Chapter 6. Livestock, al-An’am

6.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

6:1 Praise Belongs To God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and Made the darkness and the light.

Then disbelievers serve other than their Lord?

6:2 He It Is Who Created you from clay

then Decreed a term of life

a named term With Him

but still they do doubt.

6:3 He Is God of the Heavens and the Earth

He Knows your inward and your outward

and He Knows what price you earn.

6:4 Yet to some there is no Proof among the Proofs of their Lord that they do not turn away from!

6:5 So they have denied the Truth when it came to them

and there will come to them Clearer News of that whereat they mocked. On Resurrection Day.

6:6 Have they not considered how many a generation We culled before them?

We established them in the Earth even greater than We established you

and We sent the sky upon them with abundant rains and made the rivers flow beneath them.

Then We destroyed them for their transgressions

and brought into being other generations after them.

The thing with scriptures is they are all HIStory which definitely includes countless cullings of erring peoples and their nations by God and His angels after being warned by messengers. (This is repeatedly covered herein, God does not destroy any nations before having Sent Messengers to Warn them. Such warnings are nearly the entire point behind Sending such Messengers to disbelieving masses, the other reason is to remind believers and strengthen their faith by showing them miracles/proofs.) Now this verse 6:6 above is the first mention of this and will become quite sobering as we continue. There are literally 1000s of cities all around the world that lie in waste and/or abandonment from Gods’ Destructions and Cullings! However, We the Adamite People have been heavily deceived about all this for the simple fact that had we all known, we would have “connected the dots”, became believers and ruined lucifers’ plans to see that we’re Condemned By God like he, his ilk and their minion of DSIs. Those DSIs are indeed condemned from birth due to the Curse Of God upon their bloodline. It cannot be repeated enough that the reason lucifer got condemned was for not bowing to Gods’ Creation of Adam/humanity who He Was Giving dominion of the Earth to instead of the jinn like lucifer. This is a key understanding to HIStory of all Adamites. The following are examples from HIStorically rich Palmyra Syria;


6:6 Have they not considered how many a generation We destroyed before them?

6:7 And had We sent down upon thee the Decree on parchment so that they might touch it with their hands

those who disbelieve

would still have said: This is only obvious fantasy.

6:8 And they would have said:

Oh that an angel had only been sent down with him!

But had We sent down an angel as We have done

the matter would have been concluded right then

and they would not have had a chance to repent.

6:9 Had We sent an angel as a messenger We would have made him male appear in illusion as human which would have confounded them on top of their confusion.

6:10 Yea messengers have been mocked before thee.

And those who derided them were surrounded by what they had been ridiculing. The angels in the unseen.

6:11 Say: So travel in the lands

to see the final outcome of the deniers.

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\NewOldCities\Used Palmyra.jpg

6:12 For Unto Whom Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth?

Yea Unto God Belongs All!

And He Himself Has First Ordained Mercy for you

but He Will Bring you one and all to the Day of

Resurrection whereof there is no doubt.

And those who have lost their souls

are those who did not believe.

6:13 And Unto Him Belongs What rests in the night and the day

He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

6:14 Say: Is it other than God I am to take as ally

the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

He Who Feeds but does not eat? Again note this!

Say: I am Commanded to be first among those who submit

and I am not among the polytheists!

6:15 Say: I fear if I should oppose my Lord the Punishment of an Onerous Day.

6:16 From whom Hell is averted that Day

He Will Have Laid His Mercy Upon them

and that is the Clear Achievement.

6:17 And if God Touches thee with affliction

there is no remover thereof except He.

And if He Touches thee with Good

know He Is Powerful Over All Things.

6:18 He Is The Omniscient Over His Servants

He Is The Wise, The Aware.

6:19 Say: Who is greater in witness than God?

Yea God Is Witness between you and I

and this Quran is given as Instruction that I might warn you and whomever else it reaches.

Do you bear witness that there are other gods with God?

Say: Truly I do not bear such witness

for He Is The One God

and I am innocent of serving others than God.

6:20 Those whom We gave the Torah recognize it as they recognize their children

but those who lose their souls

they do not believe in it.

6:21 And who is denser than one who invents a lie about God or denies His Proofs?

These wrongdoers will not be successful.

6:22 And on the Day We gather them one and all

We will question those who served other than God:

Where are your gods now?

6:23 Their reply in dissent will be only that they cry:

By God! Our Lord we were not polytheists!

6:24 See thou how they will lie against themselves

when those they invented stray from them!

6:25 And among them are some who listen to thee

but We place coverings upon the hearts of most

and deafness in their ears

so they cannot understand.

So even if given 1000s of Proofs they do not believe.

Then these who disbelieve come to thee arguing against thee saying:

This is only the legends of former peoples.

6:26 Hence they bar the Truth and stay far from it

while deceiving none except themselves

but they perceive not.

6:27 And if thou could foresee when they are set before the Fire crying out:

If only that we were sent back

we would not deny the Proofs Of our Lord and would be among the believers!

6:28 But if what they had before were to be given again

they would still gravitate to what was always forbidden to them. Because most were not of the pure Adamic line.

Hence they are liars who have no say in the matter.

6:29 They say: There is only one life in this world and we will not be raised up.

6:30 But if thou could only see when they are set before their Lord:

He Will Say: Is then this not the Truth?

They will say: Verily by our Lord this is True.

And He Will Say:

Now taste the Punishment for what you denied!

6:31 Those who doubt the Meeting With God have lost

and when the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly

they will say: O our regret that we neglected this Day!

And they will bear their burdens upon their backs

yea misery is what they will bear.

6:32 For the life of this world is only play and diversion while the Abode of the Hereafter is immensely better for those of Wise Fear.

So will you not use reason?

6:33 We know what they say grieves thee

but remember that in Truth they reject not thee.

Yea the wrongdoers firstly reject God and His Proofs!

6:34 And messengers were rejected before thee.

They too were forced to be patient in that which they were denied and they suffered imposition until Our help came to them.

Yet there are none to change these Words Of God.

And there has come to thee this knowledge of messengers prior.

6:35 And if their denial is hard for thee

know if thou were able to make a tunnel in the Earth or a stairway in the sky

to bring them more Signs they would still persist.

But Had God Willed He Could Have Gathered them together to the Guidance

so do not be ignorant of this.

6:36 Hence only those who wanted to listen now hear

and as for the dead indeed God Raises them

then to Him they are all returned.

6:37 And they say: Oh if only Another Proof had been Sent Down upon him From his Lord!

Say: God Is Able to Send Down any kind of Proof

but those who deny now would still persist.

6:38 And there is no creature on the Earth

nor bird flying on its wings

that differ in communities than the like of yours.

Yea We have not neglected anything written herein

and to their Lord all will be gathered.

6:39 And those who deny Our Proofs We leave unwilling to hear or see for they are in darkness

hence whom God Wills He Leads Astray.

And Whom He Wills

He Sets on the Straight Path.

6:40 Say: Have you considered when the Punishment Of God or the Hour comes upon you

who will you call to other than God

if you be Truthful?

6:41 The Truth is It Is YHWH you will be calling to

and He Would Have Removed your false worship if He Had Willed

then you would forget those false deities one and all.

6:42 And We sent messengers to communities before thee

then We gave them afflictions and adversities

that they might become humble.

6:43 But why had they not become humble when Our Punishment came?

Instead their hearts hardened and the degenerate snaking imposters made their works seem fair to them.

6:44 Then when they had forgotten the reminders they were given before

We opened gates of far ranging but useless information upon them. i.e. libraries and today the internet.

Then when they were pleased with what they were given We took them unawares

and O how they were completely dumbfounded!

6:45 And hence cut off will be the root of the people who did wrong with their partners of degenerate snaking imposters.

So All Praise Belongs To God The Lord of the Worlds!

6:46 Say: Have you considered if God Should Take Away your hearing and your sight and Seal your hearts

who is the god except God who would restore them for you?

See thou how We explain the Signs to them

then still they turn away.

6:47 Say: Have you considered if the Punishment Of God should come to you either unexpectedly or with warning

would any except the wrong doing people be destroyed?

6:48 We send messengers only as bearers of Glad Tidings and as Warners

then whoever believes and does Right

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

6:49 But those who deny Our Proofs the Punishment will touch them due to their wanton disobedience.

6:50 Tell them: I do not say to you that I possess the Treasuries Of God

nor do I know the unseen

nor do I say that I am an angel.

I follow only what I am instructed

yet I see while you do not so how can we be equals?

Will you then not take thought!

6:51 And warn those of some Wise Fear with the Quran that they will be gathered to their Lord

and they have no ally nor intercessor besides Him.

Yea say this so they might elevate in Wise Fear.

6:52 And do not repel those who call to their Lord morning and evening seeking His Countenance.

But not upon thee is anything of their account

and nothing of thy account is upon them.

Yet if thou should repel them

it would be unjust.

6:53 And thus We subject some of them to temptation by others

that they might say:

Are these whom God Favors among us?

Is God unknowledgeable of the ones who are thankful?

6:54 When those who believe in Our verses come to thee

say: Peace be unto you!

Your Lord Has Decreed From Himself Mercy that

whoever of you sinned through ignorance

then turned in repentance after that

and did Right

He Is Forgiving, Merciful.

6:55 And thus We set out the verses in detail

so the way of the evildoers might be made manifest.

6:56 Say: I am forbidden to serve those to whom you call besides God.

I do not follow your vain desires

nor am I astray from among the Rightly Guided.

6:57 Say: I am with Clear Evidence From my Lord and you refuse it

and I have no control over what you seek to hasten

for that Day and Judgement Is Only For God.

He Will Relate All Truth to you

and He Is The Best of deciders.

6:58 Say: If I had what you seek to hasten the matter would have been concluded between you and I

for God Knows Best the wrongdoers.

6:59 And With Him are the keys to the unseen

none knows them except He.

He Knows All in His Lands and Seas and the Heavens

yea not a leaf falls without Him Knowing It.

And there is not a grain in the darkness of the Earth

and nothing moist or dry

that is not in a Clear Decree From Him.

6:60 He It Is Who Takes your soul at night and Knows what you earn by day. As with death, we lose consciousness during sleep.

Then He Raises you up therein again and again that there be fulfilled a named term of life

when to Him is your return

then He Will Inform you of Everything you did.

6:61 He Is The Omniscient Over His Servants

and He Sends Guardians Over you.

So when death has come to one of you

Our Guardians take them

and they do not fail no not ever.

6:62 Then they will be sent back to God their Benefactor The True One.

Judgement is His

and He Is The Swiftest of account takers.

6:63 Say: Who delivers you from the darkness of the land and the sea?

You call to Him humbly and in secret saying:

If He delivers us from this or that hardship we will be among the grateful.

6:64 Say: God Delivers you from this and that and every sort of ordeal then you serve others?

6:65 Say: He Is The One Able To Send Great Hardship Upon you from above or beneath your feet

or To Confound you through sects and Make some of you taste the might of others.

See thou how We explain the Signs

that they might understand?

6:66 Still thy people deny it

but it is the Truth.

So say: I am not a guardian over you.

6:67 For every tiding there is a time

and you will come to know.

6:68 And when thou sees those who jest concerning Our Writs

warn them of their error and turn away from them until they wish to speak the Truth.

And if a degenerate snaking imposter among them causes you to lapse in God Consciousness expose them to the others and remind all of Gods’ Presence.

6:69 And not upon those of God Consciousness is any account for them in anything but a reminder

that they might be in Wise Fear.

6:70 Do not accompany those who live their lives in play and diversion for the short life of this world has fully deceived them.

So remind them of Truth lest their souls be taken for what they have earned on a Day when

they have no ally or intercessor besides God

and no ransom however so great will be accepted.

These earn destruction with a scalding liquid and Sore Punishment because they denied.

6:71 Say: Shall we call to other than God

that which can neither harm nor help us?

Or turn back on our heels after God Has Guided us

like those who degenerate snaking imposters seduced in the Earth and others now lost in confusion?

These companions invite only to the flames

when they say: We will show you how to live!

Say: Nay! The Guidance Of God that is the Guidance for living and those of Right Mind are Commanded to submit to The Lord of the Worlds!

6:72 We are to uphold the Prayer and be in Wise Fear of Him

for He It Is to Whom you will be gathered.

6:73 And He It Is Who Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth

and to whatever He Says: Be thou!

It is.

His Speech is Truth

and To Him Belongs the Dominion on the Day the trumpet is blown.

He Is The Knower of the unseen and the seen

The Wise, The Fully Aware.

6:74 And when Abraham said to his father Azar:

Has thou really taken idols jinn as gods?

I see thee and thy people in obvious error!

6:75 And thus We showed Abraham the Expanse of Gods’ Kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth

so that he might be of those who are certain. Imagine that!

6:76 Then when the night covered him he saw a star

and said: This is my Lord!

Then when it passed he said:

Nay. I love not that which passes.

6:77 Then when he saw the moon emerge he said:

Yea surely this is my Lord!

Then when it passed he said:

Lo if my Lord does not guide me I will be of those who stray.

6:78 Then when he saw the sun emerge he said:

This must be my Lord that which is greater! Silly imaginings, in reality Gods’ Body Is The Perfect bipedal form we’re fashioned after.

Then when it passed he said: O my people

seek Forgiveness for serving other than God.

6:79 I set my heart towards Him Who Surrounds me.

He Who Created All that is in the Heavens and the Earth.

Yea as a monotheist inclining only to His Truth

I swear not to be of the polytheists.

6:80 And his people disputed over this

but he said: You dispute with me concerning God

while It Is He Who Guides me?

I do not fear what you serve for All is of Gods’ Creation.

And do you not know my Lord Encompasses Everything in His Knowledge?

Will you not take heed!

6:81 And how could I fear what you worship

when you do not fear it? God has not sent down any warrant for it.

Therefore which of us has reason to feel secure if you know?

6:82 Indeed those who believe and do not mix up God with Things He Created

they seek security

and want to be among the Rightly Guided.

6:83 And that is the argument

We gave to Abraham to use with his people

hence We raise in degree whom We will

because thy Lord Is Wise, All Knowing.

6:84 And We gave him Isaac and Jacob

each of whom We also guided.

And We guided Noah before

and of his progeny David and Solomon

and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron.

Thus We reward the doers of Good.

6:85 And Zechariah and John and Yeshua and Elijah

each were of the Rightly Guided.

6:86 And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot

We also preferred above all mankind.

6:87 And among their fathers and their progeny and their brethren

We chose them and guided them to the Straight Path.

6:88 That is the Guidance Of God wherewith He Guides whom He Wills of His Servants.

And had they served other than God

it would have been to their great loss.

6:89 Those are whom We gave the Truth and Judgement and Prophethood

and if any deny them

We entrust them to a people who do not deny them.

6:90 Those messengers are whom God Guided

so follow them all

those who said: I ask no reward from you for it

for it is only a Reminder to all mankind.

6:91 And they measure not The Power Of God with the measure due Him when they say: God cannot send anything down upon a mortal.

Ask them why then the Torah to Moses

as a Light and Guidance for mankind?

You yourselves have the parchments some of which you show

while you hide much

and therein you are taught what you knew not

you nor your fathers.

That Is God

and I now leave you to play with your falsehoods.

6:92 This Quran is a Decree We sent down

to thou one blessed

perfectly confirming what is within its scope

so that thou warn Mecca the mother of cities and those around her.

And those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it

yea and they keep to their Prayers.

6:93 And who is denser than one who invents a lie about God or says:

I am instructed.

When they are not instructed in anything.

And who can say:

I will send down the like of What God Sent Down?

If thou could see when the wrongdoers are in the throes of death in terror while the angels stretch forth their hands saying:

Bring forth your souls.

Today comes your Reward of Humiliating Punishment

because you ascribed to God other than Truth

while denying His Proofs and mocking His Prophets!

6:94 And you come alone as God Created you the first time

leaving all that We gave you of Gods’ Bounty behind.

And We see no jinn helper nor protector which you claimed were there for you.

Yea those partners are cut off from you and worrying only for themselves now.

6:95 Thus God Splits the seed and the kernel.

He Brings Forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living

yea That Is God.

How then are you deluded?

6:96 He Is The Cleaver of daybreak

He Who Appointed the night as rest and the sun and the moon to reckon by

that is the Ordainment Of The Almighty, The Knowing.

6:97 And He It Is Who Made the stars for you

that you might find your way thereby in the darkness on the land and the sea.

Indeed We set out and detailed these Proofs for those who seek.

6:98 And He It Is Who Brought you into being from one soul the human genome programmed with instincts to do and be Good for God

then a womb and Designed the world to live in.

Yea We set out and detailed these Proofs for those who wish to understand.

6:99 And He It Is Who Sent Down water from the sky

and We caused the growth of all things

hence We brought forth from it greenery

grains heaped upon grains

and the date palm

with its thick clusters of dates within reach

and gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates each in multiple kinds.

Look upon all the fruits thereof when they ripen and change colors signaling their time

these are Proofs for those who believe.

6:100 And some think the jinn are gods? i.e. luciferians

Was it not He Who Created them?

Then they ascribe to Him sons and daughters without knowledge

while utterly remote is the thought that He would have jinn or human children.

Yea Exalted Is He Far Above what they claim and serve!

6:101 He Is The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

He has no partner to bear any children.

He Who Created Literally Everything

and Knows Literally Everything.

6:102 That Is God

your Lord.

There is no god but He

the Creator of All Things.

So serve Him

the Guardian Over Everything.

6:103 While angels and jinn and humans often cannot grasp small things

He Comprehends Literally Everything

He Is The Subtle, The Aware.

6:104 Insight Comes only From God

so whoever can see

it is a gift for their soul.

And whoever cannot though they try

it is clear condemnation

but Our messengers are not your custodians.

6:105 And thus We explain the Signs

that they might say:

Indeed thou has learnt this from afar.

Hence We make it clear for those who comprehend.

6:106 So follow what thou are Instructed From thy Lord

there is no god but He.

And turn thyself away from the damned

the polytheists and nontheists.

6:107 Had God Willed they would not be polytheists or nontheists.

Hence why messengers are not their custodians nor can they guide them for it is due to Us they cannot see!

6:108 And do not curse all jinn as if they were evil

lest they insult thy God in retaliation out of ignorance.

Thus We make seem fair to everyone their doings

and all will return to their Lord

then He Will Inform them of what they did.

6:109 And they swore by God their strongest oaths that if a Proof came to them they would believe in it.

Say: The Proofs Of God are here and well known

but how shall those who refused to believe

ever know them since they now cannot perceive?

Yea the great conundrum!

6:110 Thus do We turn away their hearts and their sight as they did not believe to begin with

to leave them wandering blindly in much disorder.

6:111 And now were We to send angels down to them

or the dead to speak to them

and gather everything unto them face to face

they would not believe except if God Should Will

hence ignorant are most and so they shall remain.

6:112 And thus have We made for thee enemies

of the degenerate snaking imposters and some jinn

who instruct one another in speech by deception.

Had thy Lord Willed they would not do it.

So leave them alone with their fabrications.

6:113 So that the hearts of those who disbelieve

might remain inclined and be pleased therewith

and that they might add more to their Punishment.

6:114 Say: Is it other than God you imagine as judge?

He Who Sent Down Gabriel with the Clear Messages

yea those with the Torah know it was sent down From thy Lord in Truth

so do not be among those who doubt.

6:115 And Gods’ Words are Perfect in Truth and Justice

nothing to add nor take away

for They are From Him The All Hearing, All Knowing.

6:116 And if thou listens to others they will lead thee far from the Path

for they follow only their imaginations

while speaking lies.

6:117 Thy Lord He Knows who strays from His Way

and He Knows the Rightly Guided who listen to Him.

6:118 So eat only what is Good over which The Name of YHWH has been remembered if you believe in Him.

6:119 And why should you not eat Good Things over which The Name Of God has been remembered

when He Has Set Out and Detailed to you what is forbidden except when compelled from necessity?

Many are led astray by their vain

desires without knowledge

but thy Lord, He Is Best Aware of the transgressors.

6:120 And leave the outwardness of falsehood and the inwardness thereof for you know they are equals.

A lie is a lie even if you’re the only one who knows it. Those who deal in falsehood will be Rewarded Truthful accounting of it!

6:121 So do not eat that over which The Name Of God has not been remembered

for it is wanton disobedience.

And the degenerate snaking imposters invoke their jinn fathers to dispute with you from afar in your mind

and if you obey them you are a polytheist listening.

6:122 Is one who was nonexistent and whom We gave Life and for whom We appointed a Light wherein they walk among mankind

like one in darkness from which they cannot get out?

Thus is made seem fair to fools all they do.

6:123 And thus We appoint in every city its greatest evildoers

that they should scheme therein.

But they scheme only against themselves

while not perceiving.

6:124 So when a Proof comes to them they say:

We will not believe until we are given what was given to the Messengers Of God.

But God Knows Best where He Places His Messages.

There will befall those evildoers humiliation before God and Severe Punishment for what they schemed.

6:125 Whom God Wills to Guide He Expands their breast towards submission

and whom He Wills to Lead Astray He Makes their breast constricted and distressed as if climbing at high altitude.

Thus Does God Appoint Abomination for those who refused to believe.

6:126 And thus is the Path Of thy Lord Straight not curved.

We have set out and detailed the Proofs for people who take heed.

6:127 They have the Abode of Peace With their Lord

and He Is their Ally because of what they do.

6:128 And the Day He Gathers one and all it will be said:

O congregation of jinn with your degenerate snaking imposters you have taken many among humanity.

And their partners among humans will say: Our Lord we benefited one another

but we reached our term which Thou Deferred for us.

Then He Will Say: The Fire is your dwelling

you abiding Eternally therein except that I Should Will.

Thy Lord Is Wise, Knowing.

6:129 And thus We make the wrongdoers partners of one another by what they have earned.

6:130 O congregations of jinn and humans

did messengers not come from among you narrating My Word with Warnings of the Meeting on this Day?

They will say: We bear witness against ourselves

for the life of the world deceived us.

Hence they bear witness against themselves that they were indeed fools!

6:131 Such is how and why God never destroyed cities unjustly while their people were unaware.

6:132 And for Good and evils done are degrees of Reward

yea and thy Lord is not unmindful of what any do.

6:133 Thy Lord Is The Sufficient, Possessor of Mercy.

If He Wills He Will Remove you and Appoint to succeed after you whom He Chooses

as He Brought you Into Being from the progeny of other people.

6:134 Yea and that which you are Promised is coming

and you cannot escape.

6:135 Say: O my people work against me according to your best ability

as I am working. for God

And you will come to know for which of us is the Ultimate Abode

for the wrongdoers are not successful.

6:136 And they imagine they give to God a portion

of what He Gave them of crops and livestock

while saying: This is for God

according to their claim

and this is for our jinn.

But what is for their jinn

it does not reach God.

And what is for God

it reaches their jinn

hence evil is what they choose.

This verse is obviously referring to sacrificial offerings. However, we will likely come to realize it also speaks of trade of goods between the jinn and their DSI offspring who are serving and working with them. It is easy to forget the jinn are living beings residing here on Earth, under the Earth, in the oceans and skies, they are ETs with highly developed technological abilities. They and their DSI hybrids built the pyramids and 1000s of stone structures, massive cave systems, mounds and etc. all around the world (especially Antarctica) and we know they worked for figures such as Solomon in doing so. Note all the “giant” door heights we commonly find in the vast majority of ancient stone structures.

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\NewOldCities\Baalbek Lebanon.jpg

Baalbeck, Lebanon. Note that “baal” is one jinn jews worshipped/sacrificed to in the bible.

6:137 And thus do jinn make seem fair to the talmudic jews the sacrifices of innocents

that they might bring them to ruin

and obfuscate the doctrine for them.

But had God Willed they would not do it

so leave them with what they commit.

6:138 And they say: These livestock and crops are taboo

none are to eat them except whom we will.

And livestock who are made unlawful for burden

and over which Gods’ Name is not remembered

all as inventions against Him.

So He Will Repay them for what they invented.

6:139 And they say: That which is in the bellies of such livestock is exclusively to be owned by men and forbidden their wives

but if it be stillborn

they all can partake therein.

God Will Repay them for changing His Laws.

He Is Wise, Knowing.

6:140 Those ignorant psychopaths who murder innocents have lost.

And they make unlawful what God Provided them

having gone far astray from the Rightly Guided.

6:141 He It Was Who Created Gardens

trellised and untrellised

and the date palms

and diverse crops

and the olive

and the pomegranate

all in splendid variations.

So eat of the fruit thereof when it bears

and give to the poor on the day of its harvest

and do not waste

for God loves not those who waste.

6:142 And of the livestock for burden and for skin

eat of What God Has Provided you and do not follow the footsteps of the degenerate snaking imposters

for they are clear enemies to you.

Again What God Has “Provided” means all forms of food plus livestock and working animals that are at the end of their lives. We are to mercifully slaughter them so they don’t suffer. This while the degenerate snaking imposters are totally merciless & devoid of care towards animals which is why they create factory farms, promote hunting and all the other hellish conditions under which the billions of innocents in the animal kingdom are forced to endure.

6:143 Eight pairs

of sheep two and of goats two.

Say: has He Forbidden the two males or the two females?

Or what the wombs of the two females contain

inform me with knowledge if you be Truthful.

6:144 And of camels two and of oxen two

say: Has He Forbidden the two males or the females?

Or again what the wombs of the two females contain

if you were witnesses when God Told you tell me now.

If not who is denser than one who invents a lie about God thereby leading people astray without knowledge?

Yea God does not guide those wrong doing people.

6:145 Say: I do not find anything in what I am instructed unlawful to eat it unless it be murdered

or blood poured forth

or the flesh of swine

or that which is abomination

or wanton disobedience dedicated to other than God.

However whoever desires not killing but is forced by extreme hunger

thy Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.

6:146 And unto those jews who hold to talmudism We made unlawful every animal with a claw

and of ox and sheep the fat thereof is unlawful

except what their backs carry

or the entrails

or what is mixed with bone.

That is how We rewarded them for their rebellion

and We shall repay them for any deviations therefrom.

6:147 And if they reject thou messages

say: Our Lord Was Vast in His Mercy to all in this life

but evildoers will find none in the next life!

6:148 Those who serve other than God will say:

Had God Willed we would not serve other than He

nor would our fathers have

nor would we have made anything Good unlawful.

Thus did those who came before them reject but they tasted Our might.

Say: If you really be in the know

then bring it forth

but you cannot for you follow only assumptions

and speak only lies.

6:149 Say: To God Belongs the Conclusive Argument and

Had He Willed He Would Have Guided you one and all.

6:150 Say: Bring your witnesses who will swear that God Made unlawful what you say

then if they bear witness

leave them with their lies.

Do not follow vain desires of those denying Our Proofs

nor those who do not believe in the Hereafter or serve other than their Lord.

6:151 Say: I will recite to you what your Lord Has Made unlawful for you:

Do not serve nor ask from other than Him

and towards parents Good conduct

and kill not your children out of poverty for

We will provide for you and for them.

And approach not sexual immoralities

whether open or concealed.

And do not kill the soul animal that God Has Made unlawful except when legally necessary or out of pity.

All that He Has Commanded you

that you might use reason.

6:152 And approach not the property of the fatherless

unless to add to it or make it better

until they reach maturity.

And fulfill the measure and the balance of justice

knowing We do not task any soul beyond its capacity.

And when you judge be fully just

even if they are relatives.

And fulfill your covenants With God.

This He Commanded you

that you might take heed.

6:153 This is the Straight Path

so follow it

do not follow other ways

for then you will part from His Way.

This He Commanded you

that you might be in Wise Fear.

6:154 We gave Moses the Torah

complete for all who do Good

an explanation of everything

with Guidance and mercy

that they might believe in the Meeting With their Lord.

6:155 All of such are the Messages We send down with blessed messengers

so follow their messages and be in Wise Fear

that you might obtain His Mercy.

6:156 For if not you may have said:

We were unaware of Books sent down upon the nations before us.

6:157 Or: Had a book in Arabic been sent down we would have been better guided than they.

Well now comes to you Clear Evidence From your Lord

as a Guidance and Mercy.

So who is denser than one who denies the Proofs Of God and turns away from them?

We will Reward those who shun Our Signs with a

Miserable Punishment!

6:158 Do they wait for the angels or thy Lord Himself to come to them or maybe More Great Proofs From thy Lord?

When the Last Great Proof resurrection comes From thy Lord the new faith of a soul will benefit it nothing

for it had not believed before nor earned Good.

So wait

We are waiting too.

6:159 Those who divide their doctrines and break into sects

thereby creating division thou are not of them in anything

and their affair is only With God.

He Will Inform them of what they did.

6:160 Whoever brings a Good deed

has tenfold the like thereof

and whoever brings evil

is not Rewarded except with the like thereof

and none will be wronged.

6:161 Say: My Lord Has Guided me to a Straight Path

the Right Doctrine

the creed of Abraham

a monotheist inclining to Truth.

Yea he was not of the polytheists.

6:162 Say: My obligations and my penance and my living and my dying are for God

The Lord of the Worlds.

6:163 He Who has no partner.

Of that I am Commanded to say

and I am the first of the submitted today.

6:164 Say: Is it other than God I should desire as Lord when He Is Lord Over All His Creation?

Know that every soul earns only for itself

no one is bearer of burden of another

and to your Lord is your return.

He Will Inform you of that wherein you differ.

6:165 And He It Is Who Made you successors of the Earth and Exalted some of you above others in certain ways

in part that He Might Try you by What He Gives you.

And while thy Lord Is Swift in Retribution

He Is Forgiving, Merciful.