Chapter 7. The Elevations, al-A’raf

7.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

7:1 alif lām mīm ṣād

7:2 This Perfect Decree is sent down to thee O messenger

so let there be no distress in thy heart therefrom

as thou warns thereby

just give this Reminder to the believers:

7:3 Follow what has been Sent Down to you From your Lord

and seek no protectors nor helpers beside Him.

How seldom do you keep this in mind!

7:4 And how many a city did We destroy?

Yea Our might came upon them by night

or while they slept at noonday.

7:5 And their cries when Our might came upon them was only because they realized

We do indeed exist and that they were wrongdoers!

7:6 Then We will question those We sent messengers to

and We will question the messengers themselves.

7:7 And We will surprise them all with knowledge

which proves We were not absent at any time!

7:8 Indeed the weighing on that Day is the Truth

and those whose balance is heavy with it

these are the successful.

7:9 And those whose balance is light

these are they who lose their souls because they disbelieved in Us and Gods’ Proofs.

7:10 We have established you in the Earth and made therein Good livelihoods for you

yet little are most grateful.

7:11 And We Created you by Gods’ Permission

yea We designed you under Gods’ Direction

then We said to the angels: Bow down to Adam.

And they all bowed down

but lucifer was not of those who obeyed.

7:12 And God Asked: What hinders thee that thou does not bow down upon My Command?

Replied he: I a bionic cyborg jinn am better than he

for Thou Created me with fire and him of clay.

7:13 He Said: Leave thee from this Garden

it is not for thee to be proud therein

so go forth

for now thou are of those brought low.

7:14 And lucifer pleaded: Please Thou Grant me respite until the Day they the saints are raised up. to conquer with Al-Mahdi

7:15 God Agreed: Thou are of those Granted respite.

7:16 With that lucifer swore: Because Thou Has Sent me astray I will lie in wait for them on Thy Straight Path.

7:17 Yea I will come at them telepathically from ahead of them

from behind them

from their right

and from their left.

And Thou will not find gratefulness in them when I am done. This is lucifers promise/intent to hurt Adamites however he can.

7:18 God Said: Go thou forth as condemned and banished

and whoever follows thee

I Will Fill Hell with you one and all. jinn, DSIs and humans

7:19 And O Adam thou and thy wife dwell in the Garden

and eat in what manner you desire

but approach not this tree the tree of life animals

for you would be among the wrongdoers.

7:20 But a degenerate snaking imposter came whispering lies to them and made them aware of their souls

saying: Your Lord only forbade you taking of life so that you would not see that which you could become

eternals like the angels.

7:21 And he swore to them: I am a sincere counselor to you.

7:22 And he led them by deception

then when they ate of the tree of life sacrificed an animal their makeup was made known to them It is widely known that when jews do blood sacrifices they see other entities. This is what Adam and Eve saw which made them aware of the spirit/eternal world.

so they gathered leaves to make it seem they had been eating vegetables and fruits thereof to hide their shame.

And their Lord Called to them:

Did I not Forbid you the tree of life?

And did I not Say to you that the degenerate snaking imposter was an open enemy to you?

7:23 They said: Our Lord we have wronged our souls

if Thou does not Forgive us and Have Mercy we will be among the losers.

7:24 He Said: Get you all down from the Garden enemies to one another

for all of you the Earth is now home with provisions only for a short time.

7:25 He Said: Verily on it you will live

and on it you will die

then from it you will be brought forth.

7:26 O children of Adam We have given you bodies as raiment to cover your souls and as adornment

but the raiment of Wise Fear that is best.

That is among the Suggestions Of God

that they might take heed.

7:27 O children of Adam do not let the degenerate snaking imposter beguile thee with lies and temptations

as with your parents who lost their life in the Garden

by taking away their spiritual ignorance from them

that he might make manifest their guilt to them.

He and his kind know you without you knowing them.

They have latent telepathic abilities from their jinn fathers which includes the ability to read our minds and know us apart from themselves. This is how the CIAs’ “remote viewing” works. Go listen to alan parsons “eye in the sky” for a spine chiller and while doing so realize that he and most if not all popular musicians and actors are degenerate snaking imposters or Adamic jews deceived by them into thinking they’re of the same luciferian bloodline.

We made the degenerate snaking imposters partners of those who do not believe.

Here is the Garden of Eden story from Genesis 3:4-13 RSV But the serpent (again a degenerate snaking imposter from the reptilian hybrid offspring of lucifer who raped the daughters of Adam and Eves’ progeny) said to the woman, “You will not die. For God Knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing Good and evil.” So when the woman saw that the tree was Good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise (to witness the unseen) she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave some to her husband, and he ate. Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked (spirits) and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons. And they heard the sound of YHWH walking in the Garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the Presence Of YHWH among the trees of the Garden. But YHWH Called to the man, and Said to him, “Where are you?” And he said, “I heard the Sound Of Thee in the Garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I Commanded you not to eat?” The man said, “The woman whom Thou Gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.” Then YHWH Said to the Eve, “What is this that you have done?” She replied: “The serpent (a jinn or the jinns’ hybrid offspring, a degenerate snaking imposter.) beguiled me, and I ate.”

7:28 And when they commit a shameful deed they say:

We found our fathers doing it

and God Commanded it upon us.

Say: Nay! God commands not immoralities

why do you say of God what you do not know?

7:29 Say: My Lord Commands Justness

and that you uphold your countenance at every place of worship

and call to Him sincerely in doctrine

for He Created you

and you are returning to Him.

7:30 Some He Guides

and upon some misguidance is due

like those who take degenerate snaking imposters as partners instead of God as if they are Rightly Guided.

7:31 O children of Adam practice cleanliness and comeliness in places of worship

and eat and drink with fellow believers

but do not waste

for God loves not those who waste.

7:32 Say: Who has made unlawful Service Of God which He Ordained for His Servants or the Good and Pure Things of His Provision?

Say: These are for those who believe during this life and for them will be happiness on the Day of Resurrection.

Thus do We detail the Proofs for Gods’ Chosen

those who understand.

7:33 Say: My Lord Has Made sexual immoralities unlawful

whether open or concealed

and falsehood

and division without cause

and service to other than God as you are warned

and saying things about God which you know not.

7:34 And for every populous is a term

and when their term ends they cannot deter it an hour

nor will they hurry it.

7:35 O children of Adam if messengers come from among you narrating to you Our Proofs listen to them!

Then whoever is in Wise Fear and does Right

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

7:36 But those who deny or are obstinate about Our Proofs

these are the companions of the Hellfire

wherein they will abide Eternally.

7:37 For who is denser than one who invents a lie about God or denies His Proofs?

Those will attain their share from the scriptures

when Our Messengers come to take them

saying: Where are the jinn you served instead of God?

They will say: Yea they have strayed from us!

Whereas they will bear witness against themselves

that they were fools.

7:38 He Will Say: Enter the Fire with the nations of jinn and humans come and gone before you.

And when they enter they curse those who came before them

these last of them saying to the first of them:

Our Lord these and their doctrines led us astray

so Give them Double Punishment of the Fire.

He Will Say: For each is Double but you know not.

7:39 And the first of them will say to the last of them:

You were no better than we were so taste the Punishment for what you earned.

7:40 Those who deny or are obstinate about Our Proofs

for them the gates of the sky will not be opened

nor will they enter the Garden any more than a twisted rope can pass through the eye of a needle!

And thus We repay the evildoers.

7:41 They have the Eternal Prison of Hell

and over them are layers for they are low

and thus We repay the wrongdoers.

7:42 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

while We task not any soul beyond its capacity

these are the companions of the Garden

wherein they abide Eternally.

7:43 And We remove any rancor from their hearts

leaving peacefulness and flows of rivers beneath them.

And they say: Praise Belongs To God Who Has Guided us to this

for we would not have been Rightly Guided had God not Guided us.

Yea the Messengers of our Lord brought us the Truth.

And they will be addressed: This is the Paradise you have been made to inherit for Good you did.

7:44 And the companions of the Garden call to the companions of the Fire:

We have found what our Lord Promised us is True

have you found what your Lord Promised you is True?

They will whimper: Yea.

Then cries another crier between Heaven and Hell while awaiting Judgement From God:

The Curse Of God is upon the wrongdoers!

7:45 Those who abandon the Path Of God making it crooked

and were deniers of this the Hereafter.

7:46 And between each is a transparent barrier

and upon the elevations are those recognizing each one by their faces some bright others clouded over.

And the companions of the Garden call out:

Peace be unto you!

They who have not yet entered it

but are desirous to.

7:47 And when their eyes are turned towards the companions of the Fire they will say:

Our Lord please do not place us with the wrongdoers!

7:48 And these companions of the middle will call to others with darkened faces recognizing their fear

saying: Does your accumulating and all that you were falsely proud now not suffice you?

7:49 And see these who were among the poor in life whom you swore God would not reach yet God Has Now Told:

Enter the Garden!

You need not fear

nor will you regret.

7:50 And the companions of the Fire will call to the companions of the Garden:

Pour some water upon us

or some other of what God Has Provided for you.

They will say: God Has Made both unlawful for fools.

7:51 Those who took their doctrine as play and diversion

and whom the life of this world deceived.

Yea this Day We forget them

as they forgot the Meeting of this their Day

and as they rejected Our Miracles as Proof.

7:52 All that after We brought them Gods’ Word

set out and detailed according to Knowledge

and Guidance as a Mercy for people who believe.

7:53 Then they only awaited the fulfillment thereof?

The Day the fulfillment comes those who had forgotten it before will say:

The messengers of our Lord brought the Truth

have we one of them who might intercede for us now?

Or can we be sent back that we might do other than what we did?

Nay! They have lost their souls

and the jinn they served have strayed from them.

7:54 Your Lord Is God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth in six days

then Took His Place upon the Throne.

He Covers the night with the day chasing it constantly.

And the sun and the moon and the stars are made subject to His Commands.

There is no question that the Creation and the Commands Belong To Him

so Blessed Be God

The Lord of the Worlds!

7:55 Call to your Lord humbly and reserved

for He loves not the bold nor the prideful.

7:56 And work not in destructions of the Earth after it was made in perfection

but call to Him in fear and hope

for the Mercy Of God is near to the doers of Good.

7:57 He It Is Who Sends the winds as Glad Tidings to mankind with His Mercy.

And when they have gathered up heavy clouds

We drive them to dead lands and send down the water thereby bringing forth every sort of fruit.

Thus as easily can We bring forth the dead

and in that you might take heed!

7:58 And from good land comes good fruits but only by Permission Of its Lord.

But from bad land comes bad fruits because it lacked Gods’ Permission. Like people require Gods’ Permission to believe.

Thus We explain the Signs for people who are grateful.

7:59 We sent Noah to his people

and he said: O my people serve God

you have no god but He and

I fear the Punishment of an Onerous Day for you.

7:60 Then the eminent ones among his people said:

Nay. We see thee are in obvious error.

7:61 He said: O my people there is no error in me

I am a Messenger From The Lord of the Worlds.

7:62 I convey to you the Messages Of my Lord

and give sincere counsel to you

and I now know From God what you do not!

7:63 Do you wonder that this Remembrance From your Lord has come through a man among you

that he should warn you

and that you should be in Wise Fear

so that you might obtain His Mercy?

7:64 But they rejected him

so We rescued him and those with him in the ship

and We drowned all of those who denied Our Proofs.

Yea for they were a severely blinded people.

7:65 And to the people of Ad We sent their brother Hud

who said: O my people serve God

you have no god but He.

Will you not then be in Wise Fear!

7:66 But the eminent ones who were deceived among his people replied:

We see thee in foolishness

and we consider thee a liar.

7:67 He said: O my people there is no foolishness in me

I am a Messenger From The Lord of the Worlds.

7:68 I convey to you the Messages Of my Lord

and I am a sincere counselor to you one trustworthy.

7:69 Do you think it is strange that a Remembrance of your Lord comes through a man among you

and that he warns you?

Remember He Made you heirs of Noah

and Increased you in wealth and provisions

so remember the Favors Of God

that you might be successful.

7:70 They said: Has thou come to us that we should serve your God

Him Alone

and forsake what our fathers served?

Then bring upon us the Punishment thou promises now if thou speak the Truth.

7:71 He said: Verily already hath come upon you From your Lord Abomination and Wrath in that you do not believe.

Do you dispute with me concerning your false service of you and your fathers?

God did not send down any warrant for that

so wait

I am with you waiting.

7:72 And We rescued him and some others by Our mercy

but We cut off the root of those denying Our Proofs

for they were not believers.

7:73 And to the city of Thamud their brother Salih

saying: O my people serve God

you have no god but He

and there comes to you Clear Evidence From your Lord

this She Camel Of God as a Proof for you. The people asked Salih for a Sign From God in the form of a pregnant camel to come forth from a rock. It did.

Leave her to feed in Gods’ Earth and touch her not with hate or a Painful Punishment will take you.

7:74 And remember when He Made you successors after Ad and Settled you in the Earth

where they made stone castles out of its bedrock and hewed the mountains into caves for houses.

So remember the Favors Of God

and commit not evil in the Earth, working corruption.

Below are examples of which this verse speaks. The first is a massive ancient temple at Dendara Egypt made of huge, perfectly cut stones. Again note the size of the door compared to the person next to it. Do you think humans built this and all the other incredibly complex and architecturally perfect structures like the pyramids? News flash; the jinn (ETs) and their nephilim hybrids built them. There are literally thousands of very elaborate cave castles and highly advanced cities made of stone around the Earth. However, except for a handful, We the Adamite People have been banned from them and totally deceived about it all by the degenerate snaking imposters and their jew-ish, talmudic minion. Again note the size of the doors in many of these structures then recall all the giants produced from unholy unions between jinn and humans we find documented in the scriptures.

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\120 Stuff\Annunaki\Dendara1.jpg

It is a well known and widely admitted fact that the technology used to cut and move the stones used in the most ancient of structures on Earth is beyond anything we have today. Even many of the construction techniques for many of the cave structures are not explainable with our current technology. For instance next we have the Longman cave complex, one of the 100s (at minimum) of cave cities and other ancient homes to non-humans in Asia. While the caves themselves could be made in any number of ways by later peoples (as is commonly the case with a lot of ancient cities) the original architecture such as the perfectly hewn statues of exacting symmetry below, often using the Golden Ratio, most certainly could not.


Note the differing sizes of individuals represented. Get it?



One reality worth pointing out is the fact that while most of the 100 or so prophets of this and biblical scriptures are from the middle east, Gods’ Running the show everywhere. As we are now learning there are megalithic structures all around the world that prove HIStory herein! This next one below is from the massive Sacsayhuaman structures in Spain.

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\NewOldCities\Used Peri.jpeg

Those are MASSIVE, PERFECTLY cut stones! Here’s one from Moroe, Sudan. It too is HUGE;

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\NewOldCities\Used Meroe Sudan.jpg

Here’s one of the hundreds of cities of peoples God Destroyed and Left For Abandon in Peru. Note the perfectly cut joinery, you can’t even get a razor blade between most megaliths.

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\NewOldCities\Cuzco, Peru.jpg

7:75 The eminent ones who were arrogant among his people said to those they oppressed

the ones who believed among them:

Do you know Salih is an Emissary From his Lord?

They said: Yea we believe that he Has Been Sent.

7:76 But the arrogant ones replied:

We deny that in which you believe.

7:77 And they brutally slaughtered the she camel

scorning the Command Of their Lord

saying: O Salih now bring what thou promised us if thou be among the messengers.

7:78 So the earthquake seized them!

And morning found them lying dead face down in prostration inside their dwellings.

Ancient city of Beqaa, Lebanon with obvious evidence of destruction by an earthquake;

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\OldCities\Baalbek (Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon).jpg

7:79 Then he turned from them and said: O my people

I have conveyed to you the Message Of my Lord

and have been a sincere counselor to you

but you loved me not.

7:80 And remember Lot when he said to his people:

You commit sexual immorality to extents that none among all mankind has sunk to such level!

7:81 You approaching men unlawfully rather than women?

Woe are thou a people committing disgusting sins.

7:82 And the response of his people was only that they said:

Drive them out of our city

these of Lot a people who think themselves pure.

7:83 So We saved him and his household

except his wife

she was of those who stayed behind.

7:84 Then We rained upon them a rain of fire!

Does thou see the final outcome of wanton criminals?

There is plenteous evidence of extremely high heat exposure to the many ancient stone cities and structures around the world. It is VERY common. In some cases we also find high levels of radiation indicative of nuclear events like “the winnowing winds” described herein.

7:85 And to Midian came their brother Jethro

saying: O my people serve God

you have no god but He

and there has now come to you more Clear Evidence From your Lord.

So fulfill the measure

and the balance

and do not deprive others of their things.

And do not work destruction in the Earth after God Created it in His Perfection

that is better for you if you be believers.

7:86 And lie not in wait on every road

to threaten and divert those who believe from the Path Of God while you seek only crookedness therein.

Instead you should be remembering when you were few and how God Multiplied you.

You will see the final outcome for workers of corruption.

7:87 And if a number among you believes that

I have been sent and the rest do not

let all be patient until God Is Judge between us

for He Is The Best of judges.

7:88 The proud and eminent ones among his people said:

O Jethro we will turn thee and those who believe with thee out of our city unless you return to our creed.

He said: Unlikely. For we are not willing!

7:89 Indeed we would be in terrible transgression if we returned to you after God Has Delivered us from you.

Yea it would be for us to return only if God Should Will

for our Lord Comprehends All Things in Knowledge

and in God we have placed all of our trust.

So we Pray to our Lord: Decide between us and our people in Truth

for Thou Are The Best of those who decide!

7:90 But the eminent ones who were deceived among his people said: Those who follow Jethro will be the losers.

7:91 Then the earthquake seized them!

And morning found them lying dead prostrated in their dwellings.

7:92 Hence those who rejected Jethro

are as though they had not lived therein.

Some dwellings of Jethros’ people at Midian



Yea those who rejected Jethro

it was they who were the losers!

7:93 Then he turned from them and said: O my people

I conveyed to you the Messages of my Lord

and I was a sincere counselor to you

so how could I grieve for such fools now?

7:94 And We sent no prophet to any city before touching its people with affliction and adversity

that they might be humbled.

7:95 Then We lightened their struggles with abundance until they felt increased with ease in it and said:

This be life with ups and downs as touched our fathers.

Then We added discontent and torment while they perceived it not. Division, greed, pride, jealousy etc.

7:96 And had the people of the cities believed and been in Wise Fear

We would have opened upon them blessings from the sky and from the Earth.

But instead they rejected

so We seized them with terrors for what they earned.

7:97 Did peoples of the cities feel secure from the coming of Our might upon them by night while they slept?

7:98 Or did they feel secure from the coming of Our might upon them at midday while they played?

Outside pics of a couple long deserted entrances to ancient cave systems of giants in Petra



7:99 Did they feel secure from the Plan Of God?

Yea for certain none feel secure from the Plan Of God except the losers for they are total fools!

7:100 Does the Evidence of Our destructions not guide those who inherit the land after its people that if We willed We would also strike them for their transgressions?

Nay for We seal their hearts so they perceive not.

7:101 Those are only a few reports We narrate to thee.

Messengers also came to them with Clear Evidence

but they were not to believe in what they had rejected before. out of habit which always starts with ONE denial then grows

Thus Does God Seal the hearts of fools.

7:102 Hence We found no covenant with Us for most of them

instead We found most of them wantonly disobedient.

7:103 Then after them We raised up Moses with Our Proofs to pharaoh and his eminent ones

but they wronged him.

Then see thou how was the final outcome of the workers of corruption.

7:104 And Moses said: O pharaoh

I am a Messenger From The Lord of the Worlds.

7:105 I am approved for I do not ascribe to God other than the Truth

and I have come to you with Clear Proof From our Lord

so let me and the children of Israel go free.

7:106 Said he: If thou has come with a sign reveal it

if thou be of those who speak Truths.

7:107 So he cast his staff

and to them it appeared as a snake.

God, His Angels and even the jinn to lessor extents can make us see anything because this life is an illusion. Real magicians are sorcerers who invoke the jinn to telepathically mind control their audience. God Is The Greatest Telepath Who Controls All.

7:108 And he drew forth his hand

and it was pure white light for the beholders.

7:109 Then the eminent ones of the people of pharaoh said:

This is a learned sorcerer.

7:110 He would turn you out of your land

so what do you command we do to him?

7:111 They said: Yea delay him and his brother and send thou into the towns gatherers

7:112 to bring to thee every learned sorcerer.

7:113 And the sorcerers came to pharaoh

saying: There should be a reward for us if we are the victors.

7:114 Said he: Yea you will be of those brought near me.

7:115 They said: O Moses will thou cast first or will we?

7:116 He said: Cast.

And when they cast they bewitched the eyes of the people with a spell they invoked the jinn to use their telepathy

terrifying them

with great sorcery.

7:117 And We instructed Moses: Cast thou thy staff

then it became a serpent that swallowed up what they had cast. Gods’ Magic/Telepathy Trumps all!

7:118 Hence the Truth was established when what they did was made vain.

7:119 Thereupon they were defeated and turned about

yea they were brought low.

7:120 So the sorcerers fell in submission.

7:121 They said: We now believe in The Lord of the Worlds

7:122 The Lord of Moses and Aaron.

7:123 Said pharaoh: You believe in Him before I gave you permission?

This is a scheme you schemed in the town that you might turn out its people

but you will come to know.

7:124 I will cut off your hands and feet on alternate sides

then I will put you all to death upon stakes!

7:125 They said: That matters not we are being returned to our Lord.

7:126 Thou resent us only because we believe in the Proofs Of our Lord when shown to us

so we Pray to our Lord: Pour Thou Out Thy Calm Upon us and Take us as ones submitted.

7:127 And the eminent ones among pharaohs people said:

Will thou leave Moses and his people to work corruption in the land while abandoning our gods?

Said he: We will kill their sons and spare their women for we have them in subjugation and can do this.

7:128 Moses said: Seek help From God and be patient

for the Whole Earth Belongs To God

and He Gives it for an Inheritance to whom He Wills among His Servants.

Hence the final outcome is for those of Wise Fear.

7:129 They said: We were hindered before thou came to us and since thou has come to us nothing has changed.

Said he: It may be that perhaps

your Lord Will Eliminate your enemy

and Make you successors in the Earth

so He Might See how you do.

7:130 Then We seized the house of pharaoh with drought

and loss of crops

that they might take heed.

7:131 Then when Good came to them they said: This is ours.

But when hardship befell them they took it as an omen in Moses and company.

In Truth their omen was only With God

while most of them knew it not.

7:132 And they said: Whatever Signs thou bring wherewith to bewitch us we will not believe thee!

7:133 So We sent a flood upon them

and the locusts

and the lice

and the frogs

and the blood.

These Clear Proofs set out and detailed

but they were proud

an evildoing people.

7:134 And when scourges came upon them they said:

O Moses call to thy Lord for us because He Has a Pact with thee.

Then if thou remove the scourge from us we will believe thee

and loose the children of Israel with thee.

7:135 But when We removed the scourge from them to a term they were to reach they reneged.

7:136 So We took retribution from them

by drowning them in the sea

because they denied Our Proofs and were heedless of Our Warnings.

7:137 And We caused the people they despised to inherit the east of the land and its west which We had blessed

and the Most Fair Word Of thy Lord was fulfilled to the children of Israel because they were patient.

But We annihilated everything pharaoh and his people had designed

and everything they built.

7:138 And We passed the children of Israel through the sea

until they came upon a people worshipping things fashioned by themselves.

They said: O Moses make thou for us a god like theirs

but he said: What? Are you people idiots?

7:139 These are doomed to ruin

and what they do is all in vain.

7:140 He said: Am I to seek for you a god other than

God when He Has Favored you above all mankind?

7:141 And when We rescued you from the house of pharaoh

they were afflicting you with an evil oppression

killing your sons and abducting your women

yea in that was a Monumental Trial From your Lord.

7:142 And We appointed for Moses thirty nights and completed them with ten

thus he fulfilled the appointed time With his Lord of forty nights.

And before Moses left he said to his brother Aaron:

Be my successor among the people while I am away

and do thou what is Right

and do not follow in the way of any workers of corruption.

7:143 And when Moses came to the mount to speak to his Lord he said:

My Lord Show Thou me that I might look upon Thee.

God Said: Thou will not see me but look thou upon the mountain.

If it should see Me and remain in its place

then will thou see Of Me.

Then when his Lord was revealed to the mountain it fell down in prostration completely level

and Moses too then fell down awestruck

then when he recovered he said:

Glory be unto Thee!

I turn to Thee truly repentant

and I am the first of the believers!

7:144 He Said: Moses I Have Chosen thee above all mankind humans and jinn by Giving Unto thou My Messages and My Speech Directly.

So hold thou steadfast to what I Have Given thee

and be thou among the grateful.

7:145 And We wrote Perfect Laws for him on tablets of stone for everything as Warnings and an explanation for life

and said to him: Hold thou fast to them

and command thy people to live thereby

or We will direct thee and them to the Abode of the wantonly disobedient.

7:146 I Will Hide Proofs of My Reality from those who are proud in the Earth without cause

so even if they see 1000 Proofs they will not believe.

And if they see the way of sound judgement they will not take it as a way

but if they see the way of error they will take it.

All that for denying Our Proofs

and being heedless of them.

7:147 Those who deny Our Proofs and the Meeting of the Hereafter their works are in great vain

for how will they be repaid except for what they did?

7:148 Then while Moses was away the people forged a calf out of their ornaments as a metal body that lowed when put to flame.

But they did not consider that it was not speaking to them nor guiding them to a way

yea they worshipped it and were wrongdoers.

7:149 And when they realized they had gone astray their souls were brought low

and they said: If our Lord does not Show Mercy and Forgive us we will be among the losers!

7:150 Then when Moses returned to them he was both wrathful and grieved

saying: Evil is what you took up while I was away!

Would you hasten the Command Of your Lord?

Then he cast down the tablets and seized his brother by the head dragging him.

Cried he: O Moses son of my mother the people despised me and would have killed me

so cause not our enemies to gloat over my misfortune

nor consider me with the wrong doing people.

7:151 He said: My Lord Have Mercy upon me and upon my brother yea Enter us into Thy Mercy

for Thou Are The Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

7:152 For those who have taken up the calf there will reach them Wrath From their Lord

and humiliation in the life of this world

for thus are the forgers repaid.

7:153 But those who slip and do evil

then repent after that and believe

to them after that your Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.

7:154 When the anger had calmed within Moses he took up the tablets

and in their inscriptions was Guidance and mercy for all who fear their Lord.

7:155 And Moses chose seventy men of his people to meet with Us

then when the earthquake seized them he said:

I know my Lord if Thou Had Willed Thou Would Have Destroyed them and me before.

Will Thou Destroy us for what fools among us did?

I hope it is but Thy Test

for Thou Sends whom Thou Wills Astray and Guides whom Thou Wills

and Thou Are our Only Ally.

So Forgive us and Have Mercy on us

for Thou Are The Best of those who forgive.

7:156 And Ordain Good in this world for us and in the Hereafter

when we return to Thee.

God Said: I Strike whom I Will with My Punishment

but My Mercy Encompasses All Things

and I Will Ordain It for those of Wise Fear

who are most conscious of My Presence

and believe in My Proofs.

7:157 Those who follow the messenger

yea the unschooled prophet Mohamet

whom they find prophesied in the Torah (OT) and the Gospel (NT) . . .

Deut 18:18 I Will Raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brethren; and I Will Put My Words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I Command him. And Acts 3:22 For Moses said unto the fathers, A prophet Shall The Lord your God Raise Up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. That says those who refuse to embrace the Quran from Mohamet will be destroyed! (The keys here are the words “like you” and “like unto me” which eliminates Yeshua as the one being prophesied because he wasn’t like Moses or Mohamet at all rather Mohamet is definitely much like Moses being a warrior, commander and lawgiver.) A couple NT prophecies about Mohamet are here in John 16:7 Yeshua says; Nevertheless I tell you the Truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter (the last prophet Mohamet) will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And John 16:12-14 Yeshua says; I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of Truth (Gabriel via Mohamet) is come, he will guide you into all Truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: (this Quran from Gabriel) and he will shew you things to come. (Mohamet was the most prolific prophesier of all) He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, (story/legacy) and shall shew it unto you. (And indeed Mohamet does set the story straight!)

. . . This prophet enjoining on them what is fitting

and forbidding what is wrong

and making Lawful for them the Good things

and making unlawful for them the bad things

and relieving them of their burden and the fetters that were upon them.

Those who believe in him

and support him

and help him

and follow the Light which was sent down with him

these are the successful.

7:158 Say: O mankind I am the Messenger Of God for all.

I am From Him To Whom Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

there is no god but He.

He Gives Life and He Gives Death

so believe in God and His Messenger

me the unschooled prophet who believes in God and His Words

and follow me that you might be Rightly Guided.

7:159 And among the people of Moses is a portion which guides in Truth and does justice thereby.

7:160 And We divided them into twelve tribes as communities

and We instructed Moses when his people asked him for water:

Strike the cliffside with thy staff!

And there gushed therefrom twelve springs

each tribe knew its drinking place.

We caused the cloud a massive UFO to overshadow them and sent down upon them manna and quail saying:

Eat of the Good that We provide you.

Then in so eating badly by killing quail they wronged Us not

but they wronged their own souls.

7:161 And when it was said to them: Dwell in this city

and eat freely of it what you will

asking Forgiveness for sins

and enter the Gate in submission

then We will forgive you your errors

and We will give great increase to the doers of Good.

7:162 Then those who did wrong among them changed Our Words about killing to other than what was said to them

so We sent upon them a scourge aerial attack from the sky because they did wrong.

7:163 And ask thou them about the city Eilat by the Red sea

when they transgressed their Sabbath because it was the only day We allowed the fish to come to their nets.

Yea the days which were not a Sabbath they came not.

By doing so the angels tempted them to work on their Sabbath day of rest. Thus We tried them for being wantonly disobedient.

7:164 And when a group among them said:

Why bother warning a people whom God Will Destroy and Punish with a Severe Punishment?

They said: We do so as justification before your Lord

and that some might have Wise Fear.

7:165 And when most forgot that whereof they had been reminded

We saved those who forbade evil

and seized those who did wrong with terrifying deaths because they were wantonly disobedient.

7:166 And when they defied what We had forbidden them We said:

Be you despised as apes driven away!

7:167 And thy Lord Proclaims that He Will Raise Up Against them till the Day of Resurrection.

Yea He Will Afflict them with a miserable punishment.

And thy Lord Is Swift in His Retribution

yet He Is Forgiving, Merciful.

7:168 And We divided them in the Earth as communities

among them are the Righteous

and among them are other than that.

And We tried them all with Good and evil

that they might see.

7:169 And there followed after them inheritors of what was written

yet still they take excesses of that in this world while saying:

It will be forgiven us.

And if more goods come to them they hoard them

but have they not made an agreement to act reasonably?

And to not ascribe nothing but Truth to God

and that they study that Truth which is written?

Yea the Abode of the Hereafter is better for those of Wise Fear

so will you then not use reason!

7:170 But those who hold fast to the Commandments

and uphold the Prayer

We do not withhold the wages of these who do Right.

7:171 And when We raised the mountain above them as if it were a canopy

and they supposed it was to fall upon them

then We said: Hold fast to the Words We give thee

and remember what is therein

that you might be in Wise Fear and conscious of God.

7:172 And when thy Lord Brought Forth the children of Adam

and from their loins the DNA and souls of their progeny

He Made them bear witness against themselves saying:

Am I not your Lord? This is actually a forgotten choice we all make before God Let’s us live to take this test. All will recall it on Judgement Day! This freewill is why God favors believers over angels who have no freewill.

They said: Verily we bear witness You Are our Lord!

Lest they say on the Day of Resurrection:

We were unaware of this. No one can claim injustice on that Day!

7:173 Or: Our fathers served others before and we are only their progeny

so do Thou then curse us for what they did? Generational curses of bad habits are passed down which make it harder for the offspring of disobeyers to overcome. That’s this curse.

7:174 And thus why We set out and detail the Proofs

that they might return to the Way.

7:175 So recite thou unto them the reports of those to whom We gave Our Evidence before

yet while knowing such they erred in disbelief.

Hence the degenerate snaking imposters fit them well

and they were then among the misguided.

7:176 And had We willed We would have exulted them

but they clung to Earthly things and followed what is written only in vain desire.

This parable is like the example of a care free dog.

When met it pants

and when left it pants.

That is like the people who do not see Our Proofs

but relate thou to them these narratives anyway

that they might reflect.

7:177 And more heinous is the example of the people who flatly deny Our Proofs

they have clearly wronged their souls.

7:178 And above all remember whom God Guides

they are Rightly Guided

and whom God Sends Astray

these are the losers.

7:179 And We have sown for Hell many among the jinn and humans.

They now have hearts that do not understand

and eyes that do not see

and ears that do not hear.

These are like the livestock.

Nay. They aren’t that wise they are far astray!

Yea these are the heedless fools.

7:180 And To God Belongs the Fairest Titles

so call to Him by them

and leave those who distort the meaning of His Attributes

they will be Rewarded for what they did.

7:181 And among those We Created is a portion guiding with Truth and doing justice thereby.

7:182 But those who deny Our Proofs

We will deal with them in degrees they do not know.

7:183 Indeed all the while giving them ease here and now.

Yea Gods’ Plan is Subtle yet Extreme.

7:184 Yet do they not reflect?

If they only knew there is no madness in their messengers

yea they are Clear Warners.

7:185 Have they not considered the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and what things God Has Created

and that it may be that their term draws near?

Yea and in what narration after this will they believe? This Quran is the last narration From God, the final testament to mankind.

7:186 And whom God Sends Astray

there is no guide for them

He Leaves them wandering blindly in their disorder.

7:187 And they ask thee about the Hour: When is its arrival?

Say: Knowledge thereof is only With The Lord

no one reveals its time except He.

And it weighs heavily on all who are in the Heavens and the Earth

for it comes not upon you except totally unexpectedly.

Yet they question thee as though thou should be privy thereto

so just repeat: Knowledge thereof is only With God.

Yet most do not believe even that much whatsoever.

7:188 Say: I have no power to bring benefits nor drive away harm except that God Should Will.

And had I knowledge of the unseen I would have abundance of wealth

and evil could not touch me

but I am only a Warner and bearer of Glad Tidings for people who believe.

7:189 He It Is Who Created you from a single soul genome

and He Created therefrom its mate so it might be reassured thereby.

And when they procreate she bears a light load for a time until it grows heavy

and when it is time they call to God their Lord:

If Thou Give us one Good we will always be thankful.

7:190 Yet many of their offspring will come to serve other than God

while Exalted Is God Far Above that they serve!

7:191 Yea they ascribe partnerships to jinn who do not create anything.

Is it not they themselves who were Created?

7:192 And they are not able to help anyone

nor can they even help themselves!

7:193 And if you invite them to the Way they follow you not

indeed it is the same

whether you call to them or not.

7:194 Say: Those jinn to whom you call are only Gods’ Servants like you so call them

and let them respond to you if you be Truthful.

7:195 For do they not have feet by which they walk?

Or hands by which they work?

Or eyes that see like you see?

Or ears that hear like you hear? Bodies like ours.

Yea do call to your partners

and scheme against me granting no respite.

7:196 For my Ally Is God Who Sent Down All Scriptures

and He Is Ally only to the Righteous.

7:197 Yea those jinn you serve are unable to help you

nor can they help themselves without God.

7:198 And if you call them to the Guidance they hear not

yet thou imagines they are caretakers of thee while they do not care.

7:199 Yea hold to forgiveness

command what is Right

and turn away from the willfully ignorant.

7:200 And if an evil suggestion comes from the degenerate snaking imposters or jinn seek Protection From God. Recite Psalms 23 and/or chapters 1 or 114 herein!

He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

7:201 Truly when temptations or suggestions come from jinn or degenerate snaking imposters it is then those of active God Consciousness recoil. Such awareness is THE goal!

Yea then they have fully perceived and overcome!

7:202 All the while their ungodly brethren also push them towards error ceasing not. because they are deceived/controlled

7:203 And when thou brings them no new Proofs they say:

Oh that thou had only brought One!

Say: I follow what I am Instructed Of my Lord

and I bring it forth as a means of Insight From Him

and Guidance

and as a Mercy only for people who believe.

7:204 So when the Quran is read out

heed it and listen attentively

that you might obtain His Mercy.

7:205 And remember thou thy Lord silently

in humility with Wise Fear

without publicity of speech

morning and evening

and be thou not among the heedless.

7:206 Those who are with thy Lord do not grow arrogant from their service

they glorify Him

and to Him they do submit.