Chapter 46. The Dunes, al-Ahqaf

46.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

46:1 ḥā mīm

46:2 The Successive Revelation of this Quran is From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

46:3 We Created the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them the firmament with Truth for a term.

But those who are deceived turn away from exactly that with which they are being Clearly Warned! Truth!

46:4 Say: Have you considered what you call to besides God?

Show me what they have created of the Earth!

And if they have a partnership in the Heavens

bring me a decree like Gods’ or some remnant of great knowledge if you be Truthful.

46:5 For who is further astray than those who call to other than God that respond not until as witnesses on the Day of Resurrection? Indeed they the jinn are unable to answer their calls!

46:6 And when humanity is gathered they will be enemies to them and deniers of their being worthy of worship.

46:7 And when Our Clear Words are recited

those who disbelieve say of such Truth when it comes to them:

This is obvious fantasy.

46:8 And if they say: He has invented it.

Reply: If I have invented it then why do you possess no power against me? Gods’ Messengers cannot be harmed by anyone. As we see in the case of Jesus/Yeshua, it is all a LIE to make people doubt the Protection Of God. But in reality, not a single Messenger Of God has ever been harmed or beaten in any manner (except as punishment, correction or teaching from God) as with all steadfast believers except those who willingly die fighting for/honoring God to obtain salvation.

Yea He Knows Best what you utter concerning it

and Sufficient Is He As Witness between you and I.

And He Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

46:9 Say: I am no new thing among the messengers

and I do not know what will be done with you or me.

Yea I follow only what I am instructed

and in that I am only a Clear Warner.

46:10 Say: Considered ye if my message really is From God

yet you deny it?

Yea I am a witness bearing witness exactly as the sons of Israel Jacob

they believed while you are wrongdoers.

See how God guides not the wrongdoing people?

46:11 And those who disbelieve say of those who believe:

If it were Good they would not have to press us to it.

Yea and because they have not been Rightly Guided By God to it

they will say: This is an ancient lie.

46:12 And before this was the Book of Moses the Torah as an example and a mercy.

Now this is a Decree and confirmation of it in the Arabic tongue

that it might warn those who do wrong

and bring Glad Tidings to the doers of Good.

46:13 Those who say: Our Lord Is God

then are upright

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

46:14 These are the companions of the Garden

abiding Eternally therein as Reward for what they did.

46:15 And We enjoined upon believers Good conduct towards their parents.

For mothers carried them with struggles

and brought them forth with pain.

And the bearing of them and the weaning of them is thirty months.

Then when fully grown and aged forty years

one says: My Lord Direct me to be grateful for the Grace wherewith Thou Has Favored me

and my parents

and to work Righteousness Pleasing To Thee.

And do Thou Right by me concerning my progeny

for I now turn to Thee repentant

and I am of those submitted to Thee.

46:16 These are they from whom We accept the best of what they did while overlooking their evil.

So they are among the companions of the Garden

hence the Promise they were Promised becomes Truth.

46:17 And one who disbelieves says to their parents;

Are you telling me that I will be brought forth when generations have come and gone before me?

And they seek Help Of God saying: Woe to thee!

Believe thou believe!

The Promise Of God is True!

But they say: It is only legends of former peoples.

46:18 These are they upon whom the Word concerning the communities of jinn and then humans which had come and gone before them became binding because they were warned

and they are the losers.

46:19 And for all are seven degrees of hell for what they did that He Might Repay them in full for their deeds

and they will not be wronged.

46:20 And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the Fire it will be said:

You have now left your favorite things in the life of the world where you sought enjoyment therein.

But this Day you are Rewarded with a Humiliating Punishment because you were proud in the Earth without cause

and because you were wantonly disobedient.

46:21 And remember the brother of Ad

who warned his people of the wind carved sand hills.

Warners had come and gone before and after him saying: Do not serve other than God

I fear for you the Punishment of an Onerous Day!

46:22 They said: Has thou come to us to lead us away from our gods?

Then just bring upon us What thou promises now if ye be of those who speak the Truth.

46:23 He said: Knowledge of that is Only With God

I convey to you what has been sent to me

but I see you are a folk in love with ignorance.

46:24 Then when they saw it as an expanse of clouds with God and His Angels above approaching their valleys they said:

This is an expanse of clouds bringing us rain!

Nay! It is that which you sought to hasten

a wind wherein is terrible pain and death abound!

46:25 It will destroy all life by the Command Of its Lord.

Then morning found them

and there was nothing to be seen but remains of their dwellings recall the many deserted but intact archeological sites

thus We Reward the evildoing people.

46:26 And certainly We established them with more than We have established you.

And We gave them hearing and sight and intellect

but their hearing and sight and intellect availed them nothing

after they rejected the Proofs Of God.

Then surrounded them what they mocked. angels and Hell

46:27 And We destroyed cities around you and now clearly expound the Evidence of their destruction

that some might return to the Way.

46:28 Oh if only those whom they took for gods besides God could be mediators for them!

But nay they forsook them

for that was their lie they had invented.

46:29 And when We turned a band among the jinn towards thee listening in to the Quran

they said to each other: Listen attentively!

And when it was concluded they went back to their people with the Warning.

46:30 They said: O our people We have heard a Decree sent down after the One from Moses

a confirmation of it being True

guiding to the Truth and the Straight Path.

46:31 O our people respond to us your callers to God and believe in Him

for God Will Forgive you your transgressions and Protect you from a Painful Punishment.

46:32 And whoever does not respond to any caller to God

will not escape the Earth

and they have no protectors besides Him.

Yea these are in obvious error.

46:33 Have they not considered that God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth

and was not wearied at all by their Creation

Is Able To Give Life to the dead?

Yea verily God Is Powerful Over All Things.

46:34 And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the Fire they will be asked:

Is then this not the Truth?

They will say: Verily By our Lord it is True!

And He Will Say: Then taste the Punishment for what you denied.

46:35 So have patience as messengers prior who were imbued with constancy were patient

and seek not to hasten Gods’ Judgement of them.

The Day they see Eternity as Promised it will be as though they had tarried but an hour of a day in this life.

Communicate this

so only the wantonly disobedient are Punished.