Chapter 44. The Smoke, ad-Dukhan

44.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

44:1 ḥā mīm

44:2 By the clear Quran!

44:3 We sent its finality down on a Blessed Night

for indeed We have forever Warned mankind.

44:4 Wherein every Wise Command is made clear

44:5 directly from Us.

Now We sent thee

44:6 as a Mercy From thy Lord.

He Who Is The All Hearing, All Knowing

44:7 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them

if you are of certainty.

44:8 There is no god but He.

He Gives Life and He Gives Death

your Lord

the Same Lord of your fathers of old.

44:9 The Truth is they were in doubt and only playing.

44:10 So wait for the Day the sky brings obvious smoke

44:11 that envelops the people

for then begins a Painful Punishment!

44:12 The fools will say: Our Lord Remove this Eminent Punishment from us

for we are now believers!

44:13 But they had been reminded before with Clear Proofs from obvious messengers sent to them.

44:14 Still they turned away from their messengers and said:

One taught by sorcerers or insane and possessed!

44:15 And when We removed hardship in the past they were only ingrates for it.

44:16 So on the Day We strike with the greatest violence We will exact Irrevocable Retribution.

44:17 And We tried the people of pharaoh before them

and sent them a noble messenger Moses saying:

44:18 Listen to me Servants Of God

for I am a trustworthy messenger to you.

44:19 Do not exalt yourselves against God in any way

I am obligated to bring you this Clear Warning.

44:20 And I have received Refuge From my Lord and your Lord for if not you would have stoned me.

44:21 So if you cannot believe me

run away from me as you are compelled.

44:22 And he called to his Lord: Truly I now see these are an evildoing people!

44:23 God Replied: Travel thou by night with My People of Israel for you will be followed.

44:24 And go calmly by way of the emptied sea

after which they are a force to be drowned in it!

44:25 How many fine gardens and springs they left

44:26 and great crops and noble stations

44:27 and prosperity in which they found joy.

44:28 But We gave it as inheritance to the Israelites.

44:29 And the Heavens and the Earth did not weep for them

nor will they be granted respite.

44:30 Yea We delivered the children of Israel from the humiliating oppression

44:31 of pharaoh.

He was self exultant among the committers of excess.

44:32 And We chose them knowingly above all others.

44:33 And We gave them Proofs wherein were clear tests.

44:34 Yet some still said:

44:35 There is only one death

and we will not be raised.

44:36 And: Bring back our fathers if you be Truthful.

44:37 Are they better like the people of Tubba and those before them?

We destroyed them

because they were evildoers.

44:38 For We did not Create the Heavens and the Earth and all that lives in them in jest.

44:39 We Created them in perfection with purpose

but most do not know.

44:40 And the Day of Decision is an appointed time for one and all.

44:41 The Day a friend cannot avail another friend

nor will they be helped by Us.

44:42 Except those on whom God Has Mercy

for He Is The Almighty, The Merciful.

44:43 And the tree of zaqqum

44:44 is the food of the fools.

44:45 Like molten brass

it seethes in their bellies.

44:46 Like seething of a scalding liquid.

44:47 Yea take them and drag them to the Depths of Hell!

44:48 Then pour over their heads the suffering of a scalding liquid.

44:49 Now taste it! Those who said they were mighty and noble.

44:50 Yea this is that which you denied!

44:51 But those of Wise Fear are in Secure Stations

44:52 among the Gardens with springs

43:53 clothed in apparel of finest silk and brocade

facing one another.

44:54 Thus it will be! And We will partner them with pure beautiful eyed ones.

44:55 They will receive therein every fruit and security.

44:56 And they will taste no death except the first

and He Will Protect them from the Punishment of Hellfire.

44:57 All as Favor From thy Lord

and that is winning the Sublime Triumph!

44:58 And We made this easy to memorize in thy native tongue

that thy peoples might take heed.

44:59 So watch

for All of Us above are watching too!