Chapter 29. The Spider, al-Ankabut

29.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

29:1 alif lām mīm

29:2 Do people think they will be left to say:

We believe

and then will not be subjected to trials?

29:3 We subjected those before them to trials

so God Can See those who are Truthful

as He Can See the liars.

29:4 If those who do evil think they can outrun Us

stupid is what they think!

29:5 For whoever looks to the Meeting With God

knows the Term Of God is coming

and He Is The All Hearing, The All Knowing.

29:6 And whoever strives

they strive only for themselves

for God Is Free From need of anything.

29:7 And those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We will remove their evil from them

and Reward them for the best of what they did.

29:8 And We enjoined upon you Goodness to your parents

but if they try to make thee serve other than Me

do not obey them.

For unto Me Alone is your return

and I Will Inform you of Everything you did.

29:9 Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We will make them enter among the winners.

29:10 But among you are those who say: I believe in God.

Then when hindered concerning God they confuse the persecutions of mankind with the Punishment Of God. Then if Help Comes From God they say: I am with you. Does God not Always Know Best what is in the hearts of all mankind?

29:11 Yea God Knows who believes

and He Knows the hypocrites.

29:12 And those who disbelieve say to those who believe: Follow our way and we will bear your errors.

But they will not bear anything of their errors.

They are liars.

29:13 So they will bear their Punishment

and Punishment besides their Punishment.

And they will be asked about what they invented on the Day of Resurrection.

29:14 We sent Noah to his people

tarrying among them a thousand less fifty years

before the flood took them for they were wrongdoers.

29:15 Then We delivered him and those with him in the boat

and established it as a Proof for all mankind.

29:16 And Abraham

when he said to his people: Serve God and be in Wise Fear of Him

that is best for you if you only knew.

29:17 But then you worship idols

and create falsehood.

Those whom you serve possess no provision for you

so seek your Provision From God

and serve Him

and be grateful to Him

for it is to Him you will be returned.

29:18 But if you reject

communities have rejected before you

and upon the messenger is only the clear communication.

29:19 Have they not considered How God Originates Creation

then Repeats It?

That is Easy For God.

29:20 Say: Travel in the land and see how He Originated Creation.

Then God Will Bring Into Being Another Creation

for He Is Powerful Over All His Things.

29:21 He Punishes whom He Wills and Shows His Mercy to whom He Wills

and to Him all will be returned.

29:22 And you cannot escape into the Earth or the sky

and you have neither ally nor protector besides God.

29:23 And those who deny the Proofs Of God or the Meeting with Him

these will not come to know His Mercy.

Yea they have a Painful Punishment in store.

29:24 Then the response of Abrahams’ people was only that they said:

Kill him let us burn him alive!

But God Rescued him from the fire

and in that is a Proof for people who believe.

29:25 And he said: You have chosen idols instead of God

and the love between you is only for the life of this world.

But on the Day of Resurrection you will deny each other

and curse each other.

Yea your habitation will be the Fire

where you will have no protectors.

29:26 And Lot believed Abraham and said: I will emigrate for my Lord!

For He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

29:27 And We gave Abraham Isaac and Jacob

and We placed among his progeny prophethood and the Truth. i.e. the “line of David” from the “seed of Jesse”

And We gave him compensation in this world

and in the Hereafter he is of the Righteous.

29:28 And Lot

when he said to his people:

You are the vilest and most indecent of peoples ever.

29:29 For you lust after men

and severe the Way

and meet to conspire of committing evils.

Then the response of his people was only that they said:

Bring us the Punishment Of God if thou be of those who speak the Truth.

29:30 He said: My Lord Help me against these people who work corruption!

29:31 So when Our Messengers brought Abraham the Glad Tidings they said:

We are going to destroy this city

for its people are wrongdoers.

29:32 He said: But therein is Lot a submitting believer.

They said: We know who is therein

and We will rescue him and his household

except for his wife.

She is of those who stay behind.

29:33 Then when Our Messengers came to Lot he was worried about their safety

unable to protect them from his people

until they said: Fear not nor grieve

for We are Sent By God and will deliver thee and thy household

except thy wife.

For she is of those who stay behind.

29:34 We are going to send upon the people of this city a deadly scourge from the sky

because they are wantonly disobedient.

29:35 And We left their ruins as Evidence for later peoples who use reason.

29:36 And to Midian their brother Jethro

who said: O my people serve God and expect the Last Day

do not commit evil in the Earth working corruption.

29:37 But they rejected him

so the earthquake seized them

and morning found them lying prostrate in their dwellings.

29:38 And of Ad and Thamud

made clear to you from the state of their dwellings.

Degenerate snaking imposters made their deeds seem fair to them

and thereby barred them from the Way even though they had been ones who saw clearly.

29:39 And korah and pharaoh and haman

when Moses came to them with Clear Evidence and they chose to be arrogant in the Earth

but they could not outrun their fates.

29:40 Yea each We took for their transgression.

Such as those upon whom We sent a sandstorm

and those whom Our blasts took

and those whom We caused the Earth to swallow

and those whom We drowned.

Yea and God did not wrong them

they wronged their own souls.

29:41 The parable of those who take protectors besides

God is like the parable of the spider that spins a web.

For the frailest of houses is the house of the spider

had they only known. To trust solely in God, God Alone!

29:42 God Knows All About whatever they call besides Him

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

29:43 We present those examples to mankind

but none will understand them except those of wisdom.

29:44 God Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth

and in that is Evidence for the believers. Again Truth means numbers which everything is made of. Think binary, base 10, DNA, RNA and atomic structures, all are based upon mathematics that never lie or change.

29:45 So recite thou what is given to thee of the Book

and uphold the Prayer.

Indeed the Prayer staves off much depravity and even sexual immorality.

For the Remembrance of God is greater

and God Knows Everything you do.

29:46 And do not argue idly with the talmudic jews

but warn them with Wisdom as thou likes.

And say to those who do wrong among them:

We believe in what was sent down to us and sent down to you before.

Yea our God Is your God He Is The Only One

and to Him we are wisely submitted.

29:47 And thus We sent the Quran down to thee

so those whom We gave the Torah can be refreshed.

For among them are some who believe

but there are also those who reject Our Proofs while spurning the Guidance and claiming virtue.

29:48 And thou Mohamet knew nothing to recite before

nor wrote thou anything with thy right hand

for if thou did the falsifiers might not believe.

29:49 Yea these clear verses are for the hearts of those given the Knowledge before

and only the wrongdoers will deny it.

29:50 They will say: Proofs were not Sent Down Upon him From his Lord!

Say: The Proofs are indeed here From God

and I am only a Warner one who makes clear.

29:51 How can it not suffice them that We have sent down upon thee this that you recite to them? All this speaks in part to the fact that Mohamet was illiterate and unlearned about God prior.

Truly in that is a mercy and a Reminder for people who believe.

29:52 Say: God Is Sufficient between you and I As Witness

for He Knows All in the Heavens and the Earth.

And those who deny God and believe deceptions

those are the clear losers.

29:53 And they taunt to get the punishment over with

when were it not of a named term the punishment would have already come to them.

And it will come upon them unexpectedly when they are not ready nor aware.

29:54 Yea they taunt to get the punishment over with

so Hell will encompass those fools.

29:55 The Day the Inferno comes at them from above and from beneath their feet.

And He Will Say: Taste it for what you said!

29:56 O My Servants who believe

wide is My Earth

and Me Alone must thou serve.

29:57 For every soul will taste death

then to Us you will be returned.

29:58 And those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We will settle them in the high places of the Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

Yea excellent is the Reward for those of Good deeds!

29:59 Those who are patient

and place all their trust in their Lord.

29:60 And how many a creature that do not store their provisions! Imagine submitting to and fully relying upon God not just paycheck to paycheck but day to day and meal to meal as wild animals do!

In reality God Provides for them and you Continually

and He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

29:61 If thou ask folks: Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and Made serviceable the sun and the moon?

They will say: God.

So how then do they become deluded?

29:62 God Expands His Provisions for whom He Wills

and He Restricts from It whom He Wills

and God Knows All Things.

29:63 If thou asks them: Who Causes water to come down from the sky and Causes Life on the Earth after death?

They will say: God.

Say: Yea All Praise Belongs To God!

Yet the Truth is most do not use that much reason.

29:64 For the life of this world is brief with only diversion and games while the Abode of the Hereafter

that is Real Life

if they only knew.

29:65 Then when they embark on a ship they Pray to God as if sincere to Him in doctrine.

But when He Delivers them safely to the land

they forget Him while magnifying other things.

29:66 Yea they are ungrateful for what We give them

so We let them have their enjoyments

but they will come to know.

29:67 Do they not consider We made the Kaaba secure while enemies were swept away round about them?

Then they become vain and deny the Grace Of God?

29:68 Who is denser than one who invents a lie about God

or denies a Truth when it comes to them?

Is then Hell not a just home for such fools?

29:69 While those who strive for Us

We guide them to Our path

for God Is With the doers of Good.