Chapter 49. The Chambers, al-Hujurat

49.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

49:1 O you who believe do not put yourselves ahead of God or His Messenger.

And be in Wise Fear of God

for truly God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

49:2 O you who believe do not raise your voices above the voice of the prophet.

Yea and do not be loud when speaking to him as you are loud with one another

lest your deeds be made vain while you are not aware.

49:3 Truly those who lower their voices in the presence of the Messengers Of God

these are they whose hearts God Has Examined for Righteousness.

They have Forgiveness and a Sublime Compensation.

49:4 And those who call to thee while you are at home most of them do not reason.

49:5 Had they been patient until thou came forth to them it would have been better for them.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

49:6 O you who believe

if one who is careless or disobedient brings accusations

verify them before you strike a people in ignorance

possibly becoming remorseful for what you did.

49:7 And know that the Messenger Of God is among you

and if he were to hearken to your suggestions in most matters you would fall into misfortune.

But God Has Endeared Faith to you and Made It feel pleasing to your hearts.

And He Caused ingratitude and disobedience and rebellion to be detestable to you.

Yea these indeed are the Right Minded.

49:8 Favor and Grace are From God

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

49:9 If two groups of the believers fight among themselves

make things Right between them.

And if one of them oppresses the other

warn the oppressors of punishment unless they return to the Command Of God.

Then if they return

make Right between them with equity

by acting justly.

For God Loves those who act justly.

49:10 The believers are brethren

so make Right between your brethren

and be in Wise Fear of God

that you might obtain His Mercy.

49:11 O you who believe let not one group ridicule another

even if it may be that they are better than the other.

Nor let women ridicule other women

even if it may be that they are better than the other.

Nor look for fault among yourselves

nor insult one another with lowly nicknames

for miserable are believers who malign other believers

and turn not in apologetic repentance

these are wrongdoers.

49:12 Yea and O you who believe shun your suspicions and negative assumptions of brethren

for it can be a sin. i.e. if from the false/negative whisperings of jinn

And spy not upon one another

nor cause some to backbite others.

For would you like to eat the flesh of your brother?

You would detest it yet it is the same.

And be in Wise Fear of God

God Is Relenting, Merciful.

49:13 O mankind We Created you from male and female

and made you different peoples and types that you might recognize one another.

But the most noble of you in the Sight Of God are those who are the most conscious of Gods’ Presence.

God Is Knowing, Aware.

49:14 The bedouins say: We believe.

Say: You have not believed

you only say: We believe.

While True Faith has not yet entered into your hearts.

But if you obey God and His Messenger He will not deprive you of anything in your deeds.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

49:15 But true believers are only those who believe in God and His Messenger

they do not doubt either

and strive with their wealth and their lives on the Path Of God.

These are the Truthful.

49:16 Say: Would you teach God your doctrine when God Knows All that is in the Heavens and the Earth?

Yea God Knows Everything.

49:17 And if they think it a favor to thee that they submit

say: Your submission is no favor to me!

It Is God Who Has Done you a Favor By Guiding you to Faith if you are sincere.

49:18 And truly God Knows the unseen of the Heavens and the Earth

and God Sees Everything you do.