Chapter 33. The Allies, al-Ahzab

33.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

33:1 O prophet be in Wise Fear of God

do not obey fools or hypocrites

and recall God Is All Knowing, Wise.

33:2 And follow what thy Lord Has Instructed

for God Is Aware of Everything you do.

33:3 And place all thy trust in God

for God Is Unparalleled As Guardian.

33:4 God has not made two hearts for man for others than God

and He has not made wives your mothers to carry men

and He has not made adopted sons your sons. indebted

That is a saying of your mouths

and God Speaks the Truth

while He Guides to the Way.

33:5 So call the adopted by the names of their fathers

it is more equitable in the Sight Of God.

But if you do not know the name of their fathers

they are your brethren in doctrine and friendship.

And you do no wrong in what you err thereby

so long as it is not what your hearts intend

for God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

33:6 Messengers are closer to believers than themselves

and their wives are caring as if their mothers.

Kin are often closer in the Ways Of God than are others and emigrants new to clans and cities and nations.

Only that you do what is fitting with all your brethren

this is what is written.

33:7 We took agreements from the prophets

as We did from thee. To do whatever it takes.

Yea from Noah and Abraham and Moses and Yeshua son of Mary.

We took stern agreements from them all.

33:8 That He Might Ask the Truthful about their Truthfulness.

And He Has Prepared a Painful Punishment for the ingrates and fools.

33:9 O you who believe remember the Grace Of God towards you

when enemies came to you

then We sent upon you a wind of forces you did not see. ranks of angels to create illusions, whisper in their minds and fight

And God Is Seeing of Everything you do.

33:10 When they drew near you from above and below

yea when eyes roam and hearts reach the throats

that is when you think thoughts about God!

33:11 Thereupon were believers tested

often shaken with a severe shaking.

33:12 And when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was disease said: God and His Messenger Promised us only deception.

33:13 And when a number of cowards said: O people of Madinah there is no way to win here so go back home!

So some sought permission from the prophet to stay behind saying: Our households are exposed

when they were not exposed

yea the unfaithful sought only flight in cowardice.

33:14 And had the enemies entered their borders

demanding submission to them instead of God

they would have given in hesitating only briefly.

33:15 But they had pledged to God that they would not turn and flee

and a pledge to God is to be answered for!

33:16 Say: It will not benefit you if you flee from fighting in the Way Of God while afraid of killing or being killed

for then you will not ever be given ease for Eternity.

33:17 Say: Who can change your destiny other than God

if He Intends Harm or Mercy for you?

Yea they will not find any ally nor protector other than God.

33:18 And God Knows those who cause hindrance to believers who say to their brethren:

Come hither to us and fight!

Lo the Hinderers do not come to battle with heart.

33:19 Only begrudgingly they come

then when fear comes thou sees them looking at thee

with eyes rolling as if already overcome by death.

And when the fear departs they abuse you with sharp tongues

wanting freedom for free.

These have not believed

so God Makes them fail the tests

and that is Easy For God.

33:20 And when they think the enemies are still afoot

they will wish they were in the desert among the bedouins hearing only news of your battle.

And if they had been with you they would fight little.

33:21 Surely the Messenger Of God sets Good examples

for those who trust in God and the Last Day

and are conscious of God much.

33:22 So when believers saw the enemies they said:

This trial is what God and His Messenger Promised us

yea God and His Messenger were True!

Hence it confirms them in their faith and submission.

33:23 Among the believers are those who are True to what they pledge to God

those who have fulfilled their vows.

And among them are those who wait

with no intention to fulfill.

33:24 And all is Good in that God Might Reward the Truthful for their Truthfulness

and Punish the hypocrites

as He Wills

or Turn to them in Forgiveness.

Yea God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

33:25 But God Repulsed the ungrateful in their rancor

so they will not obtain awards faith, booty nor upper hand

and hence God Suffices the believers in battle

for God Is Strong, Mighty.

33:26 And He Sent Down Those Who helped the angels and jinn

against the talmudic jews weakening their strongholds

and hurling terror into their hearts.

Then you killed some

and some you took captive.

33:27 And He Caused you to inherit their land

and their houses

and their wealth

in places you had not even trodden.

Yea God Is Powerful Over All Things.

33:28 O prophet say to thy wives:

If you prefer the life of this world and its adornment

come forward and I will give you provision

and set you free with grace.

33:29 But if you desire God and His Messenger and the Abode of the Hereafter

then God Has Prepared an Immense Reward for you female doers of Good.

33:30 O wives of the prophet whoever among you commits manifest indecency the Punishment for her is doubled

and that is Easy For God.

33:31 And whoever among you is devoutly dutiful to

God and His Messenger and works Righteousness

to her We will give Reward twice over.

Yea We have prepared a Noble Provision for her.

33:32 O wives of the prophet you are not like any others among women.

So if you are of Wise Fear do not be lusty in speech lest he in whose heart is disease might want you.

Yea instead speak fitting words with honor.

33:33 And be humble homemakers

making no display of yourselves in public as if in your former state of ignorance.

And uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and obey God and His Messenger.

By all this God Only Intends to Remove impurity from each of you O people of the household

yea to Purify you all completely.

33:34 And remember what is recounted in your house of the Signs Of God and live with His Wisdom

for God Is All Subtle, All Aware.

33:35 The submitted men

and the submitted women

and the believing men

and the believing women

and the devoutly dutiful men

and the devoutly dutiful women

and the Truthful men

and the Truthful women

and the patient men

and the patient women

and the humble men

and the humble women

and the men who give charity

and the women who give charity

and the men who fast

and the women who fast

and the men who are custodians of their modesty

and the women who are custodians of their modesty

and the men who remember

and the women who remember

that God Has Prepared Forgiveness for them and an Immense Reward.

33:36 And it is not for a believing man or a believing woman

that there be any debate in matters when God and His Messenger Have Decided on a thing.

Then whoever disobeys God and His Messenger

they have gone far astray in wanton error.

33:37 And when thou said to Zayd Mohamets adopted son upon whom both God and thou held favor:

Hold thy wife to thee and be in Wise Fear of God

while thou hid desires of her thyself as God Knew.

And thou feared the opinions of others when God Has infinitely more reason to Be Feared!

Then when Zayd had given up on her in divorce We gave her to thee in marriage.

This so there is no blame upon future believers concerning the wives of their adopted sons when they have divorced.

Hence the Command Of God is carried out.

33:38 There is no distress upon the prophet concerning what God Ordained for him

for it is the Practice Of God among those who came and went before

and the Command Of God is Destiny Decreed.

33:39 Wise are those who conveyed the Messages Of God and feared Him

and feared not anyone except God

for Quite Sufficient Is God as Reckoner.

33:40 Mohamet is not the father of any of your people

he is the Messenger Of God and the seal of the prophets. Meaning the last prophet but not the last messenger.

And God Is Knowing of All Things.

33:41 O you who believe remember God with much remembrance yea be God Conscious!

33:42 Give glory to Him morning and evening.

33:43 For He It Is Who Blesses you as do His Angels

that He Might Bring you forth from darkness into Light.

He Is Merciful to the believers.

33:44 Their greeting the Day they meet Him is: Peace!

And He Has Prepared a Noble Reward for them.

33:45 O prophet We have sent thee as a witness

a bringer of Glad Tidings and a Warner.

33:46 And as a Caller to God by His Permission

yea thou are an illuminating torch.

33:47 So give Glad Tidings to the believers that they have

a Great Bounty From their God.

33:48 Do not obey fools

nor hypocrites

and disregard their hindrances

just place all thy trust in God

for God Is Unparalleled as Guardian.

33:49 O you who believe

when you marry believing women and divorce them before you have touched them

there is no waiting period to reckon against

so give them provision and release them with grace.

33:50 O prophet We have made Lawful to thee wives to whom thou has given their dowries

and those whom you possess rightfully of What God Has Bestowed upon thee from spoils of war.

And the daughters of thy paternal uncles

and the daughters of thy paternal aunts

and the daughters of thy maternal uncles

and the daughters of thy maternal aunts

who emigrated with thee

and are believing women

who each gave herself to the prophet.

And if the prophet desires to bring her in

it is exclusively for thee and no one else.

We know what We enjoined upon them concerning their wives and those whom they possess rightfully

that thou be free from distress.

For God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

33:51 Defer whom thou will of them

and give refuge to whom thou will

and whom previously set aside thou desires

thou does no wrong.

That is likelier to be refreshing in their eyes

so they grieve not over the past

and will be well pleased with what thou gives them.

And remember God Knows what is in all your hearts

and God Is Forgiving, Forbearing.

33:52 But unlawful for thee are wives after this

nor that thou exchange them for any wives even though they impress thee

except who you possess rightfully.

And God Is Watchful Over All Things.

33:53 O you who believe

do not enter the households of the prophet unless invited for a meal.

Then when you are invited enter

and when you have eaten disperse

without lingering for conversation unless asked.

That tires Gods’ Prophet

who is deep down too kind to ask you to leave.

But God is not so shy.

And when you ask of his wives anything

ask it of them from behind a partition.

That is purer for your hearts and their hearts.

And it is not for you to bother the Messenger Of God or to marry his wives after him ever.

Truly that would be serious error in the Sight Of God.

33:54 And if you reveal a thing or keep it secret

God Is Knowing of All Things.

33:55 Wives do no wrong conversing privately with their fathers

or their sons

or their brothers

or the sons of their brothers

or the sons of their sisters

or their women folk

or those they possess rightfully

when they are in Wise Fear of God.

God Is Witness Over All Things.

33:56 God and His Angels Send Blessings upon the prophet

so O you who believe give your blessings to him blessings of peace and glad tidings with your greetings.

33:57 Truly those who disrespect God and His Messengers

God Will Curse them in this world and the Hereafter.

He Has Prepared a Humiliating Punishment for them.

33:58 And those who malign believing men or believing women with words they do not deserve

shall bear the grievous sin of false witness.

33:59 O prophet say to thy wives

and thy daughters

and the women of the believers

to cover their finery with modest garments.

This will help purify their days and gain them respect.

And God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

33:60 If the hypocrites and those with disease in their hearts do not desist spreading ill will or corruption in the town

We will stir thee up against them

and they will not be your neighbors in a little while.

33:61 Yea ones cursed

so whenever they are attacked

they are taken and killed in humiliation.

33:62 This is a Custom Of God among those who came and went before

and thou will not find deviation in the Customs Of God.

33:63 When the people ask thee about the Hour say:

The Knowledge thereof is only With God

so will some now act in caution

as if perhaps the Hour is near?

33:64 Yea God Has Cursed the fools among mankind

and Prepared an Inferno for them.

33:65 They abiding Eternally therein forever

they will find no ally nor protector.

33:66 The Day their faces are tossed about in the Fire

they will say: If only we had obeyed God and His Messengers!

33:67 And they will dispute: Our Lord we obeyed our leaders and our great ones

but they led us astray from the Way.

33:68 So our Lord Give them Double Punishment and Curse Thou them with a Great Curse.

33:69 O you who believe do not be as ones who maligned Moses for God Absolved him of what they said

and he is Well Esteemed in the Sight Of God.

33:70 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and speak with appropriate words for all your Messengers.

33:71 He Will Make your works Right for you

and Forgive you your transgressions.

Yea whoever obeys God and His Messenger

has attained a Sublime Triumph for themselves.

33:72 We presented the Trust to the inhabitants of the Heavens and the Earth and the mountains

but they refused to bear it and were afraid of it.

So mankind bore it jinn at first then humans later

but mankind is often unjust in ignorance.

33:73 God Will Punish the talmudic men

and women

and the polytheists

and the nontheists

but God Turns in Forgiveness to the monotheist men and women

yea to them God Is Forgiving, Merciful.