Chapter 47. Mohamet, Muhammad

47.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

47:1 Those who disbelieve

and barred others from the Path Of God

He Causes their actions to go astray.

47:2 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

and believe in what was sent down upon Mohamet

as the Truth From their Lord

God Removes their evil from them and Makes Right their state of mind.

47:3 Because those who disbelieve follow falsehood

and because those who believe follow the Truth.

Thus Does God Present their Lessons to them.

47:4 When you meet deceived ingrates who fight you

smite their necks with a sound thrashing.

Or for those who surrender

tie them fast with restraints.

Then if war begins then concludes either give them grace or ransom them to their defeated clansmen.

Thus it is so! But know Had God Willed He Would Have Taken Revenge On them By Himself so it was only

that He Might Try Some of you by means of others.

And those who are slain in the Path Of God

He will never allow their deeds to be for naught.

47:5 Yea He Will Guide them and Make Right their state of mind beforehand

47:6 and then Make them enter the Garden which He Has Promised. Note how even those who die for God have to be Guided!

47:7 O you who believe: If you help God He Will Help you and Plant your feet firm!

47:8 But for those who are deceived

wretchedness is theirs

and He Causes their deeds to go further astray.

47:9 Because they were averse to what God Sent Down

He Makes them fail.

47:10 Yea have they not travelled in the land to see the final outcomes of those before them?

God Destroyed them

and for future fools soon is greatest of the like thereof.

47:11 Because God Is Benefactor to those who believe

and because fools have no defender.

47:12 God Makes those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness enter Gardens

beneath which rivers flow.

While those who disbelieve enjoy themselves and gorge as carnivorous animals gorge

so the Fire is home for them.

47:13 And how many a city stronger than thy city Mecca which has cast thee out have We destroyed!

Yea they have no protector.

47:14 Is then one who is acting on Clear Evidence From their Lord

like one who imagined the evil of their deeds to be fair

while following their vain desires?

47:15 Nay. Submission Rewards the Garden which is Promised to those of Wise Fear.

Therein are rivers of unpolluted water

and milk of unchanging taste

and divine libations

a pleasure to the drinkers.

And therein are virtual rivers of purified honey

and every sort of fruit

with Pardon From their Lord.

Is that like ones who abide Eternally in the Fire

and are given a scalding liquid to drink so that it lacerates their intestines for Eternity?

47:16 And among them are some who listen to thee but

afterwards say to those who they think are wise:

What was that he said just now?

All these are whose hearts God Sealed

so they follow their vain desires.

47:17 But those who are Rightly Guided He Increases them in Guidance and Awards them with Wise Fear.

47:18 Yet they await unwittingly that the Hour should come upon them unexpectedly?

Then when its prophesied events come as Reminders

what use will they be to them?

None! There won’t be enough time to overcome their brainwashing.

47:19 So know there is no god but YHWH!

And ask forgiveness for thy transgressions

and the same for the believing men and women.

For God Knows your turmoil and your Eternal Home.

47:20 And those who believed say: Why was a chapter of the Quran about fighting not caused to descend?

Then when an explicit chapter is sent down and killing is mentioned therein

thou sees those with diseased hearts looking at thee with the look of one fainting at death. Woe to them!

47:21 Better is obedience with honorable words!

And when this life is concluded they will realize that giving to God was really just giving to oneself.

47:22 Do those who turn away from God work corruption in the land and sever ties with believing kin?

47:23 Yea. These are whom God Has Cursed

He Made deafness in their ears

and blindness in their sight.

47:24 They will not consider the Quran with the care due

for there are locks upon their hearts.

47:25 And truly those who turn their backs after the Guidance is made clear

were enticed by whisperings of jinn or temptations of degenerate snaking imposters or both

and they foolishly indulged.

47:26 Those who are averse to what God Sent Down say:

We will only obey you in part of the matter.

But God Knows that and all their secrets.

47:27 So how will it be when the angels take them with force

striking their faces and their backs?

47:28 They will know they followed what Angered God which can only mean they dislike His Contentment.

So He Makes them fail. Think about this, it is a virtual act of war!

47:29 Those in whose hearts is disease does thou think that

God has no knowledge of their ill will to Him?

47:30 And had We willed We would have marked them and shown them to you openly

but thou will know them by their twisted ways.

And God Knows All their deeds.

47:31 And We will test you until We know the diligent

and the patient among you

and We will test your assertions.

47:32 Those who disbelieve

and abandon the Path Of God

or are hostile towards His messengers after the Guidance is made clear to them

they do not harm God at all.

And He Will Cause their hostilities to end in disaster!

47:33 O you who believe obey God and obey the messenger

and do not render your Good works to be for naught.

47:34 But woe to those who are indifferent to this Warning and abandon the Path Of God then die as ingrates!

For God will never forgive them.

47:35 So do not relent and only call for peace once you have the upper hand!

And know God Is With you and will not deprive you from Rewards for your deeds.

47:36 Yea the life of this world is but play and diversion

but if you believe with Wise Fear He Will Support you and not ask for your wealth.

47:37 But if He Does Ask it of you and Press you while you are a miser

He Will Bring Out your rancor that can only harm you.

47:38 So here you are

called to spend in the Path Of God

then among you is one who is miserly.

And whoever is miserly

is only miserly against themselves.

For With God Are All Riches

and you in the Earth are poor.

And if you turn away He Will Simply Replace you with a people unlike the likes of you!