Chapter 32. Submission, as-Sajdah

32.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

32:1 alif lām mīm

32:2 The Successive Revelation of the Quran

about which no doubt is From The Lord of the Worlds.

32:3 If they say: He has invented it.

The Truth is it is From thy Lord

given so that thou warn a people to whom no Warner came before thee

that they might be Rightly Guided.

32:4 God Is He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and all that lives in them in six days

then Took His Place upon the Throne.

You have no ally nor intercessor besides Him.

So will you then not take heed!?

32:5 He Directs all matters from Heaven to the Earth and all

will ascend to Him on a day measuring a thousand years of what you count. It will take that long to process us all.

32:6 That is The Knower of the unseen and the seen

The Almighty, The Merciful.

32:7 He Who Made All Things He Created Good unlike DSIs!

including the Creation of humans from clay.

32:8 Then He Made their seed from a drop of sticky slime.

32:9 Then Fashioned them

and Breathed into them of His Spirit

and Made for you hearing

and sight

and intellect

yet little are you grateful.

32:10 And they ask in doubt: When we are dead in the Earth will we begin again as a new Creation?

The Truth is these are deniers of the Meeting with their Lord.

32:11 Say: The angel of death who is given charge of you will take you

then you will be returned to your Lord.

32:12 And if thou could see when the evildoers will hang their heads before their Lord saying:

Our Lord we have now seen and heard

so send us back

we will work Righteousness

yea we are now of those who are certain.

32:13 And had We willed We would have given every soul guidance

but the Word From Me is binding

and I Will Fill Hell with jinn and humans one and all. To fuel the universe from the energy created by their agony, pain and torment.

32:14 So taste!

Because you forgot the Meeting on this your Day We forgot you.

Yea taste the Punishment for Eternity because of every foolish thing you did!

32:15 While those who believe in Our Proofs

and are reminded thereof

they fall down in submission

and they give glory with the praise of their Lord

and they are not proud.

32:16 Those who get out of bed to call to their Lord in fear and hope

and they spend for God what We have provided them.

32:17 And no soul knows what is hidden for them as a delight of the eyes in Reward for what they did.

32:18 Are then believers like those who are wantonly disobedient?

Nay! They are not alike at all.

32:19 As for those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

for them are the Gardens of Shelter

a welcoming gift for what they did.

32:20 And as for those who are wantonly disobedient

their shelter is the Fire

and whenever they scream to come out therefrom they are hurled back into it.

And it is said to them:

Taste the Punishment of the Fire which you denied!

32:21 But We make them taste the lower suffering this life before the Greater

that they might be humble and repent.

32:22 And who is denser than those reminded of the Word Of their Lord

and then turn away therefrom?

We will exact retribution upon such transgressors!

32:23 Hence We gave Moses the Torah

so thou be not in doubt of his Meeting with God

yea We made it Guidance for the children of Israel.

32:24 And We made leaders among them guided and guiding by Our command

hence they were patient

and they were certain of Gods’ Proofs.

32:25 Thy Lord He Will Decide between everyone on the

Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differ.

32:26 Does it not convince them how many generations We destroyed before them among whose dwellings they walk? if most of them weren’t restricted from we the Adamite people

Truly in that are Signs

will they then not hear!

32:27 Have they not considered how We drive the water to the barren land

and bring forth crops from which their livestock and they themselves eat?

Will they then not see!

32:28 And they ask: When is this Decisive Day if you be Truthful?

32:29 Say: On the Day of Decision

the then new belief of those who disbelieved before will not avail them

nor will they be granted respite.

32:30 So turn away from them and wait

for they too are waiting but do not know it!