Chapter 31. Luqman

31.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

31:1 alif lām mīm

31:2 These are the verses of a Clear Decree.

31:3 As Guidance and mercy for the doers of Good.

31:4 Those who uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

and are certain of the Hereafter.

31:5 These are upon Guidance From their Lord

and they are the Successful.

31:6 And among you are some who buy into false interpretations and ideas from mankind

that lead away from the Path Of God without Truth

and they make mockery of Gods’ Ways.

These have a Humiliating Punishment.

31:7 When Our verses are recited they turn away in arrogance as if they did not hear them

yea as if there were deafness in their ears.

So give them tidings of a Painful Punishment.

31:8 But those who believe

and do deeds of Righteousness

they have Gardens of Bliss

31:9 ones who will dwell therein for Eternity.

Verily the Promise Of God is True

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

31:10 He Created the Heavens without pillars you can see the firmament is held up like a balloon skin hence “barometric pressure” which would not exist if surrounded by a vacuum and He Cast into the Earth firm mountains lest it sway with you.

And He Spread Out every sort of creature therein

and Sent Down pure water from the sky

and Caused every sort of Good kind to grow therein.

31:11 This is the Creation Of God.

So show me what those besides Him have created

yea the polytheists are in obvious error.

31:12 And We gave Luqman wisdom to be grateful to God.

For whoever is grateful

is only grateful to the benefit of their own soul

and whoever denies

God Is Completely Free From need, Praiseworthy.

31:13 And when Luqman spoke to his son advising him

saying: O my dear son do not ascribe partners to God

for it is a flagrant injustice of the ingrates.

31:14 And We enjoined upon humans concerning parents

that mothers bore them in weakness upon weakness

and their weaning is two years.

So be thou grateful to Me and to thy parents

for Unto Me is your Journeys’ End.

31:15 But if parents strive to make thee serve that of which thou has been given no knowledge From God

obey them not.

Accompany them in this world honorably

but follow thou only the creeds of those turned to Me.

Then To Me will be your return

and I Will Tell you Everything you did.

31:16 O my dear son though it be a speck the weight of a grain of mustard seed

in a rock

or elsewhere in the Heavens or in the Earth

God Will Bring it forth. Possible only in a “matrix like” world.

God Is Subtle, Aware.

31:17 O my dear son uphold the Prayer

and command what is right

and forbid what is wrong

and hold steadfast over what tests befall thee.

Truly that is among the determination of matters.

31:18 And turn not thy cheek away from humanity

and walk not in the Earth conceitedly

for God loves not every conceited boaster.

31:19 Yea be thou modest in thy walk and lower thy voice

for the most loathsome of voices is of the donkey.

31:20 Have you not considered how God Has Made Everything in the Heavens and the Earth serviceable to you and Lavished His Favors outward and inward on you? By Creating, Providing for, Protecting and Guiding us.

But among mankind are those who dispute about God

without Knowledge

or Guidance

or any Illuminating Decree.

31:21 And when it is said to them: Follow only what God Has Sent Down they say: Nay.

We follow the knowledge of our fathers.

Even though it is from degenerate inhuman imposters inviting them to the Blaze of Punishment?

31:22 Yea whoever submits their face to God and is a doer of Good has grasped the Most Trustworthy Handhold

for With God is the Final Outcome of all affairs.

31:23 And whoever denies

do not let their denial grieve thee

for unto Us is their return

and We will inform them of what they did.

Yea God Knows All that is in the hearts.

31:24 We will let them enjoy a little

then drive them to a Harsh Punishment.

31:25 Yet still if thou asks them: Who Created the Heavens and the Earth?

They will say: God.

Say: Praise Belongs To God!

But truly most of them do not really know.

31:26 To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

for God He Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

31:27 And had all that is in the Earth of trees been pens

and the seas been ink with seven more seas to aid it

the Words Of God would not run dry

for God Is Mighty, Wise. In all 6,600 languages ever on Earth!

31:28 Your Creation and your raising up are only of one soul

over which God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

31:29 Has thou not considered that God Makes the night enter into the day

and Makes the day enter into the night

and He Made serviceable the sun and the moon

each running to a named term. From the deep digits of PI!

Think that same All Knowing God Might Be Aware of Everything you do?

31:30 And God He Is The Truth

for certain any to which they call besides Him is foolish.

Yea God, He Is The Exalted One, The Omnipotent.

31:31 Has thou not considered how the ships run in the sea by the Grace Of God that He Might Show you some of His Evidence?

In such are Gifts for every resolved and grateful one.

31:32 And when a wave covers them like canopies they call to God as if sincere to Him in doctrine

then when He Delivers them upon the land

there are those among them who grow lukewarm.

Hence each disobedient ingrate rejects Our Evidence.

31:33 O mankind be in Wise Fear of your Lord

and fear the Day the father will not avail his child

nor will the child avail their father anything.

The Promise Of God is True

so do not let the life of this world deceive you

and do not let the deceivers deceive you about God!

31:34 God

with Him Alone is Knowledge of the Hour

and He Sends Down the rain

and Knows what is in the wombs

and a soul knows not what it will earn on the morrow

and a soul knows not in what state it will die.

Truly God Is The Only One All Knowing, All Aware.