Chapter 60. She That Is Tested, al-Mumtahanah

60.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

60:1 O you who believe take not My enemy and your enemy as friends.

Extending love towards them when they have denied that which has come to you of the Truth

while expelling the messenger and yourselves because you believe in God your Lord.

If you go forth to strive in My Cause and seek My Pleasure

yet show them love as if in secret

I Know Best what you hide and what you proclaim.

And whoever does that among you

has strayed from the Right Path.

60:2 If they gain the ascendency over you they will be hard enemies to you

and will stretch out their hands and their tongues against you with evil for as long as they can.

And they long to deceive you into disbelief and disobedience.

Because they are predestined to Hell under Gods’ Curse of their jinn fathers and want the same for Adamites. They hate We the People. Hence why they use ALL the newspapers, magazines, TV/Radio stations and social media to popularize sins of idolatry, satanism, faggotry, pedophilia, abortion, oppression, murder of innocents (people and animals) and their favorite, false worship/deification of their fathers such as jeZEUS by deceived christians and AMEN-rah by both christians and muslims in their 503c corporate churches & mosques!

60:3 And on the Day of Resurrection no Earthly relations will benefit you for He Is Judge to you all.

And God Sees Everything you do.

60:4 There was a Good model for you in Abraham and those with him

when they said to their people:

We are innocent of what you serve besides God

and we reject you for there has risen between us and you deep seated dislike and hatred for time without end unless you repent and believe in God Alone.

But the saying of Abraham to his father was:

I will ask Forgiveness though I have no defense for thee from God.

Yea our Lord in Thee we place all our trust

and to Thee may we turn repentant

for to Thee is the Journeys’ End.

60:5 And: Our Lord do not Let us be sources of pleasure

for disbelievers and please our Lord Forgive us.

Thou Alone Are The Almighty, The Wise.

60:6 Yea there was a Good model for you in Abraham and anyone awaiting the Last Day when they meet God.

As to whoever turns away

God Remains The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

60:7 But it could be that God Will Place Affection between you and some believers you may dislike.

For God Is Powerful

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:8 God Forbids you from fighting those who neither fight you in doctrine nor seek to expel you from your homes.

Be virtuous towards them and act justly with them

for God Loves the just.

60:9 God Only Forbids befriending those who fight you in doctrine

or seek to expel you from your homes

or assist thereto.

Whoever befriends these

they too then are the wrongdoers.

60:10 O you who believe when women come to you as strangers or immigrants saying they believe

test them

for only God Knows Otherwise. And He Will Help Root them out!

If you find them to be believing women

do not return them to disbelievers

for such women are unlawful for them

and they are not lawful for such women.

And give their men what they spent on them

then you do no wrong to marry such women when you give them their compensation.

And hold back conjugal ties with denying women.

That is the Judgement Of God

for He Alone Judges between you

and God Is Knowing, Wise.

60:11 And retaliate against disbelievers who take your wives!

Run them down and take everything they have then give to the ones who lost their wives their amount due.

And be in Wise Fear of God in Whom you are believers.

60:12 O prophet when known believing women come to thee swearing fidelity to thee that they will not serve other than God

and will neither steal

nor commit adultery

nor kill their children

nor produce backbiting among you

nor use their hands or feet against you

nor disobey what is honorable.

Then accept their fidelity

and ask God To Forgive them.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:13 But O you who believe take not friends from peoples with whom God Is Wroth.

Surely they gave up hope of seeing the Garden like they have given up hope of seeing the dead.