Chapter 66. Prohibition, at-Tahrim

66.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

66:1 O prophet why has thou sought to please thy wives by way of claiming it is wrong to have relations with a woman God Permitted thee? This is speaking of their distaste for Maria a true christian who later became mother of Mohamets’ son Ibrihim.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

66:2 God Imposed on you the dissolution of such falsities

and God Is your Defender

He Is The Knowing, The Wise.

66:3 When the prophet confided part of a Discourse From God about this to one of his wives

she then told it to another

and God Informed him of her loose lips.

And when he informed her he knew about it she said:

Who told thee I misspoke?

He said: The Knowing, The Aware Informed me!

66:4 If you repent to God

then your hearts have inclined.

But if you conspire against Gods’ Messenger

know that God Is his Defender

and Gabriel and all the angels are his protectors

and the Righteous believers will all stand behind him.

66:5 And it may be that if he divorces you his Lord Will Give him In Exchange wives better than you!

Those fully submitted


devoutly dutiful




of both previously married or virgins.

66:6 O you who believe protect yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is jinn and humans and stones

over which are angels who are stern

and severe

not opposing God in what He Demands of Punishment

indeed fully doing whatever they are Commanded!

66:7 O you who are deceived you will make no excuses for yourselves on the Day

you are only to be Rewarded for what you did.

66:8 O you who believe turn to God for Forgiveness sincerely remorseful and repentant

so it may be your Lord Will Remove your evil from you

and Make you Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

Yea all on a Day when God will not disgrace the prophet and those who believe with him.

Their Light will shine before them and on their right

and they will say: Our Lord please Perfect our Light for us and Forgive us

for Thou Are Powerful Over All Things.

66:9 O prophet strive thou against the disbelievers and the

waverers and be stern with them

about their habitation in Hell

for miserable is that Journeys’ End.

66:10 God Presents an example for the deceived:

The wife of Noah and the wife of Lot were with two of

Our Most Righteous Servants

yet they betrayed them

and now nothing will avail them against God

it is only said: Enter the Fire with the other losers!

66:11 And God Presents an example for the believers:

The wife of pharaoh who was being hellishly tortured by pharaoh

when she said: My Lord build me a dwelling with Thee in the Garden

and deliver me from pharaoh and his deeds

and the wrongdoing people.

66:12 And Mary daughter of Imran who guarded her chastity

We breathed into her of Our Spirit DNA to Create Yeshua

and she believed in the Words Of her Lord

and His Books

and was of the devoutly obedient.