Chapter 3. Family of Imran, al-ʿImrān

3.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

3:1 alif lām mīm

3:2 God

there is no god but He

The Living, The Eternal.

3:3 He Sent Down the Quran Upon thee in Truth confirming what is within its scope

as He Sent Down the Torah and the Gospel.

3:4 Each before as a Guidance for mankind

yea He Sent Down the Criterion between Right and wrong.

And those who deny the Word Of God

they have a Severe Punishment

and God Is Mighty, Able To Repay.

3:5 God

nothing in the Earth

or in the Heavens can hide from Him.

3:6 He Is Who Fashions you in the wombs as He Wills

for there is no god but He

The Almighty, The Wise.

3:7 Yea He It Is Who Sent Down the scrolls upon thee

and among them are Explicit Proofs

they are the essence of the Torah

while others are unspecific.

Then as for those in whose hearts is crookedness

they pursue what is unspecific thereof

as if seeking discontent

and debating its interpretation

but only God Knows its interpretation.

And those established in knowledge say:

We believe in It for It is All From our Lord

but only those possessed of insight take heed.

3:8 Our Lord let not our hearts deviate from Thy Guidance

and Bestow Mercy From Thyself upon us

for Thou Are The Bestower.

3:9 Our Lord Who Is Preparing mankind for a Day about which there is no doubt

for God does not break any appointment.

3:10 And for the deceived

their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.

Lo these are but fuel for the Fire!

3:11 Like the case of the house of pharaoh and those who were before them

they denied Our Proofs

so God Seized them for their transgressions

and God Is Severe In Retribution.

3:12 Say to the deceived:

You will be defeated and gathered into Hell

and miserable is that Eternal Prison!

3:13 There was a Proof for you in the two companies which met

one company fighting for the Cause Of God and the other denying.

The deniers seeing adversaries twice their like by the sight of the eye an Illusion From God

thus God Strengthens whom He Wills with His Help

and in that is a lesson for those imbued with insight!

3:14 Made seem fair for humans is attraction to each other

and desire for children

and heaped up fortunes of gold and silver

and branded horses and livestock

and crops.

That is the provision of the life of this world

but With God is the Best Of Returns.

3:15 Say: Shall I inform you of something better than that?

For those who have Wise Fear there are

Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein

with purified friends

and Acceptance From God.

God Sees His Servants.

3:16 Those who say: Our Lord we believe so Forgive us our transgressions and Protect us from the Punishment of the Fire!

3:17 The patient

and the Truthful

and the devoutly dutiful

and those who spend wisely

and the seekers of forgiveness at dawn.

3:18 God Bears Witness that there is no god but He

as do the angels and those possessed of knowledge

upholding equity all saying:

There is no god but He

The Almighty, The Wise.

3:19 The Doctrine With God is Submission what “muslims” do

and many in possession of the Word differ only out of jealousy. over which prophets/messengers were greater which is null

Yea whoever belittles any Word or Proof Of God

God Is Swift In Reckoning.

3:20 And if they argue with thee say:

I submit my face to God

as do those who follow me.

And say to those in possession of the Word and to the unschooled alike:

Have you submitted?

For if they have submitted

they have been Rightly Guided

but if they turn away

then upon thee is only the communication.

God Sees His Servants and what they do.

3:21 Those who deny the Proofs Of God or seek to kill the prophets without cause

or harm those who enjoin equity among others

give them tidings of a Painful Punishment.

3:22 These are they whose works are vain in this world and the Hereafter

and they have no protector. #322 is Yales’ skull & bones, reread!

3:23 Has thou seen those given a portion of the Word?

They are invited to the Knowledge Of God

that it might help judge fairly between them then some turn away and these are those who are averse.

3:24 And because some say:

The Fire will not touch us except a number of days.

This saying they invented has deceived them!

3:25 Then how will it be when We gather them to a Day about which there is no doubt

when every soul is paid in full what it earned Eternally?

And they will not be wronged.

3:26 Say: O God

Master of Dominion

Thou Gives Dominion to whom Thou Wills

and Thou Removes Dominion from whom Thou Wills.

Yea Thou Exalts whom Thou Wills

and Thou Abases whom Thou Wills

for in Thy Hand is Everything

and Thou Are Powerful Over All Things.

3:27 Thou Makes the night enter into the day

and Thou Makes the day enter into the night.

And Thou Brings Forth the living from the dead

and Thou Brings Forth the dead from the living.

Then Thou Gives Provision to whom Thou Chooses without reckoning.

3:28 Let not believers take fools as protectors rather than fellow believers.

For whoever does that is not of God in anything

unless it is because you are Godfearing and are surveying and learning of their schemes

while recalling that to God is the Journeys’ End.

3:29 Say: If you hide what is in your hearts or reveal it

God Knows it.

And He Knows what is in all the Heavens and what is in all the Earth

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

3:30 The Day every soul will be summoned to find what it did of Good

and what it did of evil

it will wish there were between the two a great expanse. with their evils being far less than their Good

Yea God Warns you of Himself

for God Is Kind to the servants.

3:31 Say: If you love God

follow me.

God Will Love you and Forgive you your transgressions

for God Is Forgiving, yea The Merciful.

3:32 Say: Obey God and the messenger

then if they turn away

God loves not fools.

3:33 God Chose Adam

and Noah

and the house of Abraham

and the house of Imran

above all mankind including jinn

3:34 and their pure blooded Adamic descendants alike.

God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

3:35 When the wife of Imran said:

My Lord I have vowed to Thee what is in my womb in consecration

so Accept Thou from me

for Thou Are The All Hearing, All Knowing.

3:36 Then when she had given birth she said:

My Lord Forgive me as I have given birth to a female.

But God Knew Best what she birthed

for the male is not like the female He Chose for her.

And I have named her Mary

and I seek Thy Protection for her and her descendants from the degenerate snaking imposter.

3:37 Then her Lord Accepted her with a Comely Acceptance and Caused her to Grow with a Comely Growth

and Placed her under the care of Zechariah.

And whenever Zechariah entered upon her in the sanctuary he found her with provision so he asked:

O Mary whence comes this provision to thee?

She said: It is From God.

God Gives His Provision to whom He Wills without reckoning.

3:38 Thereupon Zechariah called to his Lord

Praying: My Lord Bestow Thou upon me From Thyself Goodly Progeny

for I see Thou Are The Hearer of Supplication.

3:39 And the angels called to him instantly! as he still stood performing this Prayer in the sanctuary saying:

God Gives thee Glad Tidings of John

one who establishes the Word Of God as True.

He will be noble and chaste

a prophet among the Righteous.

3:40 Said he: My Lord how can there be a lad for me when old age has reached me and my wife is barren?

The angel said: Thus Does God What He Wills!

3:41 Said he: My Lord Make a Proof for me.

God Replied: Thy Proof is that thou shall not speak to anyone for three days except by gestures

and remember thy Lord much

giving glory in the evening and the morning.

3:42 And when the angels said: O Mary

God Has Chosen thee and Purified thee

above women of all mankind.

3:43 O Mary be thou devoutly dutiful to thy Lord

and submit

and bow down with those who bow down.

3:44 That is among the advice of those in the unseen

thus We instruct thee.

And know thou were not with Us when We cast Our lots for Who should have charge of thee Mary.

Yea know thou were not with Us when We were competing and disputing over guiding and protecting you.

3:45 When the angels said: O Mary

God Gives thee Glad Tidings of a Word From Him!

Your child Yeshua is the anointed one

esteemed in this world and in the Hereafter

to be among those brought near their Lord.

3:46 He will speak to the people both in the cradle and in manhood

and he is of the Righteous.

3:47 She said: How can there be a son for me when no man has touched me?

He said: Thus God Creates What He Wills and when He Decrees a thing He but Says to it: Be!

And it is.

3:48 And He Will Teach him Truth and Give him Wisdom

with the Torah and Give him the Gospel.

3:49 And he as messenger to the children of Israel will say:

I have come to you with Proof From your Lord

that I create for you out of clay the likeness of a bird and blow into it and it becomes a living bird by Gods’ Permission.

And I heal the blind

and the leper

and give Life to the dead by Gods’ Permission.

And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses.

In all that is Proof for you if you are believers!

3:50 I will confirm what is within my grasp of the Torah

and make Lawful for you some that was forbidden you.

Yea I have come to you with Proof From your Lord

so be in Wise Fear of God

and obey me.

3:51 God Is my Lord and your Lord

so serve Him

this is a Straight Path.

3:52 But when Yeshua perceived ingratitude from some

he said: Who will be my monotheistic servants unto God?

The disciples said:

We will be the Servants Of God!

Yea we believe in The One God

and bear witness that we are submitted.

3:53 Our Lord we believe in What Thou Has Sent Down and follow Your Messenger so Write us Down among the witnesses.

3:54 But then the people schemed

so God Schemed

and God Is The Best of schemers.

3:55 When God Said: O Yeshua I Will Take thee and Raise thee to Me and cleanse thee of those who disbelieve.

And I Will Make those who follow thee far superior to disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection

when to Me is your return.

And I Will Be Judge between you concerning that wherein you differed.

3:56 And as for the deceived

I Will Punish them in this world and then a Severe Punishment in the Hereafter

they have no protectors.

3:57 But as for those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

to them are their Good Rewards in full

but God loves not the wrongdoers.

3:58 Thus do We recite to thee of the Word and the Wise Remembrance.

3:59 The likeness of Yeshua in the Sight Of God is the same as that of Adam. They were not conceived by man and woman.

He Created them from dust carbon 12

each to whom He Said only: Be!

And with great purpose they were.

3:60 Yea all Truth is From thy Lord

so be thou not of those who doubt.

3:61 And whoever disputes with thee concerning Him after the Knowledge has come to thee say:

Come all we will call our sons and your sons

and our women and your women

and ourselves and yourselves

then we will Pray in earnest to invoke the Curse Of God upon the liars.

3:62 This is the True narrative!

And there is no god but God!

Yea O God

Thou Are The Almighty, The Wise!

3:63 And if they turn away

God Knows the workers of corruption.

3:64 Say: O talmudic jews

come to an agreement between us and you

that we do not serve other than God

and that we ascribe no partnership to Him

and that we take no others as gods instead of God.

And when they turn away say:

Bear witness that we are submitted.

3:65 O talmudic jews why do you dispute about the acts of

Abraham killing and hunting when the Laws in the Torah and the Gospel were sent down long after him?

Will you not use reason!

3:66 Here you are

those who speak of that which you are knowledgeable

why then do you dispute about that which you have no knowledge?

Yea God Knows

but you do not.

3:67 Abraham was neither a polytheist nor a nontheist

he was a monotheist inclined strongly to Truth

as one submitted

he was not of the fools.

3:68 The people closest to Abraham are those who follow him

as do this prophet and all believers

and God Is The Ally of these believers.

3:69 A number of the talmudic jews would love to lead you astray

but they only lead themselves astray

while they perceive not.

3:70 O talmudic jews why do you deny the Proofs Of God which you yourselves bear witness?

3:71 O talmudic jews why do you mix the Truth with falsehood and conceal the Whole Truth when you know?

And you know.

3:72 And a number of the talmudic jews say:

Believe only in that sent down earlier Vedic & Biblical Books

and deny that sent later. the Gospel and this Quran

Those fools thinking it be how they might return. to God

3:73 Yea so be not of those who follow talmudism.

Say to them: True Guidance is Good Guidance Of God!

Do you not believe we have been given better than that which you invented for yourselves?

And they will argue against you before your Lord

so say: Grace is in the Hand Of God

He Gives It to whom He Wills

and God Encompasses us, He Knows.

3:74 He Chooses His Mercy for whom He Wills

and God Is The One Possessor of Unending Bounty.

3:75 And among the talmudic jews are those who if thou entrusts them with a fortune will deliver it unto thee.

And among them are who if thou entrusts with a crumb will not return it to thee unless thou remains standing hard over them

because they say: We owe nothing to those below us.

But they ascribe a lie to God

while deep inside they know.

3:76 Verily whoever fulfills their word is nearer to Wise Fear

and God Loves those of Wise Fear!

3:77 But those who abandon their covenant With God and their agreements with others for a cheap price

for these there is no portion in the Hereafter.

And God will not speak to them nor so much as look at them on the Day of Resurrection.

Yea and He will not allow them to increase in God Consciousness in the meantime

for they have a Painful Punishment in store.

3:78 And some of them distort what is written with their tongues to make you think it is from the Book when it is not from the Book.

Yea they say: It is from God!

But it is not from God

and they ascribe such lies to God

while they know.

3:79 And it is not for messengers that God Gives them the Truth and Judgement or Prophethood then they should say to others:

Worship me rather than God. It’s never happened.

Nay. Rather:

Be People Of God in that you teach Gods’ Truth and Gods’ Truth alone!

3:80 And nor would they command you to take angels or prophets as deities.

For would they command you to disbelief after you have submitted to Him?

3:81 And when God Took agreements with the prophets saying:

Whatever I Have Given you of Future Insights prophecies and Wisdom

then comes to you a final messenger confirming What I Gave you

you must believe in him and help him.

He Said: Do you affirm and take on this severe test?

Said they: We do affirm.

He Said: Then bear witness

and I Am With you among the Witnesses.

This commonly misunderstood verse is about a covenant With God from all the messengers who’ve existed prior (who per 2:154 & 3:169 are With God now, not dead) to help the final messenger of end times. Remaining loyal to him at first will be a “severe test” because like all the messengers, he is just a human who makes human mistakes and must learn, repent and grow as he goes. This will require a firm conviction from those helping. Additionally, a key part of Gods’ Purpose for the final messenger is the bloody and merciless job of culling billions of disbelievers, jews and DSIs which is unprecedented and will not be pretty.

3:82 Then whoever turns away after this

these are the wantonly disobedient.

3:83 Is it then other than the Ways Of God they seek?

For to Him submits Everything in the Heavens and the Earth willingly or unwillingly

and to Him Everything will be returned.

3:84 Say: We believe in God and What is sent down upon us

and What was sent down upon Abraham and

Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons

and What was Given to Moses and Yeshua and all the other Messengers From their Lord.

We make no hierarchy between any of them

and to Him Alone we are submitted.

3:85 Whoever seeks a way other than monotheistic submission

it will not be accepted from them

so they will be among the losers in the Hereafter.

3:86 So why would God Guide a folk who disbelieved after their belief?

Those who bore witness that their messenger was True when Clear Evidence had come to them.

God does not guide the wrong doing people.

3:87 Those their reward is the Curse Of God and of angels and of jinn and of humans one and all.

3:88 They are to abide in Eternal Shame

the Punishment will not be lightened for them nor will they be granted respite.

3:89 Only to those who repent and stay Right after that

Is God Forgiving, Merciful.

3:90 Yea those who disbelieve after believing will receive more disbelief hence their former repentance will not be accepted.

These are the ones gone far astray.

3:91 Those who are deceived and die as fools

there would not be accepted from one of them an earth full of gold were they to seek to ransom themselves thereby.

Yea these have a Painful Punishment ahead

and they have no protectors.

3:92 And you attain not to virtue until you spend of what you love

and what you spend of anything for God, God Knows it.

3:93 All food was Lawful to the children of Israel

except what Israel Jacob made unlawful upon himself

before the Torah was sent down.

So say: Bring the Torah and recite it if you be Truthful. OK, let’s “bring the Torah” . . . Genesis 25:34, the only verse about his diet says Jacob/Israel ate lentil soup thereby being either vegetarian or vegan.

3:94 And whoever invents a lie about God after that

these are the wrongdoers.

3:95 Say: God Spoke Truly

so follow the creed of Abraham

a monotheist inclining to Truth

he was not of the polytheists.

3:96 The first Temple set up for mankind was the Kaaba at Mecca and was blessed

as a Guidance for all mankind.

3:97 In it are Clear Proofs of the station of Abraham

and believers who entered it were safe. True to this day!

And Gods’ Demand upon believers was the pilgrimage to the Kaaba

whoever could find a way to do it.

And those who could but did not

God Is Free from need, Independent of the world.

3:98 Say: O talmudic jews

why do you deny the Proofs Of God when God Is Witness to Everything you do?

3:99 Say: O talmudic jews

why do you divert believers from the Path Of God

seeking their deviation when you are witnesses?

God is not blind to anything you do.

3:100 O you who believe

If you obey those talmudic jews in possession of the Torah who mistranslated it and removed YHWH to deceive We the People

they will drive you back after your faith

and then you will be among the deceived fools.

3:101 And how can you deny when the Word Of God is recited to you and His Messenger is in your midst?

Whoever holds fast to God has been Guided to the Straight Path!

3:102 O you who believe

be in Wise Fear of God with the fear due Him

and die not until you be submitted! Timing is everything!

3:103 And hold fast to the Rope Of God altogether and be not divided. This Quran is that Rope of God which unites believers!

And remember the Grace Of God towards you

when you were combatant with one another.

He United your hearts so that by His Care you became brethren.

Yea you were upon the edge of a pit of Fire

and He Rescued you from it.

Thus Does God Make His Word Clear to you

that you might be Rightly Guided.

3:104 So let there be among you a community inviting to Good and enjoining what is fitting and forbidding wrongs

these are the Successful.

3:105 Do not be like the deceived who became divided and disputed after the Clear Evidence came to them

for they have a Horrifying Punishment.

3:106 The Day faces will brighten and faces will cloud over.

As for those whose faces cloud over

did you deny after your faith?

Then taste the Punishment for the Truth you denied!

3:107 And for those whose faces brighten

is the Mercy Of God wherein they abide Eternally.

3:108 This is the Word Of God

We recite It to thee with Truth

for God does not desire injustice for mankind.

3:109 And To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and Unto God are all matters referred.

3:110 You are the best community brought forth for mankind

enjoining what is fitting

and forbidding what is wrong

and believing in God.

And had the talmudic jews simply believed

it would have been better for them!

Whilst among them are some believers

even they become the wantonly disobedient.

3:111 They will cause you harm by their hindrance

but if they fight you they will turn their backs to you

and they will not be helped.

3:112 Abasement was stamped on them wherever they were come upon except when a Rope From God

or a rope from mankind was extended.

They incurred Wrath From God.

Yea wretchedness was stamped on them because they denied the Word Of God.

They sought but failed to slew the prophets without cause because they rebelled and exceeded all bounds.

3:113 They are not the same

among the upright community

who ponder Gods’ Word during the watches of the night

and they submit.

3:114 They believe in God and the Last Day

and enjoin what is fitting

and forbid what is wrong

and compete in Good works

these are among the Righteous.

3:115 And what they do of Good

will never go unappreciated

for God Embraces those of Wise Fear.

3:116 But those who are deceived their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.

These are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

3:117 The parable of how they spend in the life of this world is like that of a wind wherein biting cold

befell the crops of a people who wronged their souls

and destroyed them. Spending for God safeguards your crop/soul.

God wronged them not

they wronged themselves.

3:118 O you who believe take not close friends other than your own believing brethren!

Others will stop at nothing to ruin you

for they love that you should suffer.

Their hatred is clearly illustrated from their mouths

and what their hearts hide is even greater.

We have made these verses clear if you use reason.

3:119 Lo and behold!

You Adamites are Imbued With Love for all From God

but degenerate snaking imposters love you not.

And you can see and believe in all Gods’ Revelations

while when they meet you they must lie to say:

We believe.

Then when they are alone they bite their fingertips in rage against you.

So say: Die in your rage!

Truly God Knows what is in all hearts.

3:120 And when Good touches you it vexes them

while if hardship befalls you they are glad.

But if you are patient with Wise Fear their plans will never harm you.

For God Encompasses All, He Knows what they do.

3:121 And when thou went early from thy people to assign the believers their stations for battle.

God Was The All Hearing, All Knowing.

3:122 When two groups among you were about to lose heart

God Was their Ally

yea let the believers place all their trust in God.

3:123 And God Gave you Victory at Badr while you were humiliated in spirit. Mohamets’ 1st military victory.

So be in Wise Fear of God

that you too might be grateful for it One Day.

3:124 When thou did say to the believers:

Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord Will Send three thousand angels to secure you?

3:125 Yea! If you endure patiently in Wise Fear

and enemies come upon you suddenly

your Lord Will Reinforce you with five thousand angels sweeping on!

3:126 And God Sent This Quran only as Glad Tidings for you and that your hearts might be reassured thereby.

Know there is no help other than God

The Almighty, The Wise.

3:127 That He Might Cut Off a part of the deceived

or Suppress them so they turn back disappointed.

3:128 No concern is it of yours whether He Turns Towards them in Forgiveness or Punishment

for they are wrongdoers.

3:129 To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and Earth.

He Forgives whom He Wills and Punishes whom He Wills

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

3:130 O you who believe do not consume usury!

Yea doubling

and redoubling.

Just be in Wise Fear of God

that you might be Truly Successful.

3:131 Be in Wise Fear of the Fire prepared for fools.

3:132 Obey God and the messenger

that you might obtain His Mercy.

3:133 And vie with one another for Forgiveness From your Lord

seeking a Garden which depths are as the Heavens and the Earth

prepared for those of Wise Fear.

3:134 Be of those who spend for God both while in prosperity and in adversity

those who control themselves

and are forgiving towards others.

Yea God Loves the doers of Good.

3:135 And those who when they commit sexual immorality or wrong their souls remember God

and ask forgiveness for their transgressions.

For who forgives transgressions besides God?

And then persist not in what they were doing

while they know.

3:136 These their Reward is Forgiveness From their Lord and Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

Yea excellent is the Reward for those who try.

3:137 Many practices have come and gone before you

so travel in the land

and see the final outcomes of the deniers.

3:138 This is a manifest fact for mankind

and Guidance

and a Warning for those of Wise Fear.

3:139 And faint not nor grieve

for you will be the superior ones if you are believers.

3:140 And know if injuries touch you

there has touched others injuries the like thereof.

These are the days

We cause to alternate among mankind

both that God Might Know those who believe

and Take witnesses among you.

For God loves not the wrongdoers.

3:141 And that God Might Refine those who believe

so as to Eliminate the fools.

3:142 Or did you think that all would enter the Garden

without God Identifying those who strove

and were patient?

3:143 And surely all have wished for death before meeting it

but some find it inconveniently while going about!

3:144 And Mohamet is only a messenger

like all messengers come and gone before him.

So if he dies or is slain will you turn back on your heels from faith?

If so those who do so do no harm to God at all.

And God Will Reward the steadfast and grateful.

3:145 And it is not for a soul to die except

at an appointed time

by Gods’ Permission.

And whoever works for the reward of this world We give them thereof.

And whoever works for the Reward of the Hereafter We give them thereof.

Yea We will Reward the grateful.

3:146 And alongside how many a prophet have there fought many stoutly devout monotheists!

They do not faint at anything that befalls them for the Cause Of God.

Yea they do not weaken

and they do not yield

and God Loves such patient ones.

3:147 And their word is only that they say:

Our Lord Forgive us our transgressions

and our excesses in our affair

and Make our feet firm

and Help us against fools!

3:148 So God Gives them the rewards of this world and the Fairest Reward of the Hereafter

for God Loves the doers of Good.

3:149 O you who believe if you hearken to others who are deceived they will drive you back on your heels

and you will turn back as losers.

3:150 The Truth is God Is your Protector

and He Is The Best of protectors.

3:151 We will cast terrors into the hearts of the deceived

because they serve other than God

that for which no warrant has been sent down.

Their habitation is the Fire

and miserable is that Dwelling for wrongdoers.

3:152 And God Remained True in His Promise to you

when you decimated the enemy by His Permission

until you lost heart and disputed concerning the affair

and rebelled after He Had Shown you the spoils of war.

Yea among you are those who work for this world

and among you are those who work for the Hereafter.

And He Turned the latter away from the former that He Might Try you alone.

Yea and in that He Has Pardoned you.

For God Is Bountiful of His Grace towards the believers.

3:153 When you mounted up to flee from battle

while the messenger was calling you from the rear.

He Will Repay you with grief for that grief so you might regret the spoils and the Ultimate Triumph gained from fighting for God that eluded you.

Recall that God Is Aware of Everything you do.

3:154 Then He Sent Down Security upon you after distress

with Calm Slumber for some of you

while others worried their souls assuming about God other than the Truth.

Yea assumptions of ignorance

saying: Have we not any say in our affair?

Say: All Affairs Belong To God.

They hide within themselves what they do not reveal to thee saying:

Had we say in this affair we would not be slain here!

Say: Even had you been secure in your houses those destined to die would die.

It is only that God Might Try what is in all hearts

and that He Might Refine what is in some hearts.

Hence God Knows what is to be found in the hearts!

3:155 And those who turned back among you the day the two companies believers vs. disbelievers met at Uhud.

The degenerate snaking imposters caused them to slip up and lose some Good of what they earned.

But God Pardoned these

for God Is Forgiving, Forbearing.

3:156 O you who believe

be not like the deceived who say of their brethren when they travel through the land:

Had they stayed behind safe with us they would not have been beaten or killed!

God Will Make that into a serious regret in their hearts

for God Gives Life

and Death

and God Sees Everything you do.

3:157 And if you are injured or die for the Cause Of God

know that ultimately Pardon From God and His Mercy are Far Better than what any can amass.

3:158 And regardless if you die in battle or at home

all will be gathered to God.

3:159 And it is by the Mercy Of God thou are gentle to them

had thou been coarse and stern they would have disbanded from round about thee.

So pardon them and ask thou Forgiveness for them

and take counsel with them in the affair.

And when thou makes a decision

place all thy trust in God.

Yea God Loves those who place all their trust in Him.

3:160 If God Helps you

none can defeat you.

But if He Abandons you

who is there who can help you after Him?

Yea let the believers place all their trust in God.

3:161 And no prophet should defraud his brethren

for whoever defrauds will come with what he defrauded on the Day of Resurrection.

Then every soul will be paid in full for what it earned

and they will not be wronged.

3:162 Is then one who seeks the Pleasure Of God like one who incurs Wrath From God whose habitation is Hell?

Lo how miserable is their Journeys’ End!

3:163 And know there are levels 2 in Heaven and 7 in Hell With God

and remember God Sees Everything you do.

3:164 God Has Shown Grace to the believers in Raising Up a Messenger among themselves

reciting to them His Proofs

and increasing them in God Consciousness

and teaching them what is written with Wisdom.

These know they were in obvious error before.

3:165 Yet when a misfortune struck you

after you caused double thereof to the enemy

you say: From whence is this?

Say: Lo you had brought it upon yourselves some way

just remember God Is Powerful Over All Things.

3:166 And what befell you the day two companies met was by Gods’ Permission that He Might Purify the believers

3:167 and that He Might Trap the hypocrites.

It was said to them: Come fight for the Cause Of God!

They said: Had we known there would be fighting we would have prepared to help you.

They were nearer to denial that day than to Faith

saying with their mouths what was not in their hearts.

Yea God Is The One Most Aware of what they conceal.

3:168 Those who stayed behind said:

Had they listened to us they would not be dead.

Say: Avert death permanently if you be guided!

3:169 And do not think those killed for the Cause Of God are dead.

The Truth is they are living With their Lord receiving His Provision right now.

3:170 They are joyful over What God Has Bestowed Upon them of His Bounty

and rejoicing for those behind yet to join them. Think about this eternal existence already being experienced by some.

Yea that they need not fear

nor will they regret.

3:171 They rejoice in Grace and Bounty From God

and know God will not forget to Compensate the ones who believe.

3:172 Those who respond to God and the messenger after injury befalls them.

Yea for those of them who do Good and were in Wise Fear is a Tremendous Reward.

3:173 Those to whom disbelievers say:

The people have gathered against you

so be afraid of them!

But instead it increases them in faith and they say:

God Is Quite Sufficient for us

for He Is Excellent As our Guardian.

3:174 Then they return with Grace and Bounty From God

for evil cannot touch them when they seek the

Contentment Of God

and God Is The One Possessor of Beautiful Grace.

3:175 It is only the degenerate snaking imposters and their jinn fathers who seek to put fear in you

so fear them not.

Yea fear Me Alone if you be believers!

3:176 And do not be grieved by those in denial

for they cannot harm thee nor God at all.

Hence God Wills no portion for them in the Hereafter.

They only have a Horrifying Punishment.

3:177 Does one not know that those who bought ingratitude at the price of belief will never harm God at all?

Yea these have a Painful Punishment!

3:178 And do not let disbelievers think the indulgences success, power, fame, riches, children etc. We grant to them are good for them.

We only indulge them that they might increase in sin!

And then they will have a Humiliating Punishment.

3:179 God will not leave believers to temptations which most incline hence He Refines the Good from the bad.

And God will not Inform any of the unseen except

one of His Messengers whom He Wills. i.e the Al-Mahdi

So believe in God and His Messengers!

Then if indeed you do believe and are in Wise Fear

for you is an Immense Reward!

3:180 And do not let those who are miserly with what

God Gives them of His Bounty think it benefits them.

The Truth is it is a misery for them

yea hung around their necks will be that with which they were miserly

on the Day of Resurrection.

And To God Belongs the Inheritance of Everything in the Heavens and Earth.

And God Is Aware of Everything you do!

3:181 God Has Heard the blasphemy of those who say:

God is poor and we are rich.

We record what they say and recall their seeking to kill the prophets without cause.

So We say: Taste the Punishment of Consuming Fire!

3:182 All because of what your hands sent before you

and because God is not unjust to the servants.

3:183 Some say: God Has Charged us that we do not believe any messenger unless they bring fire from the sky.

Say: There came to you messengers before me with such Clear Evidence of what you say

so why then did your kind seek to kill them?

Respond if you be Truthful.

3:184 And if they reject thee

the messengers before thee were rejected.

For they too came with Clear Evidence as it is written in the scrolls of Illuminating Testaments.

3:185 Yea every soul will taste death

and your dues will be paid in full on the Day of Resurrection.

And whoever is averted from the Fire and made to enter the Garden

these have attained Triumph!

For the life of this world is only the enjoyment of a massive illusion. Avatar and Matrix!

3:186 You will be tried in your wealth and yourselves

and you will hear much hindrance from the polytheists and those in possession of the Torah.

But if you are patient and remain in Wise Fear

then indeed those are among the matters of determination. of whether people go to hell or not

3:187 God Took an agreement with those in possession of the Torah saying:

You are to make this of Gods’ Revelations clear to mankind and not conceal it.

Instead they hid it behind their backs and sold it for a cheap price Talmudic jews have sold billions of bogus bible translations.

so loathing and misery is what they buy!

3:188 Unreasonable are those who crow about what they receive of good fortunes and love to be praised for what they really have not done.

Assume they are in safety from the Punishment?

Nay. For them is Painful Punishment!

3:189 For Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God

and God Is Powerful Over All Things.

3:190 There are Proofs in the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth and the alternation of night and day for those possessed of insight.

3:191 Blessed are those who remember God either standing or sitting or on their sides

reflecting upon Creation of the Heavens and the Earth saying:

Our Lord did not Create this in vain

Glory Be Unto Thee!

Please Protect us from the Punishment of the Fire!

3:192 Our Lord whomever Thou Causes to enter the Fire Thou Has Covered in shame

and there are no protectors for wrongdoers.

3:193 O Lord we heard a summoner calling to faith saying:

Believe in your Lord!

And we have believed.

Please Forgive us our transgressions

and Remove our evil from us

to Gather us with the virtuous.

3:194 Our Lord Give us what Thou Has Promised us via Thy Messengers

and do not humiliate us on the Day of Resurrection.

Thou will not break Thy Solemn Declaration!

3:195 And their Lord Responds to them:

I forget not the actions of any that works among you male or female.

You are alike

those who emigrate or are expelled from their homes

or otherwise hindered in My Cause

fighting or getting killed.

I Will Absolve their evils from them

and Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

as Reward from the Presence Of your God.

And for certain about God

the Best of Rewards are With Him.

3:196 Let not the frivolous going to and fro in the land of those who disbelieve dishearten thee.

3:197 A little enjoyment

then their habitation is Hell

and miserable is that Eternal Prison.

3:198 But those in Wise Fear of their Lord

they have Gardens beneath which rivers flow

abiding Eternally therein

as a Welcoming Gift From God.

What is With God is Best for the virtuous.

3:199 Among the people of the Torah are some believers

in both what was sent down to you

and what was sent down before. previous scriptures

These are humble towards God

and they do not sell the Revelations Of God for money.

So they have their Reward With God

and He Is Swift In Reckoning.

3:200 O you who believe be patient

yea vie in patience

and be constant

and be in Wise Fear of God

so that you might succeed.