Chapter 5. The Food, al-Ma’idah

5.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

5:1 O you who believe fulfill your agreements.

Made Lawful for you was merciful stewardship over flocks of animals and it is now recited to you:

Hunting is not permitted to pilgrims in their lands

and God Ordains What He Wishes.

5:2 O you who believe profane not the Waymarks Of God

nor the sacred month of Ramadan

nor the sacrifices of selflessness

nor the visitor bound to the Kaaba seeking the Favor and Pleasure Of their Lord.

But when you are on a journey facing starvation

then you may hunt.

And let not hatred of a people who once kept you from the Kaaba move you to be unjust. Bakr clan in pre-Islam days

And assist each other to virtue and God Consciousness not to falsehood and deep seated dislike.

And be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Severe In Retribution.

5:3 A key verse! Forbidden to you are murdered animals

and blood

and the flesh of swine

and that dedicated to other than God

and the strangled

and the beaten

and the fallen

and the gored

and that eaten by the beast of prey except remains of what you slaughtered Lawfully.

And that killed upon an altar

and that sought with divining arrows

for all of those are of wanton disobedience.

This day those who disbelieve have

gave up hope because of your way of life

so do not fear them only fear Me.

This day I Have Perfected your doctrine for you and Completed My Favor upon Protecting you at the Kaaba

and I Am Well Pleased with you for submitting to Me.

And let it comfort you that whoever is forced by hunger without inclination to kill in sin

God Is Forgiving, Merciful to them.

5:4 They ask thee what is made Lawful for them

say: Made Lawful for you are Good things.

And what you taught of dogs and swine to find

as trainers teaching them of what God Taught you

eat of what they find for you i.e. tubers, roots, bulbs, fungi etc.

and remember the Name Of God over it.

And always be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Swift In Reckoning.

5:5 This day are Good things made Lawful for you

like the food of the people of the Torah is Lawful for you see Goyim Gazette #118 for what food is Lawful in the Torah

and your food is Lawful for them

as are the chaste women among the believing women

and the chaste women among those in possession of the Torah before you.

When you give them their dowries

being chaste and not lewd

nor taking secret lovers.

But whoever denies faith

their work has been in vain

and they will be among the losers in the Hereafter.

5:6 O you who believe

when you come to the Prayer

wash your faces

and your hands to the elbows

and wipe your heads and your feet to the ankles

and if you are unclean purify yourselves.

And if you are ill

or on a journey

or after defecating

or you have lain with each other

and cannot find water

resort to clean soil

and rub your faces and your hands with it.

God does not wish to place difficulty upon you

He Wishes you self respect and good repute to Embellish His Care upon you

that you might be grateful.

5:7 And remember the Divine Blessing Of God upon you

and His Solemn Promise that He Made as covenant with you by it when you said:

We hear and we obey.

And be in Wise Fear of God

truly God Knows what is in the hearts.

5:8 O you who believe! Be staunch and fair witnesses to God

do not let past hatred of a people make you act in sin.

Always do justice for that is nearer

to God Consciousness.

Just be in Wise Fear of God

He Who Is Aware of Everything you do.

5:9 And God Has Promised those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness they have His Forgiveness and an Immense Reward.

5:10 But those who disbelieve and deny Our Proofs

those will be the companions of Hellfire!

5:11 O you who believe

remember the Grace Of God towards you when a people set out to put their hands against you

and He Restrained them from you.

So be in Wise Fear of God

and let the believers place all their trust in God.

5:12 God Took an agreement from the children of Israel.

We raised up those twelve elders.

God Said: I Will Always Be With you and your progeny

if you uphold the Prayer

and remain conscious of My Presence

and believe in My Messengers

and support them

and lend to Me a Goodly loan of yourselves.

Then I Will Remove your evil from you and Make you Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

And whoever among you denies after that has strayed from the Right Way.

5:13 And because of their violation of their agreement We curse them and make their hearts hard.

They changed Gods’ Words out of context

and forget portions of what they were reminded therein.

And thou will always find treachery among all

but a few of them.

So forget them and forbear while knowing

that God Loves the doers of Good.

5:14 And from those who say:

We are christians.

Yea We took their agreement

but then they disregarded some of what Yeshua taught them. i.e. the 44 verses in the intro herein that say not to worship him!

So We aroused deep seated dislike and hatred between them till the Day of Resurrection. Think about how divided and hateful christians are, most often to each other!

Then God Will Inform them of what they wrought!

5:15 And O talmudic jews

Our messenger has come to you announcing much of what you hid and overlooked of the Torah

so now there has come to you Light From God in this Clear Decree.

5:16 God Guides thereby those who seek His Good Pleasure in His Peaceful Ways.

He Brings them out of darkness into the Light by His Permission

and He Guides them to a Straight Path.

5:17 But denied have those who say:

God is the anointed one son of Mary.

Say: Who has power over God if He Should Wish to Eliminate Yeshua

and his mother

and everyone on the Earth altogether?

Yea To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and what is between them

for He Creates and Eliminates what He Wills.

Know God Is Powerful Over All Things.

5:18 Yet still the talmudic jews and the christians say:

We are the children of God and are His beloved.

Say: Why then is He Going To Severely Punish you in Hell for your transgressions?

Nay! You are not offspring of His

you are mortals among His Numerable Creations

and He Forgives whom He Wills and Punishes whom He Wills.

For To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and to Him is the Journeys’ End.

5:19 O talmudic jews

after a long span without a messenger one now comes to you so you cannot say:

No reminder who bore Glad Tidings or gave Warnings came to us.

Indeed a bearer of Glad Tidings and Dire Warnings has now come reminding you

that God Is Powerful Over All Things.

5:20 And when Moses said to his people: O my people remember the Grace Of God towards you

when He Rose Up prophets and kings among you

and Gave To you What He had not given to any among all mankind.

5:21 O my people take over the Holy Land which God Has Ordained for you

and cease not taking or you will turn back as losers.

5:22 They said: O Moses there are giant peoples nephilim therein and we cannot enter it until they are gone.

Yea if they go out therefrom

then we will enter.

This verse is one of only two that mention the giants/nephilim herein but the number of mentions matters not because the Quran is without question the most authentic scripture on Earth. So, if it says something, anything, even only once, it is fact. Now God Knew the vast majority of people would be totally deceived by the DSIs and their jews on this subject. They are who have controlled information from all the archeological finds around the world. They have silenced unknown scores of people who found out. Indeed this Quran for Christians goes where other authors don’t dare to go out of fear of assassination. But thanks to Almighty Gods’ Obvious Oversight of this writing, it’s no concern to us. Enjoy the truth!



Are ALL of these pics real??? It doesn’t matter! They’re just eye candy for the soul on a subject that is 100% backed up by God in this and all the other veritable Scriptures Given to us By God across the millennia!




Giants were/are real. And here you have the only Book of its kind created specifically to provide the facts and help needed for you to connect the dots that prove it!




5:23 But then two men among them whom

God Had Guided Caleb and Joshua said:

Nay do not fear! the giants Enter upon them by the gate

for when you enter by it then you will be victorious

yea and place all your trust in God if you be believers.

5:24 They said: O Moses we cannot enter it ever so long as they remain therein

so go thou with thy Lord and fight while we sit here.

5:25 Said he: My Lord I have no power except over myself and my brother

so Note Thou the distinction between us and the wantonly disobedient people.

5:26 God Said: Then the land shall be forbidden to them

and for forty years they shall wander the wilderness.

But grieve thou not for the wantonly disobedient people.

5:27 And recite thou to them the report of the

sons of Adam Cain and Able in Truth

when they offered their offerings to Me

but only one Was Accepted By Me. Ables’ grain offering.

Then the disgraced one said to the other: I will kill thee

and he replied: God Accepts from those of Wise Fear.

5:28 So if thou stretch out thy hand to kill me

it will not be that I stretched out my hand to kill thee

for I fear God, The Lord of the Worlds.

5:29 Indeed I prefer to die for God and for thee to bear my sins and thy sins with the companions of the Fire

that is the Reward of the wrongdoers.

5:30 Then his jinn enraged him to murder his brother

so he bludgeoned him with a stone

and sealed his fate as one of the losers

forever condemned for murdering a believer.

5:31 Then God Raised Up a raven scratching at the dirt showing him how to hide the dead body of his brother but he could not

and cried: Woe is me! I am not able to be as this raven and hide my shame of this my dead brother.

And he regretted being enraged by his jinn.

5:32 For that cause We decreed for the children of Israel

that whoever intentionally takes a life other than for a life

or for spreading corruption in the Earth

it will be as if they killed all mankind.

But whoever saves life

it will be as if he gave life to all mankind.

And Our Messengers continually came to them with Clear Proofs

but fools remain committers of excess in the Earth.

5:33 Hence the penalty for those who oppose

God and His Messenger

and spread corruption in the Earth is that they be stoned to death

or they be crucified

or their hands and feet be cut off on alternate sides

or they be banished from the land

assuring they have degradation in this world.

Then in the Hereafter is their Horrifying Punishment.

5:34 But for those who repent before you have power over them

know that God Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

5:35 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and seek the best means of approach to Him

yea strive in His Way

that you might be successful.

5:36 But those who disbelieve

were they to have all the treasures in the Earth

and the like thereof in double

to ransom them from the Punishment on the

Day of Resurrection

it would not be accepted from them.

Nay. They have a Painful Punishment.

5:37 They will forever long to escape the Fire

but they will not escape no not ever

for they have earned Eternal Punishment.

5:38 Yea the male thief

and the female thief

cut off their hands as a penalty for what they have earned

as an Exemplary Punishment From God.

And God Is Mighty, Wise.

5:39 But whoever repents after their crimes and do Right

God Will Relent towards them

because God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

5:40 Does thou not know that the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God?

He Punishes whom He Wills and Forgives whom He Wills

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

5:41 O messenger do not let those who are quick to deny grieve thee

nor those who say: We believe

when it is only with their mouths

and do not believe in their hearts.

Among the talmudic jews are eager listeners to lies

who hearken to other people instead of thee.

Those who twist words from their context saying:

If it is from what has been written before take it i.e. the Torah, Psalms, Gospel etc. but if it is new to you beware.

And whom God Wishes To Test

thou will not have sway over these against God at all

nor those whose hearts God has not chosen to purify.

They have degradation in this world

and a horrendous existence in the Hereafter.

5:42 Those eager listeners to lies

and hearty consumers of illicit gain.

If they come to thee troubled

judge thou between them

or turn thou away from them.

For if thou turn away from them

they will not harm thee at all.

But if thou choose to judge

do so between them with equity

because God Loves the equitable.

5:43 But question why they come to thee for judgement when they have the Torah wherein are Judgements Of God then they turn away after that?

These are not believers.

5:44 We sent down Guidance and Light in the Torah

and the prophets give judgement thereby over all believers as well as those who hold to talmudism and the rabbis

and the religious scholars who took charge of what is written and were witnesses thereto.

Then do not fear mankind but fear Me

and do not sell My Revelations for a cheap price.

And whoever does not judge by What God Sent Down

those are the fools.

5:45 We ordained Laws for all such as

the life for the life

the eye for the eye

the nose for the nose

the ear for the ear

the tooth for the tooth

yea for all damages just requital.

But whoever forgives it by way of charity

it is an atonement for them.

And whoever does not judge by What God Sent Down

those are the wrongdoers.

5:46 And We sent Yeshua son of Mary following hard upon them confirming that within his grasp of the Torah.

Then We gave him the Gospel of Guidance and Light

confirming what was before him in the Torah

all as lessons and warnings to those of Wise Fear.

5:47 And let the people of the Gospel judge by What God Sent Down therein

and whoever does not judge by What God Sent Down

these are the wantonly disobedient.

5:48 Yea God Sent Down the Torah and the Gospel as Guidance for the people.

Then He Sent Down this Quran to Confirm those Scriptures and as a solidifying criterion over them.

So judge thou between them by What God Sent Down

and follow thou not their vain desires away from what has come to thee of the Truth.

For each nation We appointed ordinances and procedures.

If God Had Willed He Could Have Made you one nation

but that He Might Test you with What He Gave you.

So all of you vie in Good deeds

and Unto God you will return

then He Will Inform you of what actually matters surrounding all of that which you differ.

5:49 Only judge between them by What God Has Sent Down

and do not follow their vain desires

and beware of them lest they seduce thee away from some Guidance God Has Sent Down to thee.

And if some turn away

know thou that it is because God Intends it for their transgressions

for many among mankind are wantonly disobedient.

5:50 For is it the judgement of ignorance they seek?

And who is better than God In Judgement for people seeking certainty?

5:51 O you who believe do not take the

talmudic jews nor the judeo christians as protectors

for they are partners of one another

and whoever takes them as protectors among you

they become of them.

And God does not guide the wrong doing people.

5:52 Thou sees them in whose hearts is sickness with doubt and hypocrisy seeking safety in numbers thinking:

Without each other defeat may light on us all! And:

If only God Would Bring Victory to us.

But their wishes and relations are in vain.

5:53 And those who believe will see the christians and jews

who swore their strongest oaths by God to serve the Right Way but did not.

So their works and faith were in vain

and they become losers. Usually from being deceived by degenerate snaking imposters.

5:54 O you who believe whoever among you turns back upon Gods’ Doctrine

God Will Replace you with a people whom He Loves and who love Him.

Those who are humble towards believers

and stern towards fools

striving for the Cause Of God

and fearing not the reproach of a critic.

God Gives His Bounty to whom He Wills

and be sure God Encompasses, Knowing All.

5:55 Your protectors are only God and His Messenger

and those who believe.

Yea those who uphold the Prayer

and remain conscious of Gods’ Presence

and are humble.

5:56 And whoever takes God and His Messenger and those who believe as allies

these are the Party Of God and they are Victorious.

5:57 Yea O you who believe

do not take polytheists or nontheists as protectors who make mockery and fun of your doctrine even though

they possess what was written before.

Be in Wise Fear of God if you are believers.

5:58 Lo when you call to the Prayer they make mockery and fun of it because they are a people who cannot reason.

5:59 Say O talmudic jews:

Do you resent us because we believe in God and What was sent down to us and What was sent down before

while most of you are wantonly disobedient?

5:60 Say: Shall I inform you of the Worst Recompense From God in this world?

It is for whom God Cursed and with whom He Was Wroth and Made them act as if apes and swine

who serve the jinn and their progeny of degenerate snaking imposters.

These are worst in standing far astray from the Way.

5:61 And still they come to you claiming

they believe.

But truly they come in denial

and they will leave in denial

because God Knows Best what they try to hide.

5:62 And thou sees many of them as if competing with one another in falsehood and deep seated dislike while oppressing and killing to consume the forbidden. animals

Lo. Pure evil is what they do.

5:63 Oh that the rabbis and the religious scholars had only forbidden their speaking of falsehoods and their wanton cruelty to the innocent. animals and people

Lo. Pure evil is what they wrought for themselves!

5:64 And the degenerate snaking imposters will tell the talmudic jews and the christians

that the Hand Of God is fettered while

fettered are their hands

so cursed are they no matter what they do!

The Truth is Gods’ Hands Are Spread Wide

and He Spends How He Wills

often in exorbitance to increase denial

that is What Was Sent Down to these From thy Lord.

And We have cast among them deep seated dislike of each other until the Day of Resurrection.

So often they lit a fire of war and God Extinguished it

and they strive in the land for corruption

but God loves not the workers of corruption.

5:65 Had the talmudic fools believed and been in Wise Fear

We would have removed their evil from them

and made them enter the Gardens of Bliss.

5:66 Yea had they upheld the Torah and the Gospel of Yeshua and other Revelations Sent Down to them From their Lord

they would have eaten from fruits above and veggies below them for Eternity.

And while among them is a prudent community

evil is what most of them do.

5:67 O messenger convey what was sent down to thee From thy Lord

for if thou do not

thou will not have conveyed His Message.

And remember God Will Protect thee from others

they have no way against you for God does not help the fools.

5:68 O talmudic jews

you have nothing to stand upon until you

uphold the Torah and the Gospel both confirmed now by this Quran Sent Down to you From your Lord.

But see how it increases them in disorder and denial?

So grieve thou not for the fools.

5:69 Truly all those who believe

and hold firmly to monotheism

among the sabaeans

and the christians

and whoever else believes in God and the Last Day and heeds Gods’ Laws while doing works of Righteousness

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

5:70 But see how We took an agreement with the children of Israel and sent messengers to them

then when they did not like some of the messages

they rejected and even sought to kill the messengers!

5:71 All because they assumed that this is not a test

and chose to be in darkness unhearing.

Then God Turned Towards them in Forgiveness

but again many of them chose darkness unhearing

so God Sees what they do.

5:72 Those who say: God is the anointed one son of Mary

while all the anointed ones including the son of Mary himself said: O children of Israel serve only God

my Lord and your Lord.

For whoever serves other than God

God Has Forbidden in the Garden

so their habitation is Hellfire

and for the wrongdoers there are no protectors.

5:73 And they are lost who say: God is a third of three

while there is no god but YHWH The One God.

A Painful Punishment will touch those who do not desist from this saying!

5:74 Will they then not turn to God and seek Forgiveness From Him?

Yea God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

5:75 The anointed one son of Mary was only a messenger

like the messengers come and gone before him

and his mother was a woman of Truth

both of whom ate food. unlike God and angels

So see how We make the Proofs clear to them

then see thou how they delude themselves.

5:76 They serve those who have no power over anything

while God He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

5:77 And say: O talmudic jews do not follow doctrines other than Truth

nor the vain desires of peoples who strayed before those whose twisted words now lead you astray

indeed they strayed from the Way.

5:78 Truly even those of the children of Israel who were indifferent to these Warnings were cursed by the tongue of David and of Yeshua son of Mary

because they opposed them and exceeded all bounds.

5:79 They did not forbid what is cruel or morbid or perverse. Yea instead they promoted it as evidenced in numerous ways

and truly evil was what they and others did and still do.

5:80 Thou sees many of them taking protectors and creating partners of those who disbelieve

but evil is that and in part why God Is Wroth with them

so they abide Eternally in the Punishment.

5:81 Had they really believed in God and the last prophet and this Quran sent down to him they would not have taken the talmudic jews as partners

for those among them are intentionally disobedient.

5:82 Thou will find the strongest in deep seated dislike of believers are polytheists and jews and their degenerate snaking imposter partners.

And thou will find nearest in affection to believers some christians

because among them are priests and monks who

are not arrogant.

5:83 When they listen to this sent down to thee

thou sees their eyes overflow with tears

from what they recognize as the Truth

then they say: Our Lord we erred and now believe

so Write us Down among the witnesses.

5:84 For how could we not believe in God and what now comes to us of His Truth?

We hope that our Lord Will Make us enter with the Righteous people.

5:85 So God Rewards them for reasoning it on their own

and they have Gardens beneath which rivers flow

living Eternally therein

that is the Reward for real seekers of Truth.

5:86 But those who disbelieve the Truth and deny Our Proofs they are the companions of Hell.

5:87 O you who believe do not forbid Good Things that God has not made unlawful for you.

i.e. permitted foods and crazy laws against things such as having long hair, using natural cures and medicines, sleeping on beds, marriage, procreation, cutting off ones penis or vulva and a very, very long list of other ridiculously insane customs adopted by various sects of deluded, psychopathic polytheists and nontheists across the ages.

Yea do not transgress the Real Law

for God loves not the transgressors.

5:88 And eat only of Good Things God Has Provided you

yea that which is Lawful.

Aside from all types of edible plant life and gilled fish, one way God Provides Lawful food is when livestock are fatally injured or at the end of their life when we are to mercifully slaughter them, give the meat to the poor and use the remains wisely, like Indians did.

And be in Wise Fear of God if you believe.

5:89 God will not take you to task for unintended mistakes or idle talk in your oaths but He Will Take you To Task for your failure to keep your word. Especially when it’s concerning something that’s important to the one being promised or is made in exchange for gains.

And the atonement thereof is the feeding of ten needy persons with the average of that you feed your families

or the clothing of them

or the freeing of a slave.

But whoever has not the wherewithal

then a fast of three days.

That is the atonement when you fail to keep your word *If intentional see commandment #8 “Do not steal, cheat or lie to harm your brethren” punishable by amputations or stoning then Eternal Hell!

thus Does God Make His Proofs Clear to you

that you might be grateful.

5:90 O you who believe

the intoxicants i.e. Arabic “kuhul” or alcohol aka “spirits” (jinn)

and games of chance gambling/competing for ANYTHING unGodly

and altars i.e. idolatry, blood sacrifices, witchcraft

and divining arrows astrology/horoscopes, divination, palmistry, etc.

are abominations from the degenerate snaking imposter originally taught to nephilim by their fathers the jinn who learned them from the angels Harut and Marut in 2:102 so avoid them

that you might be successful.

5:91 The degenerate snaking imposter only wishes to cause deep seated dislike and hatred among you in the intoxicant and the games of chance

and to divert you from the Remembrance of God

and from the Prayer

therefore you should desist.

5:92 Just obey God and the messenger and beware

but if you turn away

know that upon Our messenger is only the clear communication.

5:93 Those who are morally sound and believe will naturally do no wrong in what they eat i.e children before brainwashing

because they are in Wise Fear and only do deeds of Righteousness. Which do not include killing of innocent animals!

So be in Wise Fear and believe

yea be in Wise Fear and do Good deeds!

God Loves the doers of Good.

5:94 O you who believe

God Will Try you with something of the game that reaches your hands and your spears

so that God Might Know who fears the unseen.

Then whoever transgresses after that

for them is a Painful Punishment. Many hunt/kill for awhile but then stop due to feeling guilty, this is a natural compulsion for the Godly.

5:95 O you who believe kill no animals intentionally when unlawful/unwarranted

yea whoever of you kills unlawfully

the payment is like the cause of the death of the innocent ones killed injury by arrow, knife, sword, stone, trap etc.

let two just men from among you judge the level of sin.

And beyond penalty is required atonement of

feeding poor persons or the equivalent of that in fasting

that they might taste the consequences of their deed.

But God Pardons what is past if you choose to repent

then whoever goes back

God Will Take Vengeance upon them

and God Is Mighty, Able To Repay.

5:96 Yea Lawful for you are gilled fish and what washes up from the waters i.e. seaweeds as a provision for you and

for those who travel. Also seen in Leviticus 11 & Deuteronomy 14

But generally forbidden you are animals of the land

so be in Wise Fear of God to whom you will be gathered.

5:97 God Made the Kaaba

the inviolable temple

as a safe house for mankind

in the inviolable month

and the animals wearing

the garlands you make for them.

All so that you might know that God Knows Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

yea God Knows All Things.

5:98 Know that God Is both Severe in Retribution

and that God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

5:99 Upon the messenger is only the communication

and God Knows what you reveal

and what you conceal.

5:100 Say: Not the same are the bad and the Good

and most of what you see from mankind is bad.

So be in Wise Fear of God O you possessed of insight

that you might be successful.

5:101 O you who believe do not dwell on your sins made prior to your awakenings.

And if you would like to know how to avoid all errors

find Guidance with this Quran and seek Forgiveness

knowing that truly God Pardons that which is past

for God Is Forgiving, Forbearing.

5:102 Yea do not feel guilt after repenting

for it is known to cause a falling from the Way.

5:103 God did not ok superstitions of a slit eared she camel

or a she camel let loose for free pasture

or blood sacrifices to jinn for twin births in animals

or stallion camels freed from work.

But those who disbelieve invent such lies while saying they come from God

because they do not reason.

5:104 And when it is said to them:

Seek What God Has Revealed to the messenger

they say: Sufficient for us is what our fathers taught us.

This while their fathers knew nothing and were not Rightly Guided By God.

5:105 O you who believe upon you is care of your souls and

those gone astray cannot harm you when you are Rightly Guided.

To God is the return of you one and all

and He Will Inform you of Everything you did.

5:106 O you who believe

record a testimony of that to be bequeathed when death is present with one of you by two just men among you

or two others from other than yourselves if you be travelling through the land when death befalls.

Detain them after the Prayer when they shall swear to remove all doubt that

by God they would not falsify

even if they be a relative.

And they will not conceal the Witness Of God

for then they would be among the false.

5:107 But if it is detected they have laid claim in falsehood

then two others shall uphold their station

the two foremost among those that lay claim

and let them swear:

By God our witness has more right than their witness

and we have not transgressed

for then we would be of the wrongdoers.

5:108 That will tend to them bearing witness properly

fearing that your oaths will be taken after their oaths.

And be in Wise Fear of God

and listen

God guides not the wantonly disobedient people.

5:109 The Day God Gathers the messengers

He Will Say: What was their response to you?

They will say: They had no knowledge.

Truly Thou Are The Only Knower of Thy Realms.

5:110 When God Will Say: O Yeshua son of Mary remember My Favor to thee and to thy mother

when I Strengthened thee

with the Spirit of Holiness

thou speaking Wisdom to people from the cradle and onward in maturity.

And remember when I Taught thee the Truth and Wisdom with the Torah and Gave thee the Gospel.

And when thou fashioned the likeness of a bird from clay by My Command and did blow into it and it became a bird by My Permission.

And thou healed the blind and the leper

and resurrected the dead by My Permission.

And when I Restrained the children of Israel from thee when thou came to them with such Clear Proofs

then those who were deceived among them claimed

you were of obvious fantasy.

5:111 And when I Instructed the disciples

to believe in Me and My Messenger

they said: We believe and bear witness that we are submitted.

5:112 And when the disciple said:

O Yeshua son of Mary is thy Lord able to send down a meal from the sky upon us?

He said: Lo be in Wise Fear of God if you be believers!

5:113 They said: We wish to eat thereof and our hearts to be more at rest

to know that thou has spoken Truth to us

and to be among the witnesses thereto.

5:114 Yeshua son of Mary said:

O God our Lord Send Thou Down Upon us a

Meal from the sky that it might be a feast

for the first of us and the last of us

and a Proof From Thee.

Please Give us this Provision

for Thou Are The Best of providers.

5:115 God Said: I Will Send It Down Upon you

then whoever denies thereafter among you

I Will Punish with a Punishment beyond that of all the rest among all mankind.

5:116 God Said: O Yeshua son of Mary did thou say:

Take me and my mother for two gods besides God?

He will say: Nay. All Glory Be Unto Thee!

It was not for me to say that which I had no right!

If I had said it

then Thou Would Have Known it

for Thou Knows All of what is in my soul

while I know not whatsoever is in Thy Soul.

Yea Thou Are The Knower of the unseen realms.

5:117 I said to them only what Thou Commanded me.

Yea I said: Serve God

my Lord and your Lord

and I was a witness unto them while among them.

Then Thou Gathered me as The Supreme Watcher

yea Thou Are Witness to All things.

5:118 And I have no objection if Thou Punish them

for they are Thy Servants

likewise if Thou Forgive them

for Thou Are The Almighty, The Wise.

5:119 God Says: This is the Day in which the Truthful are benefited by their Truthfulness!

They have Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding Eternally therein forever

for God Is Pleased with them and hence they are pleased with Him.

That is the Tremendous Achievement.

5:120 Lo. To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth and All of What is in them

and He Is Powerful Over All Things.