Chapter 34. Sheba, Saba’

34.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

34:1 Praise Belongs To God To Whom also Belongs All that is in the Heavens and the Earth.

And the Praise is Altogether His in the Hereafter

for He Is The Wise, The Aware.

34:2 He Knows All that goes into the Earth and what comes forth from it

and All that descends from the sky or ascends into it.

He Is The Merciful, The Forgiving.

34:3 And those who disbelieve say:

No Hour comes to us.

Say: Verily by my Lord The Knower of the unseen it is coming to you!

For nothing the weight of an atom or less than that or greater than that is unknown to Him

in the Heavens

or in the Earth

and it is all in a Clear Record. The greatest database ever built!

34:4 That He Might Reward those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness.

Yea those will have Pardon and a Noble Provision.

34:5 But those who strive to foolishly belittle Our Proofs

they have the Suffering of Painful Scourges.

34:6 And those who have been given Knowledge see that what is sent down to thee From thy Lord is the Truth

Guiding to the Path Of The Almighty, The Praiseworthy.

34:7 But those who disbelieve mock saying:

Shall we show you a man who informs you that after you are scattered to the four winds you will become a new Creation?

34:8 Yea he has invented a lie about God

and he is surely possessed!

But the Truth is those who disbelieve in the Hereafter are already being punished and led into extreme error.

34:9 Consider they not what is ahead of them from behind them previous mass cullings in the Heavens and the Earth?

If We will We can make the Earth swallow them

or cause pieces of the sky to fall on them or any death.

And in that is a Proof for all repentant.

34:10 And We gave David grace from Us

saying: O you mountains echo Our Psalms of praise as do the birds!

And We softened the iron for him

34:11 instructing him to work full coats of mail

carefully calculating the links.

And to work Righteousness

for Everything you do is seen.

34:12 And for Solomon We subdued the wind within its morning course a month of coolness by day

and its evening course a month. of warmth by night

And We made a spring of molten brass flow for him.

And some jinn worked as slaves under his authority by the Permission Of his Lord

with threat that We would make those who deviated from Our command

taste the Punishment of the Inferno.

34:13 They made what he willed for him of elevated chambers

and statues

and basin like cisterns

and great fixed cooking pots.

We said: Work in gratitude house of David

for few are grateful among My Servants.

34:14 And when Solomon died We left him standing as if a statue for a year.

It was made apparent to the jinn only from a woodworm which ate away at his staff supporting him.

So when he fell down We made it clear to the jinn that had they known the world of the unseen they would not have continued in their sufferings of hard labor. God and His Angels Can Make us see, smell, taste, feel, hear and experience literally anything which is what They Did to the jinn here.

34:15 And there was a Proof for Sheba in their dwelling place

two great gardens one on the right and one on the left.

We said: Eat of the Provision Of your Lord and be grateful to Him

for you have Good land and The Forgiving Lord!

34:16 Then they turned away

so We sent a flood upon them

and exchanged their two gardens

with new ones bearing bitter fruit

and tamarisk

and something of lote trees here and there.

34:17 That We rewarded them because they denied

and are any but the ungrateful repaid like this?

34:18 And We made between the cities We had blessed other cities

and determined the roads between them

saying: Travel in safety by night and day.

34:19 But instead of giving thanks to God they served idols and complained saying: Our Lord Has Made the journey between these cities long.

Hence they wronged their souls.

So We made them but tales told and scattered them to the four winds

and in that is Evidence for the patient and grateful.

34:20 And lucifer was right in his prediction about them

for indeed masses follow him and buy into his whisperings and temptations and deceptions except a group of people among them who Truly believe.

34:21 And he had no warrant against them it was only that We should discern from those who believe in the Hereafter and those in doubt thereof.

Yea thy Lord Is Custodian Over All Things.

34:22 Say: Call to those whom you claim besides God

for they will not possess the weight of an atom in the Heavens nor in the Earth

they have no control whatsoever.

Nor is there any Helper From God among them.

34:23 Yea no intercession avails any except those Given His Permission.

And when terror has been lifted from their hearts they will say:

What Said your Lord?

They will say: The Truth

for He Is The Exalted, The Great.

34:24 Say: Who Gives you Provision from the sky and Earth?

They will say: God.

And either we or you are guided or in obvious error.

It is one or the other is it not?

34:25 Say: You will not be asked about what we did

nor will we be asked about what you did.

34:26 Say: Our Lord Will Bring us all together

then He Alone Will Decide between us in Truth

yea He Is The Judge Who Knows.

34:27 Say: Show me those whom you have joined with Him as partners

but no indeed!

For He Is The One God, The Almighty, The Wise.

34:28 And We sent thee only as a bearer of Glad Tidings and a Warner to mankind

but most do not know.

34:29 And they say: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

34:30 Say: You have the Promise of a Day you cannot defer even an hour

nor can you advance it.

34:31 And those who disbelieve say:

We do not believe in this Quran nor what has come before it.

But if thou could see when these fools are brought before their Lord

refuting the words of each other.

Those who were deceived will say to those who deceived them:

Had it not been for you we would have believed!

34:32 And those who deceive will say to those they deceived:

Did we divert you from Guidance after it came to you?

Nay. The Truth is you were fools by free will.

34:33 And those who were deceived will say to those who deceived them:

The Truth is it was your scheming night and day that urged us to deny God and make equals with Him.

Yea all of these will be in great remorse when they see the Punishment!

For We place yokes on the necks of those who disbelieve.

So are they Rewarded for what they did?

34:34 And We sent no Warner to any city where its opulent ones did not say:

We are deniers of that wherewith you have been sent.

34:35 And they said: We are greater in wealth and children

and we are not among anyone to be punished.

34:36 Say: My Lord Expands and Restricts His Provision for whom He Wills

but most do not understand.

34:37 And neither your wealth nor your children will bring you near to Us

only the believers and workers of Righteousness.

Yea they have the Double Reward for what they did

they will be secure in High Places!

34:38 But those who strive to belittle Our Proofs

they will be summoned to the Greatest Punishment.

34:39 Say: My Lord Expands His Provision for whom He Wills of His Servants

and He Restricts.

And what believers spend of anything for Him He Will Replace it

for He Is The Best of providers.

34:40 And the Day He Gathers them one and all He Will Say to the angels:

Did these serve you?

34:41 They will say: Glory Be Unto Thee!

Thou are our Ally not them

for the Truth is they served the jinn

because most of them believe their whisperings.

34:42 And on that Day when they hold neither benefit nor harm from association to one another

We will say to those who figured wrong:

Taste the Punishment of the Fire which you denied!

34:43 Truly when Our Clear Proofs are recounted to them they say:

This is only a man who would divert us from what our fathers served

yea this is only an invented lie.

And they say of the Quran when it reaches them:

This is of obvious fantasy.

34:44 We gave them no other scripture to study

for We sent no Warner to them before thee. Mohamet

34:45 Truly others before them rejected

and retained not one tenth of what We gave them.

Yea they too denied My Messengers

so how is My Rejection of them?

34:46 Say: I only exhort one thing to you:

That you stand up for God one by one and in twos

then reflect.

For there is no madness in your companion

I am only your Warner of Severe Punishment to come.

34:47 What I could have asked from you in rewards

is yours to keep

for my Reward is only With God

and He Is Witness Over Everything everyone does.

34:48 Say: My Lord The Knower of the unseen Hurls the Truth.

34:49 Say: Indeed the Truth has come

and only fools serve those that cannot create anything

nor revive.

34:50 Say: If I go astray

I go astray against my soul

and if I am Rightly Guided

it is only because of that my Lord Has Instructed me.

He Is The Hearer, Always Near.

34:51 And if thou could see when they become terrified

when faced with that from which is no escape

yea they will be seized in horror!

34:52 Then they will declare: Now we believe in it!

But of what use when paradise is impossible to attain?

34:53 Yea they denied it before

and they ridiculed We Who exist unseen.

34:54 So a transparent barrier will be set between them and the Gardens they will long for forever while in Hell

as was done with their sects before

who were skeptical with foolish doubt. Imagine this!