Chapter 59. The Exile, al-Hashr

59.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

59:1 All that is Good in the Heavens and in the Earth gives glory to God

for He Alone Is The Almighty, The Wise.

59:2 He Is Who Expelled the ingrates among the talmudic jews from their homes earlier at the gathering of folk in Madinah.

You thought they would not leave

and they thought their strongholds would protect them from God.

But God Sent His Prophet against them from where they did not expect he killed their chief and burnt their farms

and Put Terror In their hearts

causing them to destroy their dwellings with their own hands before fleeing and being looted

at the hands of the believers.

So take a lesson O you with eyes that see.

59:3 And had God not Decreed Exile for them He Would Still Have Punished them in this world

then they receive the Punishment of Hell for Eternity!

59:4 All because they were hostile towards God and His Messenger

for whoever is hostile towards God

God Is Severe in Penalty.

59:5 And of their beautiful palm trees cut down or left standing on their roots

were by Gods’ Permission and that He Might Disgrace the ingrates with jealousy and loss.

59:6 And what of theirs God Bestowed Upon His Messenger

you did not spur any horse or riding camel. in labor

Hence God Gives His Messengers Authority over whom He Wills

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

59:7 And All Spoils that God Bestows upon His Messengers from other peoples

Belong to God and His Messengers

to Give to relatives

and the fatherless

and the needy

and the wayfarer

not for distribution between the rich among you.

So what the messenger gives you

take it

and of what he forbids you


Yea and be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Severe in Retribution.

59:8 And for the poor emigrants driven from their homes and their property

while seeking Favor and Approval From God.

These who help God and His Messenger are the worthy so for them is a portion.

59:9 And the poor believers already living there love the believers who emigrate to their town.

There is no envy in their hearts for this is grace given to them so they are happy for them and satisfied with it.

Yea whoever is protected from being stingy during life

these are the Successful!

59:10 And those who are immigrating to their town say:

Our Lord Forgive us and these brethren who preceded us in faith

and make not rancor in our hearts towards believers

for our Lord Thou Are Gentle, Compassionate.

59:11 Has thou not considered the hypocrites?

They say to their ungrateful brethren among the talmudic jews:

If you are expelled we will go out with you and will not obey your enemies ever.

Yea and if you are attacked we will help you!

But God Bears Witness that truly they are liars.

59:12 For if they are expelled they will not go out with them

and if they are attacked they will not help them

they will turn and flee

so there is no help for either lot.

59:13 You cause stronger fear in their hearts than

God because they are a people who do not believe.

59:14 They will not fight you at all except in fortified cities or from behind walls

for their might is only strong against each other.

Yea thou thinks they are united but their hearts are divided because they are a people who do not reason.

59:15 Like the examples of those before them

who tasted the consequences of their affair in this life and then receive the Painful Punishment for Eternity.

59:16 Like the example of the degenerate snaking imposter when they tell an Adamite to disbelieve

then when it is done their talmudist companion says:

I had no part in that

I fear God, The Lord of the Worlds!

59:17 So the final outcome is they are both scorched in the Fire

abiding Eternally therein

that is the Reward for wrongdoers.

59:18 So O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God!

And let every soul comprehend what it puts forward for its Eternal existence.

Yea be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Aware of Everything you do Always.

59:19 And be not like those who forgot God so He Caused them to forget their souls

these are the wantonly disobedient.

59:20 Yea the companions of the Fire and the Garden are not at all alike.

The companions of the Garden

they are the Triumphant.

59:21 Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain thou would see it humbled and rent asunder in fear of God.

These examples We present to mankind

that they might reflect.

59:22 He Is YHWH

and there is no god but He.

The Knower of the seen and the unseen

He Is The Almighty, The Merciful.

59:23 Yea He Is YHWH

and there is no god but He.

The King

The Holy

The Perfect

The Faithful

The Preserver

The Almighty

The Compeller

The Supreme.

Glory Be Unto God High Above what they serve!

59:24 He Is YHWH

The Creator

The Originator

The Designer.

To Him Belong the Most Beautiful Names

and to Him all in the Heavens and the Earth give glory

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.