Chapter 58. She Who Pleaded, al-Mujadilah

58.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

58:1 God Has Heard of her that disputes with the prophet concerning her husband and complains to God.

Yea God Hears the conversation between you

for God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

58:2 Wrong are those who insult their wives by saying they are like their mothers

when they are not their mothers.

Their mothers are only those who brought them up

so what they say is evil

and a falsehood.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

58:3 And those who still say their wives are like their mothers will find their wives go back on their oaths of marriage.

Hence atonement requires freeing of a slave before touching one another.

That you are encouraged to do.

And God Is Aware of Everything you do.

58:4 And whoever has not the wherewithal to free a slave

a fast of two moons consecutively before they touch one another.

And whoever is not able to do that

the feeding of sixty needy ones.

That is so you may be given privilege to believe in God and His Messenger. Note that belief is a PRIVILEGE GIVEN to us!

Those are the Limits Of God

and for fools is a Painful Punishment.

58:5 Those who oppose God and His Messenger will be brought low as those before them were brought low.

And We have sent down Clear Proofs

but for fools is a Humiliating Punishment.

58:6 The Day God Raises them one and all He Will Inform them of what they did.

God Recorded it all

while they forgot most!

God Is Sure Witness Over All Things.

58:7 Has thou not considered that God Knows Everything in the Heavens and the Earth?

There is no confidential conversation of three because He Is their Fourth.

Nor of five because He Is their Sixth.

Nor of less than that or greater because He Is With mankind wherever they are always.

Thus Will He Inform them of Everything they did on the Day of Resurrection

for God Knows All Things.

58:8 Has thou not considered those who were forbidden secret meetings then attend them?

These deal in falsehood with sin and aggression and disobedience towards the messenger.

And when they come to thee they greet thee with a greeting wherewith God has not decreed for thee.

And they say within themselves:

God has not punished us for what we say.

But their Reckoning will be Hell

and they will burn therein Eternally

and what a loathsome misery is their Journeys’ End!

58:9 O you who believe do not hold secret meetings in falsehood with sin or aggression or disobedience towards your messenger.

Hold secret meetings in virtue for piety

and be in Wise Fear of God to Whom you will be gathered.

58:10 Conspiring secretly is only for the degenerate snaking imposter that they dishearten those who believe.

But they cannot harm them at all without Gods’ Permission. i.e. for tests

So in God Alone let the believers place all their trust.

58:11 O you who believe when it is said to you: Make room

at the gathering.

Then make room.

For God Will Make Room for you. in Heaven

And when it is said: Think higher

then think higher.

God Will Raise those who believe and those given knowledge among you higher in degrees

for God Is Constantly Aware of Everything you do.

58:12 O you who believe when you seek to converse with the messenger in private

bring a gift

for that is better and purer for you.

But if you cannot find the means

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

58:13 Are you afraid of bringing the wrong gift?

If so then do not

but God Turns Towards you With Advice:

Uphold the Prayer Chapter/Surah #1

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and obey God and His Messenger

for God Is Aware of Everything you do.

58:14 Has thou considered those who partner with people whom God Is Wroth With? Disbelievers, DSIs and jews

They are not of you and you are not of them

and they swear jewish kol nidre oaths in falsehood

while they know it.

58:15 God Has Prepared a Severe Punishment for them

for evil is what they do.

58:16 They took their oaths as a cover

and forsook the Path Of God.

So a Humiliating Punishment comes for them.

58:17 Their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.

These are companions of the Fire

wherein they will abide Eternally.

58:18 The Day God Raises them one and all

then they will swear to Him as they swore before.

And they will think that they still stand upon something

but they are liars who stand upon nothing.

58:19 Their lies overcame them and caused them to forget the Remembrance of God.

These are of the synagogue of satan the congregation of the degenerate snaking imposters, see Rev 2.9 and 3.9 and they are the definite losers.

58:20 Those who work against God and His Messenger

they will be among the lowest and most miserable.

58:21 God Has Decreed: I Will Conquer

I and My Messengers

for God Is Strong, Mighty.

58:22 Thou will not find any folk who believe in God and the Last Day who stay friends with whoever opposes God and His Messengers.

Even if they are their parents or their children or their brethren or their kindred. They are enemies we are to abandon.

For these True believers

He Has Decreed Faith in their hearts and Strengthened them with His Spirit

to Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

For God Is Well Pleased with them

and they are well pleased with God!

These are the Party Of God

and no doubt the Party Of God

they are the Successful.