Chapter 8. The Spoils of War, al-Anfal

8.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

8:1 When they ask thee about the spoils of war say:

The spoils of war are For God and His Messenger

so be in Wise Fear of God

do Right between you

and obey God and His Messenger

if you be believers.

8:2 The believers are those who when God is remembered their hearts are afraid

and when His Proofs are recounted they increase in faith and place all their trust in their Lord.

8:3 Those who uphold the Prayer

and spend for God of what We have provided them.

8:4 These are the believers in Truth

who have degrees in the Sight Of their Lord

and Forgiveness

and Generous Provision.

8:5 Just as thy Lord Brought thee forth to fight for Truth

while some of the believers were averse to fighting.

8:6 Arguing with thee about the Truth after it was clear

as if they were being driven to death while looking on.

8:7 And when God Promised battle against two groups

and you hoped the weaker one might be your enemy.

But God Willed to Display His Power and Give you another Proof to Strengthen your belief

and to Cut Off the root of disbelieving fools.

8:8 This That He Establishes Truth and Destroys falsehood

all to the dismay of the wicked.

8:9 Hence when you sought Help From your Lord and He Responded to you:

I Will Assist you with a thousand angels following one after another.

8:10 God Made it only as Glad Tidings and that your hearts might find rest

and that you know there is no victory except From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

8:11 It Is He Who Made a peaceful slumber overcome you as an Assurance From Him.

And He Sent Down water from the sky upon you

that He Might Purify you thereby and Remove from you fears instilled by the degenerate snaking imposters.

And that He Might Fortify your hearts

and Make Firm your feet.

8:12 When thy Lord Gave Instruction to the angels:

I Am With you i.e. in wars

so make firm those who believe.

I Will Cast terror into the hearts of disbelievers

so strike them in the heads

and slice off their limbs!

8:13 Because they opposed God and His Messenger

and God Is Severe in Retribution to whoever opposes Him and His Messenger.

8:14 So let them taste it!

Yea lend them the reminder:

For the fools is the Punishment of Fire!

8:15 O you who believe when you meet those who disbelieve advancing upon you

do not turn your backs to them.

8:16 Whoever that day turns their back to them

except as a clever maneuver for battle

or to join another company

they have incurred Wrath From God

and their habitation is Hell

how miserable is their Journeys’ End.

8:17 And thou killed them not

but God Killed them

and thou threw not when thou thought to throw

but God Threw.

All So He Might Test believers in their faith in Him.

God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

8:18 Because God Breaks the plans of fools.

8:19 And the fools Prayed for help against believers so now they have their answer.

Still if they cease hostilities

it will be better for them.

But if they return We will return

and their company will avail them nothing no matter how numerous

because God Is With the believers.

8:20 O you who believe

obey God and His Messenger and do not turn away from him when he calls you to do whatever he is told.

8:21 And be not like those who say: We heard.

While they did not listen. Fools!

8:22 The worst of beasts in the Sight Of God are those unwilling to listen to the Truth

and unwilling to communicate the Truth

these do not use reason.

8:23 And had God Known any Good in them He Would Have Made them listen.

But Had He Made them listen they still would have turned away

for they are not guided.

8:24 O you who believe respond to Gods’ Messenger when he calls you to what gives you Life. fighting/working for God

And know that God Stands Between minds and hearts

and that to Him you will be gathered.

8:25 And be in Wise Fear of tests not to befall only those who do wrong. Tests are opportunities given to believers to grow.

And know that God Is Severe in Retribution.

8:26 And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land

fearing the enemy would sweep you away.

He Gave you Refuge and Strengthened you with His Help and Provided you Some Good Things

that you might be grateful.

8:27 O you who believe do not betray God or His Messenger

nor betray your trusts

yea you know.

8:28 And be cognizant that your wealth and your children are only tests

and that With God Is the Tremendous Reward.

8:29 O you who believe

if you are in Wise Fear of God He Will Make the difference between Good and evil clear to you

and Remove your evil from you thereby

and Forgive you.

God Is The One Possessor of Unending Bounty.

8:30 And when those who disbelieve scheme against thee to restrain thee or to kill thee or to drive thee out

certainly they scheme

but God Schemes

and God Is The Best of schemers.

8:31 And when Our Proofs are recounted to them

they say: We have heard

and if we wished we could speak the like of this

but it is only the legends of former peoples.

8:32 And when they say:

O God if this be the Truth From Thee

then Rain Thou Down Upon us stones from the sky or Bring us some other Great Show of Your Wrath.

8:33 But God will not punish them when a messenger is among them

nor will God punish them if they seek His Forgiveness.

8:34 But how can they not be punished by God when they bar believers from the Kaaba and do not protect it?

Truly its protectors are only those of Wise Fear the devout monotheist believers who frequent it but most do not know.

8:35 And when some hold Prayers at the house it is filled with disorder of shouting and whistling and clapping.

So taste the Punishment for the wrongs you do!

8:36 Those who disbelieve spend of their wealth to bar the Path Of God

so let them spend it.

Then it will become a sorrow for them

when they will be defeated

and all the disbelievers will be gathered into Hell.

8:37 God Will Separate the bad from the Good

and He Will Place the bad one upon another and Heap them altogether

and Throw the lot into Hell.

Yea these are the losers.

8:38 Say to those who are deceived: If they cease sinning what is past is forgiven them

but if they return to it they will be like the former peoples gone forever.

8:39 And fight them until there is no persecution and the doctrine is entirely for God.

Then if they cease

God Sees what they do.

8:40 But if they turn away

know that God Is your Benefactor

and Excellent Is He As your Benefactor

and Excellent Is He As your Protector.

8:41 And know that anything you take as spoils of war

to God and the messenger belongs a fifth

and to the kin

and to the fatherless

and to the poor

and to the wayfarer.

Do that if you believe in God and what We sent down upon Our servant on the day of criterion between Right and wrong

the day the two armies met.

And know God Is Powerful Over All Things.

8:42 When you were on the near bank

and they were on the far bank

and the caravan was below you.

And had you agreed to peace you would still have differed again later.

Hence so that God Might Conclude a matter done

and there would perish who perished with Clear Proof of Gods’ Intervention

and there would live who lived with Clear Proof.

God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

8:43 Recall how God Showed them in thy vision illusion as few

for had He shown them as many you would have lost heart and quarreled with your soldiers over the matter

but God Saved you.

He Knows what is in the hearts.

8:44 And while He Made you see them as few

He Lessened your numbers in their eyes as well

all that God Might Conclude a matter done.

Yea unto God are all matters referred.

8:45 O you who believe when you meet a company of foes

stand firm and remember God much that you might be successful.

8:46 And obey God and His Messenger

and quarrel not together lest you lose heart and your valor leave you.

Yea be steadfast

God Is With the steadfast.

8:47 And do not be like those who come forth from their dwellings boastfully to be seen of others

then abandon the Path Of God.

God Knows Everything they do.

8:48 And when the degenerate snaking imposter makes their deeds seem fair to them they say:

None among humanity can defeat you this day when I am at your side!

Then when the companies come within sight of one another they turn on their heels and say:

I am innocent of you

I see what you see not

and I now fear God

for God Is Severe in Retribution!

Recall the earlier note about how some animals can see the angels where we referenced the story of Balaam and his donkey from Numbers 22? Well the real degenerate snaking imposters (not Adamites deceived into being jews) have similar ability as do their fathers the jinn. So this is saying one saw the ranks of angels over Mohamet and his army then ran!

8:49 The hypocrites and those in whose hearts is disease

their doctrine has deceived them.

But whoever places all their trust in God

for them God Is Mighty, Wise.

8:50 And if thou could see when the angels take those who disbelieve

striking their faces and their backs saying:

Taste the Punishment of the Consuming Fire!

8:51 Because of what your hands sent before you

and because God is not unjust to the servants.

8:52 Like the case of the house of pharaoh and those who were before them

they denied the Proofs Of God

so God Seized them for their transgressions.

And God Is Strong, Severe in Retribution.

8:53 God does not change Graces He Bestows Upon peoples unless they go against instincts in their souls.

God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

8:54 Like the case of the house of pharaoh and those who were before them

they denied the Proofs Of their Lord

so We destroyed them for their transgressions.

Yea We drowned the house of pharaoh

thus We Eliminate all wrongdoers.

8:55 The worst of beasts in the Sight Of God are those who choose to disbelieve

so they will not believe no not ever. During this life!!!

8:56 And those from whom thou takes a pledge

then they declare null their pledge

they are not in Wise Fear.

8:57 And if thou gain ascendency over them in war

separate and put fear into their lower ranks

that they might take heed.

8:58 And if thou suspects treachery from any

leave them.

God loves not the traitors.

8:59 And do not let those who disbelieve think they have won for they cannot escape God.

8:60 Prepare for them what you are able of weapons and cavalry

to terrify your and Gods’ enemies

and others besides them you do not know

but God Knows them. jinn

And whatever you spend for the Cause Of God will be repaid to you in full

and you will not be wronged.

8:61 And if they incline to peace

then incline thou to it too

and place all thy trust in God

He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

8:62 And if they intend to deceive thee

then Quite Sufficient for thee Is God.

He It Is Who Confirmed thee with His Help and with the ones who believe.

8:63 And He United their hearts

when if thou had spent what is in the Earth altogether thou could not have united their hearts.

But God United them

He Is Mighty, Wise.

8:64 O prophet! God Is Unparalleled for thee and those who follow thee among the believers.

8:65 O prophet rouse thou the believers to fight!

If there be of you twenty patient believers they will defeat two hundred!

And if there be of you a hundred they will defeat a thousand of those ungrateful

because they are a people who do not understand.

8:66 Now God Has Unburdened you

for He Knew there was weakness in you

so if there be of you a hundred patient believers they shall defeat two hundred!

And if there be of you a thousand they shall defeat two thousand all by Gods’ Permission!

God Is With the steadfast.

8:67 And it is not for a prophet to ransom captives until he has total mastery over the land for his followers.

So do not be foolish desiring the goods of this world

when God Desires the Hereafter for you.

For God Is The Mighty, The Wise.

8:68 Had it not been for a Decree From God which had gone before a Punishment would have touched you for what you took. Speaking of the war at Badr when Mohamet opted to ransom captives instead of detaining or executing them while still in a state of war.

8:69 So consume of what you take in spoil as Lawful and Good and be in Wise Fear of God.

In that God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

8:70 O prophet say to those captives who are in your hands:

If God Knows any Good in your hearts He Will Give you Better than what has been taken from you

and He Will Forgive you.

Yea God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

8:71 And if they wish to betray thee

they had betrayed God before so He Placed them in subjection to you.

God Is Knowing, Wise.

8:72 Those who believe

and emigrate

and strive with their property and their lives for the Cause Of God

and those who give shelter

and help

these are protectors of one another For God.

But those who have not emigrated

you are not required to protect them from anything until they emigrate.

Except if they seek aid from you against religious prosecution from the enemy you are required to help

unless it is against a people you have an agreement.

Remember God Sees Everything you do.

8:73 And those who disbelieve are partners of one another.

Unless believers unite the same way there would be persecution in the land and great corruption.

8:74 But those who believe

and emigrate

and strive for the Cause Of God

and those who give shelter

and help

these are the believers in Truth.

They have Pardon and a Noble Provision From God.

8:75 And those who believe thereafter

and emigrate

and strive beside you

they are of you.

But those of kinship are closer to one another

some deserving more in what is Prescribed By God

for God Knows All Things.