Chapter 45. The Kneeling, al-Jathiyah

45.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

45:1 ḥā mīm

45:2 The Successive Revelation of this Book is From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

45:3 In the Heavens and the Earth is plenteous Evidence for the believers.

45:4 Yea in your creation and the creatures He Scattered in the Earth is Evidence for people who use reason.

45:5 And in the alternation of night and day

and in what He Sends Down from the sky of Provision Giving Life thereby to the Earth after its death.

And in the circulation of the winds

is Evidence for people who use reason.

45:6 This is the Word Of God

and We recite It to thee in Truth.

So in what narration and verses other than Gods’ will they believe?

45:7 Woe to every false deceived one!

45:8 Hearing the Word Of God recounted to them then persisting in arrogance as if they did not hear them.

Give these tidings of a Painful Punishment!

45:9 Indeed those that come to know any of Our Words then make light or mockery of them

these have an Especially Humiliating Punishment.

45:10 Yea pushing behind them is Hell

and what Good they did will not help them

nor will those they take as protectors besides God.

Indeed they all have a Horrifying Punishment.

45:11 This is Guidance.

And those who deny the Proofs Of their Lord

they have the Punishment of a Painful Wrath.

45:12 God It Is Who Made the sea serviceable to you that the ships might run thereon by His Command

and that you might seek of His Bounty

and that you might be grateful.

45:13 He Made serviceable to you all that is in the Heavens and in the Earth.

Everything is Provided By Him

and in that is Evidence for people who reflect.

45:14 Say to those who believe:

Forgive those who do not hope for the Days Of God

for He Alone Rewards people for what they earned.

45:15 And whoever works Righteousness

it is for their soul.

And whoever does evil

it is against it.

Then to your Lord will you all be returned.

45:16 And We gave the children of Israel the Torah and judgement and prophethood

and provided them with Good things

and favored them above all mankind. jinn/humans

45:17 And We gave them Clear Commandments

which they later differed upon out of envy and rivalry over which prophet was greater. While they’re all just men.

Yea thy Lord Will Decide between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.

45:18 Hence have We set thee upon a Straight Path

so follow it.

Do not follow the vain desires of the ignorant

45:19 for they can avail thee in nothing against God.

Yea the wrongdoers are partners of one another

but God Is The Partner of those in Wise Fear.

45:20 This is a means of insight for mankind

and a Guidance

and a Mercy for people with discernment.

45:21 If those who commit evil suppose We will make those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

the same in their living and their dying

direly wrong is what they assume.

45:22 God Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth

that every soul be Rewarded for what it earned

hence none will be wronged. And the repentant are Forgiven!

45:23 Has thou considered those who take their vain desires as their god? Self, wealth, materialism, children, power, fame etc.

Yea God Has Correctly Sent them astray

and Sealed their hearing

and their hearts

and Set a covering Over their sight.

So who will guide them other than God?

Will you then not take heed!

45:24 And fools say: There is only our life of this world

we live and we die

and it is only time that can destroy us.

But they have no knowledge of any of it

yea they only wish in their foolishness.

45:25 And when Our Clear Proofs are recounted to them their argument is often that they say:

Bring back our fathers if you be Truthful.

45:26 Say: God Gives you Life

then He Gives you Death

then He Gathers you to the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt.

But most do not know.

45:27 For the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God

and the Day the Hour comes

that Day those who followed deceptions will be lost.

45:28 And thou will see every community on its knees

each called to its Book from their messenger all of which say:

This Day you are Rewarded for Everything you did!

45:29 This Our decree speaks against you with Truth

for We recorded Everything you did.

45:30 Then as for those who heeded the Warning and did deeds of Righteousness

their Lord Will Make them Enter Into His Mercy

and that is the Clear Achievement.

45:31 And as for those who were deceived it will be said:

Were not Our Proofs recounted to you?

Yet still you were a proud and evildoing people?

45:32 And when it was said: The Promise Of God is True as is the Hour about which there is no doubt.

But those deceived said: We do not know what the Hour is and we think it is only conjecture

yea we are not convinced.

45:33 But the foolishness of what they did will become clear

when all they had mocked surrounds them!

45:34 Then it will be said: This Day We will forget you in Hell as you forgot the Meeting with Us on this Day.

Yea your habitation is the Fire

and you will never have any protectors.

45:35 That is because you made mockery of Gods’ Proofs

and allowed the life of this world to deceive you.

So as of that Day they cannot escape

nor are they allowed to make amends.

45:36 And the Praise Belongs To God.

The Lord of the Heavens!

The Lord of the Earth!

The Lord of the Worlds!

45:37 To Him Belongs All the Majesty in the Heavens and the Earth

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.