Chapter 67. The Kingdom, al-Mulk

67.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

67:1 Blessed Is He in Whose Hand is the Dominion!

He Is Powerful Over All Things.

67:2 He Who Gave Life and Death that He Might Try you

to Find which of you are best in deeds.

He Is The Almighty, The Forgiving.

67:3 He Who Created seven Heavens in layers.

Thou sees no mistake in the Creation Of The Almighty

so look again

can thou find any flaw? Nope. Like this in Arabic, it’s perfect!

67:4 And look again for as long as you can!

Thy sight will return to thee fatigued and humbled.

To grasp this imagine learning ALL there was to know about Gods’ Perfect Creation including DNA, RNA, atomic structures, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, languages, gravity, space, time, electromagnetics, wave spectrums, other higher technologies and everything else known and unknown about the world. Imagine the Omnipotent Mind Of God! When you’ve attempted to imagine that you’ll have glimpsed into what this verse speaks!

67:5 And We have adorned the firmament with lamps

and armed them with missiles aka falling stars to be thrown at the degenerate inhuman imposters. i.e. NASA

For them is prepared the Punishment of the Inferno.

67:6 Yea for those who disrespect their Lord is the Punishment of Hell

and it is a sore misery for their Journeys’ End.

67:7 When they are cast therein they hear its roaring

as it boils up.

67:8 As if bursting with rage

whenever a lot is cast in the keepers thereof ask them:

Did not a Warner of All This come to you?

67:9 They will say: Verily Warners came but we denied them saying:

God has not sent down anything

you are only in great error.

67:10 And they will say: Had we listened or used reason we would not be among the sufferers of this Inferno.

67:11 And they will regret their transgressions Forever

so away with the companions of the Fire!

67:12 But those who fear their Lord in the unseen

they have Forgiveness and a Great Reward.

67:13 And hide your beliefs or declare them publicly

He Knows what is really in the hearts.

67:14 For how could He not know

He Who Created It All?

Yea He Is The Subtle, The Aware.

67:15 He It Is Who Made the Earth for you

so walk in His Paths and eat Of His Provisions thereof

then to Him is the Resurrection.

67:16 Do you really feel secure that He Who Is In Heaven cannot Make the Earth swallow you

by Him Simply Telling it to swallow you?

67:17 Or do you feel secure that He Who Is In Heaven cannot Send a rain of molten stones upon you?

Yea you will come to know the Truth of My Warners.

67:18 And those before them also denied

so thou might wonder how were their deaths?

67:19 And have they not considered the birds flying in formations above them often soaring without effort?

Held up in air only by the Perfect Designs Of God

He Who Sees Everything.

67:20 And what army could help you like The Almighty?

Those in delusion about these things are fools!

67:21 Who else will sustain you if He Withholds His Provision?

Yet they persist in scorn and aversion.

67:22 Who is better guided while walking on their paths

one who focuses on this short life while not believing

or one who utilizes this life to secure Great Eternal Life?

67:23 Say: He It Is Who Gave you this Life and Crafted you with hearing and sight and intellect

while most give little thanks for it all and fail.

67:24 Say: He It Is Who Seeded you in the Earth

and to Him you will be gathered in joy or in anguish.

67:25 And they say: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

67:26 Say: Knowledge of the Hour is Solely With God

I am only a Clear Warner.

67:27 Then when they see it nearing

the faces of the ingrates will cloud over

and it will be said: Here is that of which you inquired!

67:28 Say: Have you considered the end result if God Chooses death for me or those with me and then Lays His Supreme Mercy On us?

Yea who will grant protection from a Painful Punishment when the denying fools die?

67:29 Say: He Is The Almighty

we believe in Him

and we place all our trust in Him.

And you will come to know who was in obvious error.

67:30 Say: Have you considered if all the waters drained into the Earth

who else could give you flowing streams again?