Chapter 30. The Romans, ar-Rum

30.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

30:1 alif lām mīm

30:2 The believing orthodox christian Romans were defeated

30:3 in the Persian lands nearby the area of Istanbul/Constantinople

but afterwards became victorious.

30:4 They had to endure only a few years

for the Command Belongs To God before and after

and a day always comes for believers to celebrate.

30:5 Yea at the Help Of God

He Who Helps whom He Wills

He Is The Almighty, The Merciful.

30:6 It is the Promise Of God

and God does not fail in His Promises

yet most do not know.

30:7 They only know what is experienced in this life

and are heedless of the Hereafter.

30:8 Do they not ponder within themselves?

God Created the Heavens and the Earth and What is between them with Truth alone and for a named term.

Yet still many among you are deniers of the Meeting with your Lord.

30:9 Have they not traveled in the land and seen the final outcome of those who were before them?

They were stronger than them in power

and they tilled the Earth and inhabited it more than they have.

Yea and their messengers came with Clear Evidence.

So God wronged them not

but they wronged their own souls.

30:10 Yea miserable is the Final Outcome of doers of evil

for they denied the Proofs Of God and mocked them.

30:11 But God Begins Creation

then He Repeats It

then to Him you will be returned.

30:12 And the Day the Hour comes the evildoers will be seized with despair.

30:13 And those jinn and DSIs they served will not help them

instead they will come to know and despise them.

30:14 Yea the Day the Hour comes

they will be separated. from their telepathic jinn and DSI partners

30:15 As for all those who believe and do Righteous deeds

they will be made joyous in lush meadows.

30:16 But for those who do evil deeds

and deny Our Proofs

or the Meeting of the Hereafter

these will be summoned to the Punishment.

30:17 So give glory unto God when you reach the evening!

And when you reach the morning!

30:18 For To Him Belongs All the Praise in the Heavens and the Earth

both during the late of night

and when you reach midday.

30:19 He Brings Forth the living from the dead

and He Brings Forth the dead from the living

and Gives Life to the Earth after Giving It Death.

And thus you will be brought forth.

30:20 Among His Proofs is that He Created you from dust

Making you Become beings ranging far and wide!

30:21 Among His Proofs is that He Created mates for you from yourselves that you might be reassured thereby

and Made compassion and love between you.

In that are Proofs for people who reflect.

30:22 Among His Proofs in the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

are the differences in your tongues and your hues.

In that is Subtle Evidence for those of intellect.

30:23 Among His Proofs is your rest by night and then your seeking of His Bounty by day

in that is Subtle Evidence for those who hear.

30:24 Among His Proofs is Showing you His Power with lightning for fear and hope.

Then He Sends Down water from the sky and Gives Life Thereby to the Earth after its death.

In that is Subtle Evidence for those who reason.

30:25 Among His Proofs is that the sky and the Earth stand only by His Command.

Then when He Calls you with the Call

you will then come forth from the Earth.

30:26 For truly To Him Belongs Whoever is in the Heavens and the Earth

and all are morally obligated to Him.

30:27 Yea He It Is Who Begins All Creation

then Repeats It

and this is Most Insignificant and Easy For Him.

And His Are the Loftiest Parables in all the Heavens and the Earth

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

30:28 He Propounds a parable for you from among yourselves:

Have you shared of what We have provided thee with servants whom you possess rightfully

thereby making them feel as equals with you?

And do you fear their rebukes as you fear each others?

Thus do We set out and detail the Evidence for people who reason.

30:29 The Truth is those who do wrong follow their vain desires in ignorance

and who will guide those whom God Has Sent Astray?

Yea and they have no protectors either.

30:30 So set thy face towards monotheism while inclining towards Truth.

For It Is the Creation Of God He Endowed to mankind

and there is no changing the Creation Of God.

Yea that is the Right Way

but most do not know.

30:31 Turn to Him in repentance

and be in Wise Fear of Him

and uphold the Prayer

and be not of the polytheists

30:32 who divide the Doctrine and become sects

each party haughty for what messenger/s it believes.

30:33 When affliction touches them they call to their Lord

turning to Him as if in repentance.

Then after they taste His Mercy some of them return to serving other than their Lord.

30:34 They are ungrateful for what We give them

so enjoy yourselves

for you will come to know!

30:35 And did We send down a decree

calling any to serve other than YHWH? Nay!

30:36 Yea when We let people taste mercy they are pleased.

Then when hardship befalls because of what their hands have done they despair.

30:37 Have they not considered that God Expands and Restricts His Provisions for whom He Wills?

Yea in that is Evidence for those who believe.

30:38 So give the relative their due

and the needy

and the wayfarer

that is best for those seeking the Countenance Of God

indeed these are the successful.

30:39 And what you give of usury that increases the wealth of some people

has no increase with God. Don’t waste your money on interest!

But what you give towards Goodness desiring the Countenance Of God

these receive manifold recompense!

30:40 God Is He Who Created you!

Then He Provided for you

then He Will Give you Death

then He Will Give you Eternal Life. In Heaven or Hell.

Does one of any others do that?

Glory Be Unto Him!

And Exalted Is He High Above that they serve!

30:41 Corruption manifests on land and sea because of what the hands of mankind have earned.

He Lets them taste some of what they have done

that they might return repentant.

30:42 Say: Travel in the land and see the final outcomes of those who were before you

for most of them were polytheists.

This is a worldwide challenge with 100s of nations Destroyed By God. i.e Palenque, Mex;

C:\Users\YasuMasih\Desktop\oldcities\Pelenque, Mexico.jpg

If the peoples weren’t Destroyed by God, why are all their cities empty and in disrepair?

30:43 So set thy face towards the Right Way before there comes a Day when there is no turning back from God.

On that Day they will be separated.

30:44 And whoever denies

upon them is their denial.

And whoever works Righteousness

these are making comfortable beds for themselves.

30:45 That He Might Reward of His Bounty those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

for He loves not fools.

30:46 And among His Proofs is that He Sends the winds as deliverers of His Glad Tidings

so that He Might Make you taste of His Mercy

and that the ships might run by His Command

and that you might seek of His Grace

and that you might be grateful.

30:47 And We sent messengers before thee to their people

they brought them Clear Evidence

then We took retribution from the evildoers.

Likewise helping the believers is binding upon Us.

30:48 God Is He Who Sends the Winds and Raises the clouds

and He Spreads them out As He Wills.

He Makes them into heavy pieces full of water

and He Makes it fall on whom He Wills of His Servants then behold the believers rejoice!

30:49 And many were in despair before it was sent down.

30:50 So look to the wake for the Mercy Of God

how He Gives Life to the Earth after its death

just as surely He Will Give Life to the dead

for He Is Powerful Over All Things.

30:51 Then when We send winds and greens turn yellow

some will continue to deny.

30:52 And like thou cannot make the dead hear

thou cannot make them adhere to the Call

for they will only turn and revert.

30:53 Yea thou cannot guide the blind out of their error

thou can only make firm those who believed in Our Proofs before

and these are the ones who submit.

30:54 God Is He Who Created you weak at first

then He Gives you Strength

then He Brings you back to weakness with gray hair.

He Creates What He Wills With Purpose

for He Is The Knowing, The Almighty.

30:55 And the Day comes when the transgressors will swear they lived for but an hour in comparison to Eternity they’re shown

thus were they deluded.

30:56 But those to whom knowledge and faith were given will say:

You deluded ones disrespected Gods’ Word all the way till the Day of Resurrection!

So now suddenly is this Day of Resurrection

which you did not care about.

30:57 That Day their justifications will not profit those who do wrong

nor will they be allowed to make amends.

30:58 And We have presented every sort of parable and example to you in this Quran

yet if thou come to most with a Proof those who disbelieve will say:

You follow only vanity displaying signs that are not.

30:59 Thus God Seals the hearts of those who do not know.

30:60 So be thou patient

for the Promise Of God is True

yea and do not let those of uncertainty sway thee.