do not say to you: I have the Treasuries Of God.

Nor that I have knowledge of the unseen.

Nor that I am an angel.

Nor do I say to those you look down upon

that God will not give them Good

for God Knows Best what is in their souls

and I would be of the wrongdoers.

11:32 They said: O Noah thou has disputed with us

yea greatly disputed with us!

Bring upon us what thou promised us

if thou be of those who speak the Truth.

11:33 He said: God Will Bring It Upon you when He Wills

and you will not escape!

11:34 And if God Has Deemed to Lead you astray

my sincere advice will not profit you

even if I wished to give it you.

He Is your Lord

and to Him you are returning.

11:35 If they say: He has invented it.

Say: If I have invented it

then that is my crime upon me

but I am innocent of what you commit.

11:36 And Noah was instructed:

None of thy people will believe except who has already believed this is a Telltale Sign a Mass Culling From God nears, like now

so do not be distressed over what they do.

11:37 Just craft thou the ship under Our eyes by Our instruction

and speak thou not to Me on behalf of those who have done wrong.

They will be drowned.

11:38 And he made the ship

and every time eminent ones among his people passed by him they derided him

so he said: Lo if you deride us we will surely deride you more than you deride!

11:39 And hence you will discover to whom comes a Punishment that disgraces them

yea a Humiliating Punishment Lasting Forever!

11:40 Then when Our command came to pass and the sky let loose its waters

We said: Load thou two of every kind therein

and of thy household

those who believe

but there believed with him only a few.

11:41 And he said: Board her.

In The Name Of YHWH is her passage and her arrival

my Lord Is The Forgiving, Merciful.

11:42 And it sailed with them amid waves like mountains

and Noah cried to his son

as they drifted apart:

O my son board with us

do not go down with the fools.

11:43 Said he: I will take shelter atop a mountain that will protect me.

He said: There is nothing this day that protects from the Command Of God except for those upon whom He Lays Mercy.

And the waves came between them

then he was among those drowned.

11:44 Then God Said: O Earth swallow thy waters

and O sky desist thou rains.

Then the water subsided

and the Command was concluded.

And the ship came to rest upon mount Al Judi

and God Said:

Done! Away with the wrong doing people!

11:45 And Noah cried to his Lord and said: My Lord my son is of my household

but Thy Promise is the Truth

and Thou Are The Most Just of judges.

11:46 He Said: O Noah he is not of thy progeny

he is an unrighteous breed a degenerate snaking imposter

so do not ask Me about that which thou has no knowledge

this I Do Advise thee lest thou be among the foolish.

11:47 Said he: My Lord in Thee do I seek refuge so I ask not of Thee that whereof I have no knowledge.

For unless Thou Forgives me and Lays Mercy on me I will be among the losers.

11:48 It was said: O Noah go to your Earthly home with peace from Us and blessings upon thee and upon nations of those to come from thy progeny.

Yea future nations to whom We will give enjoyment.

But then a Painful Punishment from Us will touch most.

11:49 That is among the reports from the unseen

in which We instruct thee.

Thou knew it not

neither did thy people before this.

So be patient

the Final Outcome is for those of Wise Fear.

11:50 And to the people of Ad their brother Hud

when he said: O my people serve God

you have no god but He

you are only inventing.

11:51 O my people I ask no reward from you for it

my Reward is only upon Him Who Made me

so will you not then use reason!?

11:52 And O my people seek Forgiveness Of your Lord

then turn to Him.

He Will Send Good Rains Upon you in torrents

and Add Strength to your strength

so do not turn away as evildoers.

11:53 They said: O Hud thou has not brought us Proof

we will not leave our gods upon thy saying

for we do not believe thee.

11:54 We figure some of our gods have afflicted thee with insanity.

He said: I call God to Witness

I am innocent of that which you serve

11:55 besides Him!

So scheme against me altogether

and grant me no respite.

11:56 I have placed all my trust in God

my Lord and your Lord

there is no creature He does not hold by its forelock.

Yea and the Way to my Lord is the Straight Path.

11:57 So if you turn away

I have conveyed to you what I was sent with

and my Lord Will Replace you with another people.

And you cannot harm Him at all

for my Lord Is Custodian Over All His Things.

11:58 And when Our command came We delivered

Hud and those who heeded the Warnings with him

by mercy from Us

yea We rescued them from a stern attack.

11:59 And hence they later became people of Ad.

Then they denied the Proofs Of their Lord

and opposed His Messengers

and followed the wishes of every obstinate tyrant.

11:60 So they were followed by a curse in this world

and cursed again on the Day of Resurrection.

Truly the people of Ad denied their Lord

was it not then

away with Ad the latter people of Hud?

11:61 And to Thamud We sent their brother Salih

who said: O my people serve God

you have no god but He.

He Brought you into being from the Earth and Settled you therein.

So seek Forgiveness Of your Lord and turn to Him

for He Is Always Near and Instantly Responsive.

11:62 They said: O Salih thou had been one in whom our trust was placed before this!

Does thou forbid us to serve what our fathers served?

We are skeptical in doubt about that thou invites us to.

11:63 He said: O my people have you considered

if I am with Clear Evidence From my Lord

and there has come to me Mercy From Him

then who will help me against God if I disobey Him?

Yea you would not increase me except in loss.

11:64 And O my people you are given this She Camel Of God

as a Proof for you

just leave her to feed in Gods’ Earth

and do not touch her with hate

for if so a brutal attack that looms will take you.

11:65 Then they brutally crippled her

and he said: Take pleasure in your dwellings for only three more days

that is a promise not to be broken.

11:66 And when Our command came We rescued

Ṣalih and those who heeded Warnings with him

from the disgrace of that Day

by mercy from Us.

Thy Lord He Is The Strong, The Almighty.

11:67 So the blast overtook those who did wrong

and morning found them lying prone in their dwellings.


11:68 Now it is as though they had not lived therein

because the folk of Thamud denied their Lord.

Was it not then away with those of Thamud?

Some “abandoned” dwellings of Thamud;

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\NewOldCities\Mada’in Saleh.jpg


11:69 Our Messengers came to Abraham with Glad Tidings

saying: Peace!

He replied: Peace!

And he came with a calf.

11:70 And when he saw their hands not reaching to kill it Like God, the angels do not eat. he was curious about them and felt fearful of them

but they said: Fear not

We are sent to the people of Lot.

11:71 And his aged wife stood

and she laughed

when We gave her Glad Tidings of birthing Isaac

and after Isaac Jacob. aka Israel

11:72 She said: Oh woe is me!

Shall I bear children when I am an old woman and my husband is an old man?

This is an amazing thing.

11:73 They said: Are thou amazed at the Command Of God?

The Mercy Of God and His Blessings are upon you the people of the house

yea He Is Praiseworthy, Glorious.

11:74 And when the alarm had left Abraham and the Glad Tidings fully reached him

he pleaded with Us for the people of Lot.

11:75 Abraham was forbearing compassionate and penitent.

11:76 O Abraham abandon this place

the Command Of thy Lord has come

and for them is destruction which cannot be repelled.

11:77 And when Our Messengers then came to Lot he was distressed for them

and concerned with unease for them

he said: Woe this is a fateful day.

11:78 His people came to him

running towards him

and they had been doing evil before.

He said: O my people daughters are purer for you

so be in Wise Fear of God and do not disgrace me in front of my guests.

Is there not a Right Minded man among you?

11:79 They said: Thou knows we have no obligation to thy daughters

and thou knows what we desire.

11:80 He said: If only I had power over you

and could overcome you with strong supporters!

11:81 The angels said: O Lot We are Messengers Of thy Lord

they are of no threat.

Travel with thy family by watches of the night

and let none of you turn around except thy wife.

There will befall her what befalls them

and their appointment is in the morning

and is the morning not near?

11:82 When Our command came We overthrew the city

and rained upon it stones of burning brimstone piled up in layers. Think about all the archeological “digs” of ancient cities!

11:83 Hence they were Marked in the Sight Of thy Lord

and this is never far from wrongdoers.

11:84 And to Midian We sent their brother Jethro

who said: O my people serve God

you have no god but He.

Defraud not the measure nor the balance

for I see you in affluence

and I fear the Punishment of a Confining Day for you.

11:85 So O my people

fulfill the measure and weigh the balance with equity!

Yea do not deprive others of their things

and commit no evil in the Earth working corruption.

11:86 What Remains From God is Better if you are believers

but I am not a custodian over you.

11:87 They said: O Jethro does thy creed require that we leave what our fathers served

or that we not do with our property whatever we will?

Thou are the forbearing the Right minded!

11:88 He said: O my people have you considered that I am with Clear Evidence From my Lord and He Provides me a Goodly Provision From Him?

I do not desire to oppose you by telling you that which is forbidden you.

I desire only Right ordering so far as I am able

and my success is only through God

for I have placed all my trust in Him

and to Him do I turn repentant.

11:89 And: O my people

let not my dissension cause you to commit evil

that there befall you what befell the people of Noah

or the people of Hud

or the people of Salih

and direly the people of Lot are not that unlike you.

11:90 Seek Forgiveness Of your Lord

turn to Him

for my Lord Is The Merciful, Loving.

11:91 They said: O Jethro

we do not understand much of what thou says

and we see thee as weak

so were it not for thy family we would stone thee

yea thou are of no account to us.

11:92 He said: O my people

do you esteem my family more than you esteem God?

It Is Him you have put behind your backs

and my Lord Sees Everything you do.

11:93 So O my people work against me however you can

for I am working too

and you will learn to whom comes a Debasing Punishment and who is a liar.

So let us all watch

I am with you watching.

11:94 And when Our command came We rescued Jethro

and those who heeded Warnings with him

by mercy from Us.

The blast took the wrongdoers and

morning found them wiped from their dwellings.

11:95 It was as if they had not lived therein.

So was it not away with the city of Midian even as the city of Thamud was taken away?

11:96 And We sent Moses a Clear Warrant with Our Proofs.

11:97 They went to pharaoh and his eminent ones

who then followed the command of pharaoh

but the command of pharaoh was not Right minded.

11:98 Hence he will go before his people on the Day of Resurrection

and conduct them to the Fire

and miserable is their arrival there for listening to him.

11:99 Yea they are followed by a self chosen curse

and on the Day of Resurrection

the Reward they receive is horror!

11:100 That is among a few reports of cities We relate to thee

among them are some standing and some stubble.

11:101 We wronged them not

but they wronged their own souls

and their gods to whom they called besides God availed them nothing

when the Command Of thy Lord came.

Hence it all increased them not but in ruin.

11:102 Thus is the Seizing Of thy Lord when He Takes the cities of wrongdoers.

Yea and His Seizing is Painful, Strong.

11:103 In that is a Proof for those who fear the Punishment of the Hereafter.

That is the Day when all mankind will be gathered

a Day to be witnessed intensely by all beings.

11:104 And We delay it only to a Term Appointed By God.

11:105 On the Day no soul speaks except By Gods’ Permission.

Among them are both the horrified and the joyous.

11:106 And as for the former

into the Fire!

They have only moaning and wailing therein.

11:107 They abiding Eternally

so long as the Heavens and the Earth endure

unless thy Lord Should Will Otherwise

for thy Lord Is The Doer Of What He Wills.

11:108 And as for those who are joyous

embark into the Garden!

They abiding Eternally therein

so long as the Heavens and the Earth endure

unless thy Lord Should Will Otherwise

a bestowal without end.

11:109 So do not be in doubt concerning what these serve

for they only serve as their fathers served before.

And We will pay them in full without reduction.

11:110 We gave Moses the Torah

then it was forever disputed about.

And were it not that a Word Had Come From thy Lord

it would have been concluded between them.

But they are skeptical in doubt concerning it.

11:111 And to each thy Lord Will Repay their works in full

for He Is Fully Aware Of All they do.

11:112 So be thou upright as thou are commanded

with those who repented with thee

and do not transgress

knowing He Sees Everything you all do.

11:113 Do not mingle with those who do wrong

for the Fire will touch you

and you have no protectors besides God.

Yea it is then none can be helped.

11:114 And uphold the Prayer at the two ends of the day

and watches of the night.

Truly Good replaces evil

and that is a reminder for those conscious of God.

11:115 And be thou patient

for God does not suffer the loss of Rewards for the doers of Good.

11:116 Among the generations before you there had only been a remnant forbidding corruption in the Earth

so it was few among them We rescued.

And those who did wrong counted on what they had been given of opulence by Us

for they were evildoers.

11:117 But thy Lord did not destroy the cities

of people who did Right.

11:118 And had thy Lord Willed He Would Have Made mankind one community mindset

but instead they cease not to differ

11:119 except those whom thy Lord Lays His Mercy Upon.

For this is why He Created them as fuel sources for the universe

hence the Words Of thy Lord are fulfilled as He Said:

I Will Fill Hell with erring jinn and humans one and all.

11:120 And all We relate to thee among the reports of the messengers is that We might make thy heart firm thereby.

So in this there has come to thee the Truth

and a Warning

a Goodly Reminder for believers.

11:121 So go forth and say to those who do not believe:

Work against me however you can

I am working too.

11:122 And wait

we are all waiting.

11:123 To God Belongs the Unseen of the Heavens and the Earth

and to Him the entire lot will be returned.

So serve Him

and place all thy trust in Him

for thy Lord is not unmindful of anything you do.