Chapter 50. The Letter Qaf

50.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

50:1 qāf

By the Glorious Quran!

50:2 The Truth is they marvel that a Warner has come from among themselves

so fools among them say:

This is a strange and unlikely thing.

50:3 Yea and to rise after we are dead and became dust

that would be an unlikely return!

50:4 But We know best how Earth devours their bodies

and such Decrees persevere only by Our secret ways.

50:5 So the fact is they deny the Truth that comes to them

and they are troubled in confused states of ignorance.

50:6 Likewise they have looked at the sky above them

wondering how We constructed it and made it fair.

There are no gaps therein.

50:7 And We spread out the Earth

and cast firm mountains therein

and We caused every sort of delightful kind to grow

50:8 as an insight and reminder for each repentant servant.

50:9 And We sent down blessed water from Heaven then caused to grow gardens thereby and the reaped grain

50:10 and tall date palms with clusters of spathes

50:11 as a provision for the servants.

And therewith We gave life to a dead land

and thus will be the Emergence.

50:12 This was rejected before by the people of Noah

and the companions of the Rass a community well

and Thamud

50:13 and Ad

and pharaoh

and the brethren of Lot

50:14 and the companions of the woods Jethros’ people

and the people of Tubba.

Everyone who rejects My Messengers

sees My Warnings become manifest!

50:15 And were We wearied by the first Creation?

Nay. Yet they are in doubt about a new Creation?

50:16 Yea We have Created mankind jinn and humans not hybrid DSIs

and We know what their souls whisper to them

for We are nearer than their jugular veins. This describes a level of constant intimacy worthy of much consideration at all times!

50:17 When We commit for life two jinn watchers one seated on the right and one on the left

50:18 none utters a word that a watcher is not ready to record.

50:19 And with the stupor of death will come the Truth

of what each should have toiled to avoid.

50:20 When the trumpet will be blown

that is the Day of the Eminent Threat!

50:21 When every soul will come forth

with it an angel as driver and one as a witness.

50:22 Certainly most were heedless of this

but Today We have removed your veil

so keen is your sight on this Day! We will be able to see the angels, Heaven, Hell and other aspects of the unseen for the first time!

50:23 And the recording angel will say:

This is what I have recorded and prepared.

50:24 Then cast into Hell is every stubborn ingrate!

50:25 Hinderers of Good!

Skeptical transgressors!

50:26 Those who set up false gods with God!

Yea cast these into the Severe Punishment!

50:27 And their jewish comrades will say:

Our Lord I did not cause them to transgress

but they had been going far astray.

50:28 He Will Say: Contend not in My Presence

when I Had Sent My Warnings ahead to you.

50:29 And the Word With Me does not change

nor Am I unjust to My Servants.

50:30 The Day We say to Hell: Art thou full?

It will say: Is there more?

50:31 And the Garden will be brought near

for the Righteous.

50:32 We will say: This is what you were Promised

for everyone who turned and stayed repentant.

50:33 Those who feared The Almighty in the unseen

and came with a repentant heart

50:34 will enter it in peace.

And that is the Day of Eternity.

50:35 They have what they desire therein

and there is always more from Us.

50:36 And how many generations did We destroy before them!

They were stronger than them in might

and they explored throughout the lands

but found no place to escape from God!

50:37 In that is a reminder for one who has heart and gives witness with God Consciousness.

50:38 And We Created the Heavens and the Earth and all things living in them in six periods

while absolutely no weariness touched Us.

50:39 So be patient over what disbelievers say

and give thou glory with the praise of thy Lord before the rising sun

and before its setting.

50:40 And some of the night glorify Him

and between Prayers.

50:41 And listen for the Day the crier will cry from a place nearby.

50:42 The Day they will hear the Blast in Truth

that is the Day of Emergence.

50:43 Yea We give life and We give death

and to Us is the Journeys’ End.

50:44 The Day the Earth is rapidly rent asunder around them.

And that Day of the gathering is easy for Us.

50:45 Yea We know best what the fools say

and thou are not over them as one to compel

so just remind those who fear My Warnings with this Quran.