Chapter 68. The Pen, al-Qalam

68.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

68:1 nūn

By the pen and what they write!

68:2 By the Grace Of thy Lord thou are not possessed.

68:3 And for thee is an Unfailing Reward.

68:4 For thou are set out upon a Long Held Tradition.

68:5 And thou will see

and they will see

68:6 which of you is mad.

68:7 Thy Lord Knows Best who strays from His Way

and He Knows Best the Rightly Guided.

68:8 So do not obey or concede to the deniers.

68:9 Know they would love for thou to compromise

and for that they themselves would compromise much!

68:10 Neither obey a despised false swearer of oaths

68:11 or a backbiter going about with slander

68:12 nor the hinderer of Good

nor the transgressor

or one who deceives

68:13 relentless and ignoble

68:14 because they have wealth and authority and children.

68:15 When Our verses are recited they say:

These are but legends of former peoples.

68:16 We will permanently brand them with darkened faces as those who frown Forever!

68:17 We will try them as We tried the owners of the garden when they swore to pluck its fruit in the morning

68:18 and made not an allowance for the poor.

68:19 Then a Visitor Of thy Lord moved about upon it while they slept

68:20 so in the morning its fruit was plucked and gone!

68:21 Then when they awoke and called to one another:

68:22 Go early to your crop if you be harvesting.

68:23 So they set off

and they whispered together:

68:24 No needy ones will enter it this day!

68:25 And they went out early

annoyed and determined to covet their Gifts.

68:26 Then when they saw it they said: We have gone astray!

68:27 Nay we have been deprived!

68:28 The most moderate among them said:

Did I not tell you?

O had we only given glory to God!

68:29 They said: Glory Be To our Lord!

We were wrongdoers!

68:30 Then they set back while blaming one another

68:31 and saying: Woe is us! We were doing wrong.

68:32 But it may be that our Lord Will Give us in exchange better than it.

So in our Lord do we hope.

68:33 Thus are some trials and punishment in this life

but the Final Punishment of the Hereafter is infinitely greater if they only knew.

68:34 All the while for those of Wise Fear are Gardens of Bliss With their Lord.

68:35 Shall We treat the submitters the same as evildoers?

68:36 If you think so what ails you?

How do you reason?

68:37 Nay. You have been given a Decree that Promises

68:38 you will have whatever you choose!

68:39 And these are oaths binding upon Us until the

Day of Resurrection that you will indeed have whatever you yourselves chose. Be careful with your freewill!

68:40 And ask them: Who is The Guarantor for all that?

68:41 Would that be God or some other partners made up?

Then let them bring their partners if they be Truthful.

68:42 The Day the Dreadful is uncovered

and they are then desperately inclined to submission

but it will be of no use!

68:43 Indeed the sight of Hell will humble them

and their stupidity will cover them in abasement

knowing they had been openly invited to submit

when they were still able.

68:44 So leave Me To Deal With whoever refuses this Decree

for We will lead them gradually while unknowing

68:45 and grant indulgences to make them think all is well. Again we are warned that whoever fails to hear this Quran is doomed!

My Plan is Surely Fair and Just for it is of their choosing!

68:46 And did thou ask them for rewards for these Lessons? Nay!

68:47 And if the unseen and their partners are real

why do they not write about it openly for all to see?

68:48 Yea be thou patient for the Judgement Of thy Lord

and be not like the companion of the great whale

when he cried out

as one suppressed by grief.

68:49 Had not Grace From his Lord Been Given to him

he would have washed ashore dead

and been condemned to Eternal Hell.

68:50 But he repented so his Lord Forgave him

and Placed him among the Righteous Forever.

68:51 And those who disbelieve would all but kill thee with their eyes when they hear the Decree

and then say: He is possessed and insane!

68:52 Hence this Reminder is only for those who listen.