Chapter 48. Victory, al-Fath

48.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

48:1 We gave thee believers clear victory.

48:2 That God Might Forgive thee that which preceded of thy transgression

and what He Already Knows will follow

and Perfect His Grace Towards thee

and Guide thee to a Straight Path.

48:3 And that God Might Help thee With His Mighty Help.

48:4 It Is He Who Sent Down Tranquility Into the hearts of the believers

so they could add belief to their belief.

And in Truth all the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God.

God Who Has Been Knowing, Wise.

48:5 That He Might Make the believing men and the believing women enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they then abiding Eternally therein.

And that He Absolve each conscious of all guilt

for that is a Wonderful Success With God.

48:6 But He Will Punish the talmudic men

and women

and the polytheists

and the idolaters

all those who think an evil thought about God.

Evil is turned against them

for God Is Wroth with them

and Has Cursed them

and Is Now Preparing them for Hell.

How miserable is that for their Journeys’ End!

48:7 Yea To God Belongs All the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth.

And God Is Mighty, Wise.

48:8 We sent thee to witness

and bear Glad Tidings

and as a Warner.

48:9 That some might believe in God and His Messenger

and honor Him and revere Him and give

glory to Him morning and evening.

48:10 Those who swear allegiance to thee only swear allegiance to God

and the Hand Of God Works Over their hands.

And whoever reneges

only reneges against their own soul.

And whoever fulfills what they have taken upon themselves as a pledge to God

He Will Give these an Immense Reward.

48:11 Those left behind of the bedouins will say to thee:

Our property and our families held us back from fighting

so ask thou Forgiveness for us.

They speak with their tongues that which is not in their hearts.

Say: Who can avail you anything against God if He Intends Harm for you or Intends Benefit for you?

The Truth is God Is Fully Aware of Everything you did.

48:12 And the Truth is you thought the messenger

and the believers would never return to their families.

And that was made to seem real in your hearts so you

thought an evil thought and are now a people ruined.

48:13 Whoever does not believe in God and His Messengers

We have prepared the Inferno for those fools.

48:14 To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

He Forgives whom He Wills

and He Punishes whom He Wills.

Yet God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

48:15 Then when you set forth to take the spoils those who stayed behind will say:

Let us go with you!

They seek to change the Command Of God over destiny

so say: You shall not go with us.

Thus God Forewarned they would say to thou:

The Truth is you are envious of us.

But truly they understand not but a little.

48:16 Say to those who were left behind of the bedouins:

You will be called against a people of strong might

and you will fight them

or they will submit instead.

Either way if you obey God He Will Give you a Goodly Reward.

But if you turn away as you turned away before

He Will Punish you with a Painful Punishment.

48:17 But there is no blame upon the blind

nor the lame

nor the sick.

Whoever obeys God and His Messenger these He Will Make Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

And whoever turns away He Will Punish with a Painful Punishment.

48:18 God Was Well Pleased with the 1,500 believers when they swore loyalty to thee beneath the great tree.

He Knew fear was in their hearts

so He Sent Down His Tranquility upon them and Rewarded them with coming victories!

48:19 Yea many gains you believers will all take

for God Is Mighty, Wise.

48:20 Yea God Promised you many gains that you will take

and He Quickens this for you

and Withholds the hands of others from you

so that it might be a Proof for the believers

and He Might Guide you on a Straight Path.

48:21 And little does thou know other gains not yet within your reach that God Has Already Secured.

For God Is Powerful Over All Things.

48:22 And had those who are indifferent to

the Warning fought alongside you they would have turned and fled

forevermore finding neither ally nor protector.

48:23 This is the Practice Of God which had been before

and thou will not find deviation in the Practice Of God.

48:24 And He It Is Who Withheld their hands from you

and then your hands from them

in the valley near Mecca

after He Made you victorious over them.

God Is Beholder of Everything you do.

48:25 They are those who were deceived and diverted you from the Kaaba

and God Prevented what they planned from occurring.

And were that not the case you might have trampled believing men and women you knew not

and a blot would have befallen you on their account without knowledge.

All that God Might Make Enter Into His Mercy whom He Wills.

But had the believers left the Kaaba We would have punished those remaining who disbelieved with a Painful Punishment.

48:26 While disbelievers held zealotry in their hearts

the zealotry like that before in the time of ignorance

God Sent Down His Tranquility Upon His Messenger and Upon the believers

and Made them adhere to the Word of Righteousness.

For they were more deserving and worthy of it.

God Is Knowing Of Everything.

48:27 God Was Sincere to the vision of His Messenger in Truth

when you told the believers they would enter the inviolable place of worship secure if God Should Will

with hair shaven and cut well kept

not fearing.

For He Knows what you know not

and He Appointed besides that a victory close at hand.

48:28 He Has Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Doctrine of Truth

that He Might Uplift It over all other doctrines.

And God Excels As Witness.

48:29 Yea Mohamet thou are the Messenger Of God

and those with thee are hard against the disbelievers

but compassionate among yourselves.

Thou sees them bow down in submission

seeking Favor From and Pleasure For God.

Glad expressions on their faces in result of submission

is their example in the Torah and in the Gospel.

Their example is like a seed that put forth its shoot and became stout

and took its place upon its stem impressing the sowers

that He Might Confound the deniers by them.

Yea God Has Promised those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness His Forgiveness and a Great Reward.