Chapter 43. Ornaments of Gold, as-Zukhruf

43.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

43:1 ḥā mīm

43:2 By the Clear Book!

43:3 We made it an Arabic recitation that you might use reason. Because Arabic is the most expressive language on Earth with over 12 million word meanings. (which is why there is no complete Arabic dictionary) Hence one can imagine the impossible task of imparting all the original meanings of this in English. FYI; Arabic is also known as one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken because of its rhythmic qualities which result in prose like communications in general, everyday matters.

43:4 And it is in the foundation of the Mother of Books in Our possession from The Exalted, The Wise.

43:5 Should We turn this Remembrance away from you because you are a people committing excess?

43:6 And how many a prophet did We send to the former peoples!

43:7 But no prophet came to them that they did not mock.

43:8 And We destroyed far stronger than them in might

but most evidence of those peoples is gone! note “most”

43:9 And if thou ask them: Who Created the Heavens and the Earth?

They say: The Almighty, The Knowing Created Them.

43:10 And Who Made the Earth a bed for you

and Made Ways for you therein that you might navigate surely?

43:11 And Who Sent Down water from the sky in known measure Resurrecting dead lands thereby?

Thus you will be brought forth in resurrection.

43:12 And Who Created all kinds of Everything

and Made ships for you and animals whereon you ride?

43:13 Yea so you need only sit!

Hence remember the Grace of your Lord when you take your places thereon.

And say: Glory Be Unto Him Who Has Made All these useful things and companions of ease for us!

For we were not able to create all this ourselves.

43:14 And to our Lord we are returning.

43:15 Yet they make lowly slaves for themselves from among what are actually His Valued Servants.

Such are obvious ingrates for all they already had!

We can decisively discern Gods’ Thoughts regarding slavery in such verses. Slaves are not to be unequal, they’re usually POWs to eventually become valued members of families, clans and societies, and then if found to be Good, freed.

43:16 And the heathens say; Gods’ Angels are female

while their own offspring are both female and male.

43:17 But when one has a daughter rather than a son

his face turns black suppressing grief.

43:18 He thinks to himself: I now have one to be brought up wearing ornaments and not of use in conflicts!

43:19 And still they say of the angels who are also Servants Of The Almighty are females.

Did they witness their Creation?

Their statements are recorded

and they will be questioned!

43:20 And they say: Had The Almighty Willed we would have not served others.

But they are ignorant

and tell only lies.

43:21 Or have We forgotten a former Decree from Us

which they are holding fast to?

43:22 Nay! They say: Our fathers were of this creed so we are rightly guided following hard upon their ways.

43:23 Thus We have not sent Warners to any town before thee where its opulent ones did not claim likewise.

43:24 The Warners said: Even though I bring you better Guidance than that of your fathers?

They said: We are deniers of you and your messages.

43:25 So We punished them

hence thou sees the final outcome of the deniers.

43:26 And when Abraham said to his father and his people:

I am innocent of your crimes of idolatry.

43:27 Only He Who Made me

Will Be Guide for me.

43:28 And he said it loud and clear repeatedly hoping it would endure among his progeny

that they might also turn to the Way.

43:29 These and their fathers were granted enjoyment until God Sent His Clear Messenger with the Truth.

43:30 But when the Truth came to them many said:

This is fantasy and we are deniers thereof.

43:31 Oh if this Quran had only been revealed to a great scholar of the two cities instead! . . . of illiterate Mohamet.

43:32 But is it they who decree blessings from thy Lord?

Nay. We decree among them Everything in this life

and We raise some above others in varying degrees

so some lead and others follow but neither are higher.

The Mercy Of thy Lord is Higher than all they amass.

43:33 And were it not that humanity might become one entire nation of disbelievers

We would have given all the deniers of God roofs of silver for their buildings

and stairs whereby to ascend

43:34 and for their dwellings secure doors

and couches whereon to recline

43:35 and great decoration.

For all that is but vanity in the fleeting life of this world

while the Hereafter With God is the aim for those of Wise Fear.

43:36 And whoever fails the Remembrance of The Almighty

We assign to them degenerate snaking imposters

who seem to be intimate friends to them.

43:37 But they divert humanity from the Way

while making them think they are Rightly Guided.

43:38 And when one comes to Us on Gods’ Day they will say:

If only between thee and me were two days distance of the suns travel!

Evil are degenerate snaking imposters as companions.

43:39 Yea and your companionship profits you not this Day

for you have done wrong

and now will be partners with them in the Punishment. They are destined to hell from birth due to the curse upon their jinn fathers.

43:40 Ask thyself: Can thou make the unwilling to listen hear

or guide those unwilling to see

or correct those in obvious error?

43:41 Nay. And whether We take thee away sooner or not

We will exact retribution upon them.

43:42 And when We show thee Hell which is Promised them

you will know how We are omnipotent over all.

43:43 So hold fast to that which thou are instructed

knowing thou are on the Straight Path.

43:44 Truly this is a Remembrance for thee and thy folk

and you will be questioned.

43:45 Seek lessons from messengers before thee whether We appointed gods to be served besides The Almighty.

43:46 Hence why We sent Moses with Our Proofs to pharaoh and his eminent ones

saying: I am a Messenger Of The Lord of the Worlds!

43:47 And when he brought them Our Proofs they laughed.

43:48 And every Proof We gave them was greater than the one before.

Then We tormented them with a series of hardships

to remind them. A flood, locusts, frogs, blood, drought and hunger.

43:49 It was then they said: O sorcerer call to thy Lord for us for what He Has Promised thee.

Then we will be Rightly Guided.

43:50 But when We removed the torments

they reneged.

43:51 And pharaoh called to his people saying: O my people

is the dominion of Egypt not mine

and these rivers flowing beneath do I not bring up?

Wells utilizing ram pumps. Will you then not see!

43:52 Am I better or is Moses

he who is despised and can barely speak to us?

43:53 If only armlets of gold had but been cast upon him!

Or angels had come with him as companions!

43:54 Yea he swayed his people and they obeyed him

but they were truly a wantonly disobedient people.

43:55 So they angered Us

and We took vengeance by drowning them altogether.

43:56 Yea We wiped them and their kingdom away

as a lesson for the ages from Us.

43:57 And when the son of Mary is quoted as an example

thy people cried aloud saying:

43:58 Is the creed of our gods better or is his?

And they misquote Yeshua only to be argumentative

for indeed they are a contentious people.

43:59 Yeshua was only a servant to whom We were overly gracious as example for the children of Israel.

43:60 And had We willed We would have placed among you angels to be successors in the Earth.

43:61 And certain is knowledge of the coming Hour

leaving no doubts concerning it.

So follow me this is a Straight Path.

43:62 And do not let degenerate snaking imposters divert you for they are definite enemies to you.

43:63 And when Yeshua first came with Blatant Signs he said:

I have come to you with Wisdom

and to clear up that wherein you differ of Gods’ Word.

So be in Wise Fear of your God and obey me.

43:64 Truly God

He Is your Lord and my Lord so serve Him.

This is the Straight Path.

43:65 Still some parties among them differed

and with woe comes the Punishment of a Painful Day for those who choose wrong!

43:66 Await they merely for the Hour to come upon them unexpectedly when they do not perceive its coming?

43:67 Friends that Day will be enemies to one another except those of Wise Fear.

43:68 O My Faithful Servants you need not fear this Day

nor will you regret.

43:69 Yea to those who believed in Our Proofs and submitted

43:70 We will say: Enter the Garden

you and your partners rejoicing.

43:71 Moving about them will be plates and cups of gold

and there will be what the souls desire and the eyes delight in

and therein you will abide Eternally.

43:72 For that is the Garden which you are given as an inheritance for your Good efforts.

43:73 For you there is abundant fruit whereof you will eat

43:74 but the evildoers will abide in the Punishment of Hell Eternally.

43:75 And it will not be lightened for them

yea they will despair greatly therein.

43:76 And We wronged them not

for they are the wrongdoers.

43:77 And they will call out to their jinn: O malik let thy Lord make an end of us.

He will say: Here you and I will remain.

FYI: malik is molech in the bible, the false god who is just a jinn like lucifer that psychopathic fools serve and sacrifice animals and children to by blood and/or in the fire.


For the Translator; Bohemian Grove: Two future US Presidents, Richard Nixon & Ronald Regan sat round the table in the camps ‘Owl’s Nest’ (circa 1976) & worshipping The Owl Statue ‘Moloch’

43:78 We have brought thee the messages but most of you are averse to the Truth.

43:79 And if they scheme a scheme We scheme a better one.

43:80 For they think that We cannot hear their secret thoughts

and their confidential conversations

yet verily Our Recorders are with them recording.

43:81 Say: Even if The Almighty Did Have a son

I would still be first of those to serve God Alone.

43:82 Glory be unto The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth

The Lord of the Throne

contrary to what they describe!

43:83 So leave them alone to jest and play until they experience the Day they are Promised.

43:84 He Alone It Is Who Is God of Everything in the Heavens

and God of Everything in the Earth

He Is The Wise, The Knowing.

43:85 And Blessed Be He To Whom Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them

and With Whom Alone is Knowledge of the Hour!

Yea It Is To Him you will be returned.

43:86 And those jinn to whom they call besides Him possess no intercession except as ones who bear witness to the Truth. Against humans

And they know.

43:87 And if thou ask them Who Created them they will certainly say: God.

Then how are some deluded? Consider this oft repeated schism!

43:88 And the messengers say: O my Lord these are a people who do not believe!

43:89 So turn away from them

and move on seeking peace

for they will come to know.