Chapter 9. Repentance, at-Taubah

9.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

9:1 An Acquittal From God and His Messenger to those with whom you made a pledge among the polytheists:

9:2 Travel in the land four months

and know that you cannot escape God

and that God Will Humiliate any fools among you.

9:3 A Proclamation From God and His Messenger to mankind on the day of the great pilgrimage:

God Is Free of the polytheists

as is His Messenger

and if you repent

it is better for you.

But if you turn away

know that you will never escape God.

So bear tidings of a Painful Punishment to disbelievers.

9:4 But the polytheists with whom you made a pledge

and are not deficient towards you in anything

and do not help anyone against you

fulfill your pledge to them to its term.

God Loves those of Wise Fear.

9:5 Yet later when the sacred months have passed

kill the non repentant polytheists wherever found

or seize them

and restrain them for enslavement to the believers.

Yea lie in wait for them at every place of ambush.

But if found repentant

and upholding the Prayer

and rendering the purifying works

let them go their way.

Truly God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:6 And if one of the polytheists seeks thy protection

grant them protection until they know Gods’ Word.

Then convey them to their place of security

because they were of a folk who did not know.

9:7 And some ask: How can polytheists have pledges with God and with His Messenger

like with believers who pledged at the temple?

Say: It is a different pledge.

So long as they are upright with you

be upright with them for that is all that matters to you.

God Loves those of Wise Fear.

9:8 But what if they get the better of you regarding neither pact nor humanitarian obligation?

Yea they please you with their mouths but in their hearts they refuse.

These are ones who disobey.

9:9 Some exchange the Revelations Of God for a cheap price and bar others from His Way.

Yea evil is what they do.

9:10 They do not honor pacts nor obligations with believers

these are the transgressors.

This is speaking of the jewish “kol nidre”. The kol nidre is the holiest jewish Prayer and is recited repeatedly on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It means “all vows” and is a flat statement that no promise of any kind will be kept for the coming year. It is also sung in the synagogue, and goes like this: “All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for happily) we repent, beforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.” HENCE ALL SUCH jEWS ARE SELF SWORN, GODLESS LIARS!!!

9:11 But those who repent

and uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

then they are your brethren in the Doctrine.

We set out and detail this for you who know.

9:12 But those who renege on their oaths or deride your doctrine fight these ingrates!

Truly their sworn oaths are nothing to them

and will not cause them to desist.

9:13 Will you not fight a people who broke their oaths

and attempted to expel the messenger

and began against you first? Do you fear them?

God Has More Reason To Be Feared if you be believers!

9:14 So fight them!

God Will Punish them at your hands

and Humiliate them

and Help you Against them

to heal the hearts of people who believe

9:15 balancing the rage in their hearts with faith.

And God Forgives whom He Wills

because God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:16 Assumed you that you will be done fighting before God Knows who has strived most amongst you? Nay.

And do not take friends or confidants besides God and His Messenger and the believers.

And know God Is Aware of Everything you do.

9:17 Polytheists are not to be in places of worship of God

for they only bear witness against themselves in denial.

These their works are vain

and they will abide in the Fire Eternally.

9:18 But those who inhabit the places of worship of God

with those who believe in God and the Last Day

and uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

and fear nothing except God

such perhaps will be Truly Guided.

9:19 Have you imagined that those who simply give water to the pilgrim and visit the Kaaba

are like those who actually believe in God and the Last

Day and strive for the Cause Of God?

They are not equal with God

for God does not guide the lackluster.

9:20 Yea those who believe

and emigrate

and strive for the Cause Of God with wealth and lives

are degrees above others before God.

These are the Triumphant!

9:21 Their Lord Gives them Glad Tidings of Mercy and Acceptance From Him

and they have Gardens therein of Enduring Bliss.

9:22 They abiding Eternally therein forever.

Yea With God is the Immense Reward.

9:23 O you who believe

do not take your fathers and your brethren as protectors if they prefer denial to faith

for whoever among you takes them as protectors

these are in clear error.

9:24 Say:

If your fathers

and your sons

and your brethren

and your wives

and your kindred

and the wealth you have acquired

and trade wherein you fear a decline

and dwellings with which you are pleased

are dearer to you than God and His Messenger and striving in His Way

then wait until God Brings His Command.

God guides not the wantonly disobedient people.

9:25 God Has Helped you in many difficult places

like on the day of the battle of Hunayn

when you were impressed at your multitude

but it availed you nothing

and the Earth became narrow to you

vast as it was.

So you turned and fled.

9:26 Then God Sent His Tranquility upon His Messenger and the believers

and Sent Down Forces you did not see

and Punished those who disbelieve.

That is the penalty for fools.

9:27 Then God Relents after that Towards whom He Wills.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:28 O believers those serving other than God are unclean

so do not let them approach the Kaaba after this year.

And if you fear poverty from losing their commerce

God Will Enrich you out of His Bounty if He Should Will.

God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:29 Fight those who do not believe in God or the Last Day

and who make lawful what God and His Messenger have made unlawful.

They do not adhere to the Doctrine of Truth

held by those in possession of Gods’ Word.

So fight them until they make reparation under your supervision when they are brought low.

9:30 And the degenerate snaking imposters say: Ezra is the son of God.

And the christians say: Yeshua is the son of God.

That speech of their mouths

is the speech of those who were deceived before them.

And God Damns them all! How they are deluded.

9:31 They take their messengers and religious scholars as lords rather than God

when they are only Commanded to serve The One God.

There is no god but He

so Glory Be Unto Him Far Above that which they serve!

9:32 Wishing to darken the Light Of God with their mouths

but God Refuses so that He Perfect His Light more

even though the fools be averse.

9:33 He It Is Who Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Doctrine of Truth this is a prophecy for Al-Mahdi

that He Might Make It Manifest over every doctrine

though the polytheists be averse. Truth will indeed eventually fully prevail over deceit and/or misunderstanding. Seen also in 61:9.

9:34 O you who believe

many among the rabbis and religious scholars consume the wealth of others in vanity

and abandon the Path Of God.

But those who amass gold and silver then do not spend it for the Cause Of God

give them tidings of a Painful Punishment.

9:35 The Day the Fire of Hell will be roaring

branding their foreheads and sides and backs when

it is said: That is what you amassed for your souls.

Taste what you earned!

9:36 The count of the months With God is that of

twelve months in the Torah.

The day He Created the Heavens and the Earth

and from them four are sanctified.

That is the Right Doctrine

so do not wrong your souls concerning them.

And fight the polytheists collectively

as they fight you collectively

and know that God Is With those of Wise Fear.

9:37 Postponement of the sacred month is but an increase in denial

whereby those who disbelieve are led astray.

They make it lawful one year

and make it unlawful another year

that the count might be what God Made Unlawful.

So they make lawful what God Made Unlawful

and the evil of their deeds is made to seem fair to them

hence God does not guide the fools.

9:38 O you who believe what ails you when it is said to you:

Go forth for the Cause Of God

but then you cling to this life on Earth?

Are you content with the life of this world over the Hereafter?

Enjoyment of the life of this world when recalled in the Hereafter is utterly insignificant. No compare in time or peace!

9:39 And unless you go forth He Will Punish you with a Painful Punishment

and He Will Simply Replace you with another people.

And you cannot harm Him at all in any way whatsoever

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

9:40 And if you did not help someone who succeeded at anything

it had to be God Helped them.

As when disbelievers expelled the second of two

who were in the cave

when they said: Grieve not for God Is With us.

Then God Sent Down His Tranquility

and Strength from His Forces not seen

and Made the threats of those who disbelieve the least of their concerns.

And the Word Of God It Is the Uppermost

God Is Mighty, Wise.

9:41 So go forth

light or heavy

and strive with your wealth and your lives for the Cause Of God.

That is best for you if you only knew.

9:42 Had it been goods nearby and a short journey they would have followed thee

but far for them was the destination

and they will swear by God:

Had we been able we would have set out with you.

But they destroy their souls with such lies

because God Knows they are liars.

9:43 Yet thou said: God Pardon thee!

Why did thou seek their pardon

before it was made clear to thee who speaks the Truth and who lies?

9:44 Those who believe in Him and the Last Day do not ask Pardon From God

to strive with their wealth and their lives!

And God Knows those of Wise Fear.

9:45 But those who do not believe in God and the Last Day do ask pardon of thee to stay behind.

Yea those in whose hearts is doubt

so in their doubt they are hypocrites.

9:46 For had they wished to go forth they would have readied themselves for it

but God did not want them to so He Held them Back

by Whispering: Sit with those that sit at home.

9:47 For had they gone forth among you they would have increased you only in confusion and been active in bringing you to ruin

because among you are some listeners to them.

But God Knows the wrongdoers.

9:48 They sought your ruin before and overturned matters for thee

until the Truth came and the Command of

God was made manifest when they were averse.

9:49 Yea among them are those who say: Grant me pardon to stay behind

so as to tempt me not. with the enemies’ blonde haired women

But into the temptation have they fallen of cowardice

and Hell encompasses these fools.

9:50 If victory befalls you it vexes them

but if defeat were to befall you they would say:

We took our precautions wisely

then turn away in gladness.

9:51 Say: Nothing befalls us except what God Decrees for us

for He Is our Guide

and in God Alone let the believers place all their trust.

9:52 Say: Do you wish to see us as martyrs not victors?

Alright then wait for God to Afflict you with Punishment From Him by our hands!

Yea wait

we are with you waiting.

9:53 Say: Spend willingly or unwillingly it will not be accepted from you

for you are wantonly disobedient fools.

9:54 Their expenditures are prevented from being accepted because they disobeyed God and His Messenger

and come to Pray lazily

and spend not of Good except begrudgingly.

9:55 So do not let their wealth nor children impress thee

for God Only Intends to Punish them thereby in the life of this world

and See that they die

while they are fools.

9:56 And they swear by God that they are of you

but they are not of you

they are only a weak people who cause division.

9:57 Had they found refuge of a cave or other place to hide they would run to it

for indeed they are unstable and lost.

9:58 And among them are those who speak ill of thee concerning your distribution of wealth and spoils

whence if they be given thereof they are satisfied

but if not they are angry.

9:59 And had they been satisfied with What God Gave them like the messenger they would have said:

Whatever God Provides Suffices us

He Will Give us of His Bounty as will His Messenger

so to God do we turn in hope.

9:60 Yea charity is only for

the poor and the needy

and the workers of it

and those whose hearts are brought together by it

and for slaves and those heavily indebted

and the wayfarer

all for the Cause Of God.

This is an Obligation From God

and God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:61 And among them are those who malign the prophet

saying: He is unquestioning without thought.

Say: He is unquestioning of what is Good for you!

He believes in God

and he believes in believers

yea he is a mercy for those who believe.

So there is a Painful Punishment for those who malign the Messenger Of God.

9:62 They swear by their mouths only to please God and His Messenger

while it is more Right that they should actually please God if they be believers!

9:63 Do they not know that whoever works against God and His Messenger

for them is the Fire of Hell wherein they abide Forever?

That is the Humiliating Abasement.

9:64 The degenerate snaking imposters fear this Quran might expose them for who they are

showing their hatred of humanity and the evil that has forever been in their hearts. Think about this Quran version!

So say: Keep hating and mocking

God Will Bring Forth what you fear. You are seeing it now!

9:65 And if thou asks some jews they will say: We only jested and made fun.

Say: Nay! You dared to mock God

His Proofs

His Messenger

and those who believe!

9:66 Make no excuses you have denied the Truth.

And even if We were to pardon any repentant of you the vast majority We will punish

because you are worthless.

9:67 Yea most talmudic men and women are the same

they enjoin what is wrong and forbid what is fitting

and they make only fists of hate with their hands.

For they have forgotten God

so He Has Forgotten them

yea all such hypocrites are worthless.

9:68 So God Has Promised those talmudic men

and women

and all disbelievers alike

the Fire of Hell

where they will wail Eternally therein.

It is their Reckoning

for Gods’ Curse is upon them

and they have a Lasting Punishment.

9:69 Like those talmudists before who were

stronger than them in might

and greater in wealth and children

they enjoyed their lot.

And some today enjoy their lot as they did

and they jest like they jested.

So their works are vain in this world and the Hereafter

for these are the losers.

9:70 Have not the reports of all those before reached you?

Yea the people of Noah

and the people of Ad

and the people of Thamud

and the people of Abraham

and the people of Midian

and the many cities We have thrown down?

Their messengers came to them with Clear Evidence

and God wronged them not

but they wronged their own souls.

9:71 While the believing men and believing women are protectors of one another for God.

They enjoin what is fitting

and forbid what is wrong

and uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

and they obey God and His Messenger.

God Will Have Mercy on these

for God Is Mighty, Wise.

9:72 God Has Promised the believing men

and the believing women

Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding Eternally therein

Goodly dwellings in their Gardens of Perpetual Abode.

Thus Acceptance From God is the greatest feat

that is the Tremendous Achievement.

9:73 O prophet strive against the deniers and hypocrites

and be harsh with them

tell them We have prepared their habitation in Hell

and wretched is their Journeys’ End.

9:74 They swear by God they did not say

what they have said.

They denied after their submission

and they attempted harms they will never accomplish.

Then they resent that God Enriches His Messengers and Believers of His Bounty.

If they repented it would have been better for them

but they turned away so God Will Reward them with a Painful Punishment in this world and the Hereafter.

And they will not have any ally nor protector.

9:75 Among them are those who made this pledge to God:

If He Gives us of His Bounty we will give charity and be of the Righteous.

9:76 Then when He Gave them of His Bounty they withheld it and turned away niggardly in aversion.

9:77 So He Repays them with hypocrisy in their hearts until the Day they meet Him

because they broke their promises With God

yea because they lied to Him.

9:78 Do they not realize that God Knows All their secrets and their confidential conversations

and that God Is The Knower of the unseen realms?

9:79 Those who speak ill of those who give willingly in charity among the believers

and of those who find not to give except for their own enjoyments

deride them

as God Derides them

yea make their punishments hurt.

9:80 And ask Forgiveness for them or not it will not matter.

Yea if thou ask Forgiveness for them seventy times

God will not forgive them!

It is because they denied God and His Messenger.

God does not guide fools or the wantonly disobedient.

9:81 Those who were left behind celebrated remaining left behind the Messenger Of God

and disliked to strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause Of God.

And they said: Do not go forth in the heat.

Say: The Fire of Hell is the heat to avoid!

If they only understood.

9:82 So let them laugh a little

then weep Forever

as fitting Reward for what they earned.

9:83 And if God Brings thee back triumphant to a number of them and then they ask of thee permission to go forth

say: You shall not go forth with me nor fight an enemy for God with me no not ever.

You were pleased to sit at home the first time

so sit with those who remain.

9:84 And do not ever perform Prayers for any among them that die

nor stand over their graves in remorse.

They denied God and His Messenger

then died while they were wantonly disbelieving.

9:85 Yea and do not let their wealth or children impress thee for God Only Uses such to Distract them in this world so that they will die in lowly states

as the fools they are.

9:86 When a chapter is sent down to believe in

God and strive alongside His Messenger

the opulent among them ask permission of thee:

Leave us to be with those who sit.

9:87 They are content to be with those who remain

and their hearts are sealed by Us

so they do not understand.

9:88 But the messenger and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and their lives

and these have the Good things.

Yea these are the Successful!

9:89 God Has Prepared Gardens for them beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

That is the Tremendous Achievement.

9:90 And there came those with excuses among the bedouins a nomadic desert dwelling people that permission to stay behind be given them

so there sat those who lied to God and His Messenger.

Hence a Painful Punishment will befall those of them who disbelieve as well.

9:91 But there is no blame upon the weak

nor the sick

nor those who have nothing to spend

when they are True to God and His Messenger.

Yea against the doers of Good there is no path

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:92 Nor against those to whom when they came to thee asking that thou provide them horses for battle when

thou said: I cannot find whereon to mount you

and they turned back their eyes overflowing with tears of grief that they could not spend of their lives for God.

9:93 The path is only against those who ask permission of thee to stay behind when they are rich

and content to sit with those who remain.

All because their hearts are Sealed By God

so they cannot understand.

9:94 They make excuses to you when you return to them

so say: Do not make excuses

for we do not believe you!

God Has Informed us of your assertions

and God and His Messenger will see your deeds.

Then you will be brought back to Him Who Knows the unseen and the seen

and He Will Tell you Everything you did.

9:95 And they will swear by God to you when you return to them in fear that you might abandon them

so abandon them.

Yea they are abomination

and their Reward is Eternal habitation in Hell

that is what their sitting earned.

9:96 They swear to you so you might be pleased with them

but even if you are pleased with them

God is not pleased with them for they are liars.

9:97 Yea and bedouins are stronger in denial and hypocrisy

from ignorance and more likely not to know of what

God Has Sent Down upon His Messengers.

Of this too God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:98 Among the bedouins are they who spend only for themselves while awaiting turns of ill fortunes for you.

But for them is the most miserable turn of fortune

because God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

9:99 But also among the bedouins are those who believe in God and the Last Day

and take what they spend as an offering to God and blessings for the messenger.

Yea it is a blessing for these to spend how they spend

and God Will Make them Enter Into His Mercy.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:100 And the first leaders among those who emigrated

and their protectors

and those who followed them are in Good conduct.

God Is Pleased with them

and they are pleased with Him

for He Has Prepared Gardens beneath which rivers flow for them

and they will abide Eternally therein.

That is the Tremendous Achievement.

9:101 Also among the bedouins around you are degenerate snaking imposters

they are among the people of all towns.

These persist heavily in hypocrisy

but otherwise thou know them not. they look like us mostly But We know them

and We will punish them in this life

then they will be sentenced to a Horrific Punishment.

9:102 And others admitted their transgressions

they who mixed a Righteous deed with another of evil

but it may be that God Will Relent Towards them.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:103 So accept their charity to cleanse them

and to increase them in God Consciousness

and perform thou the Prayer befitting them.

It will be a comfort for them

and God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

9:104 Do they not know that God Is Who Accepts the repentance from His Servants and Takes the charity?

And that God, He Is The Receptive, The Merciful?

9:105 So say: Act!

God Will See your actions

as will His Messenger and the believers.

Then you will be sent back

to The Knower of the unseen and the seen

and He Will Tell you Everything you did.

9:106 And others are deferred unto the Command Of God

whether He Will Punish them or Forgive them

God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:107 And there are those who manage temples as means of mischief to promote apostasy and division among the believers

and as lookouts working for those who work against God and His Messenger. This is true for all religious organizations now ran by degenerate snaking imposters and jews worldwide.

And they will swear: We purposed only Good.

But God Bears Witness that they are liars.

9:108 So do not stand within their temples ever!

For any place of worship founded upon Wise Fear from the first day has more to offer that thou stand within it

with those who love to purify themselves.

Yea God Loves those who purify themselves.

9:109 Is then one who based a building on prudent fear of God and His Good Pleasure better

or one who based a building as if on the edge of a cliff that will collapse into the Fire of Hell?

Know that God does not guide wrong doing people.

9:110 Their buildings will never cease to be sources of distress and doubt for their hearts

and hence they will be cut off

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

9:111 But God Has Bought from the believers their lives and their wealth

for that the Garden is theirs

because they fight for the Cause Of God

killing and being killed.

This is a promise binding upon Him in the Torah Exodus 32:13-23 the Gospel Rev 14:13 and the Quran now, 2:243, 3:195, 4:100 & 22:58 and who fulfills a promise better than God?

Rejoice then in your bargain that you have contracted with Him

for in that is the Tremendous Achievement.

9:112 Yea the repentant

the serving

those praising

while journeying

those humble

that submit

who enjoin what is Right

and forbid what is wrong

all the keepers of the Limits Of God.

Bear thou Glad Tidings to these believers!

9:113 It is not for the prophet or believers to Pray for polytheists even if they are relatives

for they know they are the companions of Hell.

9:114 And requests for Forgiveness by Abraham for his father were only because of a promise he had promised.

19:47 “I will ask Forgiveness for thee Of my Lord”

But when it had become clear to him that he was an enemy to YHWH

he abandoned him.

Abraham was compassionate and forbearing.

9:115 God does not send people astray after Guiding them.

He Makes Clear to them what they should be in Wise Fear of

for God Knows All Things.

9:116 God. To Him belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth.

He Gives Life and He Gives Death

and you have neither ally nor protector besides God.

9:117 Verily God Turned Towards the prophet in Forgiveness

and to the emigrants

and supporters who follow him in hours of hardship

after the hearts of some of them had nearly deviated.

Then He Turned Towards them in Forgiveness

for He Is Kind To them, Merciful.

9:118 And Towards the three who were left behind they failed to go to battle in Tabuk when the Earth became narrow for them vast as it was upon their confession of it to Mohamet

and their souls became narrow for them

knowing there was no refuge from God.

Then after 50 days of repenting He Turned in Forgiveness Towards them so they might succeed

truly He Is The Receptive, The Merciful.

9:119 O you who believe always be in Wise Fear of God

and be among the Truthful. Like these 3 men were.

9:120 It is not for the people of the town or the bedouins to abandon the Messenger Of God

preferring enjoyment of their lives over his.

Because when there befalls his soldiers thirst or fatigue or hunger while fighting in the Cause Of God

or they take any step that angers disbelievers

or they achieve any attainment against the enemy

it is recorded for them as a Righteous deed.

Yea God will not forget any Rewards for doers of Good.

9:121 Any small or great sum they spend for God

or valley they cross while exposed

all that it is recorded for them

so God Can Reward them for the best of what they did.

9:122 And it is not always for believers to go forth all at once to fight in smaller battles

from every party among them they should commit a number to study and Pray

so they may illuminate their people when they return

that they might expand their God Consciousness.

9:123 But O you who believe always fight the disbelievers who are close to you

and let them find harshness in you

knowing that God Is With those of Wise Fear.

9:124 And when a chapter is sent down

among them are those perplexed who say:

Which of you has this increased in faith?

While those who believe it does increase them in faith

and they rejoice.

9:125 For there are those in whose hearts is disease

and it adds abomination to their abomination

so they will die while in states of disbelief.

9:126 Do they not see that they are subjected to tests once or twice every year?

Yet still they do not turn in repentance

nor do they take heed.

9:127 So when a chapter is sent down they look at each other thinking

is there really anyone watching us?

Then they turn away

for God Turned Away their hearts

so they are a people who cannot understand.

9:128 Yea there has come to you a messenger from among yourselves

and mighty upon him is his empathy for what grieves you.

Know he is concerned for you

he means to be kind and merciful for the believers.

9:129 Then if they turn away

say: God Fully Suffices me.

There is no god but He

and in Him I have placed all my trust

for He Is Lord of the Highest Throne.