Chapter 4. The Women, an-Nisa’

4.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

4:1 O mankind be in Wise Fear of your Lord Who Created you from a single soul

and Created from it its mate

and Scattered from them many men and women.

So be in Wise Fear of God

through Whom you demand rights of one another and the wombs

the rights of blood relations.

God Is Over you Watching.

NOTE: Some of the following liner notes concerning the Laws in this chapter are taken from For this one again we see ultimate equality between men and women as well as an even deeper tie to one and other as a genetic race. We may find that “single soul” describes a sort of program placed in the DNA/genomes of each living species from bacteria to insects, animals, humans, jinn and hybrid degenerates. This explains “instincts” and how tiny species of creatures such as ants, bees and even bacteria can conduct highly complex, often “perfect” works with unchanging repetition and precision across the ages. To go a step deeper, one might consider that each time he or she goes against our God Given Instincts, we thereby wrong or “sin against” our souls/programs which makes them impure thereby necessitating vanquish and destruction, aka death & Hell.

4:2 Give the fatherless their property

and exchange not the good property of theirs for the bad of yours

nor consume their property into your property

that is a great misdeed.

4:3 If you fear you cannot act justly by the orphan

marry what pleases you of the women


or three

or four. Here we have a new limitation whereas before was none.

But if you fear you cannot provide and act justly in multiples then one

or what you possess rightfully. indebted servants/slaves

That is more likely that you will do no injustice.

4:4 And give the women their dowries as a free gift.

But if they remit to you anything of it voluntarily

then consume it with ease and pleasure.

4:5 And give not the mentally deficient your wealth which God Gave you as sustenance

but feed them and clothe them out of it

and speak to them a fitting Word. help and respect them

4:6 And test the orphans

until they have reached age for marriage.

If you find them to be of sound mind

deliver their property to them.

And teach them not to consume it excessively nor hastily before they get older.

And they that are rich

show them to use restraint.

And they that are poor

let them take according to what is fitting.

And when you deliver their property to them

take witnesses over it

then Quite Sufficient Is God As Reckoner.

4:7 To men belongs a share of what parents and close relatives leave

and to women belongs a share of what parents and close relatives leave

from what is little or much

a share apportioned.

Apportioned means shares which are “fairly considered”. i.e. If one child was rich while another remained poor, maybe more to the poor one. If one is mentally ill, his/her portion to his/her guardian and etc. Fair, well deliberated distributions.

4:8 And when there are close relatives and the fatherless and the poor present at the dissemination

give to them therefrom

and speak a fitting Word to them.

ALWAYS give to and respect those in need which would obviously include monies from windfall inheritances. This also goes some distance in healing relations amongst those of differing levels of wealth.

4:9 And let executors empathize as one would for their disadvantaged offspring.

Let them be in Wise Fear of God

and speak an appropriate word.

4:10 Those who consume the wealth of the fatherless unjustly only consume the Fire into their bellies

yea and they will burn in that Hellish Inferno.

4:11 God Charges you concerning your children

for the male the like of the portion of two females

This is the first general rule in connection with inheritance, viz., that the share of the male should be double that of the female. Since Islamic law imposes greater financial obligations on men in respect of family life and relieves women of a number of such obligations, justice demands that a woman’s share in inheritance should be less than that of a man.

but if there be women above two

for them two thirds of what he left

The same applies in the case where there are two daughters. If the deceased leaves only daughters, and if there are two or more daughters then they will receive two-thirds of the inheritance and the remaining one-third will go to the other heirs. But if the deceased has only one son there is a consensus among jurists that in the absence of other heirs he is entitled to all the property and if the deceased has other heirs, he is entitled to the property left after their shares have been distributed.

and if she be one

for her the half.

And for his parents

for each one of them one sixth of what he left if he have a child

If the deceased leaves issue each of his parents will receive one-sixth of the inheritance irrespective of whether the issue consists either only of daughters, only of sons, of both sons and daughters, of just one son or just one daughter. The remaining two-thirds will be distributed among the rest of the heirs.

then if he have not a child and there inherit from him his parents.

For his mother one third

If there are no other heirs than the parents, the remaining two-thirds will go to the share of the father; otherwise the two-thirds will be distributed between the father and other heirs.

but if he have brothers or sisters

for his mother one sixth.

In the case where the deceased also has brothers and sisters the share of the mother will be one-sixth rather than one-third. In this case the sixth that was deducted from the share of the mother will be added to that of the father, for in this circumstance the father’s obligations are heavier. It should be noted that if the parents of the deceased are alive, the brothers and sisters will not be entitled to any share in the inheritance.

This after any bequest he enjoins or any debt

The mention of bequest precedes the mention of debt, and although not everyone be encumbered with debt it is possible that anyone could make a bequest to any recipient. [a maximum of 1/3rd total for such bequests] If the deceased owes a debt [applies only to individuals not govts, corporations or other “named groups”] and also leaves a bequest, the debt will first be paid out of the inheritance, and only then will his bequest be fulfilled.

your parents and your children

you know not which of them is nearer to you in benefit

as an Obligation From God.

God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:12 And for you half of what your wives left if they have not a child

but if they have a child

for you one fourth of what they left.

After a bequest they have made or debt

and for them one fourth of what you left if you have not a child

but if you have a child

for them one eighth of what you left.

Whether a man has one wife or several wives the share of the wife/wives is one-eighth of the inheritance when the deceased has issue, and one-fourth when he has no issue. The share of the wives, whether one-fourth or one-eighth, will be distributed equally.

After a bequest you have made or debt

and if a man or a woman be inherited without issue but have a brother or sister

for each of them one sixth.

But if they be more than that

they are partners in one third.

The remaining five-sixths or two-thirds of the inheritance goes to the legal heirs, if any. Where there are no legal heirs, the person concerned is entitled to make a bequest with regard to the remaining part of the inheritance. Commentators are agreed that the sisters and brothers mentioned here mean half-brothers and half-sisters, i.e. those who have kinship with the deceased on the mother’s side. Injunctions affecting full brothers and sisters, and half-brothers and half-sisters on the father’s side are mentioned below near the end of this surah.

This is after any bequest which is bequeathed or any debt without being one who presses the heirs.

This speaks of bequests which cause injury which entail depriving deserving kin of their legitimate rights. Similarly, the debt which causes injury is the fake debt which one falsely admits to owing, and any other device to which one resorts merely in order to deprive the rightful heirs of their shares in inheritance. This kind of injury has been declared to be a major sin in Mohamets’ tradition. According to another tradition the Prophet said that even if a man worked all his life, like the men of Paradise, yet ended his life’s record by making a wrongful bequest, he would be consigned to Hell. [Ibn Kathir, vol. 2, p. 218.] Such an act of deliberate injury and calculated effort designed to deprive people of their due rights is always a sin, but it is mentioned By God particularly in the case of “kalalah”. [the person who leaves behind neither parents nor descendants] The reason for this seems to be that a man who has neither issue nor parents is often prone to squander his property and somehow prevent his distant relatives from receiving any share in the inheritance.

This is the Enjoinment From God.

And God Is Knowing, Forbearing.

4:13 Yea those are the Limits Of God.

And whoever obeys God and His Messenger

He Will Make Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein

and that is the Tremendous Achievement.

Gods’ Knowledge is referred to here for 2 reasons. First, to stress that if a one violates Gods’ Law they will not be able to escape from the Grip Of God, for He Is Omniscient. Second, to emphasize that the shares in inheritance fixed By God are absolutely sound, for God Knows better than His Creatures where their True interests lie. Reference is also made to Gods’ Forbearance. This is in order to point out that harshness could not characterize the Laws Laid Down By God in respect of inheritance since He Himself is not harsh. On the contrary, the aim of ALL of Gods’ Laws is to prevent people suffering hardship, oppression and injustice.

4:14 And whoever disobeys God and His Messenger and transgresses His Limits these He Will Make Enter a Fire

abiding Eternally therein.

So for them is a Humiliating Punishment for Eternity.

This is a terrifying verse in which those who either tamper with Gods’ Laws of inheritance or violate the legal bounds categorically Laid Down By God in His Book are warned of Unending Punishment. Unfortunately, in spite of these very stern warnings, Muslims have occasionally been guilty of breaching Gods’ Laws with the same boldness and insolence as that of the jews and christians. Disobedience to Gods’ Law of inheritance has been considered as open rebellion against Him. In some instances, women have been disinherited altogether. In others, the eldest son has been declared the only legal heir. There are also instances where the entire system of inheritance distribution has been replaced by the system of joint family property. In still other instances, the shares of women have been made equal to those of men. In our time a few Muslim states, in imitation of the West, even contrived a new form of disobedience. This consists of imposing death duties so that govts and corps too, become one of the heirs of the deceased, an heir whose share God Had Altogether Chose not to mention! (Govts and corps are not entities. You should give nothing to or for nothings!)

4:15 And those who commit sexual immorality from among your women

call four from among you to witness against them.

Then if they bear witness

keep them at home until death takes them

or God Makes Another Way for them.

4:16 And those who commit it among you

penalize them.

But if they then repent and make things Right

let them be.

God Is Receptive, Merciful.

In the last two verses the first, preliminary directives for penalty of unlawful sexual intercourse are stated. The 1st deals with wives. The penalty was to confine them at home for the rest of their lives or until God Intervened with some other option. The second verse relates to both sexes. The injunction lays down that they should be punished – that is, they should be beaten or lashed and publicly reproached. These penalties for unlawful sexual intercourse as well as those for slanderous accusations of unchastity against women and for theft were laid down in their definitive form and served as the basis of detailed penal code which was indeed enforced by Mohamet.

4:17 Upon God is but Acceptance of repentance from those who do evil in ignorance then repent before dying.

And these are they towards whom God Turns in Forgiveness

and God Is Knowing, Wise.

This refers to those who error due to no real fault of their own which happens to everyone until they become aware of Gods’ Laws and Teachings. At that point is when one may repent and gain Forgiveness From God for such previous errors.

4:18 But Acceptance of repentance is not for those who were still doing evil

when death has come to them

then they say: I repent now.

Again we see the importance of our state at the time of death. It is too late then to ask for Forgiveness or search for the Wisdom required for salvation. Now is the ONLY time!

Nor is it for those who die as nontheists and polytheists

for all these We have prepared a Painful Punishment.

4:19 O you who believe

it is not Lawful for you to inherit from women against their will

nor shall you put constraint upon them that you might take away a part of what you gave them

unless they commit manifest sexual immorality.

But live with them according to what is fitting

and if you dislike them

it may be that you dislike a thing that God Makes Therein Much Good.

4:20 And if you wish to replace one wife with another and you have given one of them a fortune

take not from it anything.

Would you take it by false accusations to harm her reputation while being in clear sin?

4:21 How can you take it after you have laid intimately with one and other

and they have taken from you a solemn promise?

4:22 And marry not women your fathers married

for it is sexual immoral abomination and an evil way.

4:23 Forbidden to you are your mothers

and your daughters

and your sisters

and your paternal aunts

and your maternal aunts

and the daughters of a brother

and the daughters of a sister

and your milk mothers

and your foster sisters

and the mothers of your wives

and your step daughters under your protection from your wives unto whom you have gone in.

And if you have gone not in unto them

then there is no wrong upon you.

And the wives of your sons of your loins

and that you bring two sisters together

unless it be from the past.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:24 And no other women except what you possess rightfully.

These Prescriptions Of God are over you

but Lawful to you is what is beyond that

if you seek wedlock with your wealth while chaste not being licentious.

So what you desire thereof among them

give them their bridal due as dowry.

And there is no wrong upon you in everything you do by mutual agreement after the obligation.

God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:25 And whoever among you not able to afford to marry free believing women

then from what you possess rightfully of believing maidens.

And God Knows Best all your beliefs.

You are alike

so marry them with the permission of their people

and give them their rewards according to what is fitting they being chaste and not licentious nor taking secret lovers to themselves.

And if while in wedlock

they commit sexual immorality

upon them is half the penalty what is due the freewomen.

These marriages are for those who fear hardship among you

but that you be patient would be better for you.

And God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:26 God Desires to Make Things Clear and Guide you to the ways of those who were before you and to Turn Towards you with Mercy.

For God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:27 And God Desires To Show you His Mercy

but those following their vain lusts desire for you to turn against God in serious deviation.

4:28 Yea God Desires To Make Life Lighter for you

because He Knows the flesh is weak.

4:29 O you who believe do not consume your wealth among yourselves unjustly

or other than ways in mutual consent and beneficial trade.

And do not commit suicide

God Is Merciful to you.

4:30 Whoever does injustice out of deep seated dislike

We will burn them in the Fire

and that is Easy For God.

4:31 And if you avoid the greater of sins you are forbidden

We will remove your lessor ones and make yours a Noble Entrance.

4:32 And covet not what God Has Given some of you over others.

For men is a share of what they earn

and for women is a share of what they earn.

Therefore ask God of His Bounty

God Is Knower of All Things.

4:33 And for each have We appointed heirs to what parents and close relatives leave.

And with whom you have contracts

give them their share.

God Is Witness Over All Things.

4:34 Men are protectors of wives because God Has Bestowed Advantages upon them

and they spend of their wealth in marriage.

And the women in accord with morality are devoutly dutiful protectors of Trusts Endowed to them By God.

And women from whom you fear haughtiness

advise them

then abandon their beds and go away from them.

And then if they obey you

seek not a way against them. Forgive.

God Is Exalted, Great.

4:35 And if you fear a split between a couple

raise up an arbitrator from his family and an arbitrator from her family

and if they desire to make things Right God Will Reconcile them.

God Is Knowing, Aware.

4:36 And serve God

and ascribe not a partnership with Him to anything.

And show Good conduct towards parents

and towards close relatives

and the fatherless

and the poor

and the neighbor who is kin

and the companion by your side

and the wayfarer

and those whom you possess rightfully.

God loves not the proud or boastful.

4:37 Indeed those who are stingy and enjoin miserliness upon mankind

or hide what God Has Bestowed upon them of His Bounty

We have prepared for these

a Humiliating Punishment.

4:38 Yea Hell is for those who spend their wealth to be seen of others while not believing in God or the Last Day.

And those who take degenerate snaking imposters as companions

for evil are they as companions to Adamites.

4:39 And how would it harm anyone to have believed in

God and the Last Day

and to spend for God of What God Has Provided them?

Yea God Knows them.

4:40 God wrongs not even the weight of an atom

and if there be any Good He Multiplies it and Gives of Himself an Immense Reward.

4:41 Then how will it be when We bring a witness from every community

and We bring thee out as a witness against yours?

4:42 On that Day the disbelievers and those who opposed the messengers will wish they were long dead in the ground!

And they will not conceal anything from God.

4:43 O you who believe approach not the Prayers when you are intoxicated until you understand what you say

nor when you are unclean.

And if while on a journey

or if you are ill

or are unclean from defecating

or laying together

and you cannot find water

to cleanse yourself

resort to clean soil

and wipe your faces and your hands with it.

God Is Pardoning, Forgiving.

4:44 Has thou seen those adhering only to portions of Our Revelations of their choosing?

O how they purchase error and seek that you stray from the Way.

4:45 And God Knows Best your enemies

for Quite Sufficient Is God As your Ally

and Quite Sufficient Is God As your Protector.

4:46 Some talmudists twist words from their places

saying: We hear and we oppose.

And: Hear thou other than what is said.

And: Comply thou with us!

Twisting their tongues and slandering Gods’ Way

while it would be better had they simply said:

We hear and we obey!

And: Come thou and examine us!

Yea it would have been best for them to be upright.

But God Cursed them for their denial

so they do not believe except a few.

4:47 O those in possession of the Torah

believe in what We have now sent down confirming it

before We erase nations and bring them to an end

while cursed as We cursed the companions of the sabbath.

Hence the Command Of God is carried out.

4:48 God forgives not wrong worship i.e of je-zeus or amen-rah nor idolatry but He Forgives other than that as He Wills.

So whoever glorifies other than God

has invented a grave falsehood.

4:49 Has thou not seen those who claim purity of

themselves in falseness?

The Truth is God Increases in Purity whom He Wills

and these will not be wronged in the least.

4:50 Look how they invent lies about God!

That suffices as clear sin.

4:51 Has thou considered the error of those who adhere to only certain parts of Scripture?

Yea and they believe in fictions and idols

then they say:

We are better guided in the Way than others.

4:52 These are whom God Has Cursed

and whom God Has Cursed

thou will not find any protector for them.

4:53 And when they get a Portion of Gods’ Dominion

they do not give of it to others in the least.

4:54 Nay they envy others for what God Gave of His Bounty!

We gave the house of Abraham the Truth and Wisdom

and a sublime dominion.

4:55 And among them are those who believe in it

and among them are those who abandon it

and Hell suffices for their Blaze.

4:56 We will burn those who deny Our Proofs in the Fire

and when their skins are consumed We will change them for new skins so they taste the Punishment again. Because they know once subdermal nerves are burnt pain is no longer felt. Hence the penalty/justice for multiple sins! God Is Mighty, Wise.

4:57 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We will make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding Eternally therein forever.

For them are Goodly purified friends therein

and We made for them plenteous protective shade.

4:58 God Commands you that you give back trusts to the people

and when you judge that you judge with justice

and excellent is that to which God Encourages you.

God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

4:59 O you who believe obey God and obey the messenger and those believers in command among you.

Then if you differ in anything

refer it to God and the messenger if you believe in God and the Last Day.

Yea it will be a Good

and better interpretation of what is Right.

4:60 Has thou not considered those who falsely claim to believe in what is sent down to thee this Quran

and what was sent down before? Vedic and Biblical texts

They seek judgement and advice from jinn the false gods whom they have been warned about.

Yea they and their degenerate snaking imposters desire to lead Adamites far astray.

4:61 And when it is said to them: Come hear What God Has Sent Down to His Messenger

thou will see the hypocrites utterly abandon thee.

4:62 How will it be when misfortune befalls them because of what their hands have sent before them?

Then they will come to thee swearing by God:

We intended only Good conduct and success!

4:63 God Knows the evils in their hearts

so turn away from them

but do warn them with the Righteous warning

and speak to them the Penetrating Word concerning their souls!

4:64 We never sent a messenger not to be obeyed per Gods’ Command.

And after wronging their souls had they come to their messenger seeking Forgiveness Of God

who then asked of Forgiveness for them

they would have found God Receptive, Merciful.

4:65 But nay by thy Lord!

Until they allow you to judge in disputes between them know they are not sincere.

Then they will find no distress over what thou decides thereby resigning themselves to full submission.

4:66 And had We decreed for them:

Kill yourselves or go forth from your homes!

Only a few would have done it.

But had they done it it would have been better for them and a stronger confirmation. Of their faith.

4:67 For then We would have given them great rewards from Ourselves

4:68 starting with Guiding them to the Straight Path.

4:69 Yea whoever obeys God and the messenger

they are with those to whom God Has Shown Favor

the prophets

and those of justice

and the witnesses

and the moral

Goodly are these believers as company.

4:70 That is the Bounty From God

and God Is Sufficient As Knower.

4:71 O you who believe take your precautions

then advance to fight in bands or advance altogether.

4:72 And among you is one who delays

then if misfortune befalls you says:

God Was Gracious to me for I was not with them.

4:73 And if Bounty From God comes to you they say as if there were no love between you and them:

I should have been included

for then I too would have success!

4:74 So only let those who offer up the life of this world for the Hereafter fight for the Cause Of God.

And whoever fights for the Cause Of God

be they killed or victorious

upon these We will bestow a Sublime Reward. Rev 14:13 Blessed are the dead which die for The Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them.

4:75 And why should you not fight for the Cause Of God

and for the oppressed among the men and the women and the children who say:

Our Lord take us out of this city whose people are wrongdoers

and give us helpers from Thyself

and give us protectors from Thyself.

4:76 Yea those who believe fight for the Cause Of God

and those who disbelieve

fight for the cause of foolishness.

So fight the degenerate snaking imposters and their allies

for their plan and the plans of the talmudic jews are weak.

4:77 Has thou not considered those to whom it was said:

Restrain your hands

and uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence.

But when fighting is ordained some among them fear mankind as they should only fear God

that being the strongest fear!

Yea and they plead: Our Lord why Has Thou Ordained fighting for us?

Oh that Thou Would Only Delay all this for some time!

Say: Little is the enjoyment of this world

the Hereafter will be better for those of Wise Fear

and none will be wronged in the least.

4:78 Yea and wherever you are death will overtake you

even if you be in castles built high.

And if Good befalls them they say: This is From God.

But if hardship befalls them they say: This is from thee.

Say: All is Of God.

Lo what ails these people

who understand nearly nothing you say?

4:79 Say: In Truth what befalls thee of Good

is From God

and what befalls thee of bad

is from oneself.

Yea We sent thee to humanity as a messenger

and Quite Sufficient Is God As Witness.

4:80 Whoever obeys the messenger

they have obeyed God

and whoever turns away

We sent thee not as a custodian over them.

4:81 And they talk obedience

but when they go forth from thee a number among them plan by night other than what thou commands

and God Records what they plan.

So turn thou away from them and place all thy trust in God

for God Is Unparalleled As your Guardian.

4:82 Will they not then consider the Quran with care?

For had it been from other than God they would find herein much contradiction but there is none. Zero!

4:83 And when a matter of security or something to fear comes to them they spread panic.

But had they referred it to the messenger and to the believers in authority among them

then they surely would have found who draws sound conclusions among them.

And were it not for the Bounty Of God and His Mercy upon you

all but a few of you would have followed the degenerate snaking imposter.

4:84 So fight thou for the Cause Of God and know

thou are not responsible for other than thyself.

But rouse the believers

for it may be that God Will Restrain the might of those who disbelieve.

And God Is Strongest In Might

and Strongest In Staunch Punishment.

4:85 Whoever intercedes in a Good cause has a share thereof

and whoever intercedes in an evil cause has a share thereof.

And God Is The Giver of Sustenance Over All Things.

4:86 And when you are greeted with a greeting

greet with better than it

or return it. i.e. “greetings” or “salâm” {peace} and “salamun ‘alaykum” {peace be upon you} instead of “HELLo”, “Hi …Hitler”, Good MOURNing etc.

God Takes Account of All Things.

4:87 God

there is no god but He.

He Will Gather you all to the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt

and who is more Truthful than God in promises?

4:88 Why should you be divided concerning the hypocrites when God Turned them Back for what they earned?

Do you seek to guide those whom God Sent Astray?

Yea those whom God Sends Astray

for them thou will not find a way.

4:89 In hatred they wish you would deny as they deny

so you might be equals.

So take no protectors among them until they emigrate for the Cause Of God leaving comforts behind.

Then if they revert to enmity

take them and kill them wherever you find them.

And take none among them as an ally or protector.

4:90 The exceptions are for those with whom is an agreement with you

or those who come to you from a group in between reluctant in their hearts from fighting you or fighting their people.

And know had God Willed He Could Have Given them Power Over you

then they would have fought you.

So if they leave you alone and offer you peace

then God makes no way for you against them.

4:91 You will also find those uninvolved desiring safety from you and safety from their people.

Generally whenever these kind are tempted telepathically by their jinn or in person by DSIs to evils they succumb and fail.

So if they do not withdraw from you nor propose to surrender while posing a threat

overtake them and kill them wherever you can

for against such We give you Clear Warrant.

4:92 It is not for a believer to kill a believer except in error.

For whoever killed a believer in error

the freeing of a Good slave and blood money 100 camels, 200 oxen or 2,000 cattle or market value delivered to their family

unless they forgive by way of charity. this burden is upon the killers’ immediate family as well

But if they were a believer of a people hostile to you

only the freeing of a Good slave.

And if they were of people with an agreement to you

blood money delivered to their family

and the freeing of a Good slave.

And whoever has not the wherewithal

a fast of two months consecutively no food during daylight

as repentance to God

and God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:93 And whoever kills a believer intentionally

their Reward is Hell

abiding Eternally therein

for God Is Wroth with them and Has Cursed them

and Prepared a Horrifying Punishment for them.

4:94 O you who believe when you go forth to fight for the Cause Of God

verify. that your foes are really foes

And say not to one who offers you peace:

Thou are not a believer.

For that justifies not spoils in life of this world for you.

Only With God are Great Gains

and remember thus you were a nonbeliever before

but God Was Gracious to you.

So verify.

God Is Aware of Everything you do.

4:95 Not equal are those among the believers who sit without risk or injury

and those who strive for the Cause Of God with their property and their lives.

God Favors those who strive with their property and their lives to vast degrees over those who sit.

Yea while God Promises Good to all believers

He Will Favor those who strive over those who sit with a Greater Reward.

4:96 Yea Degrees are From Him

as are Forgiveness and Mercy

truly God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:97 Those who wrong their souls due to being overly tempted by sinful surroundings will be gathered by the angels who will ask: In what condition were you?

Their poor excuse: We were oppressed in the evil land.

They will say: Was Gods’ Earth not spacious enough that you could have emigrated away from the evil?

These their habitation is Hell

and miserable is it as Journeys’ End.

4:98 Excepting the truly oppressed among the men and the women and the children

without means to emigrate

or having no way out.

4:99 These it may be that God Will Pardon

yea God Is Pardoning, Forgiving.

4:100 And whoever emigrates for the Cause Of God will find much refuge and abundance in the Earth.

And whoever leaves their house to emigrate for God and His Messenger then death overtakes them

their Reward is With God

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:101 And when you are travelling in the Earth

then you do no wrong to cut short some of the Prayers

if you fear that those fools who disbelieve will gain the upper hand on you while you Pray.

They truly are clear enemies to you.

4:102 So in order to uphold the Prayer when thou are near them

let there stand a number with thee

each taking up his arms.

Then when some have submitted let them stand guard behind you

and let another number come that has not performed the Prayer

to let them Pray with thee.

Yea let them take their precautions and their arms

for disbelievers long for you to neglect your arms and your equipment

so they might assault you in a single assault.

But you do no wrong if there be a hindrance to you from rain

or you be sick

or are forced to lay aside your arms.

Just take your precautions

while knowing God Has Prepared a Humiliating Punishment for the fools.

4:103 And when you have concluded dutiful Prayer

continue to remember God standing or sitting and upon your sides. In whatever state always remember God.

Whenever you are able to do so

uphold Abrahams’ Prayer the 7 short verses of chapter 1

for the Remembrance is upon believers. at sunrise, midday, afternoon, sunset and in the night. Remembering God ALWAYS is the goal.

4:104 And do not relent in seeking the enemy

for if you are suffering the pains of warfare

then they suffer even as you suffer

but you hope for From God That for which they have no hope!

And God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:105 We have sent down what is written in Truth to thee to judge between others by What God Has Shown thee

yea and plead not for traitors.

4:106 And seek thou Forgiveness Of God

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:107 And do not argue on behalf of those who are dishonest among themselves.

God loves not the false nor the treacherous.

4:108 They seek to hide from people

but they cannot hide from God

for He Is With them when they plan by night what is displeasing to Him.

Yea God Encompasses what they do.

4:109 Elsewise here you are

pleading for them in the life of this world

but who will plead with God for them on the

Day of Resurrection?

Yea who will be their guardian then?

4:110 Whoever wrongs their soul then seeks Pardon Of God finds God Forgiving, Merciful.

4:111 But whoever sins and is unrepentant

truly wrongs against their own soul

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:112 And whoever commits an error or falsehood

then blames it on an innocent

has burdened themselves with slander and obvious sin.

4:113 Were it not for the Bounty Of God and His Mercy upon thee a number of them would have led thee astray.

Instead they only lead themselves astray

and they harm thee not at all.

God Sent Down upon thee the Truth and Wisdom

and Taught thee what thou knew not.

And the Grace Of God towards thee is Immeasurable.

4:114 There is no Good in most of their secret meetings

except those in attendance who seek charity or kindness and Right ordering among mankind.

And whoever does that seeking the Good Pleasure Of God

We will bestow upon them an Immense Reward.

4:115 And whoever is hostile towards the messenger after the Guidance is made clear to them

and follows other than the way of monotheism

We will turn to them with like of that which they chose

and burn them in Hell.

And miserable is that as a Journeys’ End!

4:116 Indeed God does not pardon worship of others

but He Pardons other than that what He Wills.

So whoever is found glorifying other than God Alone

they have strayed far astray.

4:117 They worship other than Him female gods

worshipping like the degenerate snaking imposter.

4:118 God Cursed them via the biblical curse of their father lucifer/iblis

so the degenerate snaking imposter said: I will take of Thy Servants an appointed share

4:119 and I will lead them astray

arousing sinful desires in them

commanding them to cut the ears of docile livestock

and to change the Creation Of God. Same as lucifer promised!

And whoever takes the degenerate snaking imposter for ally instead of God

they have suffered clear defeat. “defeat” as if we’re at war, yep!

4:120 The degenerate snaking imposter arouses sinful desires in humans and promises only deceptions. These DSIs are your favorite actors, musicians, reporters, politicians, priests, friends, etc.

4:121 And those deceived by them their habitation is Hell

and they will find no refuge therefrom.

4:122 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We will make them enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

This Promise Of God is True

and who is more reliable than God in promises?

4:123 Yea it is not your wishes nor the promises of talmudic jews to be fulfilled

whoever does evil will be recompensed and will not find any ally nor protector besides God.

4:124 But whoever does deeds of Righteousness whether male or female and is a monotheist

these enter the Garden

and they are not wronged in the least.

4:125 And who is better in doctrine than one who submits their face to God

and is a doer of Good

and follows the creed of Abraham

a monotheist inclining to Truth?

Yea God Took Abraham as a friend. Can you imagine!?

4:126 And To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and God Encompasses All Things.

4:127 And when they ask thee for a ruling concerning women

say: God Gives you the Ruling concerning them

and what is recited concerning the fatherless women

to whom you give not what is ordained for them when you desire to marry them.

And concerning the oppressed children

that you stand up justly for them and the orphans.

Whatever Good you do

God Knows it!

4:128 And if a woman fears oppression or desertion from her husband

they do no wrong if they right things themselves in peaceful reconciliation

for doing the Right Thing is better.

And remember souls are swayed by greed

but if you do Good and are in Wise Fear

know God Is Aware of Everything you do.

4:129 And you will not be able to deal equally between wives even though you try

but turn not entirely away leaving one as if suspended.

And if you reconcile doing Right and are in Wise Fear of God

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:130 But if they part God Will Enrich each out of His Abundance

and God Is Encompassing, Wise.

4:131 Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God.

And We charged those in possession of the Torah before you

and you yourselves

that you be in Wise Fear of God.

And if you deny

Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Still Belongs To God.

Yea God Is Free From need, Praiseworthy.

4:132 Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God

and God Is Unparalleled as Guardian.

4:133 O mankind if He Wills He Will Remove you

then He Will Bring Forth replacements

for God Has Power Over That too.

4:134 Whoever desires reward for Good deeds in this world

With God are Rewards of this world and the Hereafter!

God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing, Forever Watching.

4:135 O you who believe!

Stand out firmly for justice as witnesses for God

even if it be against

yourselves or your parents

or your kin and whether

it be against rich or poor

for God Can Best Protect All.

So follow not vain desire lest you be unjust

and if you distort or evade remember

God Is Aware Of Everything you do.

4:136 O you who believe

believe in God and His Messengers

and this Truth He Sent Down Upon His Messenger

and the Scriptures He Sent Down before.

Whoever denies God

His Angels

His Commandments

His Messengers

or the Last Day

has strayed far astray.

4:137 Those who believe

then deny

then believe

then deny

they only increase in denial

for God has not pardoned them

nor guided them to the Way.

4:138 Bear thou tidings to the hypocrites that they have a Painful Punishment.

4:139 And those who take the fools as protectors rather than the believers

do they seek greatness from them?

Greatness Belongs To God Alone.

4:140 And He Has Sent Down Upon you herein that when you hear the Proofs Of God rejected and mocked

sit not with them unless they talk on a worthy subject

or you will become like them.

Then truly God Will Gather the hypocrites and such fools into Hell one and all.

4:141 Those who watch and wait

then if Victory From God comes for you they say:

Have we not been with you?

And if there are spoils the fools will say:

Have we not earned your affection by defending you against the believers?

But God Will Be Judge of all on the Day of Resurrection

and God does not leave any way against the believers for fools.

4:142 Truly the hypocrites seek to deceive God

so He Deceives them.

Yea then when they come to the Prayers they come to be seen of others

and do not remember God but a little.

4:143 Wavering in between

neither towards these nor towards those.

Yea like all whom God Causes To Go Astray

thou will never find a way for them.

4:144 O you who believe do not take fools as protectors instead of believers.

Why would you give God a Clear Warrant against you?

4:145 Hypocrites are in the lowest depth of the Fire

and thou will find no protector for them.

4:146 But those who repent

and do Right

and hold fast to God

and are sincere in their Doctrine to God

these are with the believers

and God Will Give believers an Immense Reward.

4:147 For what has God to accomplish with your Punishment if you are grateful and believe?

Nay. God Is Grateful, Knowing.

4:148 And God loves not the open recounting of evils except as testimony by one whom was wronged.

Recall God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

This is speaking of the unnecessary retelling of disgusting evils which end up only to serve as conduits to turn peoples minds towards error due to making the sins seem common or popular. (i.e. stories of incest, rape, abuse, drugs, cheating, theft, fraud and etc. negative subjects. It’s all satanic propaganda intentionally used by DSIs and jews to corrupt humanity.)

4:149 Yea better is if you reveal Good

and veil the evil

while practicing forgiveness.

Remember how God Is Pardoning, yet All Powerful?

4:150 Those who are ungrateful to God and His Messengers and wish to make a hierarchy between His Messengers say:

We believe in some and deny some

and they wish to choose a way in between.

4:151 But those are the foolish

and for fools We have prepared

a Humiliating Punishment.

4:152 While those who believe in God and all His Messengers

and do not make a hierarchy between them

God Will Give these their Rewards

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

4:153 The talmudic jews ask thee to bring down a new scripture from the sky upon them

and they asked a greater thing of Moses than that

when they said: Show us God openly.

So the thunderbolt seized them for their insolence

then they took up the calf after that Clear Evidence had come to them.

Yet We pardoned even that

but then We gave Moses a Clear Warrant.

4:154 And We lifted mount Sinai above them to make them agree

and We said to them: Enter the door in submission

and transgress not the sabbath

yea We forced from them these solemn promises.

4:155 Then because of their violation of their agreement

and their denial of the Proofs Of God

and seeking to kill the prophets without cause

and their saying: Our hearts are already full of wisdom.

Nay! The Truth is God Set a Seal Upon them for their ingratitude

so now they cannot believe except a few.

4:156 And because of their denials

and speaking against Mary to harm her reputation

4:157 and their claiming:

We killed the anointed one Yeshua son of Mary

yea the Messenger Of God we killed him!

But they did not kill him nor even lash or crucify him

rather only an illusion was presented for them

and truly many are in doubt thereof.

They have no real knowledge only conjecture but they did not kill him and in this all can have total certainty.

Once again the Quran confirms the truth in previous scriptures this time EXCELLENTLY! The Gospel of Barnabas tells the whole story; Chapter 216: judas entered impetuously before all into the chamber whence Jesus had been taken up. And the disciples were sleeping. Whereupon the Wonderful God Acted Wonderfully, insomuch that judas was so changed in speech and in face to be like Jesus that we believed him to be Jesus. And he, having awakened us, was seeking where the master was. Whereupon we marveled, and answered: ‘You, lord, are our master; have you now forgotten us?’ And he, smiling, said: ‘Now are you foolish, that know not me to be judas Iscariot!’ And as he was saying this the soldiery entered, and laid their hands upon judas, because he was in every way like Jesus. We having heard judas’ saying, and seeing the multitude of soldiers, fled as beside ourselves. And John, who was wrapped in a linen cloth, awoke and fled, and when a soldier seized him by the linen cloth he left the linen cloth and fled naked. For God Heard the Prayer of Jesus, and saved the eleven from evil. The soldiers took judas and bound him, not without derision. For he truthfully denied that he was Jesus; and the soldiers, mocking him, said: ‘Sir, fear not, for we are come to make you king of Israel, and we have bound you because we know that you refuse the kingdom.’ judas answered: ‘Now have you lost your senses! You are come to take Jesus of Nazareth; with arms and lanterns as [against] a robber; and you have bound me that have guided you, to make me king!’ Then the soldiers lost their patience, and with blows and kicks they began to flout judas, and they led him with fury into Jerusalem. John and Peter followed the soldiers afar off and they affirmed to him who writes that they saw all the examination that was made of judas by the high priest, and by the council of the Pharisees, who were assembled to put Jesus to death. Whereupon judas spoke many words of madness, insomuch that every one was filled with laughter, believing that he was really Jesus, and that for fear of death he was feigning madness. Whereupon the scribes bound his eyes with a bandage, and mocking him said; ‘Jesus, prophet of the Nazarenes (for so they called them who believed in Jesus) ‘tell us, who was it that smote you?’ And they buffeted him and spat in his face. When it was morning there assembled the great council of scribes and elders of the people and the high priest with the pharisees sought false witness against judas, believing him to be Jesus, and they found not that which they sought. And why say I that the chief priests believed judas to be Jesus? No all the disciples, with him who writes, believed it and more, the poor virgin mother of Jesus, with his kinsfolk and friends, believed it, insomuch that the sorrow of every one was incredible. As God Lives, he who writes forgot all that Jesus had said: how that he should be taken up from the world, (hence why tons of people saw him until the 3rd day when God Took him up) and that he should suffer in a third person, (as the son of man in Mat 17:22) and that he should not die until near the end of the world. (Mat 16:28) Wherefore he went with the mother of Jesus and with John to the cross. The high priest caused judas to be brought before him bound, and asked him of his disciples and his doctrine. Whereupon judas, as though beside himself, answered nothing to the point. The high priest then adjured him by the Living God of Israel that he would tell him the truth. judas answered: ‘I have told you that I am judas Iscariot, who promised to give into your hands Jesus the Nazarene; and you, by what are I know not, are beside yourselves, for you will have it by every means that I am Jesus.’ The high priest answered: ‘O perverse seducer, you have deceived all Israel, beginning from Galilee; even to Jerusalem here, with your doctrine and false miracles and now think you to flee the merited punishment that befits you by feigning to be mad? As God Lives,’ you shall not escape it!’ And having said this he commanded His Servants to smite him with buffetings and kicks, so that his understanding might come back into his head. The derision which he then suffered at the hands of the high priest’s servants is past belief. For they zealously devised new inventions to give pleasure to the council. So they attired him as a juggler, and so treated him with hands and feet that it would have moved even the canaanites to compassion if they had beheld that sight. But the chief priests and pharisees and elders of the people had their hearts so exasperated against Jesus that, believing judas to be really Jesus, they took delight in seeing him so treated. Afterwards they led him bound to the governor, who secretly loved Jesus. Whereupon he, thinking that judas was Jesus, made him enter into his chamber, and spoke to him, asking him for what cause the chief priests and the people had given him into his hands. judas answered ‘If I tell you the truth, you will not believe me for perhaps you are deceived as the (chief) priests and the pharisees are deceived.’ The governor answered (thinking that he wished to speak concerning the Law) ‘Now know you not that I am not a jew? But the (chief) priests and the elders of your people have given you into my hand, wherefore tell us the truth, wherefore I may do what is just. For I have power to set you free and to put you to death.’ judas answered ‘Sir, believe me, if you put me to death, you shall do a great wrong, for you shall slay an innocent person; seeing that I am judas Iscariot, and not Jesus, who is a magician, and by such has so transformed me.’ When he heard this the governor marveled greatly, so that he sought to set him at liberty. The governor therefore went out, and smiling said: ‘In the one case, at least, this man is not worthy of death, but rather of compassion.’ ‘This man says,’ said the governor, ‘that he is not Jesus, but a certain judas who guided the soldiery to take Jesus, and he says that Jesus the Galilean has by his magic so transformed him. Wherefore, if this be True, it were a great wrong to kill him, seeing that he were innocent. But if he is Jesus and denies that he is, assuredly he has lost his understanding, and it were impious to slay a madman.’ Then the chief priests and elders of the people, with the scribes and pharisees, cried out with shouts, saying: “He is Jesus of Nazareth” for we know him; for if he were not the malefactor we would not have given him into your hands. Nor is he mad; but rather malignant, for with this device he seeks to escape from our hands, and the sedition that he would stir up if he should escape would be worse than the former.’ Pilate (of such was the governor’s name) in order to rid himself of such a case, said: ‘He is a Galilean, and Herod is king of Galilee: wherefore it pertains not to me to judge such a case, so take you him to herod.’ Accordingly, they led judas to herod, who of a long time had desired that Jesus should go to his house. But Jesus had never been willing to go to his house, because herod was a non-Israelite and adored the false and lying gods, living after the manner of the unclean jews. Now when judas had been led thither, herod asked him of many things, to which judas gave answers not to the purpose, denying that he was Jesus. Then herod mocked him, with all his court, and caused him to be clad in white as the fools are clad” and sent him back to Pilate, saying to him; “Do not fail in justice to the people of Israel!’ * And this herod wrote, because the chief priests and scribes and the pharisees had given him a good quantity of money. The governor having heard that this was so from a servant of herod, in order that he also might gain some money, feigned that he desired to set judas at liberty. Whereupon he caused him to be scourged by his slaves, who were paid by the scribes to slay him. But God, Who Had Decreed the issue, Reserved judas for the cross, in order that he might suffer that horrible death to which he had sold another. He did not suffer judas to die under the scourges, notwithstanding that the soldiers scourged him so grievously that his body rained blood. Thereupon, in mockery they clad him in an old purple garment saying: ‘It is fitting to our new king to clothe him and crown him’ so they gathered thorns and made a crown, like those of gold and precious stones which kings wear on their heads. And this crown of thorns they placed upon judas’ head, putting in his hand a reed for sceptre, and they made him sit in a high place. And the soldiers came before him, bowing down in mockery, saluting him as king of the jews. And they held out their hands to receive gifts, such as new kings are accustomed to give; and receiving nothing they smote judas, saying: ‘Now, how are you crowned, foolish king, if you will not pay your soldiers and servants?’ The chief priests with the scribes and pharisees, seeing that judas died not by the scourges, and fearing lest Pilate should set him at liberty, made a gift of money to the governor, who having received it gave judas to the scribes and pharisees as guilty to death. Whereupon they condemned two robbers with him to the death of the cross. So they led him to Mount Calvary, where they used to hang malefactors, and there they crucified him naked, for the greater ignominy. judas truly did nothing else but cry out: ‘God, why have you forsaken me, seeing the malefactor has escaped and I die unjustly?’ Truly I say that the voice, the face, and the person of judas were so like to Jesus, that his disciples and believers entirely believed that he was Jesus; wherefore some departed from the doctrine of Jesus, believing that Jesus had been a false prophet, and that by magic he had done the miracles which he did: for Jesus had said that he should not die till near the end of the world; but at that time he should be taken away from the world. (Which is exactly what God Did! Do you now choose to believe Yeshuas’ very own words or not?) But they that stood firm in the doctrine of Jesus were so encompassed with sorrow, seeing him die who was entirely like to Jesus, that they remembered not what Jesus had said. And so in company with the mother of Jesus they went to Mount Calvary, and were not only present at the death of judas, weeping continually, but by means of Nicodemus and Joseph of Abarimathia; they obtained from the governor the body of judas to bury it. Whereupon, they took him down from the cross with such weeping as assuredly no one would believe, and buried him in the new sepulchre of Joseph; having wrapped him up in an hundred pounds of precious ointments.

4:158 The Truth is God Rescued Yeshua by Raising him towards Himself in Heaven 3 days after judas was crucified

and God Is Mighty, Wise. So he has not yet died exactly as he said!

4:159 And there is no talmudist that will believe on Yeshua before they die

but on the Day of Resurrection he himself will bear witness against them!

4:160 So because of injustice among those who hold to talmudism

We made unlawful to them Good things which before had been Lawful to them

and because of their forsaking the Path Of God much.

4:161 And for their taking of usury when they had been forbidden it

yea their consuming the wealth of others in vanity.

We have prepared a Painful Punishment for such fools.

4:162 But those established in knowledge

they believe in What is sent down to thee and What was sent down before thee

as do the upholders of the Prayer

those who are conscious of Gods’ Constant Presence

who believe in God and the Last Day.

We will give an Immense Reward to these.

4:163 We instruct thee as We instructed Noah and the prophets after him.

Yea as We instructed Abraham and Ishmael and

Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons

and Yeshua and Job and Jonah and

Aaron and Solomon

and We gave David the Psalms.

4:164 And other messengers We informed thee of before

and messengers We have not informed thee of.

And of all God Only Spoke to Moses Directly.

4:165 Messengers are bearers of Glad Tidings and Warnings

so others might have no doubts about

God after they are sent.

God Is Mighty, Wise.

4:166 And God Bears Witness to What He Sent Down to thee as He Has Sent It Down With His Knowledge

and the angels bear witness

but God Is Unparalleled As Witness.

4:167 And those who disbelieve and hinder others from the Path Of God have strayed far into error.

4:168 Yea those who disbelieve and do wrong

God has not forgiven them

nor will He guide them back to the Way.

4:169 They only guide themselves on the road to Hell

where they will abide Eternally therein forever

and that is Easy For God.

4:170 O mankind the messenger has brought you the Truth From your Lord

so believe for it is better for you.

But if you deny

Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Still Belongs To God.

Remember God Is Knowing, Wise.

4:171 O christians do not exceed bounds in your doctrine

nor ascribe to God other than the Truth.

Say only that the anointed one Yeshua son of Mary was a Messenger Of God.

He came with Gods’ Word which he first conveyed to Mary through His Spirit From Him.

So believe in God and His Messengers

and do not say: Trinity.

Nay. Desist!

That is best for you

for God Is The One God

and how utterly remote the thought that He Would Have a human son!

Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To Him.

God Is Unparalleled As Sole Guardian of the universe.

4:172 Never was an anointed one too proud to serve God

nor the angels who He Will Bring Nearest to Himself.

For whosever disdains service to Him or is proud

He Will Gather them to Him one and all.

4:173 Then as for those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

He Will Give them their Rewards in full and Increase them out of His Bounty.

But again as for those who disdain and are proud

He Will Punish them with a Painful Punishment.

They will not find for themselves any ally nor protector besides God.

4:174 O mankind now Evidence has come to you From your Lord

yea We have sent down a Clear Light to you within this Quran.

4:175 As for those who believe in God and hold fast to Him

He Will Make them enter into Mercy and Bounty From Him

and He Guides them to Him by a Straight Path.

4:176 They ask thee for a ruling

say: God Gives you the Ruling concerning those who die without heirs

if a man perish without a child but have a sister

for her a half of what he left.

And he inherits from her if she has no child.

Then if there are two females

for them two thirds of what he left.

And if they are brethren

men and women

for the male is the like of the females.

Thus God Makes Clear to you lest you go astray

for God Knows All Things.