Chapter 42. Council Consultation, ash-Shura

42.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

42:1 ḥā mī

42:2 ʿayn sīn qāf

42:3 Thus Instructs thee and those before thee

God The Almighty, The Wise.

42:4 To Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

He Is The Exalted, The Sublime.

42:5 The Heavens are nearly split asunder from above them

as the angels sing giving Glory and Praise to The Lord

and asking forgiveness for those on the Earth.

Truly God

He Is The Forgiver, The Merciful.

42:6 And those who take protectors besides Him

God Has Full Custody Over them

and thou are not their guardian.

42:7 And thus We instruct thee by an Arabic recitation

to warn the mother of cities Mecca and all around her.

Yea to warn of the Day of gathering whereof there is no doubt

when some will go to the Garden

and the rest into the Inferno.

42:8 And had God Willed He Would Have Made them one community

but He Makes whom He Wills enter into His Mercy

and the wrongdoers have neither ally nor protector.

42:9 For they have taken protectors besides Him

when God Alone

He Is The Only Ally.

He Gives Life to the dead

and He Is Powerful Over Everything.

42:10 And wherein you differ in anything

the Judgement thereof is for God.

That is God my Lord in Whom I place all my trust

and to Whom I am fortunate to turn in repentance.

42:11 The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

He Has Made pairs for you among yourselves

and among the livestock.

Yea He Who Multiplies you thereby

there is nothing like Him

He Is The All Hearing, The All Seeing.

42:12 His are the Keys of the Heavens and the Earth.

He Expands and Restricts His Provision for whom He Wills and He Knows Literally Everything.

42:13 He Laid Down the Law of the Way of Life for you and it is what He Enjoined upon Noah

that which We have also instructed thee.

Indeed it is what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Yeshua saying:

Uphold the Doctrine and be not divided therein at all.

Hence that to which thou invites the polytheists is difficult for them.

And God Chooses for Himself whom He Wills

and Guides To Himself those who turn in repentance.

42:14 And some became divided when certain knowledge came to them causing rivalry. jinn gave nephilim/DSIs knowledge of sorcery, astronomy, metallurgy, music, makeup and etc. which was given to them by the angels Harut and Marut as a test per 2:104. Also see Enoch.

And had it not been for Gods’ Word of a named term

death would have been the conclusion for them.

And those who inherited the Torah after them were then with many doubts and torn in uncertainty.

42:15 So for that call to this Quran.

And stand firm as thou are commanded

not following their ways but instead saying:

I believe in what God Sent Down of this Book

and I am commanded to be just among you

for God Is The One Lord mine and yours.

And to me be my works and to you be your works

so let there be no disputation between us

for God Will Bring us one and all at once.

Yea to Him is the Journeys’ End for us all.

42:16 And those who dispute concerning God after that has been said

their argument has no weight with their Lord

and His Wrath is Upon them.

Yea they have a Severe Punishment.

42:17 It Is God Who Sent Down the Books with Truth and balance. Click here to find out what this means!

And how can one know that the Hour may be near?

42:18 Disbelievers taunt to get it over with

but those who believe are apprehensive for they know it is the Truth.

Yea those who deny the Hour are in great error.

42:19 God Is Subtle with His Servants

He Provides for whom He Wills

and He Is The Strong, The Almighty.

42:20 Whoever desires the provisions of the Hereafter

We increase them in its provisions.

And whoever desires the provisions of this world

We give them thereof

but they might have no share in the Hereafter.

42:21 And some accept doctrines from those they serve for which God has not given His Permission.

And had it not been for His Word naming their term

death it would have been concluded between them.

Those wrongdoers have a Painful Eternal Punishment.

42:22 Yea thou will see the wrongdoers in horror over what they have earned

when it falls upon them.

While those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness will be in lush fields of the Gardens.

They will have whatever they wish From their Lord

and that is the Greatest Grace.

42:23 That is What God Gives as Glad Tidings to His Servants who believe and do deeds of Righteousness.

Say: I ask no reward from you for it except to love your brethren. By living peacefully/justly as believers under Gods Laws.

And whoever performs a Good deed We add for them more Good therein

for God Is Forgiving, Appreciative.

42:24 And if it hurts when they say:

He invented a lie about God.

When God Wills He Can Protect thy heart

for God Eliminates falsehood and Establishes Truth

He Knows what is in all hearts.

42:25 And He It Is Who Accepts repentance from His Servants

and Pardons evil

and Knows Everything you do.

42:26 And He Responds to those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

and Increases them of His Bounty

but the fools they have a Severe Punishment.

42:27 And had God Enlarged the Provision for His Servants they would likely be insolent in the Earth

so He Sends Down in measure what He Wills

and He Is All Aware, All Seeing of His Servants.

42:28 And He It Is Who Sends Down the rain after despair

and He Unfurls His Mercy

for He Is The Protector, The Praiseworthy.

42:29 Yea among His Proofs is Creation of the Heavens and the Earth and what He Has Spread therein of creatures

and He Has Power to Gather them all when He Wills.

42:30 And what befalls you of misfortune

it is because of what your hands earned

but He Pardons much.

42:31 And you cannot escape from the Earth again a test trap!

and you have neither ally nor protector besides God.

42:32 And among His Proofs are ships floating like mountains on the seas.

42:33 If He Wills He Calms the winds and they become still upon its surface

in that is Evidence for every patient and grateful one.

42:34 Or He Sets them Up to perish for what they earned.

But indeed He Pardons much.

42:35 And those who dispute concerning Our Proofs will find they have no place of refuge.

42:36 Whatever you are given here is for the enjoyment of this present life

but What is With God is Better and Everlasting for those who believe

and place all their trust in their Lord.

42:37 It is those who avoid the greater sins and immoralities

and when angry they forgive.

42:38 They respond to Words of their Lord

and uphold the Prayer

and run their affairs by mutual consultation.

And of what We provide them they spend for God.

42:39 And those who when injustice befalls them defend each other.

42:40 And the Reward for evil is evil the like thereof

but whoever pardons and does Right

their Reward is Upon God

He Who does not love the wrongdoers.

42:41 And whoever helps themselves after injustice

these there is no way against them.

42:42 There is only a way against those who wrong others and oppress in the Earth without cause

yea they have a Painful Punishment.

42:43 Yet whoever endures patiently and forgives

that surely matters for determination. In Judgement

42:44 And whomever God Sends Astray

there is for them no ally after Him.

And thou will see the wrongdoers in desperation when they see the Punishment asking:

Is there any way back?

42:45 Yea thou will see them exposed to Hell

humbled in their ultimate weakness

looking on and glancing at each other.

And those who believe will say:

The losers are those who lost themselves and their families on this Day the Day of Resurrection.

Yea now the unjust have a Lasting Punishment.

42:46 And they had no protectors to help them besides God.

Yea those whom God Sends Astray

there is no way for them.

42:47 So respond to the Words Of your Lord now before the Day comes when there is no running from God.

For if not you will have no refuge that Day

and no way to stop anything.

42:48 So if they turn away

We did not send thee as a custodian over them.

Yea upon thee is only the Clear Communication.

For when We let them taste mercy from Us they are well pleased.

But if hardship befalls them because of what their hands sent before them

then they are ingrates.

42:49 Still the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God.

He Creates what He Wills

and He Gives to whom He Wills females

and He Gives to whom He Wills males.

42:50 Or He Gives both males and females

and He Makes barren whom He Wills.

He Is The Knowing, The Powerful.

42:51 And it is not for a mortal that God Should Face them. God Speaks to mankind only from behind a barrier

or through messengers instructed of what He Wills.

Truly He Is Exalted, Wise.

42:52 Thus We instruct thee of His Spirit by Our command.

Before this thou knew not of the Books nor the Faith.

But We made it a light whereby We guide whom We will of Our servants.

And indeed now thou guides them to the Straight Path.

42:53 The Path To God To Whom Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and unquestionably all matters End With God.