Chapter 28. The Story, al-Qasas

28.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

28:1 ṭā sīn mīm

28:2 These are the verses of a Clear Decree.

28:3 We recite to thee from the report of Moses and pharaoh with the Truth for people who believe.

28:4 Pharaoh exalted himself in the Earth and made its people into sects. He utilized the divide and conquer strategy.

A number among them he oppressed slaying their sons and taking their women

for he was of the workers of corruption.

28:5 But We desired to give Grace to those who were oppressed in the Earth

and to make them leaders

and to make them inheritors

28:6 and to establish them in the Earth

and to show pharaoh and haman and their forces what they ought to have feared.

28:7 And We instructed the mother of Moses:

Suckle him

and when thou fears for him send him down a river

then fear not nor grieve

for We will return him to thee and make him among the messengers.

28:8 And the men of the house of pharaoh thought he might become an enemy and a grief.

For pharaoh and forces of haman trusted none.

28:9 But the wife of pharaoh said: A delight to the eye for thee and me!

Do not kill him

for it may be that he will benefit us

or we will take him as a son.

28:10 And the heart of the mother of Moses became void

and she would have almost exposed him had We not fortified her heart that she be of the believers.

28:11 And she said to his sister: Follow thou him.

So she watched him from a distance while they were not aware.

28:12 And We had forbidden him wet nurses before

so she went to pharaoh saying: Shall I direct you to a folk who will nurse and take care of him for you

and be sincere to him?

28:13 Hence We returned him to his mother that her eye might be gladdened to grieve not and she might know that the Promise Of God is True.

But most do not know.

28:14 When he reached maturity and took his place We gave him sound judgement and knowledge

and thus We reward the doers of Good.

28:15 And he entered the town during a time of heedlessness among its people and found therein two men fighting

one of his sect and the other of his enemy.

And he who was of his sect asked him for help against his enemy

so Moses struck him hard putting an end to him.

He said: These are the actions of the degenerate snaking imposter

for he is the enemy one who leads ours astray.

28:16 Then he said: My Lord I have wronged my soul

so Forgive me. for killing

And He Forgave him for one known reason that follows

He Is The Forgiving, The Merciful. It was a degenerate snaking imposter he killed, not one of Gods’ Adamic race. The only ways we know them are by their actions and sometimes black eye colorings but they know who we are. See the movie “They Live”.

28:17 He said: My Lord because Thou Has Favored me I will never be a sustainer of the ones who sin.

28:18 Then in the morning he was in the town with dread expectant of questioning for his actions.

And when he who had sought his help the day before cried out aloud to him for help again

he said: Thou are clearly a hater of these fools!

28:19 And when he was about to lay hold upon the man the man whined in desperation:

O Moses would thou kill me as thou killed yesterday?

Thou desires only to be a tyrant in the land

and not to be of those who do Right.

28:20 Then a man came running from the far part of town

he said: O Moses the eminent ones are taking counsel against thee to kill thee so leave

for I am sincere to thee.

28:21 And he went out therefrom in dread expectant

saying: My Lord Deliver me from these people.

28:22 Then he turned his face towards Midian thinking:

It may be my Lord Will Guide me to a smooth way.

28:23 Then when he arrived at some waters of Midian he found people watering there

and among them two women holding back.

He said: What is your case?

They said: We cannot water until the shepherds leave

and our father is a very old man. needing water

28:24 So he watered for them

then he turned aside into the shade and said:

My Lord I am in need of Good That Thou Sends Down.

28:25 And there came to him one of them walking shyly

saying: My father calls thee that he might reward thee with a reward for what thou did for us. Request granted!

And when he came to him and had narrated to him the story he said: Fear thou not for thou has escaped the wrongdoing people.

28:26 One of them said: O my father hire him

for the best whom thou can hire is the strong and the trustworthy.

28:27 Said he: I desire to marry thee to one of these two daughters of mine provided that thou hire thyself to me eight years.

And if thou complete ten be that of thy own accord

but I desire not to make it hard for thee

and thou will find me among the Righteous if God Should Will.

28:28 He said: Be that between thee and me

whichever of the two terms I complete there is no discord between us

and God Is Witness Over what we say.

28:29 Then when Moses had completed his term and was travelling with his family he saw from the side of the mount a bush on fire.

He said to his family: Wait here I see a fire

and perhaps I can bring you news from there or a firebrand from the fire

that you might warm yourselves.

28:30 Then he was called from the burning tree on the right side of the valley on what was hallowed ground:

O Moses I Am God, Lord of the Worlds.

28:31 Cast down thy staff here.

And when he did it stirred as if it were a serpent so he turned away in fear wanting to not return.

But God Said: O Moses draw thou near and fear not

for thou are most safe.

28:32 Draw thou thy hand into thy side it will come forth pure white light

and clasp thy arm pits against fright.

These are Two Proofs From thy Lord to

be used with pharaoh and his eminent ones

who are a wantonly disobedient people.

28:33 He said: My Lord I killed one of them and I fear that they will kill me.

28:34 And my brother Aaron is strong and more eloquent than me in speech

so Send him with me to protect and add credence

or I fear that they will reject me.

28:35 Said He: I Will Strengthen thy arm by thy brother

and Appoint Authority to you so they cannot touch you

and then by My Proofs you and those who follow you will be the victors.

28:36 And when Moses came with Our Clear Proofs they said:

This is only invented fantasy

and we did not hear of this from our fathers of old.

28:37 And Moses said: My Lord Knows Best who brings Guidance From His Presence

and who the Ultimate Abode is for.

But the wrongdoers will not be successful.

28:38 And pharaoh said: O eminent ones I do not know of a god for you other than me!

So kindle for me O haman and work some clay bricks

and make for me a tower that I might look upon the god of Moses

for I consider him a liar.

28:39 And he and his forces were proud in the land without cause and knew nothing about how they would be returned to Us.

28:40 Then We seized him and his forces by covering them with the deep of the sea.

So behold the final outcome of the wrongdoers.

28:41 We gave them leaders who only invite to the Fire

and on the Day of Resurrection they will not be helped.

28:42 Yea We caused a curse to follow them in this world

so on the Day of Resurrection they will be among those feeling vile.

28:43 And We gave Moses the Torah after We culled the former generations

as a means of insight for mankind

and guidance

and mercy

that they might take heed.

28:44 And thou was not on the western side when We decreed the Command to Moses

nor were thou among the witnesses.

28:45 But We brought into being generations

and life seemed long to them.

And thou was not a dweller among the houses of Midian reciting to them Our Proofs

but We were the senders.

28:46 And thou was not on the mount when We called

only as Mercy From thy Lord

that a Warner came to peoples whom no Warner came before that they might take heed.

28:47 And if misfortune befell them for what their hands sent before them

then they would have said:

O our Lord if only Thou Had Sent us a messenger!

Then we would have believed Thy Proofs and been among the submitted.

28:48 But when the Truth from Our presence comes to them they say:

If only he were given the like of that given to Moses!

But did they not deny that given to Moses and Aaron?

Yea they said: Two sorcerers supporting each other

and we are deniers of both.

28:49 Say: Then bring a Decree From God that gives clearer guidance than these

and I will follow it if you be Truthful.

28:50 And if they do not respond to thee know they only follow their vain desires.

And who is further astray than one who follows their vain desire without Guidance From God?

God does not guide the wrongdoing people.

28:51 No doubt We have caused the Word to reach them

that they might take heed.

28:52 Some to whom We gave the Word before believe in this Quran.

28:53 For when it is recited to them they say: We believe in it

for we see it is the Truth From our Lord

and before it came we had already submitted.

28:54 These will be given their Reward twice over because they were patient

and they repel evil with Good

and of what We provide them they spend for God.

28:55 When they hear vain speech they turn away and say:

To us be our works and to you be your works

peace be unto the Righteous!

Yea we seek not to be among the ignorant.

28:56 Truly thou cannot guide those thou thinks to love.

Yea God Guides whom He Wills

and He Knows Best His Rightly Guided.

28:57 And they say: If we follow the Guidance with thee we will be forced from our land!

Did We not establish for them a secure sanctuary wherein were gathered the fruits of all things as a Provision from Ourselves?

But most know not.

28:58 And how many a city We destroyed that boasted of its means and livelihood

those whose dwellings have not been inhabited after them with few exceptions. Instead We are the inheritors.

Some dwellings of Telmessos


C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\NewOldCities\UsedPetraJordon.jpg Jordon

28:59 Thy Lord does not destroy peoples until He Raises Up a messenger in their mother city who recounts Our verses to them. Could this be happening here/now except worldwide?

And We do not destroy peoples unless they persist as wrongdoers.

28:60 And what you have been given of anything is an enjoyment of the life of this world and an ornament thereof.

But What is With God is Better and Everlasting

so will you not use reason!?

28:61 Is then one whom We have Promised a Fair Promise which they will encounter

like one whom We give enjoyment of the goods of the life of this world

then on the Day of Resurrection is among those summoned to Hell?

28:62 And the Day He Summons them He Will Say:

Where are My partners whom you claimed?

28:63 Those upon whom the sentence has become binding will say:

Our Lord these are they whom we caused to err

we caused them to err even as we ourselves did err.

We declare our innocence before thee

for it was not us that they served. They are doing this in an attempt to mitigate their Punishment in the 7 levels of Hell.

28:64 And it will be said to idolaters: Call your partners.

And they will call them

but they will not answer

and then they will see the Punishment

wishing only that they had been Rightly Guided!

28:65 And the Day He Summons them He Will Say:

How did you respond to your messenger?

28:66 Then grim tidings will become clear to them that Day

and they will not aid one another in anything.

28:67 But as for one who repents and believes and works Righteousness

it may be they are among the successful.

28:68 For thy Lord Creates What He Wills and Chooses What is best for all

yea Glory Be Unto God!

Exalted Is He Far Above that which they serve!

28:69 And thy Lord Knows what their hearts hide and what they make known.

28:70 For He Is God

and there is no god but He!

His Alone Is the Praised in the former and the latter

and All Judgement is His.

And to Him you will be returned.

28:71 Say: Have you considered if God Should Make night perpetual for you till the Day of Resurrection?

Who is god besides God to bring you illumination?

Will you then not hear!

28:72 Say: Have you considered if God Should Make day perpetual for you till the Day of Resurrection?

Who is god besides God to Bring you night wherein you might rest?

Will you then not see!

28:73 Yea out of His Mercy He Has Made the night and the day for you

that you might rest

and seek of His Bounty therein

so that you might be grateful.

28:74 Yea the Day He Summons them He Will Say:

Where are My partners whom you claimed?

28:75 And We will take from every community a witness

commanding them: Bring your evidence.

They will know the Truth Belongs To God Alone and

the gods they invented will have strayed from them.

28:76 Korah was a folk of Moses but he was an oppressor.

And We had given him such treasures that the keys thereof would have weighed down a mighty group.

Yea and when his people said to him:

Do not celebrate your wealth

for God loves not the celebrant over riches.

28:77 But seek thou what God Has Given thee in the Abode of the Hereafter

and do not forget thy portion in this world

and do Good to others as God Has Done Good to thee

and do not seek corruption in the Earth.

Yea God does not love the workers of corruption!

28:78 He said: I have only been given it because of the great knowledge I have.

But did he not know that God Had Destroyed generations stronger than his in power

and greater in multitude before him?

Will the evildoers not be asked about their transgressions?

28:79 So he went forth before his people in his finery

and those who sought the life of this world said:

If only we had the like of what was given to korah!

He is one of great fortune!

28:80 But those who had been given knowledge said:

Woe to you! The Reward Of God is for those who believe and work Righteousness.

That is better and only the steadfast are granted it.

28:81 Then We made the Earth swallow him and his abode

and there was no army to help him against God

for he became of the ones who are helpless.

There are countless examples of such occurrences on Earth and don’t forget that many were/are directed at jinn living BENEATH the surface!


28:82 And morning found those who had coveted his palace the day before saying:

Oh how God Expands and Restricts His Provision for whom He Wills of His Servants!

God Was Gracious to us or He would have caused it to swallow us too.

Oh how fools do not prosper!

28:83 Then there is the Abode of the Hereafter.

We make it for those who seek neither exaltedness nor corruption in the Earth

and that Final Outcome is for those of Wise Fear.

28:84 Whoever brings a Good deed

for them is better than it

and whoever brings evil

those will be repaid in likeness for what they did.

28:85 He Who Made the Quran incumbent upon thee will Return thee to a Destination

so say: My Lord Knows Best who has His Guidance and who is in error.

28:86 And thou had no expectation that the Truth would be

delivered unto thee so it is a Mercy From thy Lord

and do not bother protecting fools.

28:87 And do not let them divert thee from the Proofs Of God after He Sends Them Down to thee.

And call to thy Lord

and do not be of the polytheists.

28:88 Yea do not call to another god with God

for there is no god but He.

Everything would perish without His Countenance

hence why Judgement is His Alone

and to Him you will be returned.